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  1. Shì de, wǒ yíngle
  2. Or so you think but really, I win.
  3. Real question is why don't you have catnip on you.
  4. The song that never ends.
  5. For those that are not aware of Ookla season, there are several threads about it and I wouldn't be surprised if another turned up soon. This one by Kaymyth is my favourite but Eerongal did an updated one last season. Also, I win by power of being me.
  6. If you want the first episode of the first campaign, here's the link. Sadly, I'm only up to ep 25 of the first campaign but hopefully life will let me watch more soon.
  7. @Elbereth, I give you complete creative control of Tugog. Sadly it seems I was a touch too hasty in signing up as RL has decided I'm not allowed to play and so I have to withdraw from the game. Sorry.
  8. BUTTONS! A Kettle. In a Kettle. Two mice. Squeaky, squeaky. Quiet Zunn, you're dead, Head on back to bed. Tugog the Rhymer is here to play, Soon each of you he will slay. Tugog the Rhymer (blood brother to Zunn) signing up. Don't expect much discussion from me this game as I'm going to be trying to rhyme everything. Zunn the Mad might also shown up from time to time. He's having a little trouble accepting the whole being dead thing.
  9. If it makes you feel better, the Gods of Luck and Chance are saying you are the Spy. I'm just ignoring them for now and going with my gut.