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  1. On the topic of surges in the cognitive realm, could what Shallan does with her paintings for people to change them be a form of spiritual Transformation or spirtual Lightweaving?
  2. Thanks both Has it been considered that Worldhopper time dilation (e.g. Khriss and Nazh) could be down to the Cognitive Realm keeping Physical realm causality, including light speed causality propagation? E.g. Say Roshar and Scadrial are 4 light years apart, Hoid does his thing in Stormlight Archive Books 1 - 5, then heads into Shadesmar. As he travels the boundaries of Scadrial's and Roshar's cognitive realm, time slows for him, meaning 5 years passes in the real world while only (hours? days?) passes for Hoid. Hoid spends a year or so in the Scadrial appearing in the Alloy of Law books, and then heads back to Roshar for Books 6-10, again taking 5 years in the cognitive realm. This would explain how Khriss and Nazh, and other apparently "normal" worldhoppers have been around for hundreds or thousands of years - accumulated jumps builds up extra time in the physical realm. I'm not sure how the Silverlight university or other cross-world organisations would work however, since any expeditions could take decades or hundreds of years to return. Perhaps as it is in the Cognitive Realm, they've managed to slow time around it? So expeditions and merchant shipping seem to happen faster.
  3. Thanks for the answers so far! Sorry, what I meant was, can multiple Vessels hold the same Shard at the same time? My thought it that it might help with Intent corrupting the Vessel personality by splitting it up? Sort of splintering, but only the Connection between the Vessels and the Shard is being split. So say both Kaladin, and Szeth ascended to Honor, Kaladin would take the Windrunner interpretation of Honor of following his own personal morality, and Szeth would take the legalistic interpretation of Honor always keeping to his word. That way Honor as a group (pantheon?) becomes super flexible - more so than Harmony, as different Vessels can deal with different situations.
  4. Sorry for the title, but I have a few misc. questions, and don't want to create a full topic for each one. If shardblades/honorblades cut the soul, and can kill spren, as seen in Oathbringer, why can't they perma-kill Fused, whereas Nightblood can? On Roshar's Cognitive Realm, we see soul-flames winking out on death, while on Scadrial, they hang around about while Preservation/Harmony talks to them. Is the reason for the Scadrial delay is because Preservation is reclaiming the extra investiture from the temporary cognitive shadow before they pass on? Does the fanbase have any solid theories about how Preservation imprisoned Ruin? I know Kelsier had a theory before it was shot down in Secret History. I guess Leras might have sacrificed his mind to cut off Ati's mind from the bulk of his power, and created Atium to leach Ruin's future-sight, but is there anything concrete? Has there been any indication if the Shards can be held collectively by multiple people, say 10? If so, would this increase the access to the infinite power over that held by one person?