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  1. Hoid is David Bowie. Sazed sounds like Ben Kingsley in my head.
  2. You're right that Odium couldn't have been the weapon, but we don't know that Rayse wasn't.
  3. speculation

    I don't buy it. Even if there was no trade, that's a 1000 year reign. No one ever explored the world during the time? It's just not plausible to me. But thanks for the WoB re: Harmony!
  4. Brandon always picks the right side. GO GREEN!
  5. I suspect it's because he didn't feel he had too. He took the Bands with them.
  6. speculation

    I don't think Era 1.5 is Cosmerically important enough to warrant off-world travel being central to the plot. That said, there's the strong implication that Trell is an off-world shard holder, so it's very possible I'm wrong. That said, I just don't see it yet. Regarding, Southern Scadrial, why wouldn't the know about the Lord Ruler. Surely they did some contact with the Final Empire, even if it was just trade. The shrine could easily be have made by Lord Ruler loyalists fleeing after he fell. The metal is a more interesting question. Like you said, they could have just been following tradition, but it suggests more knowledge than the average citizen. Though, I don't think it was to hide from Harmony. Ruin couldn't change anything written in metal, but he could read it, I think.
  7. 16

    It's not non-physical (in every realm, at least). It can't be when you can pick up the pieces of it's body after it shattered.
  8. I've put this at theories forum, but I'm pretty Andonalsium shattered itself on purpose so it could eventually come back stronger to face it's opposing force.
  9. David Bowie as Hoid
  10. I apologize if this has been asked before, but I can't find it: Why is it called the Cosmere?
  11. Depends. How many souls do you have to sell?
  12. Lincoln was clearly a Thug. How else could he lift those half-ton boulder?
  13. Vin's "Let It Go": Shallan's "Light Runs Out": "In the Final Empire":