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  1. Not a bad thought. The usual fiction limitation is physical contact (hold my hand). What other objects are transported depend on the setting. Having a ship-wide interface would make sense.
  2. I'd assume from this that they are either amphibious or aquatic. The exoskeleton could only be needed to interact with land dwelling species, their own vessels would probably be designed so they didn't need them.
  3. Anyone have any theories about the ship's hyperdrive? I'm not sure how or why the ship would have a compartment for the drive if the Pilot actually provides the ability. Rig should have recognized it if it was a just computer used to assist the Pilot. When Spensa made the jump the system went from online to offline fairly quickly, so I assume she had to be in the correct mental state for it to function. If this is the way the drive was supposed to work then small ships would always need pilots with cytonic abilities. I have 2 theories about how this could be prevented. The first is that the box was some form of relay. In DE the "equipment" used to route all the calls was a guy sitting next to a computer. The agent provided the ability and the system took care of the rest (or at least that's how i interpreted it). The drive could have had a similar function at one time. The box could have been a link back the cytonic who would actually power the drive. I'm not sure why the box would be mostly empty, but the display panel could have been a video link back the the person providing the ability. The other thought is that the box may have been a support environment for another life form with the ability. I've seen a few comments that this might be Doomslug, but this doesn't seem to fit. The Varvax were described as being fairly small inside their life support shells. A similar species could have an agreement to provide this service. The panel could have been a translation device to communicate with the Pilot and ship. When war started this being may have been recalled stranding the ship. I'm also wondering how the Planet plays into this. It seems odd that M-bot would have been there given the orbiting shells. Detritus seems mostly abandoned before the crash, so maybe they were on a mission of rediscovery. Something on the planet suppresses cytonic abilities. I'm not sure if this is intentional as part of the prison system or an original design feature of the planet. The suppression as part of the prison system is self explanatory, but having it as a design feature also makes sense given the defensive capabilities of the orbital stations. If this is the case, I assume that the original residents wanted to keep people out. Cytonic suppression equipment could shield the planet from interference and potentially keep unwanted guests from jumping in.
  4. I like your point about ejecting Pilots. Considering that the rings are more valuable than the Pilot and that Pilots are often grounded if they eject (Cadets are at least, not sure how many strikes a full Pilot gets); it seems like a waste to include the function. Might as well save weight and leave the ejector out. That way a Pilot has to try and land it.
  5. I wonder at what point the Krell switched over from manned ships to all drones. There was some mention of slight changes in their ship design. Either that or the bomer or escourt are manned which is why they are more likely to retreat.
  6. I would guess that M-Bot wasn't just left behind. Any number of things could have killed the Pilot when he was exploring the planet. M-Bot was then damaged by debris which corrupted some of his memory. Judging by his communication technology it is doubtful that the recording he displayed was the last time time they spoke. M-bot has a significant memory gap after that moment, but he was most likely in constant communication with his Pilot until he died.
  7. Other than the issue with the Krell capturing them; I'm not sure why the rings aren't built to separate. While i like your plans for the release mechanism, I'm not sure if another system is even needed. Most of the falling debris has rings that still work but have ran out of power. Just mounting the ring and a small power source together could be enough to save the ring so long as the Krell couldn't shoot it down. That could easily change the tactic from don't eject, to don't eject until you are clear.
  8. I think the phrasing may have more to do with the "defect". Ironsides is a continuation of the leadership on the original craft that wanted to fight instead of surrender. The engineers and scientists favored fleeing to safety. From her perspective the "defect" lead to the cowardice of escaping instead of fighting.
  9. I was sort of dancing around that in a separate thread. I'd assume that the humans would know the difference between armor and a shell or exoskeleton. I think there's a possibility that they are some form of energy being or mental projection (AI would sort of fit into this, but a true AI wouldn't need a "Pilot" it would be built into the ship).
  10. Any thoughts about the sensors in Spensa's helmet? Assuming we're working in the DE universe, I wonder if they're trying to detect people with Cytonic abilities. This would also possibly explain the Krell's tactics. They may only attack the best Pilots because they're trying to prevent new Talent from being developed. It may be a war of suppression not extermination for them.
  11. I suppose he could have some character growth, but I'm really starting to dislike Jorgen. I can understand his sense of entitlement and the superior attitude, but he went to new lows in the one. It's not like he had anything riding on the competition either. He doesn't eat or stay on base either. Spensa may have used a bad loophole, but given the situation it may be one that Pilot's need to use. The biggest problem I see with Spensa (from the view point of the DDF) is that she wants to redeem her family's honor At All Costs. Her death before dishonor attitude is a good way to lose a ship (they may not value her, but they value the ship she's in).
  12. It could be the other way around. The Krell could be using the humans as training for their pilots. They only destroy large groups because they are keeping humanity in check, but they won't destroy them outright because they are useful for training new pilots.
  13. Any thoughts on the mysterious enemy? It seems strange that they don't leave bodies. Their ships a rigged to explode, which makes sense if they are trying to deprive the humans of materials to build more ships. The burnt out armor makes me wonder what their physical forms are like. It seems like no one knows or remembers what they actually look like. Do they burst into flames when they die or is this another fail safe against capture?
  14. This makes me wonder how things will work out for Spensa. She could make it or she could fail out and need to repair the ship to be able to fly. I'm intrigued with the economics of the world. If Jorgen's family actually owns 3 fighters then I assume providing your own equipment goes a long way toward being a Pilot. Even if he fails, he could potentially demand to fly. The same may go for Spensa if she "bonds" the broken ship. Right know her biggest issue seems to be basic needs. I'm sure she can get back to her home every now and then, but she's going to be stretched thin if she has to hunt or forage while training. Getting caught taking anything from the farms will get her expelled.
  15. That could work except as far as we've seen so far the Fighters are more valuable than the Pilots. She'd have to engineer a way to have a trainee killed without damaging the ship. Cobbs didn't exactly confirm it, but there's probably some truth to the rumor that if a Pilot bails out they are permanently grounded.