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  1. Shardplate Jasnah and Wit interacting Jasnah's scene from the cover Syl+Pattern+Shallan+Kaladin convo More Renarin Shallan figuring out how to deal with things without developing Dissociative Identity Disorder Shallan's reunion with her brothers Dalinar flashbacks about his wife and the Nightwatcher Literally anything with any of the Heralds Kaladin and Adolin being friends Someone getting to Kholinar and figuring out what the hell is going on there Lift meeting the main crew Stone Shamans wow this is too long a list
  2. I think "All the gates were locked on both sides by the KR as part of the Recreance but they didn't bother with the Shattered Plains one because it'd been unused for 2000 years" is the most likely. Jasnah either had reason to believe the KR locked the gates deliberately and knew the shattering timeline and therefore guessed that the Shattered Plains gate was unlocked, or had tried literally every other gate (except maybe the Aimian one) and was just hoping it'd work eventually.
  3. I spent most of these chapters cackling maniacally, because there was just a new awesome thing every few paragraphs. Kaladin criticizing the soldiers' form and them telling Roshone that yeah... they're not messing with this guy. Summoning syl. Spren genders. Kaladin learning to delegate (albeit at Bladepoint). Him CASUALLY FLYING AND PROCLAIMING HIMSELF A RADIANT. And then Shallan... She's been quiet for the last few chapters for exactly the reason I had assumed, poor girl. She calls Kaladin "Brooding Eyes." And she draws surrealism, omg. And that scout wanting her to be a feminist icon. Maybe once Jasnah gets back she'll be happier, given the cover. Unless, of course, Jasnah and Kaladin are gonna be stuck in Alethkar all book. Hopefully there's enough stormlight to get the Kholinar Oathgate open soon. I'm eager to see what's up with Renarin, he clearly knows things, and Dalinar pulling on other Radiants will be interesting. I'm guessing that's his Bondsmith special, like extra squires is for Windrunners. And Adolin being in charge of investigating the murder he committed... He has a terrible poker face and I suspect more people than Shallan and Renarin will notice soon. My immediate thought was that the Ghostbloods were behind the copycat murders, but I saw Ialai mentioned above and she would make sense, too.Oh, and I REALLY hope they get the Azish Gate open soon and meet Lift
  4. The Radiants couldn't have Shattered the Plains as part of the Recreance, they were broken during Aharietiam: (WoR hardcover p 737)
  5. I can't choose a favorite character, that's like a 15-way tie. Favorite scene, though, would probably be the big duel in WoR, though I also LOVE Dalinar giving up the sword for the bridgemen, everything with Shallan and Kaladin in the chasms, Shallan killing Tyn, the bridge charge at the end of WoK, both Wit POVs... actually favorite scene is looking like a many-way tie too... just too many good things in Stormlight to choose from lol.
  6. edgedancer spoiler

    No wider implications like the rest of the stuff on here, but I'm like 90% sure that this bit from the first chapter is referencing Lift getting her first period, which I hadn't noticed before. Not really sure what else that could be referencing, and it's immediately followed by Lift being upset that she's changing, so....
  7. Is that all? That seems kind of uncertain for the amount that people assume that it's true... idk maybe I have too high a standard for proof.
  8. I've seen a lot of people saying that Honor was shattered after the Recreance, but is there any evidence for this besides that Dalinar sees it in one of the visions?
  9. I'm gonna have to go Stormlight. The sheer number of puzzle pieces and greater cosmere implications puts it ahead. More theory material! It's super close, though, I love Vin and Kelsier and Elend and everyone
  10. When your ten year old brother asks what a lashing is (in the context of historical punishments), and your first thought is to say (WOR spoilers) and restrain yourself not by remembering that that wasn't the definition he was looking for OR that he hasn't read the books, but by the fact that you should say Szeth instead to avoid spoilers. When you laugh maniacally while playing Minecraft because villagers use emeralds for currency.
  11. Yeah, except that it was stated that the Recreance vision was of Windrunners and Stonewards, so I'm pretty sure neither of them was the order that stayed. Pattern's comments about all the old Cryptics dying imply that it wasn't the Lightweavers. Other than that, I have no real idea, though the presence of a group calling themselves the Skybreakers in modern Roshar is suggestive. More on topic, could it be that the way the KR broke their bonds was by giving up their Shards? It seems kind of circular, but assuming that they could order the spren to stay as Blades in the ground and keep their Shardplate there once it was off, and they left them there in front of a crowd of soldiers who were likely to take them and use them for less-than-honorable purposes, that would probably break the "life before death strength before weakness," part of the First Ideal, not to mention the Windrunners' "I will protect those who cannot protect themselves," and possibly other, currently unknown oaths.
  12. He was posting after like an hour. As someone who has ridden since I was seven and remember how long it took me to pick things up, I am duly impressed with his progress. Sure, he's not a master rider, but he was described as better than pretty much all of the bridgemen but Moash, so I think he'd be perfectly capable on a Rhyshadium after a little more practice. I do agree with what you're saying about a Rhyshadium's bond with its rider being somewhat like a Nahel bond, although I think it's probably weaker.
  13. When your little brother sings "Everything is Awesome" from the LEGO Movie, and you're not even annoyed because you're too busy thinking about Lift. When you were listening to all the old writing excuses episodes and Brandon mentioned having a character who's a surgeon and you missed the next two minutes because of the Kaladin highlight reel playing in your head. When you ranted for several minutes about pronunciation of cosmere names to someone who has never read any of Brandon's books and rather than feeling embarrassed or awkward about that, apologized for not being able to lend them Mistborn or WoK because you've already lent them to other people. When you spend every walk to or from class wishing you were a Coinshot. When your computer has all of the KR orders added to its dictionary.
  14. This is a ridiculously awesome idea.
  15. This fits in very well with what Words of Radiance (the in-world book) has to say about Lightweavers: (WoR p. 547) The pre-Recreance Lightweavers also seemingly used their powers to inspire others to better themselves.