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  1. Congratz on both the 100 games played and the finishing of your spreadsheet. A couple of notes. In QF3 you were killed by Theorymaker. In LG24 Burnt killed you and she was a hidden Elim role. LG36 Joe the Elim killed you. QF56 you died as the Sacrifice was voted for which resulted in everyone dying but them. Wish I could fill in more of the blanks but sadly some of the Docs I no longer have access too, or they never existed. Also, you've been evil 24 times. Fantastic. One more and you will pass me. If anyone deserves to take my throne, it's you. Or Devotary. Either of you two works quite well.
  2. I would rather not die on my birthday if at all possible.
  3. But if they're claiming Sage then we shouldn't vote for them. Keeping the Sage out of the execution phase means they're free to reveal the Keymaster.
  4. Statically speaking anyone is probably a Commoner. 12 players with 3 non commoner roles means everyone has a 75% chance of being a Commoner. TUO, I was unable to answer your question last round due to it ending and all. I nominated you because you already had one vote (in thread at least) so the smart choice was to vote on you (or anyone with a public vote) to increase your odds of being selected which lowered both mine and Droughts odds. Not that it mattered in the end.
  5. I vote yes. This is likely the only game I'll be able to play for the rest of the year so I would like it to continue.
  6. It's very logical. Since I'm not a nominee this round, it allowed me to reveal Drought as the Keymaster which means there should be no chance of them being voted out killing everyone. If I hadn't revealed then Drought could've been killed and the game ended first cycle. (I did consider that btw but decided against it) This has the added benefit of reducing/refuting false claims. However if I was nominated then I likely wouldn't have revealed as that would guarantee my death so it would not be in my best interest to reveal my role. Thankfully it worked out this round. I voted for TUO and I'm very interested in learning who voted for me....
  7. For this cycle at least, can't touch me.
  8. Indeed. I am the Sage and Drought is the Keymaster. Please don't vote on him.
  9. Since voting is done via PM, it would be a good idea to remember that those that vote in thread doesn't necessarily mean that they are voting the same in their PM.
  10. Right so it looks like we don't learn how many cycles we need to survive. Anyone play Your Turn to Die that can give us some sort of idea how long we have? 15 players so 7 nominations needed for this round. PMs are open for this round so that's something I suppose.
  11. Does this apply to the Sacrifice if they didn't vote the prior cycle? Would they gain two votes on themselves by not voting? Can the Sacrifice vote for themselves? Cobo-yashi shall play the game.
  12. With me involved, quite high odds I'd say. It will eventually be closed up and merged with the main thread. Once the Mods get back to doing it that is. *hint hint mods*
  13. I'm sorry for the stress I caused. How about next time I kill you first? You played a great game Steel, it's great to have you back. I am pleased to have entertained you. As I said in the GM PM, the Gods of Luck and Chance greatly favour me when I have a kill role. Although, I don't think I've ever won a game where I had a kill role. Balance in all things I suppose. There is a very good reason why I tend not to be given village kill roles as you can see. Sorry Araris, it really was just a coin toss between you are Devotary. For those that want to know, here's why I killed who I did. Night 1 I killed Wei. We all know why, because they had been revealed as Master Kohga. Kas was also kind/smart enough to send Wei a Durian fruit knowing it would go to Link upon Wei’s death. Many thanks Kas, it saved me a lot of worrying about sudden Night death. Night 2 was Araris. This was a little bit of luck. In all the games that Araris, Devotary and myself have played together, not once that I can recall have we all been village together so I had a 50/50 shot which I felt was better than targeting anyone else. Night 3 resulted in TJ’s death. Oops. The way they went after TUO on Day 3 who was known to be inactive via GM posting and their following vote move onto Drake when the TUO bandwagon had too much steam felt like an elim move. When Drake was revealed to have been seeked the following Night and was confident they weren’t going to die (likely due to having a Durian) I decided that instead of going after a revealed elim that taking out another one would be better and TJ couldn’t be Zelda else why the hard TUO push when they had a revealed elim scan. Overall, that cycle just had TJ elim vibes radiating from it. Night 4 I spent in quiet reflection of my actions. Night 5 Purple died by my hand. This one was pure luck. After the loss of Wei, Araris and Drake I felt that going after one of the newer players would be best and Purple ended up being the (un)lucky one I targeted. Night 6 orders were placed to kill Steel until near the end of my time online when Kayla posted “i'm loving this it's a great first dip into these kinds of games and everyone is very helpful”. This told me that either they had plenty of PMs, which seemed unlikely, or that they were getting their helpful advice from a Doc which meant they were evil. Night 7 and Gremlin. They survived the execution and then lied about how they survived and their role. Seemed pretty clear cut that they were evil. Oops. It didn’t help that I thought that Daruk would be evil for balance reasons. Village Beetle and Mipha strongly suggested that Daruk would be a good fit for the elims. Well played Biplet and Striker. Night 8 meditated on the fact twice now I’ve killed two elims before striking down a villager. Thank you very much for that Durian. It saved me tons of stress knowing I couldn't be one-shotted and the game just ending. I slept easy knowing I had a life up my sleeve. It was a huge difference maker for me. No worries. If I really wanted to push for the win, I could've just pointed out that you claimed to have roleblocked me so I couldn't made the kill. But, I also thought you had to be evil since the elims were really underpowered this game. Thank you, thank you. *bows* I do admit that all the posts after I killed Purple and Kayla felt really good. Seeing everyone try and work out how Link was so successful was fun. Especially since I figured the elims were freaking out quite a bit themselves. Again, sorry Steel. If I knew it was you... No worries. Not many trust me and I like it that way. It let's me play games how I want to play them without having to worry about betraying someone trust. That would've been fun. I tell ya, not knowing who is going to die right at the end is a blast. You should try it. Yeah, part of that is my fault, sorry. I told Waffles that I thought Ash would be the next target and they protected then. I also let slip that I thought Devotary was Link to see what they would do as I felt the elims were getting rather desperate at that stage with all their teammates dying. Sorry. I didn't know they were a Knight at that stage. Agreed. But to be fair, that was also a large reason you won. I was convinced that the elims had to have some kind of protection. If it wasn't for that, you might've been my target N7 instead of Gremlin. I hope to see you again in future games. Perhaps you will trust me next time. My only regret this game is that I don't get to keep Links sword and that Beedles last Pot was broken when I died. I tried to keep it safe, I really did. Good thing you didn't take me up on my offer Striker. I told you D1 I'd be lynched.
  14. Maybe I should be more specific. Play more games here. Like you I've played Mafia/Werewolf elsewhere but things are different here. Here we are polite and kind to each other. It's even in the rules to do so. That sort of environment leads to certain styles. Many times in SE if someone wants to manipulate you they will tell the truth. Heck, most of the time when I'm evil I don't lie at all. It's true that those that lie will not be trusted which means those that tell the truth are always more dangerous. That is why I've been considered a master manipulator. Because I tell the truth most of the time. I use certain words and phases to get you to come to the conclusions I want you to come to while thinking it's your idea. I am not trying to manipulate you. To be honest, I don't care about your vote. It doesn't matter. Steels vote is the only thing that matters. Currently it's on me but if he decides to go for a tie then your vote is useless. Waffles vote is useless. Mists vote is useless. All Steel has to do is vote for himself and cancel one other vote on me and we have a tie. I'm more than willing to leave the game up to chance. I've done it several times before and I will do it again regardless of alignment. I think it's highly unlikely that he will do so as Steel doesn't go for ties like I do but I will still do what I do and see if I can change his mind. If I can get another person to vote for Steel, which I'm hoping Waffles will do, then that might help tip Steel into going for it but overall, Steel is my target. What I'm trying to do with you is to open your mind to a style of play you likely haven't seen before. Your mind is made up that I'm evil I can see and accept that but that doesn't mean I'm lying. I am simply trying to explain my playstyle.