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  1. Think I might post some of my reads and go from there as far as putting a vote down: Kas - Leaning Korathi, as I'm seeing exactly what I'd expect from a village!Kas who's just having a bit of fun writing excellent RP. Devotary - A lot of their posts seem to be either clarifying details about other conversations or discussing how each faction might play. This all feels fairly normal Devotary. They didn't vote last cycle, and voted for Mint last minute during the first cycle. Not sure how I feel about that vote, given it was last minute, and unnecessary (Mint was already ahead by a vote). Feeling reserved, would prefer to see another vote from them this cycle, but not as last minute. TJ - My gut has been leaning Korathi on TJ. His tone seems good, and I agree with the bulk of his reads. Silber - Very few posts. Last cycles seemed to be giving up on the game, though this cycles at least hints at a chance of some analysis from them. Neutral because they're nothing to read. Bard Matrim Mist - Would like to seem more posts from them. Striker - Basically inactive Pyro - I'm not sure that their explanations necessarily help, but I'm feeling more like they're a Korathi who's a little lost at this point. Ultimately neutral read. Drake - Wants to kill me but I think that's mostly from a misreading of the situation last cycle. I wouldn't mind seeing their more detailed analysis. Probably leaning towards Korathi on them. Vapor - They've barely posted here, so nothing to really go by, although I'll note that they've been fairly active elsewhere on the shard. Maybe they are following the game, but more from a doc? Hmm. Also throwing another vote on Kas just now. They mention that they and Devotary seem to be under the most suspicion but I'm not sure where that comes from - not sure if either of them has recieved a vote this game? Sart - Not entirely sure about them still, but I don't want to add another name to the lynch candidates this cycle, so maybe next cycle - as pointed out, could still be worth seeing if the Jeskeri take them out as a potential cultist, so we may at least learn something by waiting. To review next cycle. Illwei - They seem pretty new and unsure of themselves. Elk Vote Tally: Illwei(0): Matrim{1} Kas(3): Sart{1}, Matrim{2}, Vapor{1} Hael(1): Drake{1} Drake(0): Kas{1} Pyro(1): Kas{2} Matrim(1): TJ{1} Vapor(1): Hael{1} Kas(3): Sart, Matrim, Vapor Hael(1): Drake Pyro(1): Kas Matrim(1): TJ Vapor(1): Hael It's getting late again, so seeing as I've actually reach a point where I'm suspicious of someone, I think I'm going to put a vote down on Vapor. Don't care for Kas lynch at all, and I'm not sure why they think they and Devotary are being seen as the most suspicious when neither of them have ended a cycle with a vote on them yet. I could see a practitioner who's mainly keeping up with the game in a doc and reading discussion about people's suspicion list getting that impression though. I'll put up a read of Bard, Matrim, and Elk tomorrow - I don't have enough of a formed impression of them to put a read on them without properly rereading their posts.
  2. You mean non-anonymous I think.
  3. Eh, disagree that my vote wasn't impactful at the time I placed it: When I voted, I put the second vote on Sart when Illwei was the only other player with two votes on them. Matrim and Ash only had one vote at the time, and didn't get those additional votes until after I'd gone to sleep. Not much I can do when most people vote after 3am my time.
  4. I feel like I've only vaguely followed Kas' post, but don't have the brain power to translate it all and properly respond to it... D: To answer one of Kas' questions though, there didn't feel like there was much conversation at all at the point I put my vote down - I'm pretty sure there were only single votes on half a dozen different players at the time. I might have voted differently if the discussion to happen after had happened while I was awake. I think if I had to put down a vote on anyone right now, I'd opt for Sart. Suggesting a no lynch isn't something that is helpful to the Korathi (it's the Korathi tool for killing practioners), doesn't help the Practitioners (they need the lynch to hit the Korathi Cultist that probably exists). It primarily benefits the Cultists, giving them more time to use their kill to thin the numbers. But I feel like Sart's too experienced a player to do that in this game. At least, if they were a cultist I think they'd only do it if they were a Jeskeri cultist, and it was an idea discussed in the practioner doc that people were happy with, or at least if he thought he had the support of the Jeskeri anyway. It's useful for a Jeskeri to be thought of by the Korathi as a cultist as they become less likely to be lynched that way. So I'd say at the very least that I think they're Jeskeri. But I guess it does come down to are they practioner or cultist... Some have suggested cultist. If the jeskeri believe that, then I suppose Sart in this scenario would find themselves getting lynched by the Jeskeri. But if the Jeskeri don't believe that then we need to lynch them. I'd assume there are more Practioners that Cultists, so if Sart is a Jeskeri, if nothing else the odds are in our favour that they're a practitioner. Not entirely convinced if the above makes sense. I think the point is I'd view Sart's play that seems more like a cultist play is something that a practioner or cultist would do to ge tKorathi support by seeming to be cultist in thread while being believed practioner by the Jeskeri (a Korathi would likely end up getting targetted by the Jeskeri anyway), and ultimately I think that Sart as a practioner makes more sense and I'd rather not wait around to see if the Jeskeri lynch Sart internally, given it's way too late for me at this point, and I'm not feelling any of the other lynch suggestions.
  5. It already sorta came up but I can confirm that X was Gears. After a vague cultist claim from Pyro, I got a PM from Gears asking to confirm that Pyro had claimed Cultist to me. Mostly I was confused about what Pyro was attempting to do, and given a lack of time and a better option, Pyro seemed as good a choice as any, given the evidence of them lying in their opening interatctions with me. That Lotus supported the Pyro lynch makes me inclined to take off the tinfoil hat and read Pyro as Korathi for the moment I think. The vote tally as I count it so far: Ash(1): Sart{1} Devotary(0): Ash{1} TJ(1): Ash{2} Illwei(2): Matrim{1}, Gears{1} Hael(0): Kas{1} Sart(1): TJ{1} Drake(1): Kas{2} I need to reread some posts I think, and decipher Kas' recent post before putting down any votes though.
  6. If it gets to the point that practioners buss the Korathi Cultist, it will because we're all dead and the only non-Jeskeri left must be the Korathi Cultist. At which point it's a little too late for us. It's definitely better for us if the Korathi Cultist stays alive - I figure that while the cultists want everyone else dead, the practioners will care less about lynching us as opposed to directing the lynch to people they think are cultist. This is the last I'll be on for this cycle, so I should put down a vote. Thinking I'll put it down on Pyro. Went from asking me in PMs if I was a cultist to then claiming that they were a cultist, afterwhich I got a PM from a different player to whom Pyro had apparently said that Pyro had told them they'd claimed Cultist to me, but apparently claimed Korathi to that player. Pyro then decided to backpedal in my PM. I've zero doubt that his claim of cultist is not true, but the interaction feels off to me, and I'd lean more towards them being a practioner stirring up some dust and a korathi trying to find an elim.
  7. Argh. This game makes my brain hurt, trying to understand how each faction will want to be playing. In regards to Sart, he has made no d1 lynch suggestions while being the extra kill role on an elim team, so that play certainly wouldn't stop him from being a practitioner or cultist.
  8. Morning all. Suppose I never came up with a character name so I should go do that... Need to go do a few things now though so l'll be back in an hour or so to write up a proper post then.
  9. Got Edgedancer, Truthwatcher, then Bondsmith. Windrunner was 4th
  10. I'd maybe do Archives rather than Physicking - Skindancers would want to remove Fae Lore/Omen Recognition, plus Banned Books would presumably still allow students to learn skills from Sympathy, Archives, and Alchemy. I only gambled once (the 3 drabs left over after I purchased two nahlrout and paid for the attempt for Talent Pipes). If not for being a skindancer, I'd have spent probably a lot more time in the Imre, and would have gambled each time I think. I'd also have interacted with the contracts more as a result too. Provided it's not taken to the extent of "I am not a Skindancer", I don't think it's a problem - it just means that the elims have to take more care with what they write. Even with a suspicion list, using phrases like "based on their posts, I would read them as village" would let you avoid being picked up as lying about reading a skindancer buddy as village. Or you just RP a blatant lier every turn. If it got to the point where no Student could target any skindancers, I think the GMs would potentially do things to speed up the game, such as roll in advance for any breakout attempts, while getting the Skindancers to put in the order of sabotages, and if the result is enough turns for them to master and destroy all fields, end the game, otherwise skip to the person breaking out, etc. I'd imagine you'd keep playing it out until all namers/alchemists were dead (provided the namers/alchemists alive seemed to be aware of how they could effect the skindancers). I figured everyone could put in EP before the game starts, (unless choosing to start in the Imre?). But the thought with initial elevations (particularly if these elevations are not shared publicly) means that you'll have some players who'll reach max level sooner, making the elevations otherwise less contested, and also would allow you to potentially choose specific fields and specific abilities to be in the game - either to apply some sort of balance to the game, or to help encourage people to try things they otherwise wouldn't. If this was influenced by the 'application' process you still then gain the benefit of player choice. I'm assuming that the skindancers figured that Araris was likely using wind to protect themselves, or had picked up protection (given they were a noble), so as a namer you would be important to take out still anyway. I think Lopen was buying an assassin that would have targetted araris, so he'd have likely been attacked the following cycle as part of a double tap. Hey... I didn't lie, so much as never commented on my plans in the PM
  11. More things I was proud of: I managed to achieve a tuition reduction of 10.45 talents for the first term! 10 RP posts = 5 talents I spent 2 of my 3 talents on Nahlrout to get a reduction of 1 talent I put a contract on the black market for someone to hug someone in need for a drab, giving another 0.5 talent reduction I spent my final talent on attempting to get talent pipes, which gave a 1 talent reduction. Another 2.7 talents came from posting in thread, complaints, EP, and PMs A final 0.25 talents came from 5 quality game discussion posts Unfortunately the uni didn't pay me 4.5 jots to attend the second cycle, alas I had a bunch of fun with contracts when I was in the Imre turing 1.2 (I've got them below). Highlights include: a reward of 3 jots for someone to provide me a proof of the Collatz Conjecture. a joke about someone hearing "sonnet" as "mommet", although if someone would have given me a mommet I would have give them the 2 jots two references to Patrick Rothfuss, with one being a joke about the state of The Doors of Stone. If I'd had the chance to go back to the Imre, I'd have put up a followup contract to the fake talented pipes scam with someone trying to get rid of their fake talent pipes having fallen for the scam. I had a ton of fun automating my money calculations tab of my playersheet, automating it further and storing information from each cycle. Contracts Player Sheet Screenshot
  12. Thanks @little wilson and @Elbereth for an amazing game! Feel free to read through our 55k word elim doc at your leisure, but I'd like to highlight some of the cool things we did that went unnoticed. Striker and Bard were both actually the subject of the sabotage the turn that Striker went insane - Bard was our Sympathist, so that turn we had him use Malfeasance on Striker while we targetted Bard with the sabotage, who recieved a Bloodless at the same time. The bloodless is what saved Bard, but that didn't prevent the sabotage from hitting Striker - had I used Cheating Death on Bard, Striker would have received the same protection, and in fact, as I only had one elevation, there'd actually be a chance that Bard would not be saved, while Striker would. I did Counsel Bard though, so actually, Striker would have had no chance of going mad from the Mews that turn Continuing on with Bard's actions - he was expelled while having 3 elevations of sympathy. This meant that he had the 3rd level malfeasance ability which splits and downgrades any attacks on either Bard or his target. So had someone actually tried to kill Bard, it would have only roleblocked. This was particularly nice after Stink got expelled, and was actually used to prevent a roleblock on Experience at one point. We attempted to use the Name of the Wind to find out if anyone would be visiting the Imre the following cycle (so our expelled team mates could target non-expelled students while they visited the Imre. The action worked! Only, we only used it once and no one was in the Imre Had Walin not died, the plan had been for Stink to put EP into Alchemy so we could get him raised to El'the quickly - I think all the namers had more than 15 EP really quickly, so he'd have gotten the Master title straight away. Just imagine what an evil Master Namer backed with a Master Physicker could have done
  13. Bother. I wrote the post, then our net died, and I lost half my post... So here's take 2... I'm happy for Kynedath to be expelled - I agree that Walin's reads do make them somewhat supicious. However, I'm sorta expecting Kynedath to share the fate of Zillah and die to the Sloan on the streets, given they've not posted in this game in 6 or so days. As such, I feel my complaints are better served elsewhere. Fura I'm still reading as village. I get where Elendera's coming from, but it's not quite enough to shake my village read on Fura yet. So as far as my complaints, given I've not really read anything that's changed my mind just yet, I'm going to stick with the list I gave earlier in cycle, and put my votes down on Devotary (Devotary). I'll be asleep shortly most likey, but I should hopefully be online again before rollover to react to the last 6 hour vote madness that's been the pattern of the last two lynches, if necessary. He sat, idly carving sculpting a bar of soap with a knife as he considered the fabric laid out on the floor in front of him. It'd taken some him time, saving every drab, but he'd be able to purchase a nice warm materiel that would be perfect for making a new garment to keep out the chill. He didn't however have the money to pay a tailor to make something for him, so if he were to get something made out of the fabric, he'd need to do it himself. Coming to that realisation, he figured that maybe trying to make one of those fancy embroidered coats he saw some of well to do merchants wearing would likely be beyond his abilities. Making music was his skill, though he'd found preciously little time to practice it, not needlework. He'd have to try for something simpler then. He set down the carved rose on the table beside him, and noted his 'cloak', thrown over a nearby chair. Two large portions had torn, and there were many holes starting to grow. Maybe a new cloak is in order. He supposed a cloak couldn't be that hard, right? Just cut as big a circle as you could get, and you'd be done.
  14. Okay, got the rest done. Just to keep everything all in one place, I've reposted the first half in the same spot, although I'll note I revised Elandera back to just neutral, pending what they have to say on looking at Walin. Okay, with that essentially done, the people I'd consider putting a complaint on presently would be Devotary, Karnage, Straw, Elkanah, probably in about that order. I'm hoping to see some posts from them this cycle though, so I'l wait until they've had a chance to post before putting a complaint down I think.
  15. Alright, so here's an updated player list, elevations list, and the final complaint tally from end of last cycle. Player List1. @Haelbarde - Seòras (Edema Ruh) 2. @Elandera - Athdara, alchemist (Noble) 3. @Burnt Spaghetti - Bryn Aria (Commoner) 4. @DeTess - Evelyn Bryen (Commoner) Insane 5. @Elkanah (Edema Ruh) 6. @Straw - Straw (Commoner) 7. @xinoehp512 - Maern (Commoner) 8. @Lord_Silberfarben - Lord Silberfarben (Commoner) 9. @Coda - Catalan, namer (Noble) Insane 10. @Karnage - Lasko Veitch (Noble) 11. @Hemalurgic Headshot - Onur Setyn (Noble) Insane 12. @StrikerEZ - Ryykal Ladzo (Edema Ruh) Insane 13. @Lumgol - Caia Irèn (Noble) Insane 14. @Experience - Shard (Commoner) 15. @Devotary of Spontaneity - Vol, paranoid alchemist (Noble) 16. @CadCom - Cadaci (Edema Ruh) Expelled 17. @Sart - Sagaer Murtoy, accompanied by a child (Commoner) Insane 18. @Furamirionind (Edema Ruh)19. @Zillah - Amila Tays (Commoner) Student20. @Araris Valerian - Arael Solon (Noble)21. @Rathmaskal - Rath (Commoner) Expelled22. @STINK - Ugfal the Three-Handed, with only two hands (Commoner) Expelled 23. @Kynedath - Traelynn Weeks, likes beets (Edema Ruh) 24. @Walin - Lin Wa (Commoner) Skindancer 25. @GreenRover - Knighter Nune (Noble) 26. @Young Bard - Nethwyl Nox, pyromaniac (Commoner) Expelled 27. @TheMightyLopen - Leo (Noble) Rank 0 - Unelevated - 5 Hemalurgic Headshot, Ryykal Ladzo (StrikerEZ), Caia Irèn (Lumgol), Sagaer Murtoy (Sart) Rank 1 - E'lir - 4 Traelynn Weeks (Kynedath), Knighter Nune (Rover), Cadici (CadCom), Lyoan (Fura), Ethdara (Elendera) Rank 2 - Re'lar - 3 Bryn Aria (Burnt Spaghetti), Arael Solon (Araris), Vol (Devotary), Evelyn Bryen (DeTess), Ugfal the Three-Handed (Stink), Catalan (Coda) Rank 3 - El'the - 8 Shard (Experience), Maern (Xino), Kendel (Elkanah), Lord Silberfarben, Seòras (Haelbarde), Straw Altiora (Straw), Lasko Veitch (Karnage), Leo (Lopen), Rath, Nethwyl Nox (Bard), Amila Tays (Zillah) Rank 4 - Master - 0 Lin Wa (Walin) Vote Tally Zillah(16): Hael{1}, CadCom{1}, CadCom{2}, Hael{2}, Elkanah{1}, Elkanah{2}, Exp{1}, Exp{2}, Elkanah{5}, Elkanah{6}, Karnage{1}, Karnage{2}, Araris{1}, Araris{2}, Devotary{1}, Devotary{2}, Walin{1}, Walin{2} Stink(2): Xino{1}, Xino{2} CadCom(2): Lopen{1}, Lopen{2} Rath(3): Straw{1}, Straw{2}, Stink{1} Coda(0): Elkanah{3}, Elkanah{4} Straw(0): Stink{2} Zillah(16): Hael(x2), CadCom(x2), Exp(x2), Elkanah(x2), Karnage(x2), Araris(x2), Devotary(x2), Walin(x2) Rath(3): Straw(x2), Stink Stink(2): Xino(x2) CadCom(2): Lopen(x2) Alright, well that was quite an eventful round... Can we please actually discuss the lynch sooner than the last 8 hours of the cycle? Those are the eight hours in which I'm meant to be sleeping... It seems that Zillah, rather than being sneaky and quietly working their way to the top, must have just put in EP earlier in the game, and just gotten lucky (or otherwise had no competition). Also must have gotten either had more than 6 talents coin, or got fairly unluckly with the merc death roll. It's a pity Exp hadn't pointed out that Zillah was in danger of dying to inactivity earlier, because that would have been a good point - not a lot of use in wasting what ended up being 16 complaints on a dead person. @CadCom You've expressed twice now that you're suspicious of me, saying both times that you don't currently have any particular reasons for being suspicious. Any progress on that? @Araris Valerian I think you've been the same, although I think you at least had the accusation along the lines of my reads not ultimately being all that useful if I'm not expression suspicions of anyone in particular. I tend to give people the benefit of the doubt, which isn't exactly a great strategy for finding people to be suspicious of in a game. Had that been the main thing? Also, you were suspicious of Devotary 3.2 - is that still the case? That's an interesting idea. We couldn't really know for sure if their claims were true, but I don't see why Masters couldn't share that if they wanted. I know exactly how you feel about the discussion happening when asleep... I think most people just saw my vote, thought "eh, it seems safe to be suspicious of an inactive, I'll throw down a vote to not have to think hard about alternatives," or something to that effect... I see you had some suspicions here in 3.2. Have you progressed your thoughts on them at all? You looked at Exp, Burnt, and Xino during 4.1 I suppose, but what about Straw? You mentioned a sligh elim read on them, pending more evidence at the time. @Elkanah was there a particular reason why you put a vote on Devotary during 3.2? Alright, I'm finally redoing my reads. Focusing only on the players who are currently able to participate in the lynch: I have to go for the moment, and I want to have this posted, so I'll finish the other reads after I get back. To do:
  16. Would the replacement NPC Master have elevated someone this turn, if there was someone available to elevate?
  17. These turns always seem to pass so swiftly. Looking back at the votes moving around in the last two hours of last cycle, it looks like: Karnage jumped on the leading vote with little reasoning Fura puts CadCom up for lynch, wanting to give Elendera a chance to respond to his comments Devotary agrees with Fura, supports the CadCom lynch Xino changes between CadCom and Stink, finishing with CadCom to reduce the spread of votes CadCom votes on Fura and Xino to spread the votes out to try and avoid expulsion Rover jumps on one of the leading votes. Elkanah adds a last minute vote on Devotary So it was mostly a matter of a lot of people leaving it very late to post complaints, combined with some votes moving around as CadCom tried to spread votes out again. I don't really have the energy presently to analyse it for alignment indictative information. Again, I need to sleep now, but I'll try and get up before the end of cycle in case everyone decides to vote last minute again. For the moment, I'll just stick my second complaint on Zillah.
  18. Huh. I think I was pretty tired when I looked through your posts, because I think I missed a few of them. I'll upgrade you to moderately active on account of last cycle I look forward to hearing what you have to say. Huh. Thanks for doing that. Looks like you've recorded two things wrong though: With your calculation, 7 EP at the start of 2.2, plus 4, gives 11 EP at the start of 3.1. And then the elevation to El'the for the start of 3.2 would have given the +5 immedately, to leave him with 15 EP at the start of that cycle, leaving us at 18 for the elevations at the end of 3.2, which was more than enough for elevation at 4.1.
  19. So here is the full list of players, sorted by elevation. Rank 0 - Unelevated - 5 Ethdara (Elendera), Hemalurgic Headshot, Ryykal Ladzo (StrikerEZ), Caia Irèn (Lumgol), Sagaer Murtoy (Sart) Rank 1 - E'lir - 6 Ugfal the Three-Handed (Stink), Traelynn Weeks (Kynedath), Knighter Nune (Rover), Vol (Devotary), Cadici (CadCom), Lyoan (Fura) Rank 2 - Re'lar - 9 Bryn Aria (Burnt Spaghetti), Evelyn Bryen (DeTess), Seòras (Haelbarde), Catalan (Coda), Arael Solon (Araris), Leo (Lopen), Straw Altiora (Straw), Lasko Veitch (Karnage), Rath Rank 3 - El'the - 6 Shard (Experience), Nethwyl Nox (Bard), Maern (Xino), Kendel (Elkanah), Lord Silberfarben, Amila Tays (Zillah) Rank 4 - Master - 1 Lin Wa (Walin) So interestlingly, Elendera is the only sane player to have not been elevated, now that Devotary, CadCom and Fura got elevations. I'm also surprised we have a Master already. I knew we had El'the but I was sort of assuming we'd have another Term before people'd be able to build up the EP for it. Looking then at the El'the given the possibility of them reaching Master, I'm concerned that I basically know nothing about Zillah. They are an El'the, so they've obviously been filling EP and remaining at the university, but they have only made two (1.1, 2.1) game relevant posts, otherwise having only RP'd, with no posts here in 6 days. There's nothing to work with in regards to determining their allignment. Of the others: Xino I sorta trust Silberfarben hasn't contributed much, but at least has been posting comments regarding the game. I haven't seen the change in posting style that I might have expected if they (as a newer player) were an eliminator, so I'm leaning village for the time being. Elkanah has been low active, but has at least posted more game relevant content than many of the other low actives. Feeling neutral about them presently. Experience I had said I had a slight village lean on before, but they've not posted much since. @Experience - any thoughts on last cycle's lynch? Have anyone you're suspicous of currently? I intend to go back and update the read list to be current for this cycle (I got it finished before, but some of those reads are a bit out of date now). I'll try and unpack the flurry of complaints that were filed in the last 6 hours of the cycle a bit later.
  20. Alright, let's get the read list finished and updated. 15. Devotary of Spontaneity - (Noble) - Some maths, some RP, poked Bard to stay active during the early game. Started to be a bit more active lately, with some analysis. Mostly reactive though. 16. CadCom - (Edema Ruh) - Intermittent activity. Some good posts about keeping focus on the skindancers early game. A brief gut suspicion vote on me, that has yet to be brought back up. Seemed to support the Bard lynch, but puts a single vote on Fura instead. 17. Sart - (Commoner) - Insane18. Furamirionind - (Edema Ruh) - Very active, pushing everyone to remain active and engaged as well. While it's something an elim could do, maintaining that level of activity in thread while also contributing to a doc would be challenging I think. I read them village, but I think I'd want them to hang around for a long as possible anyway - particularly as they're not dangerous otherwise (no elevations, and little money).19. Zillah - (Commoner) - Entirely RP, short of early tuition clarifications. New player. Flying under the radar.20. Araris Valerian - (Noble) - First to push for meaningful lynches with their votes. As they put it, they're "just doing [their] job of encouraging bloodthirsty lynches". Some analysis of the fallout of the last lynch which was good. Overall neutral read: expulsions are of use to either side, and as they say, bloodthirsty lynches are their thing.21. Rathmaskal - (Commoner) - 5 posts. Apologises for inactivity, fairly random poke votes. Took issues with Coda's avoiding suspicion. Seemingly unengaged.22. STINK - (Commoner) - Has been posting, and had a nice analysis post of what Bard had said the previous cycle in regards to possible lies. I routinely find Stink hard to analyse... I'll try come back to him later.23. Kynedath - (Edema Ruh) - All too much beet RP Has a poke vote, and a vote on Bard for Bard's vote on Lopen. Put a complaint on Burnt for her raising the WGG idea. The RP makes sense for a Ruh trying to keep finances under control, but the activity then obscures the fact they're not contributing much at all. Another in the under the radar/not enough info/category.24. Walin - (Commoner) - Only a handful posts, almost entirely apologising for not posting much, with a little bit of short RP that I'm not sure would be enough for the tuition reductions. As compared to Kynedath, has less posts, but does at least comment a little on things happening on the given cycle, but doesn't seem to have the time to even RP much. Under the radar.25. GreenRover - (Noble) - Very few posts, but they seem to be starting to become a little more active? Hopefully they do get some further posts down this cycle and next. Have been under the radar.26. Young Bard - (Commoner) - Expelled - Based on the follow up Linguistic Analysis, almost certainly evil. 27. TheMightyLopen - (Noble) - Bah. It's getting late, and I'm finding it hard to focus. They post a decent amount, have been producing game relevant content, participating in votes -initially was helping to spread out votes, but was happy to get on board with consolidating posts. I might have a look at their vote patterns, but that's going to have to happen next cycle (at which point I'll actually get to updating my earlier reads). I figured I'd try and see what Bard may have lied about, but I'm not sure how productive that was. It'd probably have to be this post if any I think. But it's then a weird situation of Bard potentially lying about what lie he may have said the previous cycle. But I'm still not entirely clear on what the ruling was on if the R&L RP would counted as a lie or not, and I don't have the brain power to work through the logic of that presently. I'll respond to Xino at this point: The borderline was about the RP potentially triggering LA. Fura asked the GMs about if RP lies could trigger LA, which Araris pointed out Wilson had already confirmed (I then found Wilson's post on it). Stink posted about where the lies could have been, and highlights that Bard RP claims to be doing R&L. As Stink mentions, and based on the previous confirmation of RP lies counting, it meant if we had any info about if he was in R&L, or not, it seemed like it could be something that could activate LA. Bard claimed to not have R&L elevations. If that were the case, given, as I said, I didn't have any existing concerns about Bard at the time, I thought the Bard's RP about doing an R&L exam was something that the GMs would need to make a ruling on - I think I would probably rule that as a lie based on the decision to have RP lies count as lies, but I know that other people would rule differently. I actually thought for some reason that someone had already asked in thread for the GMs to clarify that, but I can see now that that did not happen. I guess I thought Fura's query was asking that or something. Dunno. Basically, yes it was specifically whether the GMs would rule the R&L exam comment as an RP claim of studying that field to be a valid lie if Bard hasn't filed EP or gotten elevations in R&L that I thought was borderline - figured it'd be 50:50, but that the GMs weren't likely to get on to clarify it before I'd sleep. I probably should have been clearer on that, but... 2 am is not when I do my best work Sigh. This has taken overly too long to write. Vote Count Elendera(2): Fura{1}, Fura{2} Fura(2): Lopen{1}, Straw{1}, Straw{2} Devotary(2): Araris{1}, Araris{2} Kynedath(4): Lopen{2}, Lopen{3}, Hael{1}, Hael{2} So, currently everyone's likely to get 12 DP on average, putting us in range of expulsions, particularly if anyone gets more of the DP than the others. I'd require more convincing on an Elendera or Fura lynch. I'd be happy enough with complaints on Devotary, Cadcom, or Kynedath as fairly low activity players who could be posting more. Because I'd rather see encourage Devotary to post a bit more, I'd probably opt then to put complaints down on Kynedath (Kynedath) given their name is down already, unlike CadCom. And I think I'm going to have to leave it there. If I head off now, there's a chance I'll be able to get enough sleep to be awake for the last 30-60 minutes of cycle to react to anything and change my votes if anything new happens in the next 6 hours. (Sorry @Burnt Spaghetti - won't be able to respond to the RP this cycle. If it doesn't get progressed this cycle, maybe we can flash back next cycle)
  21. Bryn bristled, literally growling in response. "Mistakes were made." She said with a huff, telling her tale. "Ah, that I can see. Maybe you could correct it with some red ink?" Seoras chuckled at the though of fixing hair dye in the Alchemy lab. "I'm sure that the Alchemy lab might have something to deal with your hair. More than likely permanently. About the most I could help is in navigating to it's front door, alas. The tales I've heard told of that building contains too high a chance of limb loss for me to have much interest in spending a lot of time there. I'm in for poking around in there for hair dying experiments though." He nodded to Straw as they joined their brisk walk/jog towards the hopefully warmer university halls. "You might have a better chance with the Artificery workshop though. Well, probably the Medica would have something for sure, but I rather suspect they might keep a little bit of a closer eye on their storage cabinets than the workshop would. And based on what we've seen on the Horns, I think you'd find it quicker to go to the Imre later than get caught and detained in the Medica. The physickers there seem to be downright vindicive..." @Burnt Spaghetti
  22. Seoras was a morning person. Unfortunately, it did making him a morning class person. He really did not enjoy morning classes. For some reason, the obligation of making a class on time sapped all motivation for early rising. With a sigh, he finally dragged himself up to face the day. It was cold. Why was it still cold... He really missed the warmer weather he'd had back home. Eventually pulling together everything he needed, throwing down some food, he checked the time. Eh. He probably still had time to get to the university before class started. If he was quick. ... And had left a few minutes ago. He hurried out. As he tried to keep moving to keep warm as he shivered under the not thick enough coat, he spotted another student who seemed to be running behind as well. He ran to catch up, recognising Bryn in her surprising fancy coat as he got closer. As he approached, he noted the streaks in her dripping wet hair that was in danger of freezing in the bitter morning breeze. He bumped her with his shoulder. "Hey!" He glanced at her hair. "Trying out a new look with your hair I see." @Burnt Spaghetti
  23. Want to get in an early post because I've been missing the player lists with mentions that we got a few turns ago, so I'm going to copy it in now. Player List1. @Haelbarde - Seòras (Edema Ruh) 2. @Elandera - Athdara, alchemist (Noble) 3. @Burnt Spaghetti - Bryn Aria (Commoner) 4. @DeTess - Evelyn Bryen (Commoner) Insane 5. @Elkanah (Edema Ruh) 6. @Straw - Straw (Commoner) 7. @xinoehp512 - Maern (Commoner) 8. @Lord_Silberfarben - Lord Silberfarben (Commoner) 9. @Coda - Catalan, namer (Noble) 10. @Karnage - Lasko Veitch (Noble) 11. @Hemalurgic Headshot - Onur Setyn (Noble) Insane 12. @StrikerEZ - Ryykal Ladzo (Edema Ruh) Insane 13. @Lumgol - Caia Irèn (Noble) Insane 14. @Experience - Shard (Commoner) 15. @Devotary of Spontaneity - Vol, paranoid alchemist (Noble) 16. @CadCom - Cadaci (Edema Ruh) 17. @Sart - Sagaer Murtoy, accompanied by a child (Commoner) Insane 18. @Furamirionind (Edema Ruh)19. @Zillah - Amila Tays (Commoner)20. @Araris Valerian - Arael Solon (Noble)21. @Rathmaskal - Rath (Commoner)22. @STINK - Ugfal the Three-Handed, with only two hands (Commoner) 23. @Kynedath - Traelynn Weeks, likes beets (Edema Ruh) 24. @Walin - Lin Wa (Commoner) 25. @GreenRover - Knighter Nune (Noble) 26. @Young Bard - Nethwyl Nox, pyromaniac (Commoner) Expelled 27. @TheMightyLopen - Leo (Noble) Also, based on Fura's work from last cycle, here's the current state of elevations: Unranked (Rank 0) Athdara, alchemist (Noble), Vol, paranoid alchemist (Noble), Cadaci (Edema Ruh), Furamirionind (Edemah Ruh) E’lir (Rank 1) Straw Altiora (Straw), Ugfal the Three-Handed (Stink), Rath, Traelynn Weeks (Kynedath), Knighter Nune (Rover), Lasko Veitch (Karnage) Re’lar (Rank 2) Bryn Aria (Burnt Spaghetti), Evelyn Bryen (DeTess), Lord Silberfarben, Seoras (Haelbarde), Kendel (Elkanah), Catalan (Coda), Amila Tays (Zillah), Arael Solon (Araris), Leo (Lopen) El’the (Rank 3) Shard (Experience), Nethwyl Nox (Bard), Maern (Xino), Lin Wa (Walin)
  24. How is the cycle already mostly over... Silberfarben(2): Fura{1}, Fura{2} Coda(5): DeTess{1}, DaTess{2}, Rath{1}, Straw{2}, Lopen{1}, Lopen{3} Araris(2): Karnage{1}, Karnage{2} Elkanah(2): Bard{1}, Bard{2} Bard(11): CadCom{1}, Xino{1}, Xino{2}, Araris{1}, Elandera{2}, Lopen{2}, Elkanah{1}, Elkanah{2}, Straw{3}, Straw{4}, Coda{3}, Coda{4}, Hael{1} CadCom(0): CadCom{2} Fura(1): Straw{1}, Silber{2} Lopen(0): Coda{1}, Coda{2} DeTess(2): Silber{1}, Araris{2} Burnt(1): Kynedath{1} Xino(1): Elandera{1} So a clear lead on Bard, although we're currently still somewhat spreadout. I'm sorry to have not gotten to post otherwise. And given the time, I'm not likely to be up in time for rollover, so this post is going to have to be it. Don't really have time to spend finishing read throughs of everyone else, so just going to focus on what's happened this cycle. For what it's worth, she rarely commits strongly to opinions in person, so this isn't exactly out of character, for all it's not a very useful villager character trait. So, Xino's claim of Bard's lie. To briefly consider whether or not this claim is true - if the linguist is village, then they've no reason to lie. If village!Xino would have no reason to lie of being informed of a lie either. Elim!Xino would be playing a dangerous game to make such a claim - as soon as Bard dies, Xino would be under extreme scrutiny. It's not much better if Xino was informed by an elim - doing so would require Xino to know their identity, and unless they were to take out Xino before Xino shares that identity with someone else, you end in a similar situation. While this probably was in little doubt, I'm happy to trust the Xino's reporting that Bard was scanned to have lied as truthful. I'm also glad to be seeing a proper application of Linguistic Analysis! Obviously there's then the question of what Bard's lie was. Discounting any lies made in PMs that we're not privy to, the options of the source of the lie are the claim about being unsure of the reason for skindancer kills, or from his RP. Because I feel the RP stuff is borderline, and given we don't really have confirmation of exactly to what degree RP lying would trigger linguistic analyis, I'm going to hedge my bets and just put the one complaint on Bard, because outside of the scan, I'm not sure his actions have warranted the number of votes he's already acrued over the last cycle or so. But I really should sleep at this point.
  25. I've most certainly had 'avoiding suspicion' as a villager goal when I was new to the game. Particularly as when you're playing a fairly vanilla game of elimination, you often can't afford more than 2-3 mislynches, so it's worth not unnecessarily becoming a mislynch. Not to say that it wasn't an odd thing to say here though. Vote Tally I can do. Silberfarben(2): Fura{1}, Fura{2} Coda(4): DeTess{1}, DaTess{2}, Rath{1}, Straw{2} Araris(2): Karnage{1}, Karnage{2} Elkanah(2): Bard{1}, Bard{2} Bard(1): CadCom{1} CadCom(1): CadCom{2} Fura(1): Straw{1} Lopen(2): Coda{1}, Coda{2}