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  1. So now that we have a nice list of wines in Oathbringer I was hoping to start helping with the coppermind again and this seemed like an easy subject to start. I did not see any pages specifically for it in the coppermind. Will that be ok and if anyone has advice on where to place those pages please let me know. I will post here again this afternoon with how I think it should be listed. So I did some thinking and would like to know how you guys feel about this. Culture - Food(rename to Food & Drink?) - Beverages (Roshar) I would also place them like in these categories. Stormlight_Archive Culture That way if anyone wants to down the road its easy to add food and drink pages for each world. I figure having one page for listing the wines makes sense, otherwise it would just be a bunch of stubs. I think one page listing the kinds of drinks and brief summaries of each and then let more information about drinks have there own page with just a listing on the Beverages page. This way I'm not trying to consolidate existing pages just reference them and the admins can decide if some pages should just be redirected.
  2. Thanks for the feed back So we are agree inquisitor spike were round. For a spike to be made someone must have intent in spooks case it was ruin we have WoB on that I believe.
  3. It has been bothering me for some time now. unfortunately I have been unable to read Mistborn again to check on account of lending out my copy to a friend. Does anyone know whether they are round spikes or square spikes like old nails. See they could make them round if they directly cast them and that is not unreasonable for the size. However there could be an argument make for the square as it would be easier for you to have them made without the foundry making them directly. This is most relevant for the steel spikes which have the highest melting point. However because cost is not a factor for the lord ruler convenience means nothing to the lord ruler. He could halve had them made for looks not factoring anything else. A round Spike would be able to easily go though a person into a second person with out taking a lot of the first person with it. If I remember correctly that steel inquisitors have round steel circles for eyes. I always pictured them as round myself and the ends could be round regardless of the main body of the spike being round or square. Examples below Well one have any thoughts on this I would really appreciate the help. I have started casting with brass and I want to make a brass spike for display purposes, but I want to make the right kind. I did find this on the Coppermind from the Mistborn RPG and that seems to indicate that they are round.
  4. That makes it much more consistent.
  5. Wow thank you very much. That saves me a lot of work hopefully my project will turn out. I will post pictures when I'm done.
  6. Ya I found that thread and it was very helpful. I just need to sit down I guess and draw it out. Would have made my life a little easier if someone already had is all.
  7. I was wondering if anyone had Translated Life before death. Strength before weakness. Journey before destination into Alethi script? Thought I would put out feelers and see if I could save my self the effort of making the picture myself, If someone else had already done it. I have to say the primers already available in the gallery are going to work well for me if I have to do it my self.
  8. I have been citing directly form reddit for anything I felt I needed add. There is a template for it {{url ref}} though I allways seem to get it wrong when I do it.
  9. I'm not hearing a no.
  10. I swear there is WoB Brian saying that shard existing on a planet with a second shard always creates a 3rd magic system that is a combination of both shards powers. I can't remember where I found it at and he RAFO'ed my reddit question asking weather a shard had to be on the same planet or just in the same solar system for that interaction to occur.
  11. If I remember correctly when the change happened everyone immediately turned on the Elantians like a bunch of villagers who think they found a witch. I don't think any of the original Elantrians had time to study the problem and the more powerful among them were more severely affected by the change.
  12. It is possible that the change to the Elantris Aon by the earth quake triggered a reboot of sorts forceing all existing elantrians to attempt the transformation again. That form is something that happens to anyone not just Elantrians, when an Aon that changes a person is made incorrectly, just look at (can't remember his name)'s wife. It is unlikely the distance would effect any real change on the Hoed.
  13. That or you explode.
  14. I think that kind of metal mind would be a throw away when full.
  15. I wish you could too because a quote saying they meshed together would be an immensely interesting detail. I think there is WoB that AonDor did not exist before the splintering or at least what Elantrian's do was not possible before. However is this the quote you were thinking of?