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  1. I think you should look at the back cover of the Way of Kings
  2. Shallan killed Testament after her mother died, which means she was already at that time at her third Truth with her. In Way of Kings it's possible "I'm terrified" is spoken to her, but she is still a deadeye by Rhythm of War so she is not "revived" like you say. Here's my thought on the timeline: 1. Child Shallan bonds Testament; progresses to Third Truth 2. Shallan kills her mother with Testament; breaks her bond. 3. Cryptics continue to investigate her, allowing her to continue to draw Stormlight (as we see in WoR when Wit approaches her). It's possible by this time she is still at the First Oath in a general sense. 4. Shallan kills her father; leaves to steal Jasnah's Soulcaster. 5. "I am terrified" doesn't count as a Truth 6. "I killed my father." Second Truth to Pattern, in which case she swears sometime later. I think the second is likely, otherwise she would be at her Fifth Truth after RoW. She is still unable to use Pattern as a living Shardblade, but is still bonded to Testament's corpse. 7. Shallan kills Tyn with Testament. 8. Pattern used as a Blade during the chasm sequence, so by then she has sworn a Third Truth, perhaps in the Chasms once she remembers some things. 9. "I killed my mother" is either a Forth Truth for Pattern or a Resworn Second for Testament. This would imply she's able to summon Shardplate, but doesn't know it. 10. "I killed my spren" is either Fifth Truth for Pattern, or Third for Testament. If the latter, I would wonder why she's not revived yet, but Brandon has left room for there to be more requirements.
  3. That stupid silver chain from Oathbringer... What is??
  4. That first WoB was my buddy's question. We are thinking along the same lines as you are, for sure. In Oathbringer, the letter from Endowment is very cocky, even suggesting that Endowment is confident that she can "deal with" Odium if he becomes a problem. With Nightblood on Roshar able to permanently kill the Voidbringers, I think it's definitely likely that Nightblood is part of her schemes in dealing with Odium, but I can't say with any certainty that he is her "end game".
  5. They will hopefully be back in a couple of months, they knew this would be happening.
  6. That's what I would think too. But the example Brandon used was that Endowment would smite people, and she's all about giving. I agree though, Preservation would be even less likely to do so. I guess, in Brandon's mind, it just has more to do with where the Shards are and if they have another Shard opposing their actions. I think Preservation could smite someone in the right circumstance, if it would prevent them destroying the world, for example.
  7. Woooo I've been waiting for my questions to be discussed. Felt has definitely been under the radar, but he struck my interest after Oathbringer. I remember Brandon saying that people within house Venture being involved in the interplanetary trade through the Pits, so Felt was the connection I wanted to ask about. I got the impression that he may have been a Worldhopper before Era 1, but not for very long. I think that him being "a little older" than most people would point to him being enhanced in some way, otherwise there would be no need to say he's older. I just don't think he's centuries old. As you guys pointed out, this probably isn't due to Scadrian magic. After Era 1 Felt knew where he could get connections, maybe Seventeenth Shard or others. Also, about Shard Smiting, I feel like it wasn't really a Shard using something like a boulder or lightning bolt or that kind of thing to kill people, but literally just the person dropping dead. What was interesting to me was that it didn't seem to be inhibited by Shardic Intent (hush, Eric) but that really any Shard could smite people, barring other Shards or where they are. I would have figured Odium would have an easier time smiting people than Endowment.
  8. I meant 2, thanks
  9. I think one thought that's been thrown around was doing them as two volumes in a slipcase. The UK editions already have them as 2-volume books, so it wouldn't be a difficult adjustment for the publishers. They'd definitely be too big for one book each.
  10. Um, actually, Demoux lived to become an agent of the Seventeenth Shard. Some say he is living to this day. Ash is the Patron Herald of the Dustbringers.
  11. @Argent Where do I go to help transcribe? The audio for the signing line isn't in the "sources" tab on Arcanum, from what I can see.
  12. Had a lot of fun at the signing! It was my first one since Calgary in 2014, and I got to bring some friends down from Interior British Columbia as well. Between the three of us we got a lot of questions answered. The verbatim will be in the recordings, but here are some highlights: -Felt was Cosmere-aware during Era 1, but Brandon wouldn't confirm if he was directly or indirectly involved in the interplanetary trade via the Pits of Hathsin. I also asked if he was part of the Seventeenth Shard and he said he's had his fingers in a lot of things, but is not in the Seventeenth Shard as of Oathbringer. -Mraize is a Roshar native, RAFO to how old he is. -Khriss knows the Intents of all 16 Shards, and knew them when she wrote the essays. -Shards can smite people depending on where they are. For example, Odium can't smite people, but Endowment can. [I assume this is because Odium isn't on Roshar, but it's very interesting to me that Endowment can, given her Intent.] -Shards cannot cancel power to someone using their magic. If they had to stop them the best way would be to smite them. Brandon expounded and said cancelling power would be like cancelling the laws of physics. -All Shards have different limitations when it comes to speaking to or listening to humans and Brandon will be getting to that in the future. -I asked if Autonomy directly helped Odium kill Apna and Skai. I got the RAFO I expected, but Brandon added that generally fighting Shard to Shard is a bad idea without help. I'm looking forward to the verbatim words on this answer. -I got clarification that Riino from the lighthouse in Oathbringer was an Ire, and was also the Hoed Elantrian that Raoden brought to the Shardpool in Elantris. I also asked if he was Ire before that happened and Brandon said no. -I asked if the Five Scholars ever spoke to Endowment in a way they would remember, and was RAFOd. -I asked how good Endowment's future sight was when compared to other Shards, and was RAFOd. I also have a recording of the reading, which was a Taln scene from what would have been book 9 of The Way of Kings (2002 version). It was interesting but I don't think there was anything too revealing. There were some fun general q&a answers (not Cosmere related) and an awesome speech by Brandon. It was awesome to meet @hoiditthroughthegrapevine and go over questions as well. It was definitely worth the 7 hour trip down!
  13. Just did a word search of Oathbringer and the only significant use of "I think" is in the epigraph from Harmony. So, that might be what Brandon is suggesting.
  14. The black sphere is the restaurant at the end of the cosmere The black sphere is the Shard that wants to hide and survive The black sphere is Vin's obsidian chunk The black sphere is a dead disgusting crab thing with seventeen legs The black sphere is Tien's favourite rock The black sphere is one of Thom Merrilin's lost juggling balls The black sphere killed Asmodean The black sphere is not the droid you're looking for The black sphere is WalDo