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  1. *Freezes like a deer caught in headlights* *thanks Truthless for distraction* *Steals win but only temporarily*
  2. *Dances while no one can see him*
  3. ♪♫♪ Musically Wins ♪♫♪
  4. I haven't had those in ages. Very nice.
  5. I doubt that as there is already at least one hidden post from after we hit 700 (looking at you Xino) and there will be more. Wasing the wins of winning.
  6. But that makes it more fun. Imagine what the first post of page 750 could be when no one knows where it is or who might get it.
  7. This linked post. Possible but I don't really know. I've seen hidden posts 5 years old that are still around.
  8. Neither of you got it. @AonEne got the first post on the 700th page. Sadly, the true page count will always be known only to a select few.
  9. Well, chull dung. Well done Rath. Your actions on D3 won you the game.
  10. Rath. Lynching you gives the village the best chance at winning. Honestly, it's a coin toss at this stage as for which of you is the last EBI.
  11. Snow whipped across Ratel's face as he stared at the outpost. Twice before he had been here and both times he had left it stained in blood from the rafters to the basement. He remembered his first time here, an old man driven near to madness by his time alone in the woods for years. But he had made friends here. Two friends who showed him the way. By the time he left the outpost he was a young man again, his eyes unclouded for the first time in as long as he could remember. His second time was even sweeter for this time he knew what he was doing. He had mastered the art of ChayShan and lead the group. Not only had they reveled in the slaughter but he managed to pick up an item of power. One of far more importance than anyone realized. The Heart of an Immortal. After two successful missions here the Cultists had taken it as a sign. They sent their new members here to test themselves against both the elements and the unsuspecting travelers trapped within the outpost. Only those truly dedicated to the Mysteries would survive here while all others would perish in the bitter cold that awaited them if caught. Ratel turned and headed deeper into the forest, the stinging wind and biting cold barely noticeable. As much as I would love to join this game I sadly do not have the time. Ratel wishes the Cultists the best of luck. And will be watching.
  12. You are positing that only you or Rath can be evil when Abs is also a possibility. If we lynch you and Rath is evil, we still have a 50% chance of winning assuming @Abstrusity is active. If we lynch Rath and you are evil, Village wins if Abs is active. If we lynch either of you and Abs is evil, evil wins. On paper our best bet is to lynch Rath. But still... This would be so much easier if we knew who was roleblocked.