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  1. A long time ago in a forum long since updated.
  2. *runs towards and past Rosharan A.C. while trying to evade the creepy long armed monstrosity following*
  3. *turns and runs*
  4. *backs away from abnormally long arms*
  5. :slaps hand away: Raise your own eyebrow next time.
  6. Dragon WINg
  7. Wayne's Win
  8. Slanted win
  9. Standard win
  10. End of last year. I used to be one of the Mods for the Sanderson Elimination subforum but had to step down due to life demanding more of my time. I lost all my cool mod super powers but get to keep the shiny gold name tag.
  11. Failure
  12. Just give everyone but one those roles. I'll take a seat in the Spectators area please.