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    Drawing, cosplay (both wearing and making), webcomics, video games, Doctor Who/Firefly/Star Trek fandoms, and the Oxford comma. Oh, and reading. Duh.
  1. THIS. This is why I love this forum. There's so much attention to detail, even outside of the Cosmere. It makes my brain so happy.
  2. Hahahah! The Shadesmar Core is the best core.
  3. Portal! I like to think Aperture Labs is on a minor shardworld and GladOs is the holder of Sarcasm shard. And Wheatley is a world hopper, so to speak.
  4. Thanks! It was so much fun to draw. And I love Stick!
  5. I will, once I get a decent photo. The ones my friends took all ended up blurry.
  6. I really love how you capture hair texture. May I ask what medium/program you use fur your portraits?
  7. Thanks! And yes, I am definitely going to ask questions next time. Now that I've had a chance to meet him (I did speak to him the day before about how well he writes female characters ), I think I'll be more inclined to ask questions. I did ask Peter a few questions, but they were more about the technical side of his work, rather than plot questions.
  8. I was cosplaying as Ranette (I was the chick with the corset, holsters, nerf side-arm, and goggles on top of my head). It was fun, but without many other cosplayers, I was pretty self-conscious. If I'd been in just regular nerd attire, I probably would have spoken up! I love getting the extra juicy details. Maybe I'll be less star-struck the next time he's at a local-ish con. Thanks for posting your Q&A!
  9. Groot was one of the first things I thought of when I first read about The Stick. I thought it only fitting to combine the two. I created the drawing as a t-shirt design, but I didn't get a chance to get it onto the t-shirt before the con I wanted it for, so thought I'd share it here.

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  10. I've been re-reading the Mistborn trilogy, and near the end of book 2, it mentions Vin wearing her metals in her sash. My guess is that it had loops on it to hold the vials and was either tied around the waist or worn like a bandolier.
  11. There were others of us there! I was just too nervous to ask Brandon questions. I think if I hadn't also been cosplaying that weekend, I would have been less self-conscious about it. I had a list, but they all went out of my head when the actual opportunity arose, so I'm glad you were able to get your questions answered. I heard some of the responses you got after the Social Hour, and am looking forward to catching what I may have missed!
  12. Welcome! Be careful with that cookie... I've been told the chocolate chips in it are a bit spikey. And are also made of iron. I only just started posting here myself (though not much yet). I was also at Minicon, but most of the times I had a chance to ask Brandon anything, my brain imploded by the proximity to awesomeness, so I look forward to seeing what intel you were able to gather!
  13. Just a little guy trying to be happy. In more specific, it's a sketch I did a while back. He's holding up his own smile. I should probably get an avatar related to Sanderson's work, though. Edit: No longer applies to my current profile pic.
  14. He signed both sides of mine, too. I love that he is so willing to sign things for fans.
  15. I hope to go to the reading, but I'm not sure I'll make it there.