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  1. Stars mean you have posted in those threads. Dots mean there is a new post you haven't read yet.
  2. Clod
  3. I know it's been a while but Gamma's fake Lurcher gambit was LG3 not LG2. LG2 was his Rioter pretending to be a Soother gambit.
  4. Please do. I have my defenses all ready and soon I'll start drawing my chalkling swarms.
  5. One of the Horneater Peaks? or The Seran Range where Sovereign's temple is built?
  6. I'm glad someone got that.
  7. What did you win?
  8. Surely you're mistaken.
  9. Since you asked last time... Yep. I'm sure now.
  10. Now that you mention it...
  11. Fairly sure.
  12. Oops, looks like I'm winning now.
  13. With the Seer having survived a lynch beforehand, there should one less Elim than there would normally be but there is still a possibility of there being 3 converts as there's an outside chance Itiah started with four beads. At least we know there's only 2-3 more to find.
  14. Yes, I would make a good convert but as was pointed out, everyone knows that which means I'm now a bad convert choice. But with that said, I become a good choice again. Choosing to convert me is a big IKYK. I wouldn't say I've been a key lynch leader. Mostly all I've done is try and drive discussion early. Mostly it hasn't worked. Walin is the only one I've voted for that ended up being lynched so I can't by any consideration be called a lynch leader. Yes, I'm sort of leading the lynch against you. I wasn't the first to vote for you but I am the loudest. Heck, I wanted you coinshotted during the night cycle so we could have a clean lynch without the 'is he a Thug or the Seer' question hanging over us. This cycle I fully indented to lynch Maill which I had planned out in D1 right after he revealed he's a Copper burner. I did not in fact denounce those that voted with me rather than on me which is what I assume you meant. I simply stated I wasn't feeling good about the lynch given how fast others joined in. As always, I fully support and encourage free choice. If others chose to vote for Walin then that's their choice. I would never denounce someone for it. Yes, there have been a few suspicions cast my way. And for good reason. I've been trying to gain suspicion for it makes me a less likely convert prospect. After all, why convert someone that looks like they might be lynched in a couple of cycle when there are much better options. All in all, I feel much better lynching you this cycle now than I was feeling at the start. Your entire post seems like an attempt to get votes off you and onto me. Quite the opposite Aman. The fact I knew you were evil would be a very good reason for me to convert you. You were paying very little attention to this game or so it would seem which would make you a good choice. Having an evil with the excuse of being busy with another game is a great way to divert suspicion. I've done it myself a couple of times.