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  1. I like your theory, because you doubt in things that some people don't. What I've found out in Sanderson's books is that you should doubt even the things that seem Divine. (especially them) I don't trust the spren, I don't trust the Heralds, I don't even trust that Surgebinding is as helpful as it seems. Odium can have his influence spread anywhere.
  2. If we're going to delve in deep, pretty much every PoV character (interlude or not) in TWoK and WoR is suffering from some psychological issues. Some are fairly obvious, some are not.
  3. It's an interesting theory, but don't we have a WoB that Taln at the end of TWoK is the real Taln? And Taln we see in WoR is not acknowledged to be Taln. So kandra switching has to be done in between both books.
  4. He's a very crafty person, worthy of his name. Nice catch!
  5. That is not entirely correct.
  6. Nale put something glowing lightly in his pocket. I don't think it was a Honorblade, unless it's mini-sized kitchen knife. It's more likely a fabrial.
  7. Then how would you explain Szeth saying that if he dies the Stone Shamans will recover his Honorblade in TWoK? This means that the SS know how to recover Honorblades from dead bodies. If SS know, then Szeth must know too. Taravangian is following the Diagram and his own plan. His top priority was for Dalinar to die as soon as possible. It's only natural to order Szeth to avoid any complications where he might get himself killed.
  8. I agree, that's more likely, everyone is scared of Szeth and none wants him on the loose with questionable beliefs and motivation. But we can't rule it out completely without WoB or the next Book/s.
  9. Here ^^ It is presumed to be Nale. This is from WoR, it is unknown if Taravangian is lying just to keep Szeth in line or not. I don't know if we have WoB on this. If he's telling the truth, then there's only 6 left in Shinovar by the end of WoR.
  10. Yep, Hoid already said that he's ready to destroy Roshar, if it will help him achieve his goal. Although, he's trying not to. So, yeah, Hoid pretty much confessed that if he wants something, he will get it, no matter what.
  11. Spren are living ideas. Nightblood is a living idea in a very similar way. He was Commanded and brought to live with the words - "Destroy Evil!". Just as Syl's focus is on protecting and doing what is right. Nightblood's focus is a bit odd - to destroy evil... ^^ If we are to compare him with other spren. I'd go for powerful spren like the Stormfather. We have WoB that Nightblood is far stronger than a regular Shardblade. But since Nightblood is several times more Invested than a normal Sprenblade, we can expect some twisted things. I hope Nightblood is still able to destroy walls, instead of just cutting through them. So badass. Since Nightblood acts exactly as a spren on Roshar. Szeth should be able to form a Nahel bond with him. That means Nightblood should provide him with some powers.. maybe. Yes, if Szeth has drawn Nightblood for too long and runs out of Stormlight, Nightblood will consume his soul. Szeth will have a hard time learning how to use Nightblood, unless Nale knows and teaches him some secrets and all.
  12. I think that Nale's conversation with Szeth hold keys to understanding what true Skybreakers should be, so I'm going to post a few quotes from the book. I hope i'll help someone. I'll post my own lazy excuse of a theory below. I'm not saying that Nale can be trusted, but Nale is the only person we have that knows something about the Skybreakers, besides Brandon and Peter. And currently, the last two torture us by sealing their lips on the topic. ^^ Now, I find it very interesting what words Nale used. I hope I helped you a bit with your theorycrafting here. My own theory remains unchanged so far, I believe the Skybreakers with Nahel bond do follow the law, but a higher law, hence the name highspren. Yes, the name matters - Honorspren, Cryptics (also known as liespren, but they don't like being called that.) Each of the 10 KR spren are different and complex. We know that from Syl, Pattern and Wyndle, even from Ivory. Highspren are no different. They uphold law and order above all else. But it doesn't have to be human laws. We know that Nale followed Azish laws by the book, but he doesn't have a Nahel bond. We have no right to use him as an example in this exact argument. Edit: Few edits, because laptops are annoying as hell. I hope I helped with the quotes.
  13. Being without Shards, means that his battles will be even more entertaining. He'll just use his abilities given by the Nahel bond. Shards aren't what makes the Knight Radiants so fearsome For me, Szeth is the most interesting character to read about. They way his personality is set up, allows Brandon far more freedom to develop Szeth's character than everyone else in the books at the moment. He can literally take any direction he likes. Dalinar, along with every other major PoV, hold the second place. I find them all equally interesting.
  14. Yes, we have WoB that a Shardblade will cut his soul, but he will just heal it back. We don't know how he's able to do that though.