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  1. Here's the thing though. If you wanted to keep it secret that you had the clock then why did you say you tried and failed to take it? Why not just give your advice about keeping it a secret and leave it at that? There was no reason for you to claim your action as you did unless you were trying to show you took an action and thus couldn't have made the kill. A Map is incredible valuable to everyone including the Thief, it's just not labeled as valuable. We need a constant supply of chalk flowing into the camp. IMO at least one Map should be used every Night from this point onwards to keep us supplied. Not using your Map basically handicaps the village later down the line as players are continuously using Chalk and the Chalkling strength continues to grow. It's for that reason that TUO is growing in suspicion to me. Not using your Map for the two Nights you've had it is bad and given the discussion that took place during the past Day, I am surprised that you 'forgot' to place an action. I'm holding off on voting for you at the moment until I finishing gathering all my missing data but you are my leading suspect.
  2. Gun! There's a gun! I see a Gun! I want the Gun! I need the Gun! I'm going for the Gun! I welcome anyone else who wants to roll the dice with me.
  3. Well, isn't that nice. I take a day off to do other stuff that needed to be done and you all go and kill a Forgotten. Maybe I should take the next day off too. Sorry Kas but my notes are horribly behind. I haven't finished N2 info gathering yet as some real life stuff turned up and had to be dealt with. I'll get on it as soon as I can.
  4. @Illwei, why would Ash go after me for not using the Map N1? At the start of that Night, we had plenty of Chalk and Acid in the supply so there was no reason for me to do so. It feels to me as if you're reaching for something that's not there. Using the Map on the first Night is utterly pointless unless we were in desperate need of more supplies.
  5. I admit I ignored it as I already have a list of actions I plan to take and so far, nothing has changed enough for me to divert from them. Camp defense is on that list, just not on N1.
  6. Really? Cause, Archers vote on Illwei is missing, Illweis vote on Mat is missing and my vote on Ventyl is also missing. Mat claimed he had two chalk during the Day so they most likely came from him. Also, some good news, I used a Bucket of Acid during the Day so that's one less Chalkling we need to worry about.
  7. It's not a tie at moment.
  8. The more accurate the data and all that.
  9. Fun times. Analytical!Alv is still around. He's gathering information and trying to see any patterns but at moment needs a dead elim to work with.
  10. Nope. Connie currently doesn't have an active vote.