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  1. I think @Gasper might be on the right track, if we take what we know of the Nahel bond, the merging of spirit webs between a physical being and a cognitive being, he is most definitely more connected to Honor than almost anyone else, taking into account that the Stormfather is a fusion of a Spren and Tanavasts cognitive shadow. I’m of the belief that he is ascending to “Sliver”hood but not Godhood.
  2. It Would definitely be fun to be a Windrunner, but I still think I’d have more fun as a Mistborn! Having a full suite of abilities means you have so many more options for mischief! Plus, Steel and Iron would let me imitate a wind runners abilities pretty well (in the area I live in anyways!)
  3. I would definitely go Mistborn, forget how useful it is, it would be so fun!
  4. Oh I wasn’t suggesting there were 10 unmade, just that 9 heralds remaining meant 9 of odiums splinters could stay. But you two WOBed the crem out of that theory! On a side note Child of Hodor when you said “The eighth epoch is during the Heraldic Epochs before the Heralds” I’m guessing you meant before the heralds abandoned? Also, is there credibility to the idea that odium influenced the plan to leave one herald behind? It could be a coincidence that 9 abandoned the oathpact, but why not 8 and leave 2? Why not set up a rotating roster so each gets to live a millennia or two on Roshar between desolations? (damnation! I’m convincing myself more and more that it’s not a coincidence that 9 abandoned)
  5. I’m thinking all of his interactions with her (from talking to her long before he ever knew she was a dead spren, right upto her revealing her name and so on) created a spiritual connection to her. Brandon’s has said that breaking the bond could be compared to ripping out wet ware, but she is a being of investiture, and so that damage would be done to her spirit web. My thoughts are leaning in the direction that connection is what is repairing the vast damage to her soul. Connection is investiture Investiture can be used to fill the cracks in the spiritweb.
  6. You might actually be onto SOMETHING with this, regardless of whether it is relevant to this particular topic. Its possible that they used to get sent back with the fused when the Heralds sent themselves to Braize, but the 9 Heralds staying on roshar meant 9 of odiums splinters got to stay. (In which case he could have obviously chosen some of his voidspren or whatever else, but he would silly not to send those splinters that were most capable of achieving his goals) Crazy theory time: (don’t know if someone else has suggested this) it was odium who conceived the plan to abandon the oathpact, he knew there were cracks in the souls of the heralds (from their breaking under torture) and somehow “influenced” whoever came up with it (can’t remember who’s idea it was to ditch taln) resulting in 9 of the heralds abandoning the oathpact. Hmmm do we know for sure the unmade predate the heralds abandoning the oathpact?
  7. cosmere

    You were totally correct for what it’s worth: WOB from private message on reddit
  8. cosmere

    That’s why I’m asking, if we haven’t seen it we can’t assume they’re capable of it. To even contemplate being able to compound, they have to either be able to store in a seperate metalmind, or swallow the medallion.
  9. cosmere

    Do we even know if an Allomancer using a medallion (of their particular metal) is capable of compounding? Have we seen anyone use a metal mind other than the medallion to store the given attribute?
  10. @DSC01 yeah that's pretty much what I was getting at, just don't have the mental capabilities to typing the thinkings into words right now
  11. The way it read made it seem like it was almost like a part of Eshonai (like an aspect of her personality) was doing the screaming. Im thinking this direction because each of the forms (listener-spren bonds?) "colours" their personality to varying degrees. I'm just speculating here but I think that basically the odiumspren are somehow suppressing/overriding the storm form listeners cognitive aspect.
  12. Ah I had it a Bit backwards in my head, but it makes sense, halving his weight would double his velocity (conserving his momentum) good Ol physics!
  13. Would wax's weird interaction with conservation of momentum also be considered part of the Crasher resonances?
  14. This is exactly what I meant, thanks for saving me the effort @Pagerunner! My theory was that Autonomy, coupled with a very fluid interpretation of its intent, has ALL of those options available. (Or possibly even has a "Legion-esque" multiple personality disorder, explaining the gender switching?) This would allow for the shard to seem to act hypocritically, without directly opposing its intent. On a side note, is it not sort of ironic that the Vessel for autonomy is bound by the intent of an (originally) external force? This was my other thought, maybe Autonomy's intent allows that fluid interpretation? To give the vessel autonomy from the power?
  15. So, this just popped into my head, but my theory is that, at least in relation to the other shards, Autonomy's holder is not as restricted by the effects of his/her intent. Don't get me wrong, I don't believe that they could go directly against their mandate, but more that, by following their mandate, they are given far more freedom to act within the cosmere than the other shards we know. Its 1:30am here and I'm on a break at work, so I don't have time to go into much more depth than this, I will post more about it tomorrow, but please, in the meantime, discuss!