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  1. Speaking of deals - I believe I owe you a head. Did you decide on which one?
  2. Ha, yes! I knew Rath had to be a Coinshot. He suspiciously knew the rules for coinshots, but not inquisitors earlier in the game. I honestly got really lucky with the protects. Fifth scanned me first cycle, so I was able to protect him cycle 2 which worked out. Then later I had been suspicious of Doc being evil and thought he might attack Burnt for her stuff in PMs, so happened to protect her that cycle. Sorry Straw for the spamming of PMs. I blame Burnt - I don't PM much otherwise.
  3. I'm sorry I sort of just dropped off the face of the earth... After the three people I had been keen to play with all getting taken out in the first 3 rounds, my plans of actually using a dagger foiled, being encouraged to remove my votes to increase the likelihood of an accurate flip and thus getting no boxings, I sort of just broke, needed 2 or 3 cycles to feel up for it again, but then had little encouragement to actually reengage at that point. Well done Drake for becoming Emperor. I'm glad I didn't last minute vote for you as governor.
  4. Oh happy day! I had missed that. Oops.
  5. Elandera @Snipexe @shanerockes @Doc12 @Fifth Scholar @Young Bard @Sart @STINK Straw made this cycle 24 hours, just FYI. So don't delay in putting in a vote. Appears no Coinshot... @Rathmaskal Did you happen to miss that Elandera admitted to being the Inquisitor after Fifth Scholar claimed Seeker and revealed Elandera scanned Village Vanilla yet survived a lynch like a thug?
  6. That's the best way of playing evil. Always hard to pull off though.
  7. Yes well... I feel for you that you've had such poor luck. It's sorta like the time I was a Seeker and found all 6 Smokers in the game. Edit: I checked with Straw and apparently kills happen before conversions, so a N7 coinshot kill would also work.
  8. Elandera survives the night - assuming they have the same UberPewter as the previous games, we need to kill Elandera 2 more times. So they kill someone tonight, we attempt a second lynch tomorrow, which they'll survive again, they'll convert N7, before we lynch them finally D8. It's only if they get hit by a coinshot tonight (I don't know if a N7 coinshot would stop the conversion) that we avoid a conversion.
  9. It hasn't helped there's not been a lot of discussion lately... Aman actually still has the most posts of any player in this game, and he died 5 cycles ago. Burnt was the main person I had PM'd... I got the impression that she had PMd Stink a little, but not consistently. I think she'd PMd most people though, so while I'm sure her PMs got her killed, I not sure there's much we can do to use that to narrow down the inquisitor unless anyone happened to know exactly what she was talking about in all her PMs. In lieu of any better option, I think I'll add my vote to Elandera.
  10. Haven't much time to look at it since, but of the two I'd probably lean towards putting a vote on Elandera. I'll be out for a little bit but then later tonight I'll review some stuff and post again.
  11. I should probably actually put thoughts on paper. - Given the Inquisitor hasn't had any converts (barring Rand for a cycle), it feels like Fifth and Burnt are probably fine due to surviving an attack. - I was suspicious of Doc last cycle, but after his response, and the fact that he's apparently known the identity of a misting for some time, one that wasn't a thug, seems like a pretty good reason to suggest he's not evil. Sorry again for the pressure, Doc. - I'm willing to read Sart as village for the moment - I both feel that the Inquisitor would be a little more active, but equally wouldn't feel the need to encourage a lynch on themselves to get things moving. A slow cycle where nothing happens is better for the Inquisitor. - Lumgol's inactivity that's at the point where they're 36 hours (they didn't actually post night 3, but the inactivity filter is 2 cycles, not 4 turns, so I do assume that mean's they've got till the end of Night 5 to post) from dying due to not posting seems something an Inquisitor wouldn't want to do, so I'm not too suspicious of them. - Snipexe claimed misting in thread. I guess they weren't killed by the inquisitor, but they were also the suggestion to scan last cycle. We've no idea if the Seeker has been following the in thread suggestions, but if they are, well, there's been no message shared with thread yet to suggest they've found a good lynch candidate. - Other than that, I've seen very little from either Shane or Stink to get a good read on either, though it seems STINK has been a bit more active. That's maybe a worry I guess, that he's been active, but not doing much, but that also seems about normal? - Devotary, Rath, and Elandera have been pretty active so far, but rereading through their posts, I've found it hard to pull anything substantial from their posts. - Bard I've at least had an interaction with in PMs, and I've gotten a bit more of a village vibe from them. What info I've gotten from PMs have also seemed to paint them in a good light, so I'm willing to trust others opinions of Bard. So I guess then, based on the above, the list of people I'm the least sure about would be Shane, Stink, Devotary, Rath, and Elandera. I feel like the Inquisitor is more likely to be somewhat active, so I'd probably say Shane is less likely. I'd probably put Elandera lower on the list, though that's mostly a gut feeling, and could be influenced by the changeover from BR, which it probably shouldn't be. So between Stink, Devotary, and Rath, I'm probably a little more suspicious of Stink, although I'd maybe have expected him to PM'd me more regularly (he PM'd me at the start of the game about random stuff, but then we've not really talked since), and may try and get actual game related info out of me if he were Inquisitor. Given Burnt and Doc seem to both also agree with Devotary and Stink being reasonable candidates for Inquisitor, I guess I'll support a Devotary lynch.
  12. @Sart If you're a Smoker, have you been using your ability on others?
  13. I don't know what to think anymore... Alv was right, he never said that Instant Regret was a dagger, and I honestly believe he would have used it if it had been. So I retract that earlier statement. I... need to calm down and settle myself before I can attempt to be at all objective and useful. But I'll remove my vote from Alv.
  14. Vote Tally Alv (4): Bard, Striker, Hael, Fura Bard (1): Drake Araris (1): Fifth May as well start the vote tally early. I strongly believe it's worth lynching Alv as soon as possible, or even better, killing by dagger if anyone has one available. He's dangerous to keep alive purely for his experience and ability to advise the other corrupt senators on their game strategy. I won't be moving my vote elsewhere. I need to head off and sleep now, but try and in the morning have a think through the mess that was the end of last cycle...
  15. Alv claimed to have a dagger named Instant Regret. So they still have access to at least one dagger, before retrieving any further daggers. I believe Alv was hoping to get his hands on my dagger after the RayOfSunshine death, though I guess there was only a 33% chance he'd get it instead of Rae or Fura.