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  1. A sandmaster with only a gourd of sand would probably get whooped by a full mistborn, especially in a city setting like the final empire. In the desert though, a skilled sandmaster like kenton could seriously pound the mistborn.
  2. -Reckoners is way overrated. It's a good series, but definitely not among Sanderson's best. -Mistborn is fantastic, but a bit overrated. If Sanderson's known for two things, it's finishing the wheel of time and writing the mistborn series. -Even though Wheel of time isn't pure Sanderson, I think it's way way way over rated. After finishing the 14th book, I realized that it really isn't worth reading the whole series. I should've read the first two books, read book summaries for 3-12, and then finished the last two books. On the other side of things- ~Shadows for Silence in the Forests of Hell is completely underrated. I'd say it's probably his best short story. ~Elantris is definitely at least second most underrated, no one ever talks about it even though it's probably in his top 4 books. ~White Sand is pretty dang good, especially for not being a finished product. Awesome storyline.
  3. Even though I’ve had an account here for a couple years, I almost never bother to post. The only reason I use 17th shard is because of the theory posting. That being said, here are my thoughts: -The rep system is way overinflated. Example: Brandon Sanderson has 5,018 votes while Kobold King has 25,000. I only use Kobold King because he’s got the most rep (and been a member for one and a half years), while Brandon Sanderson wrote the books that this whole site is dedicated to. -A small group on this forum places way way way too much value on their upvotes. It’s not the end of the world if your meme doesn’t get upvoted, or if your comment gets downvoted. -No one here ever down votes here, and that's not for the best. If I were a new member, I would probably check the rules to make sure it's only for offensive content, based off of the over reactions I've seen in the past month. However, I think it’s perfectly alright to down vote someone, especially considering how inflated the system is. -Certain areas of the forum, and even threads, have extremely different atmospheres regarding upvotes. As mentioned before, there’s a stark difference between the general brandon and cosmere theories (for example). In-a-Nutshell: I think we should all stay calm and remember that the point of this site is Brandon Sanderson’s great books. It’s not a big deal if you get down voted, don’t get upvoted, etc., it’s just a forum.
  4. Today was awesome. I was up until about 11:00 last night studying for today's test on optimization, Linearization, and Related Rates. I took it, felt awesome, and I'm pretty sure I got 100% on it. BC AP Calculus is awesome.
  5. When it's fourteen, thousand page, books, I'd say it's a bit more of an issue than a benefit. That is, unless you've got quite a bit of time to kill. I'd probably die of a headache trying to keep track of all those noblemen again... Or just read book one and then skip to book 14. Edit due to me tired.
  6. Granted. You now have a three legged tortoise to ride. It's going to take you a looong time to get home. I wish to have Quicksilver's power.
  7. I've played steadily for about two years. I'm a captain with M2 freeze, M2 Hornet, about to buy M2 twins, and the moon silence specialty paint. Freeze and Twins are the best, followed by shaft or thunder. As for hulls, hornet is easily the best, followed by viking. Rank up and maybe we can battle it out some time.
  8. Every person on this page is saying the exact same thing, listen to them. Honestly, it's a really good series, and really easy to read since it's still coming out and there's a break between each book. I just finished the wheel of time about a year ago, and thought it had been a huge waste of time and pages. Unlike WoT, Stormlight is definitely worth it.
  9. Here's a list of some of the best ever. Settlers of Catan, Settlers of Catan knights expansion pack, Settlers of Catan Seafarers expansion pack, Risk, Swashbuckled, Ticket to ride, Stratego, Blokus, and 3d Blokus. Card games are awesome too, so I'll just say the top 5: Munchkins, Dominion, 7 Wonders, Bang, and perpetual commotion.
  10. Studio C is decent. Their episodes are generally really funny, or occasionally really stupid. There's little in between. I don't really care for granite flats, I feel like there are way too many plot holes, its time line is way vague, and some of it is way over the top weird. Despite that, I watch ByuTv occasionally, though mostly just for the mens basketball games.
  11. I too once wasted hundreds of hours on pokemon. Actually, I probably hit a little over a thousand, maybe more. [A full team of level 100 Rayquazas is the true meaning of Awesome] Anyway, I quit that and am now playing all the classic games such as legend of zelda, worms, and super smash bros on the ol' 64.
  12. Good job Luckwielder, you're correct. It looks like you're up now...
  13. Much closer.
  14. Sorry, but wrong world.
  15. Sorry to make you guys cringe at bad rhyming, but here's mine. I helped create a monstrosity, yet the monstrosity supported me. Our conspiring against the king began, With money and wealth we'd replace the man. But a pity it was that before we were done, I was stabbed in the back, by the man who thought he'd won.