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  1. Have you read Onepunch-man? It's good!
  2. Amaram struck me as a self-righteous man with delusions of grandeur who envisions himself as the hero and everybody else as an obstacle in his way to save the world from the apocolypse. Just as Kaladin blames himself for every splinter or sprained ankle, Amaram accepts no blame for his actions. As far as he's concern, all of his actions are just, even when they are clearly not, and likes to pretend that all the people he's harmed and killed in his quest for power are merely sacrifices for the greater good. In his eyes, he must think Dalinar and Kaladin both as stubborn and inflexible fools to have denounced him when they did. In many ways, Amaram is the perfect foil to Kaladin. Oh, he may fancy himself as noble and kind and brave, but he's simply too weak of character to be the man he wants to be. Instead, he let outside forces dictate his actions and lead him down a terrible path. He is every bit as ruthless and as disillusional as the highlords he pretends to be superior to. Whatever grand destiny is looming over his future, I hope it ends with a brutal and drawn-out execution. Just kill this bastard before he somehow make things even worse.
  3. Ever since I've read about the time-skip after book five, I've pictured a scenario where Adolin and Shallan really do marry, but after the time-skip, they both realized they are completely incompatible and they are now stuck in a loveless union, like what happened to between Gavilar and Navani. Shallan doesn't seem to have much affection for Adolin that doesn't involves either his family or his face.
  4. In the first book, Kaladin's opponents were almost all scrubs. In the second, he's fighting with people who were basically the best of the best of the best. With hacks. Kaladin is definitely one of the best warriors in the story, but physical prowess and skills alone can only carry you so far. Neither hold much weight against an opponent who is either decked out hard with plates and shards, or happened to be a super awesome assassin/windrunner with a perfect kill count and at least a decade more experience with surgebinding than you do, or an immortal world-hopper who can whip your butt six ways to sunday with just his pinkie... toe. Really, I think it's a bit unfair now. By my estimations, Kaladin is already elite tier on his own. He'll be just plain overpowered as a windrunner. I don't doubt that in next book, he'll be able to mow down whole armies of scrubs with his spear like a character right out of one of those Dynasty Warrior games. Wait, that already happened at the end of the first book... Darn it, Kaladin need a nerf! And so does that Szeth fellow! He's like Ezio on crack!
  5. What? Kaladin? His own sister? Even if she was born immediately after Kal and Tien left for the military, wouldn't she be like...six? What the hel... Wait. *sniff* *sniff* Hold on a minute, I smell something in the air. I... I th-think it's pie. Yes, it's definitely pie... And bread too, fresh from the oven. Hot potatoes, small onions... And, lemon cakes. Lemons cakes? ...LEMON CAKES!? OH CRAP! GRRM HAS HIJACKED THIS THREAD! ABANDON THREAD! RUN! TERMINATE! DESTROY!
  6. I hear it only comes in one flavor: Chouta Green.
  7. Granted, your pet will talk. And talk. And talk. I wish Stacy's mom knew that she's all I want and have waited for so long. If possible, Stacy will also see that she's just not the girl for me.
  8. I've been saying it from the very beginning. He should be exposed for his crimes, humiliated, and executed for the filthy traitor he is, then his body thrown out into the streets to feed starving dogs. Might even have to shoot the dogs too, just in case. Didn't get that in WoR, so I'm really looking forward to next year..
  9. Granted, you are now living through the Breaking of the World. Good luck with that. I wish that I have a magical refrigerator that keeps everything that I put into it in fresh and perfect condition. No more spoiled meat, or corpses, or milk.
  10. I was too slow with my response, sorry. I thought I'll be clever and just edit my quote into a response so the game would continue uninterrupted, but it took me a tad longer to think of a curse so another comment got posted. That was unplanned, sorry.
  11. Granted. But you are now stuck with a 32-bit computer. I wish to be a strong independent woman who needs no man.
  12. Granted, every single piece of technology that requires even the tiniest bit of power will now blow up in your presence. I really wish I didn't trip over my feet last night trying to take off my pants with my shoes still on.
  13. There is, but it's an active skill.
  14. Kaladin Stormblessed Heroic Aura(Passive) Targets Air, Ground, Friendly, Self. Damage +30%, Movement Speed +20%, Attack Rate +10%. Health +50, Mana +10, Armor +1.5.
  15. If Kaladin ever tried to make a move on Shallan behind Adolin's back, I'll be really disappointed in him. A Knight follows the Ideals, but a man sticks to the Codes! A man who would steal a buddy's girl is the worst kind of scum. That said, I'll be fine with Shaladin if it happened naturally while Adolin and Shallan are kinda already split up. Also, hijinks between them are an absolute must. This Veildan idea fits into those categories. In fact, I am kinda toying with the idea of Kaladin remaining ignorant of Veil's identity. Then... heh. Cue, the Chicken Dance! But if Stormlight was a darker series, I would say the situation between the three will develop into a sort of Arthurian romance. It's not though, so Veildan seems a bit more likely.