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  1. well just shoot that all to pieces lol. I guess I didnt look hard enough to find that.
  2. So i just got done listening to the Shardcast: The Missing Shardblades. And after having the topic come up about the night of sorrows and the infinite sea I started to ponder why no one stated the obvious, the infinite sea obviously refers to space. We assume that the survivors of the old human world all came there through Shadesmar...but what if that isnt the case? What if they actually just barley escaped with space ships, (see the opening to Titan AE) What if the night of sorrows, is the day when who ever, or what ever is on damnation comes a looking for the ones who got away? OKOK let me back up a bit. It is my theory that Damnation and the Tranquiline Halls, may be the same place, but at 2 different times of its development. Damnation is what it is now, Tranquiline Halls referring to before humans basically destroyed it. With this in mind the Heralds had made a pact that they would return to Damnation and attempt to stall/destroy/save/have a party with a dragon...ok maybe not that last one, but attempt to stop what ever is left on that planet. (this of course doesnt answer what them giving up really means). ok with that being said, lets say that the oath pact being broken has basically allowed the residence of damnation to flourish and progress, to the point that they have mustered there armies and are now finally building space crafts to chase down the ones who fled. In other words WHAT IF THERE ARE SPACE MARINES COMING!!!!! This could mean that there is a magic based, faction of space marines that are looking to invade other worlds, Waring and eventually adding new magic systems to there arsenal. Could that be what Harmony was focused on? will this be the thing that becomes the great threat when we get Mistborn in space? IDK this all just filled my mind and I might be getting MANY key factors wrong, but at the very least, WOULDNT THAT BE AWESOME?
  3. Hay Thanks for the replies, and not just laughing my idea off the forums, really appreciate it. Ok so a big part of this will depend on your willingness to accept several, admittedly far fetched ideas, So yea... So Brandon likes to really stretch the idea of what shards are all about right? like preservation not only wanting to stop things from coming to an end but also stop things in general...from doing a toy collector that never removes any of his action figures from the box? Well i posit that shards dont always manifest there powers the same way on every planet. We know that on white sand Sand mastery is linked to Autonomy and is how he manifests his influence there but Stormlite kinda has this theme of metamorphosis or evolution. Enter the Dysian Aimianss, they can split office pieces of there body into hordelings - coppermind In this way they are kind of doing what Autonomy did, splitting off into little Autonomous pieces until they can reform. This doesnt seem to fit Honor or Cultivation MO on how they manifest there powers so I feel like this is a good explanation to why they are so different. But why Autonomy, you may ask. Well I think that Autonomy is a goth kid. ok ok ok let me explain. Autonomy can be defined as ``freedom from external control or influence; independence. ``- websters. Would it not be in Autonomys MO to look at how other powers try to stay relatively the same on other planets and say, ``nahhh we be crab people over here``? As far as the Siah Aimianss go. If there power was from Autonomy as well, there bodies seem to work almost separate from them. `` Siah Aimians, who are characterized by deep blue nails and eyes, have been known to sculpt their bodies to temporarily suppress their senses (e.g. to avoid smelling foul odors), produce tattoo-like markings on their skin, or heal from injuries. They also cast shadows in the wrong direction - Coppermind`` One might say that there bodies act like there own entities. with its own rules. This would also explain why Axises has to ``mold`` his body and cant just think, I need my nose to clog up. IDK let me know what you think
  4. So 1st off I would like to say that I might be miss remembering things, so i apologies ahead of time. 2nd I apologies for my terrible spelling. With that being said, lets jump right in. While listening to some shardcasts I remember someone mentioning that Autonomy might have a whole bunch of pieces of himself running around, and they might not all get along with one another, or have the same opinions. Almost like all these different pieces of its self are...Autonomous . Well this led me to remember one of the preludes in WoR, talking specifically about Ym the Cobbler. Ym starts to tell a boy about how in his religion everyone is a part of god, he says He believes, long ago, there was only one being which he simply calls One. One knew everything but had experienced nothing. And so One became Many in order to experience all things. As each experience is different, it brings completeness to One. Eventually, all will be gathered back in when the sum of land is attained and they will once again become One. Every person is a different mind of a single being experiencing different lives. As Many, they need ignorance. Each fragment of the One’s mind has its own body with different passions and inclinations. They exist in variety to experience all kinds of thought. That means some people must know and others must not. Just like some people must be rich and others poor. This is why he is interested in collecting other people's experiences. It is likely that this belief is the same one spread by Arlco. - From the coppermind Now I have learned in my years of reading Brandons work that when a character says,, HAY listen to this story about my religion, That is Brandons sly way of saying, this is a cosmere thing, ignore at your own risk. So my questions. Do you think Ym might have been a part of Autonomy that somehow made his way to Roshar? Do all pieces of Autonomy know they are pieces of Autonomy? Is One and Autonomy the same thing, but with a different name? What about Arlco and Axies the collector, could they be apart of Autonomy?