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  1. I’m glad you feel that way as I used the weapons I salvaged from your corpse to do it.
  2. First things first, I stand by this. What the Storms were you thinking Fifth? There was zero advantage for you to challenge anyone. I was going to respond to all the stuff in the Docs, but there is way too much. Somehow I had both sides gunning for my death simply for being me. There was no chance of me surviving this game was there. You may begin groveling for my forgiveness now. Fair warning, I fully expect a statue of Nees Bac to be erected in honour of his sacrifice to save those that wanted him dead. I have a feeling this happened a lot this game. If this game doesn't prove the existence of the Gods of Luck and Chance to everyone, then I fear nothing will.
  3. As tempting as this is, I’m about to go to sleep so sadly, I will have to pass.
  4. Sorry. Had a phone call and half posted. What I meant was, I would like to see a tie between Mat and Wizard. From what I’ve read, they’re unlikely to be teammates so tying it between the two would give better odds of getting either the Cultist or Sith.
  5. Give it time. I'm sure I'll fall to the Dark Side later. Fifth would be the one having balls of steel. You have no idea the fast talking he had to do to convince me to go along with his plan. I much prefer staying in the shadows.
  6. Given that so far, voting leads to village deaths, I think I’ve taken the right actions. No innocent blood on my hands.
  7. Because it's not the end of a cycle and I might be able to get a tie if I do nothing til then. My faith is absolute and unwavering. I'm sure you remember MR29. I have every reason to trust in my Gods. I trust them implicitly. However, they only told me that Bookwyrm needed to be watched carefully, they did not say why. I admit, this has me interested. It almost sounds like you know of my rep yet in the same post you claim not to be familiar with players styles. Is someone warning you about me in Doc perhaps? Maybe we should see what kind of sabre you drop? *flexes fingers*
  8. "Ny shootogawa!" Sorry. Been busy. Managed to get my copy of Midnight Suns a day early and have been playing. New shiny toy and all that. Wisdom? You're looking in the wrong place. I do instinct and following the Gods of Luck and Chance. If you are looking for guidance from the Gods of Luck and Chance, they say Bookwyrm needs to be very closely looked at.
  9. Okay, like ow. I know you don't trust me like ever but com'on Araris, that hurts. I have no knowledge of where the Protection Blade is. I do know where Wei and Sticks Blades ended up though. Didn't really get an info dump from Kas, mostly his thoughts on a couple of players. He was quite suspicious of Xino due to their activity in past games when evil compared to this game. They are less active when evil similar to how they are now and while there is always a RL possibility for it, they haven't been so quiet elsewhere on the Shard. Personally, I dislike activity tracking like that but it is something to consider.
  10. Thank you. I had to get them custom made but then I've never been good with money. But they are/were worth it.