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  1. Well, isn't this an interesting game.
  2. Indeed. It's currently changed for a SE game that running at moment. Sanderson Elimination. The corner of 17th Shard where you get to kill your fellow Sharders. Join today.
  3. Let things go? In this forum where we latch onto the smallest things and make them legends. *cough*Iamastick*cough*
  4. Before you go Grammar, perhaps you wouldn't might clearing up the Oxford Comma dilemma for us.
  5. If true then you have a great deal to answer for.
  6. You should totally join Steel, if you do I might bring back Ronald.
  7. If ever there was a Spam post, this would be it. My finger twitched with phantom spam ban when I read it. I am wondering if Road hasn't posted because they can't. What if they are Elephant and thus can't post on their main account and only on the anon one. That would explain why if killed they get a new anon account and can't be converted. You have to kill/convert the main account.
  8. I know it's been quite some time since you've played, it's been the same for me as well, but I don't think you should trust Aman so blindly. I seem to recall someone having something in their sig about how Aman's words are honeyed but chaos was his hallmark. Strange. I don't recall you ever doing this. I know Aman did it a few times and somehow pulled it off each time but I have no memory of Ada doing it.
  9. And I have the Win.