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  1. I've been watching Heavy Object recently and really liking it, I normally don't like mecha animes but this is abit different, as it's just two trainee recruits taking on the mecha.
  2. I've been watching Luther - British crime show with Idris Elba it's very very good.
  3. I agree with you. It's ok not great in my opinion but with Jim Butcher I found that they usually just get better and better as they go on. It happened with both Codex and Dresden for me. And I'm sure it will happen with this series.
  4. Starting Malice by John Gwynne. I hope it's good as I don't have anything else on my bookshelf that I haven't read.
  5. I enjoyed both, but I'll go for WoK. WoR would have won if not for a few of points. 1- The 3 fake deaths. 2- Kaladin's depression. And 3- Not enough Jasnah.
  6. Great question Havoc. I might see you on Monday.
  7. Just finished Aeronants Windlass by Jim Butcher. It's ok not great in my opinion but with Jim Butcher I found that they just get better and better as they go on. It happened with both Codex and Dresden. And I'm sure it will happen with this series.
  8. Yes you are right Kaellok I did mean kill and not murder thank you. Well the first point is that according to the culture what Sadeas did may not be considered as evil as you and I may consider it. What Sadeas says at the end is just slender to turn the people against him, and that he will try to take what Dalinar has not a great evil, is it likely to result in many deaths maybe we don't know. I see what Adolin did as akin to a child having a tantrum because someone said something bad about his daddy, and then hides the fact that he broke the toy by hiding in the garden. I know it's a lot more serious then that but it was an emotional act. It's not like Sadeas was hiding halfway around world and this was the only time he would have to act. And like I said before they nearly did get what they wanted after the dual what's to say they wouldn't be able to do it again. As such I maintain that what Adolin did was not honourable.
  9. As I was reading this topic a quote from Hamlet kept on going through my head. "for there is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so." When I consider that we are looking into a fictional world, and by WoB that perception plays an important role in the world at least with the magic, it seems kinda difficult to see if that culture and world would find what happened honourable or not. If we are taking about our world then I believe it was not an honourable action but for Roshar it maybe. (Added reason for my opinion in the edit) The reason why I don't think Adolins actions where honourable is because, I think there are only two reasons where murder is acceptable. If there is an immediate risk/danger to ones life or of others. Sadeas was a danger to Adolin and his family but was not an immediate danger and he could have been subdued by other means. They nearly did it with the duel and Dalinar has shown to be more politically savvy then people have given him credit. Sorry I had edit the post was sleepy when I wrote the original post and didn't explain my reasoning.
  10. The quote I was thinking about was from Adolin not Dalinar. “He learned that man and sword were, in some ways, one. The weapon became a piece of your soul. Adolin had learned to control his Blade in this way. Usually. Today, the weapon disintegrated almost immediately after leaving his fingers. The long, silvery Blade transmuted to white vapor—holding its shape for just a brief moment, like a smoke ring—before exploding in a puff of writhing white streams.” Excerpt From: Sanderson, Brandon. “Words of Radiance.” iBooks. This material may be protected by copyright.
  11. Maxal I think I remember the section you are talking about, if it is the same one as I'm thinking then it at the start of ch. 35. I'll have a look when I get home.
  12. I agree with kaellook, I don't think it would make any difference to the non-radiant people, as to most of them are happy to use fabrials with living spren trapped inside anyway, so why would dead sprens make a difference, and even if they felt bad about using them I'm sure it would pass, when it means life or death for everyone they know and themselves. The only ones I'm unsure about are the squires as they are somewhere in the middle, as we don't know if they can hear the screams or if it would effect there power in someway.
  13. Just finished Ready Player One and enjoyed it, although it wasn't the 5/5 book as my friends were telling me. Anyway I'm starting Armada, both written by Ernest Cline.
  14. I can see Jasnah spending all of her time in front of the computer screen reading and researching on the internet for days on end. She would just ignore the cars.
  15. Hi!

    Welcome to 17th shard. I look forward to seeing your comment. Have a upvote.