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  1. So You're Who took the Edgedancer username

  2. Happy birthday lost legend!

    1. Not an Ookla

      Not an Ookla

      Happy birthday!!

  3. Ooh, nice rep number!

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  4. Sure, knock yourself out. Not like a name alone could make her anymore creepy... right? Good job with that fan art for Darkrose also.
  5. Notice something wrong here?

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  6. True. Foils and contrasts don't need to be in your face and constantly thrown at each other to exsist, much less work. A bit of subtlety and breathing room so both sides can be fully fleshed out on their own can do wonders to make something complex work. Which makes me wonder if we actually could have done better on purpose, or if us trying to switch to doing it conciously would have led to over compensation. Hm, there's some interesting implications about authorial intend in here.
  7. Not really. There were a lot of instances in the RP where the players picked up on opportunities and started to intentionally build on them further going forward. This wasn't one of those times. I actually had always considered Nighthound and Funtimes to have fairly little interaction for being in the same factions on account of them often doing their own thing. That's not to say there was nothing, of course, just significantly less than Funtimes interaction with Lightwards for example.
  8. Huh, that's some pretty good parallels you managed to observe there. I continues to amaze me how much of this stuff can just kind of happen without concious effort or anything of the like.
  9. Hm, there's probably some yangire in her. You know, besides her just being a psycho. I could actually see Kokichi's powers facilitating coincidences and random, yet significant, meetings, because of narrative laws and all that. Wouldn't be the strangest thing they do.
  10. So out of curiosity, do his bullets curve mid air or do they just kind of teleport to hit his target?
  11. Now I want a movie called "Who framed Kokichi Rabbit?" Seconding Whitaker for Funtimes. Otherwise not much of a casting person.
  12. I think I may have to start telling people apart by their signature. But how will I ever do that in real life?