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  1. @Chaos, both @Genodrive and @Jimaonary have the about me spam that you wanted to experiment on. It does remove the About me page if you flag them as spammers as I've been squishing them whenever I find them.
  2. Shadow, Shade, Fade, Ghost, Spectre, Phantom, Wraith, Shroud, Wight, Revenant, Reaver or Banshee. Depends on how I feel / what's already taken.
  3. But Taravangian was there. In Words of Radiance Interlude 14 at the end, Also, Tearim was Captain of the King's Guard in the prologue. Jasnah's viewpoint at start of WoR names him as such at least. Edit: I might have been rereading WoR lately.
  4. Nice try but you're a day late. One good thing about living on the other side of the planet is that my birthday passes before most are aware of it.
  5. Chaos is what it is. Pure chaos.
  6. There is a story behind the name in case your wondering. It's a good one too. Let's see if I can remember how it was told to me. (apologizes if I step on anyones toes, this is just for some fun ) (ahem) Way back in the mists of time a website was founded by Mi'chelle Walker, also known as @firstRainbowRose called Hoid's Compendium. It was a place where those that had heard of the mysterious Hoid could gather and share what they had learned of the stranger. Then one day the skies parted and this site was blessed with the presence of Brandon himself. He gazed upon what lay before him and was greatly pleased. He blessed the founder(s) and gave (suggested) a new name, the 17th Shard. And as it was written, so it became. Or if you want the official (boring) version, look below: (taken from the About page)
  7. @Madagascar, sorry to hear your forum is shutting down. I've popped over a few times and the games I've watched were quite entertaining. The main issue I would see is that this is a PG-13 site and Cracked is very much not. But as long as they follow the rules, I see no reason why they couldn't jump in and play. Even if it's only for a couple of games, it would give them an idea on if they think this could be a new home for them or if it's not quite their cup of poisoned tea. Our Metagame is very fluid at moment so I can't see much of a problem incorporating them fairly easily should they choose to stick around. 10+ players invading all at once that all have history between them might cause a couple of issues at first but SE players are very welcoming and I'm sure we will be glad to greet them with a slit throat fruit basket. After all, we were all strangers once. They don't need to be Brandon Sanderson fans to join in, though it does help. Besides, the games here might inspire them to pick up some of his books and convert them into a fulltime Sharder.
  8. Actually, I wasn't leading out kills. Fifth had contacted me and asked me to see if any Wildmen were willing to attack Meta. Everything I said in Doc was true. I was also planning on throwing Fifth to the wolves the next cycle but we ended up converting them and had to change plans. How could I not use your name? Those that know you or at least had heard of you knew that you like pulling crazy gambits. Like you said yourself, it's a plan you would've come up with so it was very plausible that it really did happen and by that stage, we had Fifth on our side and could use him to confirm my Healing. By the time it would've taken for the village to lynch both of us, the game would've been over one way or another. You both would kill me just because no one else is suspicious? How rude. But then I would do the same thing. In case you're wondering Lopen, I attacked you because Fifth asked me to. Blame him for your death. I am surprised there wasn't more calling for me to explain how I survived an attack. I managed to get away with not posting until near the end of the cycle with only one vote on me and by then, there were several votes on another. Never, ever give someone, especially me, that much time to come up with a story! If they have been online, call them out, vote on them, do whatever you need to do to get them to explain. Thank you very much for running this game Dark!Joe. I'm looking forward to many more games like this.
  9. While doing the Jitterbug. It's going to be amazing. You can do the Charleston if you want.
  10. I vote Hrathen to do the Jitterbug while attacking Itiah. Better?
  11. In that case, he should do the jitterbug.
  12. Votes: Crimsn (2): Itiah, Alv Fifth (2): Meta, Devotary Itiah (1): Fifth Right then, I have looked at this from every angle I can see and I've come to the only logical conclusion I can find. Crimsn is evil. Crimsn says she attacked Devotary and that the attack was blocked and that she herself was attacked and that attack was also blocked. I cannot see any way for two attacks on two separate players to be blocked when there is only one BG so Crimsn must be lying either about attacking Devotary or about being protected. One of those cannot be true if the other is. As it is, the votes are tied and normally I would be fine keeping it that way but we might be better off lynching Crimsn and having the Wildmen attack Fifth to insure maximum results, in fact, I vote that we send Itiah to attack Hrathen. There has been quite a bit of talk that they might be converted and this way we can learn if they are clean scans or if they are evil and have been lying to us the entire time. I feel these are the best actions we can take this round as it will result in maximum information for the next round and should take out at least one Spirit.
  13. I almost never respond to one post or vote. It's not worth the hassle when I can just wait until there are two or three and then respond to all at once. Yes, I was Healed. See, that really isn't worth posting. I can confirm that I told Fifth there was going to be several Wildmen saying they were going to attack Meta. I was the one that asked them to as I was asked by an Independent to ask the Wildmen if they would be willing to. Two people backed out although they didn't know you were going to be healed as that would've defeated the purpose of healing you. Lopen and another decided near the end of the cycle to attack Steel instead of you and by the time I was able to see it and send a message to Fifth, he was already offline. As far as I'm aware, only Fifth and myself knew you were going to be Healed.
  14. Vote Tally: Crmsn (0): Fifth Bard (4): Fifth, CadCom, Lopen, Crimsn CadCom (5): Meta, Bard, Steel, Kidpen, Alv Fifth (0): Lopen While normally I love a tied vote, this one doesn't help us as it would only give one level of pain to both CadCom and Bard. Bard would survive that and if CadCom is a Spirit then he would also survive making it a wasted cycle. While I have some suspicion of Bard, we know that there is a Spirit among the Wildmen so the odds are better there. Sorry CadCom but I have to go with the odds.
  15. I greatly disagree with you. It's not a smart move for a Converted!Dashe to say the Wildmen are clear. There are 7 still living and they each have a kill they can use. They also have the only Leader still alive. Makes them a priority target for Converting. If Itiah did say the Wildmen were clear, I would be voting on them straight away for being evil as it would've been highly unlikely that a Wildman wasn't converted at some stage in the past 4 cycles.