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  1. With me involved, quite high odds I'd say. It will eventually be closed up and merged with the main thread. Once the Mods get back to doing it that is. *hint hint mods*
  2. I'm sorry for the stress I caused. How about next time I kill you first? You played a great game Steel, it's great to have you back. I am pleased to have entertained you. As I said in the GM PM, the Gods of Luck and Chance greatly favour me when I have a kill role. Although, I don't think I've ever won a game where I had a kill role. Balance in all things I suppose. There is a very good reason why I tend not to be given village kill roles as you can see. Sorry Araris, it really was just a coin toss between you are Devotary. For those that want to know, here's why I killed who I did. Night 1 I killed Wei. We all know why, because they had been revealed as Master Kohga. Kas was also kind/smart enough to send Wei a Durian fruit knowing it would go to Link upon Wei’s death. Many thanks Kas, it saved me a lot of worrying about sudden Night death. Night 2 was Araris. This was a little bit of luck. In all the games that Araris, Devotary and myself have played together, not once that I can recall have we all been village together so I had a 50/50 shot which I felt was better than targeting anyone else. Night 3 resulted in TJ’s death. Oops. The way they went after TUO on Day 3 who was known to be inactive via GM posting and their following vote move onto Drake when the TUO bandwagon had too much steam felt like an elim move. When Drake was revealed to have been seeked the following Night and was confident they weren’t going to die (likely due to having a Durian) I decided that instead of going after a revealed elim that taking out another one would be better and TJ couldn’t be Zelda else why the hard TUO push when they had a revealed elim scan. Overall, that cycle just had TJ elim vibes radiating from it. Night 4 I spent in quiet reflection of my actions. Night 5 Purple died by my hand. This one was pure luck. After the loss of Wei, Araris and Drake I felt that going after one of the newer players would be best and Purple ended up being the (un)lucky one I targeted. Night 6 orders were placed to kill Steel until near the end of my time online when Kayla posted “i'm loving this it's a great first dip into these kinds of games and everyone is very helpful”. This told me that either they had plenty of PMs, which seemed unlikely, or that they were getting their helpful advice from a Doc which meant they were evil. Night 7 and Gremlin. They survived the execution and then lied about how they survived and their role. Seemed pretty clear cut that they were evil. Oops. It didn’t help that I thought that Daruk would be evil for balance reasons. Village Beetle and Mipha strongly suggested that Daruk would be a good fit for the elims. Well played Biplet and Striker. Night 8 meditated on the fact twice now I’ve killed two elims before striking down a villager. Thank you very much for that Durian. It saved me tons of stress knowing I couldn't be one-shotted and the game just ending. I slept easy knowing I had a life up my sleeve. It was a huge difference maker for me. No worries. If I really wanted to push for the win, I could've just pointed out that you claimed to have roleblocked me so I couldn't made the kill. But, I also thought you had to be evil since the elims were really underpowered this game. Thank you, thank you. *bows* I do admit that all the posts after I killed Purple and Kayla felt really good. Seeing everyone try and work out how Link was so successful was fun. Especially since I figured the elims were freaking out quite a bit themselves. Again, sorry Steel. If I knew it was you... No worries. Not many trust me and I like it that way. It let's me play games how I want to play them without having to worry about betraying someone trust. That would've been fun. I tell ya, not knowing who is going to die right at the end is a blast. You should try it. Yeah, part of that is my fault, sorry. I told Waffles that I thought Ash would be the next target and they protected then. I also let slip that I thought Devotary was Link to see what they would do as I felt the elims were getting rather desperate at that stage with all their teammates dying. Sorry. I didn't know they were a Knight at that stage. Agreed. But to be fair, that was also a large reason you won. I was convinced that the elims had to have some kind of protection. If it wasn't for that, you might've been my target N7 instead of Gremlin. I hope to see you again in future games. Perhaps you will trust me next time. My only regret this game is that I don't get to keep Links sword and that Beedles last Pot was broken when I died. I tried to keep it safe, I really did. Good thing you didn't take me up on my offer Striker. I told you D1 I'd be lynched.
  3. Maybe I should be more specific. Play more games here. Like you I've played Mafia/Werewolf elsewhere but things are different here. Here we are polite and kind to each other. It's even in the rules to do so. That sort of environment leads to certain styles. Many times in SE if someone wants to manipulate you they will tell the truth. Heck, most of the time when I'm evil I don't lie at all. It's true that those that lie will not be trusted which means those that tell the truth are always more dangerous. That is why I've been considered a master manipulator. Because I tell the truth most of the time. I use certain words and phases to get you to come to the conclusions I want you to come to while thinking it's your idea. I am not trying to manipulate you. To be honest, I don't care about your vote. It doesn't matter. Steels vote is the only thing that matters. Currently it's on me but if he decides to go for a tie then your vote is useless. Waffles vote is useless. Mists vote is useless. All Steel has to do is vote for himself and cancel one other vote on me and we have a tie. I'm more than willing to leave the game up to chance. I've done it several times before and I will do it again regardless of alignment. I think it's highly unlikely that he will do so as Steel doesn't go for ties like I do but I will still do what I do and see if I can change his mind. If I can get another person to vote for Steel, which I'm hoping Waffles will do, then that might help tip Steel into going for it but overall, Steel is my target. What I'm trying to do with you is to open your mind to a style of play you likely haven't seen before. Your mind is made up that I'm evil I can see and accept that but that doesn't mean I'm lying. I am simply trying to explain my playstyle.
  4. I'm sorry, did you expect my profile to say how many mistakes I've made or testimonials about how others have duped me? It's my profile, of course it's going to portray me in a certain light and not list my failures. I have been betrayed by those I trust and I have betrayed those that trusted me. I have failed to see the obvious and I have seen the smallest of mistakes. I have fallen for the simplest of gambits and pulled off the most daring of wins. There are highs and lows in all games, I'm not going to list them all in my profile. There simply isn't room so I choose to keep the most interesting. Half of those that play these games are master manipulators and the other half aren't far behind. It's the nature of the game. Play a few more and you will see.
  5. In my opinion, yes. If I'm Link and you vote for me, the Village loses. If I'm evil and you vote for me, the Village wins. A 50/50 chance. Steel and I know the truth but you only suspect what is true and what isn't. Instead I ask you to consider what is more fun. 1: Steel and I knowing what will happen at rollover by having all the votes on one of us. Or 2: Having the votes tied and no one knowing what's going to happen next. As I have said to you in PM, I'm all about having fun. As long as you're having fun, nothing else matters. Now, of course if I was evil, then I would be doing exactly what I am doing, trying to confuse things and tie the votes up so there's a chance of me winning. But, I would also do the same if I was Link you just don't know it. Yeah, I've been off my game quite a bit the last few days due to RL stuff but this is also fairly standard for me. In PMs I can sort my thoughts out better as I'm only typing for one but in thread, I tend to be all over the place as I try to explain my thoughts in a way that everyone can understand. I'm not sure if it's part of my bipolar or something else entirely but hey, that's what makes me me.
  6. Love that post Steel. Gives just enough information to seem real and nothing to really poke holes in. One question though, why did you kill Araris. Personally I killed him due to history. In all the games that Araris, Devotary and myself have played together, not once that I can recall have we all been village together so I had a 50/50 shot which I felt was better than targeting anyone else. Also, Purple wouldn't have died N5 if I was evil. At that stage I was already talking to Waffles and told them who I thought was going to be the next target. So why would I then target the very same person? Sure you could make the argument that I was trying to build trust with them but that's simply not my style. Of course only you and I know that given Waffles, Quill and Mist haven't played many games with me so they have no way of knowing my style. Since you've admitted to having some Bananas, that means you can cancel a vote so that's something for everyone to keep in mind. Personally, I think it would be far more enjoyable if instead we got three votes on you and two votes on me as that would let you cancel a vote bringing it to a tie and you know how I feel about them. What say you? Care to wager the entire game on the roll of the dice? Edit: Or if you don't trust me to honour a tie then how about we each have two votes on us. That way even if I have some secret Bananas then I wouldn't be able to kill you. I'm more than willing to leave it in your hands. 2 votes apiece with you having Bananas that can decide the game. Will you go for the win? Or let the Gods of Luck and Chance make the call?
  7. My apologies Quill. A PM has indeed been opened so you couldn't have made the kill. Other than that, I have no idea anymore. Every time I think I'm on to something I'm wrong.
  8. Unfortunately, we have lost. It has been several hours since I asked for the PM and despite Striker and Biplet having been on since Quill said he would place orders, the PM has not been opened which means. Steel is Elim Urbosa and Quill is the elim Postman. Or possibly the other way around. For a while there I did wonder if Mist was an inactive Urbosa but have since disregarded that theory as well as the theory that they were an elim. I specifically asked Quill when they had opened a PM with Steel and had Steel confirm it. With that happening it meant either Quill was not an elim or both Steel and Quill are elim buddies. Unfortunately it took me until this cycle and Devotary's death for me to put the last few pieces together. And because there are two of them, even if I had my kill, yes I am Link, we still will not be able to win. Urbosa/Steel will roleblock Waffles while Quill kills me. Yes, I could try and bluff or not say anything hoping they kill you Ash but that would only buy us one more cycle in which I still wouldn't be able to survive. Mist is very likely in their pocket thanks to the PM Quill opened which means we would not be able to get a lynch on one of them regardless of it going to another Day, so instead, I'll admit that I'm Link so the game doesn't drag on longer than necessary. But before I log for the Night, one final thing Steel. This whole post is a lie. I'm not Link, Ash is. Have fun.
  9. Nothing. I suspected they weren't Link but I didn't know for sure. During Cycle 6 I even thought they were Link based on their votes and the way they keep on with the Elim Knight theory being why TJ was killed instead of Drake. Once I got a PM with them though, I tipped the other way, that they weren't Link and were instead trying to keep attention on an Elim Knight so we would be suspicious should a Knight claim. Overall, I went from being 80% certain they were Link to 98% certain they were evil. Clearly I was wrong on both counts.
  10. Well, I wasn't entirely expecting everyone to shift their votes onto Devotary but I'm also not entirely upset they died. While I was wrong about them being evil, and I'm glad no one took me up on my bet as I would've bet anything on it, their death did prevent the death of either a known Postman or a possible Knight that might save Link if they protect right. What we want to have happen is for BOTH Postmen to make PMs this Night. Postmen can't open a PM and submit the kill orders so if there is an elim Postman, this will hopefully stop them from killing Link. Of course if there are two elims or if neither Postman is evil then it won't work but we will at least narrow it down a bit. Quill, I'll take you up on the PM. Can you please get me in contact with Steel. Other Postman, please place two players, not yourself into a PM. If not, then we would have to look very closely at you next Day for evilness.
  11. I have a PM with Devotary. Can't really give you another reason though. Mostly it's because I believe both you and Waffles are Village not anything specific about Devotary. Edit: Devotary, like myself, is one of those players that you just can't read and when you think you can read them, most of the time you're wrong. It's more about what you don't see with that type of player than what you do see.
  12. Personally I think both Quill and Waffles are village. So I propose a new target and yes, I know it's late in the cycle for this but it's the only thing to do when I think both are village. Devotary. Every interaction I have had with you has felt off this whole game. There is nothing specific I can pin down but if I was a betting man, and I am, I would bet that you are an elim. The only hing you have in your factor was your vote on Drake Day 2 but that was when they had a vote manipulation ability. Like I said, not much to go on but I really don't like the current targets and you're the best chance of those left.
  13. @Steeldancer, can you confirm a PM opened with Quill during N7?
  14. @quillinthestars, did you open any PMs N7 or N8? If so, with whom.
  15. Night 2 was when TJ said they scanned Drake. Edit: also, happy birthday Waffles.