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  1. I was hoping we would have seen that in the book. Because when Szeth saw Kaladin heal a shardblade cut with stormlight he really freaked out. That (and Brandons coy words talking about it) seriously imply that while Szeth can heal via stormlight, he cannot heal a dead limb like that. And if a Honorblade does not grant that ability without the growth surge, I have to wonder if Kaladins squires can. There is an implication we should be looking for clues in book one. So they have likely been using stormlight to for a while now, and that is why Bridge Four was able to keep going when they stopped being given replacements for those who had died. Giving them more strength and endurance, helping them heal, etc. Remember that with Kaladin he was able to use minute quantities instinctively before he was able to inhale it of his own volition. I think they were squires from the tome Kaladin swore his first or second oath. Kaladin speaking the third oath strengthened/widened the bond enough that they are now able to use more stormlight, enough to start inhaling it consciously. I think that the stormlight is the only power they have (no surges), but as you said, it alone is quite substantial; the equivalent of several misting/ferring powers. Yup. I said how I think it works above, but there might be another benefit. Since the power comes from Kaladin's powers, he might be able to use surges on them without touching them physically. After all, the squires use stormlight on their own without Kaladin giving it to them (they were using it in book one, and Kaladin did not know he could do this, also The Lopen) and Pattern can in some ways use Pattern as a mobile extension of herself. Flying using the gravity surge takes corrections mid flight to course correct, and lashings normally take touch. Them would make it hard for Kaladin to fly anywhere and take others with him. But he also has a lot of squires. So.... I think Kaladin (eventually) can use his connection to his squires to use his surges on their behalf at a distance, so the entire group can take flight with Kaladin piloting, and not need to be holding hands and look silly. Mainly because a magical flying Kymbayah circle does not fit my mental image of the Windrunners. And anyone who dares to contradict me is a filthy hippie. Just Saying.
  2. I see it as when she was a child the bond was strong, and pattern was mostly in the physical and quite intelligent. When she went into denial the bond (gradually) weakened, and pattern (gradually) mostly back into the cognitive. He can think normally there as it is his native plane, so the weak bond does not matter. When she does the drawing that serves to draw him back into the physical. The stupidness is from the transition as he acclimates. It passes.
  3. He is not talking about one specific gem per shardblade, but the ten types of Stormlight storing gems. As in, if you have a shardblade that has a gem mount, and it can only be bonded if a sapphire is placed there, it probably is a Windrunner/Honorspren blade. Which is possible. we only got a brief snipped about how dead shardblades needed gems, not a comprehensive briefing. It could need a specific gem of a type the color the its shardbearers eyes would turn, or any gem might work. Remember this was in response to finding the proper oaths a bearer would need to follow to hopefully revive the blade. Because following a honorsprens oaths while holding a highsprens blade might not help much at all.
  4. Holla Holla.
  5. To change forms the parshendi need to achieve an appropriate mindset to summon a specific spren. In a Highstorm. This is not a sure think even in the best case scenario. In the worse not possible at all; no living parshendi has yet attracted a creation spren, because the form best able to summon them requires them to become that form... From hunmans is how the current generation learned it was possible. Their ancestors intentionally purged much of their knowledge in an attempt to free themselves of the influence of their gods. Including all but two of their forms. Knowledge of spren capturing would have logically been relinquished as contrary to their goal. Being able to use trapped spren make it a 100% instead of hit or miss, and allows transformation to forms that the transformee cannot currently summon himself. I thing that is why the gems were originally worn, but currently the reason is lost. Also possibly unrelated, Eshonai's sister seems to know more than she is letting on. She could have known the trick from another source she did not want her countrymen to know about, and knew to look for the spren trapping technique among the humans so she could use it without having to answer difficult questions.
  6. Rookie mistake. If you are going to weaponize the Lightweaving surge, you should be making giant freaking lazers.
  7. The Oathpact seems to contain the Desolations. Per Word of Brandon, Odium is not Party to the Oathpact. Odium is trying to splinter all the other shards so he can be the most powerful, and king of the hill. There are (were) two Shards on Roshar, Honor and Cultivation It could be the Desolations are Odiums attempt to get to Honor &/or Cultivation and splinter them, and the Oathpact was a defensive measure initiated by Honor. It could also be the Oathpact was Honor chaining himself to Odium, so that Odium was trapped in the Greater Roshar Solar System. Preventing Odium from cherry picking his fights with the shards when it was most advantageous to him. He now had to either kill Tanavast (who was championing the other shards and willing to pick a fight with Odium) to attack any other shard than Honor or Cultivation, unless he was willing to leave and abandon much of his power. Then the Desolation could be his attempts to free himself from the Oathpact, which he has to do from within the rules of the Oathpact.
  8. Well, we have seen Kaladin stop a fall with Stormlight. Not heal the damage afterwards, but some type of stormlight cushion. Presumably that pressure surge can do more than stick things together. Kaladin needs to do that in the arena sand pit so we can see if it makes a cymatic pattern. Maybe he secretly has super goomba stomp powers!
  9. I was replying there to kaellok's assertion that Szeth could have learned to use Surges without being taught. Which i think is wrong. I agree Szeth learned technical information about the types of Lashes in Shinovar. But this could have been from an oral history kept by the Shamanate, preserved texts, or something else. Jashah knows something about the Surges and Orders from the in world "Words of Radiance" but that does not mean she has practiced every surge. Also, Urithiru. When the scholars arrived there, they placed it near the center of the continent, not anywhere near Shinovar. But Szeth knows where it is, well enough to locate it overland without using an Oathgate. And Urithiru is not Holy to the Stone Shamans; "unhallowed" has a lot of negative connotations and is neutral at best. So I do not think Urithiru's location is maintained because it is central to their religion or a pilgrimage site or anything like that. I just think the implication is there are accurate historical records in Shinovar, and Szeth had access to them. The point I do not necessarily agree with is that current day Stone Shamans are Skybreakers. I am one of those people who can disagree with someone else's conclusion, while still agreeing that I can see why they might see things the way they do. Ignoring evidence of a position just because it is not what you believe is just simple hypocrisy. Illike to try and see why others might come to the conclusions they do, and also make inferences. Judging from the way Szeth killed Galivar, that was not his first rodeo. But he makes a point of not letting his masters know what he can do if possible. So I do not see him being able to practice those surges after being make truthless. The only time he really had a chance to do so was when he was going all over the continent killing the High and Mighty, way after Galivar died. Or in Shinovar. Also what Kaladin said, that the best way to improve is to train with someone as good or better. There is not a lot that around for Szeth that we have seen. So he was trained in Shinovar Devils Advocate was assuming for a moment the Stone Shamans were Sky breakers, why they trained him. The reason I came up with was to specific the Skybreakers. There are also better reasons others had mentioned after I had posted that do not require the Stone shamans be Skybreakers, Such as the guardians of the Honorblades being trained in using the Honorblades, to better prevent them being taken by others...
  10. you need learn to play Devils Advocate better. If "Nalan" is in fact a disenchanted/defrocked Stone Shaman, Szeth would not know about it because it happened many years ago, before Szeth came to the Stone Shamans. It obviously took a long time for Nalan to build his Skybreaker organisation (which are armed with the Shardblades he stole when he left Shinovar) ... What makes you think the Honorblades would qualify as a weapon under Stone Shamanism? You can kill with a scythe, but I doubt picking one up makes you a soldier. You can bludgeon someone with a plow. If it can be used for other purposes than war, probably not technically a weapon. Honorblades can allow you to fly, or teleport, or heal, or grow crops, or transmute the elements, or see the future, or become industrial light and magic, and so on. Wither the Honorblades are properly weapons that picking up makes you a warrior is a complex question, a matter of dogma. Who would be the ones who would answer such a question but the Stone Shamans? So they might let it be implied that Honorblades are weapons, but the initiated know the "truth"
  11. Look everyone, my first Ninja on this forum.! ... ...... ... Wheeeeeeeeee!
  12. I am wondering if it is really locked, or just WAY overloaded. The oathgate is located on a very large platform and transports everything. All or nothing. And the more that is transported, the more stormlight is needed. The thing is, stone is much denser then people. Where a person might weigh 250 pounds, a column about as tall and wide would weigh 20 times more. There is a Palace, and a temple, and the surrounding grounds. And all the stuff of everyone who lives in the palace. There might not be enough infused gems in Urithru to initiate the process. There might not be enough gems there period until more highprinces arrive with their gemheart prizes. That is assuming when a platform is activated the contents swap. But it makes more sense to me that you move all the stuff from the initiating platform to the other, and there had better be room for it. When the Natanan Oathgate was used, the platform at Urithiru was empty. And when they went back from there, the Shattered Plains platform was also basically empty because it had moved everyone. There could be a "collision sensor" that locks the oathgate if the other platform is too full, so as to avoid complications. So the Palace might BE the lock, preventing teleportation being initiated from Urithiru. So you could theoretically use the Oathgate now. If you were in Kolinar, and you had a living shardblade, and the entire palace treasury was fully charged at the same time, and you wanted to relocate the entire palace district to the mountains. TL,DR Kholinar Oathgate is not locked by any changes to the Oathgate fabrial, but by the amount of stormlight needed to move a manmade mountain.
  13. Ah, sorry. Yeah, plenty of self hate there. At least before Darkness told him it was all the Stone Shamans fault before pointing his denial righteous vengeance at them. Still think OP is correct. The Brandons quote implied to me the screams are not just all in his head. I think those are Odiums move on him. Remember he is still on Braize currently. I see most of his influence as at a remove. Also the Honorblade is still Honors Investment. I do not think if Szeth was heavily invested by Odium he would be able to use it as he does. If it was that easy Odium could have just sent a Odium infused Sadeas equivalent to take the Honorblades where they abandoned 4,500 years ago, and gotten 10 more free anti heralds for little cost to himself, because they were being powered by Honor's Power.
  14. I basically think what Moogle thinks. We know the default state of investiture is sentience. WoB is If it does not have it for long enough, it develops it on its own. The problem is the definitions of sliver and splinter we are using, where we are saying by definition a splinter cannot have a human (or parshendi) cognitive aspect. I doubt that is really the case, just what be are used to. We know part of the the system seems to work is breaks of the soul can be filled with investiture, and those breaks can be widened to allow more investiture in. This is sort of what happens when someone becomes a allomantic savant, or a Knight Radiant becomes more efficient with Stormlight. We also know that enough investiture can "vaporize" or "ascend" a physical body, like Leras and Ati's bodies vanished from the Physical Realm while they were shardholders. I think the Parshendi were angry enough at what had happened to their people re spren and humans they made a deal with Odium. and he tore freaking HUGE rents out of their spiritweb, and poured major investiture inside. Spren are investiture. The unmade are basically the cognitive part of that investiture now, and may not even have a mortal body to kill, either they were given enough investiture to "Poof" it wherever Ati and Leras went, or Odium ripped away their connection to it. Remember, investiture transcends the realms. Shardholders can perceive and effect the physical no problem. The unmade either have enough pure investiture to do so, or the part of them that used to be from there (the parshendi) allows them to think there.
  15. Throughout the book Kaladin was much, much more hateful than Szeth. Yet that scene was where she freaked out. That was not normal hate. That was "the essence of Hatred" invested hate. Also, I do not even see Szeth as a hateful guy. I cannot see what you are saying at all, sorry.