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Why is it that every time I do a rules clarification for Alvron, I end up feeling like I was outmaneuvered and gave away more information than I intended to? - Seonid
Heh, you really underestimate Alv's manipulation skills. - Joe
I just had read rules and found that lynches absolutely random... and Alv plays this game. Can I concede? - Arinian
If anyone claims to really know Alv, they’re lying. - Maill
Yeah, but you’re Alvron. - Xino

Sanderson Elimination Played:77     Died:50     GM:6.5     Evil:24


Long Game Character Count:31     Alive:11     Dead:20     GM:2
LG2: Vron: Alchemist and Poisoner: Smoker (Dismembered by Wilson)
LG3: Alon: Wagon Driver: Villager (Death by "Friendly" Fire from Meta
LG4: Fron: Dye Worker: Idrian Villager (Killed by El_Warko)
LG5: Alv: Heterochromatic Cousin of Highprince Roion: Ghostblood Spy (Killed by Wyrmhero)
LG6: Ralv: Passing Wanderer: Dreamwalker (Killed by Binnut)
LG8:  Alron/NaVorl: Strangely Normal: Kandra (Survived)
LG9: The Watcher: GM
AG: Vron: Alchemist and Poisoner: Soother (Killed by Seonid)
LG10: Second of the Sky: Hoid converted Letter Bearer turned: Worldhopper (Survived)
LG11: Rolan: Stonecarver: Spiked with Allomantic Bendalloy and Feruchemical Gold (Lynched)
LG12: Edaan: Soldier: Elantrian, Lover of Kiireon and Holder of Seon Sao (Committed Suicide)
LG13: Alvonoha: Ardent: Stoneward (Killed by Bridge Boy)
LG14: Second of the Sky: Worldhopping, Hoid converted, Letter Bearer turned: Dominion (Lynched)
LG15a: Cor Mordero:  Petty Officer: Surgebinder (Survived and became Captain) Flawless Victory on Day One!
LG15b: Cor Mordero: Lieutenant Commander: Uninvested Crewmember (Death by "Friendly" Fire from Arraenae
AG2: Vron: Alchemist, Poisoner, Temple Builder and Disciple of Meta:  Villager (Killed by Elkanah) 
LG16: The Shadow: GM
LG20: Alv: Heterochromatic Cousin of Highprince Roion: Ghostblood (Shardbladed by Nyali
LG21: Second of the Sky: Worldhopping Hoid converted Dominion Invested Letter Bearer: Odium (Survived)
LG23: Olvar: Drug Dealer: Penrod Mistborn Spiked with Allomantic Iron (Survived)
LG24: Adonai: Miller: Gyorn (Survived and Won)
LG29: Lorna: Bounty Hunter: Autonomy (Killed by Stick via Drought)
LG30: Naihar: Radiant Squire: Unjust Edgedancer (Survived)
LG33: Stryker Nox: New Student: Skindancer (Alive but Insane)
LG36: Mr, Red Facemask: Mr. Hooded Cloak's Nemesis: Zombie Villager (Alive, sort of)
Joxter: The Mighty: Atium Misting of House 3 (Killed by Asterion)
Violet Axolotl: Pinch Hitter: Villager (Lynched)
Zunn the Mad: Tasty: Companion (Poisoned by Rathmaskal)
Izzy Dedyet: Synod member: Full Feruchemist (Killed by Randuir)
Nameless Obligator #5: Canton of Resource: Obligator (Killed by Karnatheon)
Thoughtful Koloss: Mauve Crocodile: Joe Cloud (Survived)
Gammalv Fiend: alVoidus and Renalvgade: Babaji (Lynched)
Blackbane: Chosen Champion of the Trickster God: Non-Rithmatist (Survived)
LG63: Pete Zahutt: No relation to Pete Zuhut: Gold Ferring working in PR (Killed by Rathmaskel)

Mid-Range Character Count:19     Alive:10     Dead:9     GM:2.5
MR1: Rolav: Reluctant Assassin for the Queen: Noble Shamed Guard (Lynched)
MR2: Naihar: Informant: Darkeyes Squire (Reverse Lashing) (Survived) Flawless Victory
MR3: Ronald: Dwarf with Piercing blue eyes: Rithmatist (Survived)
MR4: Norlav: Mercenary drafted by the Blackthorn: Heterochromatic Surgeon (Survived)
MR5: Al Vron: GM
MR6: Narvol: Recent arrival: House Orielle Smoker (Killed by Wilson)
MR7: Asterion: Wagon Driver from Laio quarry: Discovery Faction Necromancer (Lynched)
MR8: Norlav: Heterochromatic Mercenary turned Surgeon turned: Courier (Killed by Shallan)
MR9: Jak: Revenge seeking urchin with noble blood: Inquisitor Lurcher (Killed by The Honey Badger)
MR10: Lorna: Bounty Hunter:  Ghostblood Captain Elsecaller (Lynched)
MR12: The Shadow: Pinch Hitter: Drunk, Blood Tyrant Commander and Precog Epic (Survived and became Ruler of Portland)
MR15: Pinch Hitter GM
MR16: Al Vron: GM
MR18: Yazava: Greedy Merchant: Researcher (Killed by Stink)
MR20: Rovan: Follower of The Lord Ruler: Lurcher turned Elantrian (Lynched)
MR22: Twilight Star: Pouncing Pegasus: Citizen of Ponyville (Survived)
MR23: Petyr and Cranium: Trying to take over the world: Parshendi Shardbearer (Survived)
MR24: Anonymous: A riddle wrapped in a mystery, stuffed inside an enigma, drizzled with conundrum and tied with a pretty ribbon of obfuscation: Informant (Lynched)
MR26: Ra: The Sun God: Kor Thief (Survived)
Laon: Observer: Tehlin Monk (Survived)
Diir: Down on his luck: Saolin the Wildman (Survived)
Second of the Sky: Hoid Converted, Dominion Invested, Odium Possessed Letter Bearer: SICSS Engineer (Survived)

Quick Fix Character Count:27     Alive:    Dead:21     GM:2
QF1: Ratel: Old Gold Miner: Cultist (Survived)
QF2: Ratel: Miner turned Pirate: Powder Monkey (Killed by Renegade)
QF3: Navor the Hand: Pickpocket: Civilian (Lynched)
QF4: Second of the Sky: Trapper: Letter Bearer (Survived)
QF5: Al: Male Tribute from: District Four (Killed by Eolhondras)
QF6: Ron Lav: Agoraphobic Chef: Nightmare Aspect (Lynched)
QF7: Ralon: A Rusting Soother: Scoundrel (Killed by Feligon)
QF8: Nails: One-eyed: Passenger (Lynched)
QF9: Brightwater the Keen: Deep Green and Silver coloured: Returned (Killed by Bort)
QF10: Swift: Steelrunner Messenger:  Miner with a Merc (Survived)
QF11: Ratel: Gold Miner: Jindoeese Soldier Cultist (Survived)
QF13: Joss Stillwood: Former squire for The Mountian: Giant Blooded Skinchanger Turncoat (Lynched)
QF14: Alron: Strangely Normal: Senator with a Dagger (Murdered three people then Elected to Governor, killed two more then Arrested before being Burnt to Death by Amanuensis)
QF15: King of the Death Gods: GM
QF17: Poke Ranger Joe: Metapod (Lynched while evolving)

QF18: Voral Grim: Assassin (Lynched first cycle)
QF19: Lor: Scarred and burnt: Civilian (Killed by Magestar)
QF20: Stub-Tail: Saxhleel: Guest (Lynched)
Jace Blood-Axe: Red headed Woodcutter: Villager (Lynched)
QF27: Zunn the Mad: Tasty: Outlaw (Survived)
QF28: Ron: Agoraphobic Chef: Villager (Killed by Kyne,Living Legend or Bard)
Noval: You would like that wouldn't you: Anger Soother (Survived)
Vron: Why won't the pain end?: Spiked Seeker (Killed by Stick)
Lord of Shadows: Opal Lion: Team Four (Killed by Sart)
Izzy Dedyet: Lifeless: Hallandren Alliance (Lynched)
Zombie King: GM
QF39: Alron: Strangely Normal: Corrupt Senator with Whiskey (Arrested then Executed by xxGaea)
QF40a: Asterion: Traumatized Survivor of MR7: Embedded Operative (Killed by Randuir/DeTess)
Asterion: Just plain Traumatized: Discovery Faction (Lynched)

Evil Incarnate:  Evil more times than any other player: QF1 LG5 LG8 QF4 QF6 LG11 MR7 LG14 LG15a QF11 QF13 LG20 LG21 LG23 LG24 QF18 LG30 LG33 QF29 QF32 MR31 LG53 QF39 QF40b
MVP: Team Good: QF4 Team Evil: QF4
Wha' Happen: Died first turn: AG1 MR6
Going Postal: Created over 150 PMs in 24 hours: MR5
Former Reigning Dodo: Previous holder of the longest death streak: 11
Caught 'Em Napping: Won game on the first day: LG15a
A Stab in the Dark: Personally killed majority of eliminators without trying: QF14
Can't touch this: Almost lynched 4 times yet still survived: LG30
Why won't you just die already: Attacked 4+ times yet still alive: MR23 MR31
Luck of the Gods: Used ability every cycle but only hit Eliminators: MR29
In Demand: Converted 4 times



Self Proclaimed Herald of Divinities
First Disciple of Metacognition the Divine
Evil Incarnate
Rules Lawyer
Former Head Dodo
Giver of Paranoia
Lord of Shadows



In stock:
Skin of Midnight Essence (Bodysuit) MR2
Entire metal skeleton of a Humanoid Kandra (Used) LG8
Two honorspren (Corrupted by Calamity) LG9
Shardplate (Formerly belonging to Little Wilson) QF4
Charged Inquisitor Spike (Bloodmaker) QF4
Left hand of Little Wilson Katara (Arm not included) MR8
Eleven beads of Atium (Comes with free dirt) QF10
Three Odium Shards (Not for Sale) LG14 LG21 LG26
Heart of Metacognition the Divine (Still beating) QF11
Heatherlocke's Flask of Illegal Whiskey (Half full) QF14
Soulcaster (Bloodstained) LG20
Autographed copy of Shadows of Self (Some charring) LG21
Shadow of Maill (On loan) LG24
Aonar's Extra Large Coin Pouch (Full) LG24
Shard Plushie (Shattered) MR16
Thoughtful Koloss (Wearing a Lucky Hat) MR20
Right hand of Magestar (Slightly scorched) MR20
Sanity of Magestar (Cracked but not Broken) LG33
Unnamed Shardblade and Shardplate (Bloodstained) MR23
Essence Mark (Hrathen) LG36
Eyes of Aman (Bloodshot) LG36
Liver of Rubix (Is now a hat) QF26
The One Ring (Tasty!) QF27
Jar of Scrambled Brains (Arraenae, Droughtbringer, Sami) LG40
Two toenails of Droughtbringer (Root included) LG41
Thanks of Drake Marshall (Freely given) LG41
256 Boxings (Wooden) AG5
Shards of Ambition, Preservation, Cultivation, Honor, and Survival (You don't want to know) AG5
Head of Haelbarde from LG19 (Slightly Decayed) QF39

On Back Order:
Blood of the Twice-Spiked Claincy
Brain of Wyrmhero

Odium-infused, Mashadar-possessed stuffed panda (Some wear and tear) 
LG11 Sold to Maill
Innerlight (Shardblade)
QF25 Sold to Devotary of Spontaneity



The Gods of Luck and Chance
Fates of Evil
RNG of Troll

In Remembrance: (or The List of 57 Former Eliminator Brethren)


Adavantos LG15a
Antillar Maximus LG14
Aonar Faileas QF4 MR7 LG33
Araris LG23 QF32
Arraenae QF39 QF40b
Awesomeness Summoned LG5
Burnt Spaghetti QF39 QF40b
Butt Ad Venture QF39
Clanky MR7
Cluny the Scourge LG33
Crimsn Wolf/xxGaea MR31
Curious Anamaximder QF13
Devotary of Spontaneity QF32 MR31 LG53 MR36 QF39
Doc12 LG30
Dowanx LG15a LG23
Ecthelion III LG30
Elandera MR31 QF40b
Elbereth LG23
Eolhondras LG14
Fifth Scholar MR31
GreyPligrim QF1
Haelbarde MR7, LG14
Hemalurgic Headshot LG33 LG53
LG15a QF13 LG33
Jaelre LG11
JerleShannara QF13
Kasimir LG5 LG20
Kidpen QF39
Kipper LG15a
Little Wilson LG20
LivingLegend QF29
Lord Claincy Ffnord QF1
Lord Pifferdoo QF6
Lumgol MR36 QF39
Mailliw73 QF6
Newan QF4
Nyali LG23
OrlokTsubodai QF11 LG20 LG33
Paranoid King MR7
Phattemer QF6, LG14
Randuir/DeTess LG30
RavenRadiant7 LG14
Roadwalker LG53
Sart QF4
Shqueeves MR31
Steeldancer QF29
StrikerEZ MR36
The Gleeman LG5, LG8
The Honey Badger LG11 LG15a
The Lazy Anarchist LG30
TheMightyLopen QF11 LG20

The Only Joe LG8
Twelfthrootoftwo LG11
Walin LG53
Winter Cloud LG11
Wyrmhero MR7
Zephrer MR7

Living Characters: 14/16


Ratel: Collective.  Jeskeri Mysteries Cultist.  ChayShan User.  Holds the beating heart of Meta.
Alv: Collective.  Ghostblood.
Rolan: Collective.  Spiked with Feruchemical gold.
NaVorl: Collective.  Kandra.

Second of the Sky: Collective.  Held Dominion.  Holds Bludium.  Hoid converted.
Swift and Janco: Hand of the Brightness.
Lorna: Ghostblood.  Bounty Hunter.  Elsecaller.  Held Autonomy, Cultivation and Odium in one game.
Edaan: Elantrian. Former holder of Parodium. (Retired)
Cor Mordero: Unaligned.  Space Pirate.
Al Vron: Free Agent, Overseeing Arena games.
Vron: Unaligned, Stuck in nightmare groundhog game.
Naihar: Skybreaker.  Radiant Squire turned Edgedancer.
Olvar: Unaligned. Iron Spiked Mistborn.
Adonai: Unaligned. Gyorn.

Wilsons rant on being called a footnote to my Legacy of Evil:


I.....I have no words for that. Actually, no. I do. We've already established that I am no footnote. I shall never be a footnote. You would be remiss in thinking that I am. I will prove you wrong. I will prove you wrong so hard that you won't even know what hit you, but you'll be reeling from the blow for games to come. Your Reign of Evil will come to end. Perhaps you won't be replaced by me, but I will make sure that you're dethroned. That's my solemn promise. My word. You've brought the ire of the Wilson down on you, and one does not simply incite my ire and walk free. And.......a footnote. Really? How can you say such mean things?

Best Death Ever: Many thanks and upvotes to Kas.
Best Gift Ever:

Alv says:


Talking to Maill is like tickling a live silverpike.  No matter how careful you are, you're going to lose a finger or two.
You have a better chance of stopping a Highstorm by spitting into it than you have of getting Wilson to change her mind.
Trusting Aman is like trusting Petyr Baelish.  Honeyed are his words, sharp is his tongue, chaos is his hallmark.

Location of Odium Shards:

Shard from LG10: (Pandamodium)Original holder: Maill  Current Holder: Amanuensis
Shard from
LG14:(Parodium) Original Holder: Haelbarde  Current Holder: Alvron
Shard from
LG21:(Bludium) Original Holder: Alvron  Current Holder: Alvron
Shard from
LG26: (Jodium) Original Holder: Joe  Current Holder: Alvron
Shard from
LG29: (Lodium) Original Holder: Lopen  Current Holder: Joe

Shard from
AG5: (Liodium) Original Holder: Stick  Current Holder: Cadmium Compounder

Shadow Snakes:

Torment - Alv - African Bush Viper
Doubt - Wilson - Eyelash Viper
Paranoia - Elbereth - Mexican Black King Snake
Indecision - Burnt - Inland Taipan
Deceit - Aman - Blue Malayan Coral Snake
Deceive - Rae - San Francisco Garter Snake
Discord - Joe - Golden Lancehead
Amnesia - Haelbarde - Tiger Snake
Uncertainty - Young Bard - Emerald Tree Boa
Denial - Orlok - Matilda's Horned Viper
Insanity - Straw - Regal Ring-necked Snake
Perfidious - Drought - Spider-Tailed Viper
Delusion -
Deception -
Betrayal -
Treachery -
Psyche -
Dementia -
Beguile -
Uncomfortable Silence - Red Spotted Pitviper