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  1. Dragon WINg
  2. Wayne's Win
  3. Slanted win
  4. Standard win
  5. End of last year. I used to be one of the Mods for the Sanderson Elimination subforum but had to step down due to life demanding more of my time. I lost all my cool mod super powers but get to keep the shiny gold name tag.
  6. Failure
  7. Just give everyone but one those roles. I'll take a seat in the Spectators area please.
  8. *Freezes like a deer caught in headlights* *thanks Truthless for distraction* *Steals win but only temporarily*
  9. *Dances while no one can see him*
  10. ♪♫♪ Musically Wins ♪♫♪
  11. I haven't had those in ages. Very nice.
  12. I doubt that as there is already at least one hidden post from after we hit 700 (looking at you Xino) and there will be more. Wasing the wins of winning.
  13. But that makes it more fun. Imagine what the first post of page 750 could be when no one knows where it is or who might get it.
  14. This linked post. Possible but I don't really know. I've seen hidden posts 5 years old that are still around.
  15. Neither of you got it. @AonEne got the first post on the 700th page. Sadly, the true page count will always be known only to a select few.