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  1. Yes Chipmunks. And yes, they are the Chipmunks you are thinking of.
  2. I used to work in a Mall that had Christmas music constantly going for 2 months. As a result, I am not a fan of it. There are few Christmas songs I enjoy. Grandma got run over by a Reindeer, Jingle Bombs and Chipmunks Roasting on a Open Fire to give you an idea.
  3. I haven't played in a long time but an RNG vote is precisely what I do. Constantly. Unless I have something to go on like Gears RP confession, which I'm still sus about, I tend to go with the Gods of Luck and Chance. And I never will. I don't try and convince others that I'm village, it's not my style. I would rather spend my time looking into others than defending myself.
  4. Sadly, I find I have even less time than I thought I would've had for this game. Since I have little time to go through everything and form any coherent reads, I have asked the Gods of Luck and Chance to weigh in and they told me that Ventyl is not acting in the Ghostbloods interests. Connected players, if you have used your ability, and by this stage you should have, then please reveal results to the thread. Knowing if someone is village is very important right now. Not only will it help narrow down suspects but it will force the elims to decide whether or not to go after them when they could be protected by a Tough wasting a kill.
  5. They can also be non-Sanderson if you want but those require a pass to play.
  6. Personally, I think a double lynch is good for the village if done in the first couple of cycles. Sure, odds are you will lynch two villagers but you also get more information to work with. Later in the game it's a bad idea due to the dwindling numbers of village players but at the start, the payoff is worth it imo.
  7. Fair enough. I do think it would be quite amusing if he did have them all and was really able to say them in one breath.
  8. Truthless, aren't you missing 'Shadows' as a curse in your sig? In fact, I think you're missing quite a few.
  9. I'll take that win thank you.
  10. It's almost standard that the elims have a Thug type role. As for people knowing which alignment has what roles, they don't it's all but impossible to correctly guess but I've played quite a few games and GMed 5 or 6 so I think I have a fair idea as to what roles I would place on the elim team. If we go with the standard thinking of 4 elims then personally I would have a Tough, Sneaky and 2 Recommendeds. Or a Tough, Convincing, Lethal and Connected if I wanted to shake things up but would counter it by adding a extra couple of Toughs on the village side. Is that what is on the elim team? No idea but I like to think at least half of my guesses are correct. As for looking at me closely. Please do. The closer the better. But I must warn you, for if you look into the Abyss, don't be surprised when it looks back.
  11. Shame. It's always fun when siblings play. The interactivity is always fun to watch. Yeah, I hear it's hard but so much fun when one of you is evil and the other not simply for all the gloating that comes after.
  12. Ooh, who is your brother?
  13. Bold is mine to emphasize what I'm responding to. General: Ties can be great for information gathering. If two people are up for a tie and someone breaks it that isn't one of the ones tied, then that can indicate an elim saving a teammate. Plus a one for one trade is far better for the village than the elims. If the ties resulted in a random kill then I would advocate that every lynch is tied but since it isn't then we probably shouldn't do that but that doesn't mean ties are bad. Far from it. Tough: I expect the elims to have a Tough so anyone that does survive the lynch or kill should be looked at closely. Very closely. Insightful: There is no need to reveal what you have found at all. Someones role does not indicate that they are evil. Far from it. I can no longer count the number of games where the GMs add a 'useless' role to the elim team just to mess with this type of role. As the only class that can scan each cycle Insightful players are better off saving their scans until they are either up for the lynch or have someone fully trusted. Then they can have it info dumped into the thread but even then certain roles like Lethal and Connected are far better off not being revealed until after they have used their abilities. Insightful players would then be able to confirm the claimants role or disprove it whichever the case may be. Convincing: I would hold onto this ability for as long as possible. Should the game come down to three/four players, this role will shift the balance in your favour no matter which side you are on. Lethal: Or just roll some dice and take a shot in the dark. That's what I do and I'm 7 from 8. 8 kills, 7 dead elims. I wouldn't be at all surprised to see the elim team with this role as it is a one shot kill. Connected: I find this very telling and am surprised no one has seen it or voted for Gears because of it. No one until now that is. Gears. Also, don't save your ability. Use it as soon as you can as it will have the village far more than waiting. If we have just two Connected players it will give us two cleared players that the elims will have to deal with or they will lose the game. Use your ability this cycle and reveal your results as soon as you can. Recommended: Far from worthless. You only have the thread and PMs to work with but that is a good thing. It prevents you being blinded by your abilities. You can focus on what players are saying and not have to worry about who is the best target for your role. Vanilla roles generally make up most of the players and have the best lynching rates. Sure you might not have the biggest impact in any given cycle, but over the course of the game, I would put my faith in the roleless over anyone else. Can I also claim that title? I mean I haven't played with any of you before so that makes me a newbie right? I know you've already changed this but in future and to others, spoilering your vote can mean that it's missed when the GMs do a vote count at end of cycle.
  14. I wasn't going to join as the rollover doesn't fit in well for me, but I have missed the killing so here I am. Yazadan signing up.
  15. Support her. You've told her how you feel and why so all you can really do is support her. Let her know that you are there if she ever needs someone. While you may want to feel like taking her by the shoulders and shake her until she listens, you can't and it will only drive her deeper into his control. Instead be her best friend, let her know she can tell you anything. If she does show up with bruises and the like, take photos, covertly if necessary, as they can be a big help should the authorities get involved. Or alternatively, if you have some intimidating friends, let them know what's going on and suggest they might want to have a little 'chat' with the boyfriend. This might get him to back off or it could backfire and he will snap and take it out on her or she finds out and it drives a wedge between the two of you.