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  1. Just reread KKC books 1 and 2. All I can say is I am glad that there are some novellas coming out soon. Anyone figure out how the story of old holly fits in with NotW and WMF? It takes place in the same world, but with the exception of the story about the Sidhe, I can not remember any mention of holly.
  2. Yes, yes you are. The quote is unfortunately extremely ambiguous. Does night refer to the night mother that is conjectured to be cultivation a spren? Is this a future that is being alluded to or a reflection of the past suggesting that Honor sacrificed himself to preserve life? Is it foreshadowing Odium's reign? If we ask Brandon, he will probably say RAFO.
  3. Szeth for honor and venli for odium.
  4. Of course he used Adonalsium. Jesulium or Mohamelium or Budhalium or Krishnamutalium would just sound be silly. On a slightly different note. I think your call out regarding Adonalsium versus Adonal is interesting. It points out that Adonalsium would actually be the power "byproduct" of another entity. That it is the equivalent of a sentient metal is interesting. It makes me wonder what was the prime object of which Adonalsium was itself a shard.
  5. I think Taln probably is Taln at least in body. His cognitive aspect seems trapped somehow...or he actually is mad as a hatter. It may also be at his missing Honorblade protected him in some way and it's absence is aggravating his mental state.
  6. I recall reading something on the forums about the nurse in kharbranth who was draining blood and taking notes was vedeledev . The theory had someone to do with the breaking of the oathpact inverting their divine attributes. I do not know if we ever had WoB about it.
  7. I thought hospitals had administration spren. They are attracted to bureaucracy and top-down decisions that inhibit the performance of healthcare professionals.
  8. The sword Taln drops at the end of WoK looks like a spike. The sword that was brought to the Alethi war camps looks like a cleaver.
  9. Perhaps the island of the wandersail? There was a guy in a tower.
  10. Perhaps it is an unmade in a bottle and he planned on feeding it to a parshendi during a highstorm. I would kill him for that. Blah, someone posted this already.
  11. If diagonarthis feeds on emotion, then I wonder if Nalan is an emotional void because he has an unmade following him around and leeching his emotions. If this is the case, then I further wonder if each one has attached itself to a former maybe the Honorblades they bore granted them immunity from the unmade messing with their heads. Just a thought.
  12. There was also a quote in front of one of the chapters about blending the surges with those of men. I took this to mean a listener could become a surgebinder, but it might also mean they just fought alongside each other.
  13. Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 387973120 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 475568432 bytes) in Unknown on line 0 I know it was rhetorical, but really, where is the shard of Love? If everything has it's opposite, then Odiums opposite has yet to make an appearance.
  14. The reason I ask is that Shallan's mother was wearing blue and gold (Galivar's colors) and I just want to make sure that Shallan, Adolin, and Renarin are not related. That would be a George RR Martin level of creepy.
  15. The desolation seems to be not so much a time, but an event. The voidbringers rise up and begin killing everyone, humanity almost goes extinct, the survivors call it a desolation. They lose their technology and fall back into stone age and Bronze Age level tech and the cycle starts anew--though this time, perhaps because it had been 4500 years since the last desolation, the technology for steel and fabrials still exist. There seems to be some link between surgebinding and the start of the desolations, but no causal relation has been established. Voidspren (odium spren?) start appearing. The honor spren, Cryptics, etc.seem to know when a desolation draws close with some, like Syl, trying to help. There have been 99 desolations. The heralds lied and said the last one was the last one, and abandoned the oathpact. Since then the KR were still fighting someone at the recreance which was later, then perhaps they were fighting either each other or the remaining voidbringers. We will find out eventually. Preservation and ruin were gods on Scadrial--mistborn Honor, Cultivation, and Odium are gods on Roshar--Stormlight Archive