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  1. You are correct Argent, and it is done. Thank you again Blackwood!
  2. OMG, you mean it is a relevant WoR question? I can't click that, I'm afraid to read my own thread! Edit: And thank you Blackwood, I look forward to reading it when I safely can.
  3. I had a list of 20 that I took from various threads here. I just asked the first 2 on my list & I see know they weren't good ones. I only added the first because I thought it was funny & would be a good ice-breaker. It was, "Does Hoid ever show up somewhere, stand around for awhile, realize that there isn't a novel-worthy plot going on, and leave?" His answer (Paraphrasing from memory as I thought I was still recording): [Laughed] Yes , Hoid gets around a lot and that has happened a couple of times. He does not know everything. The second one may be a WoR spoiler (though I doubt it). It was "Can someone bond more than one honorblade?" His (paraphrased) answer:
  4. I have just over 2 hours of audio with people people getting their books signed & asking questions of Brandon. He was nice enough to let me leave my phone recording on his desk. It's about the only thing I managed to do right at the San Diego signing, after having to work late & arriving around 9pm (It started at 7). So it starts in the middle of people getting their books signed, and ends the very moment I'm about to talk to him, as that's when my phone's battery died. The store owner came outside to tell me it was saying low battery, and then let me go next as I had a lower number than the 50 or so that were still left (I wanted to be last so I could ask a bunch of questions without holding up people behind me, I only ended up asking 2 and didn't even get them recorded, though I thought it was still going). Anyway, I'd thought to transcribe the pertinent parts myself, but an apparently very fast reader totally spoiled a major thing for me about 20 minutes in and I had to stop listening to it. I saw from another thread you guys wanted the audio uploaded immediately to Soundcloud for this sort of thing (asking if people wanted to transcribe the questions, rather than wait for me to get around to it). That site limits you to 2 hours & my recording is longer than that. So I just uploaded it here instead. I'll still do it myself if no one gets to it by the time I finish WoR. Edit - The transcription is now complete thanks to Blackwood, who really stepped up. I didn't think it could possibly be done only 6 hours after my original post, but he did it! Here it is (Spoilers for Wor within): The San Diego Signing Transcript:
  5. Canceled due to technical difficulties. It will be uploaded afterwords.
  6. Ok I need to have my questions ready for tomorrow! Any last minute suggestions?
  7. I am off on Saturdays & Sundays, but if necessary I could make the time on any weekday evening between 6pm-11pm PST (11pm to start, as long as I can go to sleep by midnight).
  8. I could do 11 am PST on Saturdays, but that would mean changing the submissions day to Thursdays or so, right?
  9. Sent a pm with my email to you Caladin.
  10. So would you two be interested in trying this out? I think Brandon forms his students into groups of 4-6, so I hope we get a couple more, but even if no one else is interested it's still totally doable with 3.
  11. You know I've been watching these for years, and a few times I tried following along with the writing but I always stopped because I didn't have a writing group, I think. Out of curiosity, is there anything like that going on here at 17th shard? Edit for clarity: I know about the writing excuses section, I meant is there any group here (or anyone interested in forming one) that submits weekly updates of their work for each other to give feedback on like the way Brandon has people do it in his class?
  12. Wow I didn't expect this to take off so fast, I love this place, you guys are great! So then yeah I'll definitely do my part by handing out cards in San Diego. PM sent to you with my address. Ideally I'd like to ask if I or the store owner can make an announcement at the beginning so that everyone hears it. You do realize, however, that if it's anything like the last signing of his I was at in that store there will probably be about 300 or more people there. I don't know how many will choose to participate, but that scrapbook is gonna need to be pretty big by the time all the signings are over!
  13. ^^ omg this exactly! Mistborn was great, but I just found those Sazed parts to be so difficult to get through. I've read his annotations, and apparently Brandon's first draft of this was even worse & he feels he fixed it (mostly), but I think he could have still done better. Like I said tho, still loved the trilogy, ending included!
  14. I'll watch this thread. If it becomes a thing I suppose I could help by handing them out at the San Diego signing, tho I don't have a very high quality printer. You'd probably have to send the cards to me if no one else here from San Diego volunteers.