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  1. Totally agree with you here, you've put into words what I was struggling to explain! I think we'll have to agree to disagree, it's gonna cone down to your beliefs and understanding of psychology, but let me just say this, at no point in my life have I EVER hated something that I have a 'profound lack of emotion' for. I think some people delude themselves into thinking they don't care about something they hate, but as far as I'm concerned, if you give the time and energy it takes to hate something, you care about it in one way or another, or to put it in other words, you are passionate towards or against it. To use your example from before, the fact that you 'hate neonazis' tells me that you care about the plight of those they oppose, or you strongly disagree with their beliefs (or both) but the fact that you have given the matter enough thought to be able to state you hate them shows that you are at the very least compassionate. See what I did there?
  2. I'm not calling him THE shard of change, just saying that he is A shard of change, in the same way preservation is very much not a shard of change. Yeah I can see that working to some extent, but anything dealing with the emotional side of things could be lumped into this category, as you generally don't have emotional responses to things you literally don't care about. I'm not arguing that odium IS passion, just that he does have a tenuous link to passion through his intent, Just as devotion and ambition would too.
  3. I totally agree with your comparison, but disagree with the ruin not being about change part, that is exactly what he is, he is essentially the shard of entropic change. He is change, just focused in one direction, by the same token Cultivation is about change too.
  4. @RShara to play devil's advocate, you can't trully hate something without being quite passionate about it first.
  5. Hmmm that is a question we don’t really have enough information to know the answer to, there are just so many different variables, Does a seer actually SEE a shadow? Or is it a manifestation of a new ‘sense’ as a way for their cognitive aspect(coupled with the investiture being channeled from the atium) to cope with a boatload of information it is naturally ill equipped to handle? Its kind of in the same vein as this question: Does a coin shot REALLY see blue lines coming from their chest? Or is that just their minds way of translating the information it’s recieving from a ‘sense’ it wasn’t born with? I mean, if there was a way to monitor the signals travelling through the Optic nerve cluster of a coinshot or seer, would there be signals travelling along it? Or would all of that information be getting ‘injected’, for lack of a better term, directly into the cerebral cortex of the person by the investiture, which then sends signals to the visual cortex as a way of interpreting the information? If it’s travelling along the optic nerves, then I would agree with you, they aren’t going to see anything, then promptly die two seconds later. But if it’s being manifested as it’s own sense, then ‘translated’ into a visual representation, it’s possible that they would still have some awareness of the shadows motions, even thought they can’t ‘see’ it. This is all speculation obviously, without someone kidnapping Brandon and interrogating him (or something else, like, I don’t know, asking him at a signing or something similarly less spectacular ) it’s gonna be hard to hash this one out.
  6. See that’s where I disagree, if we assume Atium consistently sees a set amount of time into the (probable) future (not factoring for flaring or allomantic strength differences etc), then they have time to react, regardless of the steel runners speed, it’s just that instead of seeing a shadow move towards them and make motions to attack, they are going have a shadow suddenly appear right on top of them attacking, Two seconds before it actually happens. Eg. let’s say that the steel runner can close the distance and attack in 0.1 seconds, the seer still has 1.9 seconds, before the steel runner has even begun his attack, to calculate and react to the sudden appearance of a shadow. As I said, that’s just my take on things. I kind of see it as analogous to someone (in this case the steel runner) sucker punching you, without atium, you catch a hint of movement in your periphery milliseconds before it hits you, with atium, you see that same hint of movement in your periphery two seconds before it happens, giving you just enough time to skip the punch and mitigate most of the damage you would have taken. I just want to reiterate, I’m in no way saying the seer is going to win this fight, I just don’t think it’s going to be QUITE as easy as some of the posts above seem to, but it all hinges on how and when shadows are created.
  7. Yeah my bad posted that before I finished the thought, I agree that there’s little to no chance of the seer winning that confrontation, my thought process was just that two seconds is a lot of time to react in combat for someone who’s mind has been expanded enough to make split second decisions when facing a normal foe, In saying that, anything they do decide to do, is probably going to get countered the moment the Steelrunner realises that the Seer is trying to defend himself , which, as we’re not sure how Atium determines shadow creation, will either cause the shadow to make a ‘course correction’, or a second will appear. BUT by the time that second shadow (or course correction) happens it’s going to be too late. Just as a foot note, it really depends on how Atium ‘peers’ into the spiritual realm, because there is no ‘time’ there, it’s possible that two seconds before the attack, the seer sees a shadow appear to be attacking them, then suddenly it’s in a different position dodging a counter that the Seers mind has barely had time to come up with, as this is a fairly probable outcome for the situation given, it’s fully possible that Atium ‘saw’ this as the most probable outcome and showed this to the seer, in which case the Seers fending off fending off the attack for a little longer increase. I don’t know, just food for thought.
  8. What it really depends on is if the Seer is actively burning Atium at the time of the attack, If they are they stand a slim chance depending on how effective of a fighter Atium really makes you. If they are burning moments before the attack, they are going to have 2 seconds warning regardless of how fast the steel runner can move, The moment the steel runner decides to attack(or however Atium determines what a shadow will do) , a shadow is going to snap from the runner to the seer
  9. It Would definitely be fun to be a Windrunner, but I still think I’d have more fun as a Mistborn! Having a full suite of abilities means you have so many more options for mischief! Plus, Steel and Iron would let me imitate a wind runners abilities pretty well (in the area I live in anyways!)
  10. I would definitely go Mistborn, forget how useful it is, it would be so fun!
  11. Oh I wasn’t suggesting there were 10 unmade, just that 9 heralds remaining meant 9 of odiums splinters could stay. But you two WOBed the crem out of that theory! On a side note Child of Hodor when you said “The eighth epoch is during the Heraldic Epochs before the Heralds” I’m guessing you meant before the heralds abandoned? Also, is there credibility to the idea that odium influenced the plan to leave one herald behind? It could be a coincidence that 9 abandoned the oathpact, but why not 8 and leave 2? Why not set up a rotating roster so each gets to live a millennia or two on Roshar between desolations? (damnation! I’m convincing myself more and more that it’s not a coincidence that 9 abandoned)
  12. I’m thinking all of his interactions with her (from talking to her long before he ever knew she was a dead spren, right upto her revealing her name and so on) created a spiritual connection to her. Brandon’s has said that breaking the bond could be compared to ripping out wet ware, but she is a being of investiture, and so that damage would be done to her spirit web. My thoughts are leaning in the direction that connection is what is repairing the vast damage to her soul. Connection is investiture Investiture can be used to fill the cracks in the spiritweb.
  13. You might actually be onto SOMETHING with this, regardless of whether it is relevant to this particular topic. Its possible that they used to get sent back with the fused when the Heralds sent themselves to Braize, but the 9 Heralds staying on roshar meant 9 of odiums splinters got to stay. (In which case he could have obviously chosen some of his voidspren or whatever else, but he would silly not to send those splinters that were most capable of achieving his goals) Crazy theory time: (don’t know if someone else has suggested this) it was odium who conceived the plan to abandon the oathpact, he knew there were cracks in the souls of the heralds (from their breaking under torture) and somehow “influenced” whoever came up with it (can’t remember who’s idea it was to ditch taln) resulting in 9 of the heralds abandoning the oathpact. Hmmm do we know for sure the unmade predate the heralds abandoning the oathpact?
  14. cosmere

    You were totally correct for what it’s worth: WOB from private message on reddit