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    I have seen the end, and have heard it named. The Night of Sorrows, the True Desolation. The Everstorm. 

    — Collected on Naneses 1172, 15 seconds pre-death, by the Silent Gatherers. Subject was a darkeyed youth of unknown origin.
  2. I seem to recall an essay Sanderson wrote about book popularity within the fantasy genre and how there were different levels of popularity, where if you're like Martin popular you get somewhat known outside the genre and get films, and then you have Hunger Games popularity where it kind of is a cultural thing. I feel like he used the phrase "transcends genre" but I don't know.
  3. Granted. You are now a mistborn, the first ever to be allergic to every Allomantic metal except aluminum. In addition, you were hemalurgically grafted feruchemical chromium, a very old degraded spike, which means that for about every day unlucky you spend an hour lucky. I wish that Brandon would surprise us with the announcement that while writing Oathbringer, he accidently wrote the 4th storm light book as well.
  4. Not signing up, even though this looks awesomely fun (excellent job @Elenion). Noticed an ambiguity in the rules I wanted to have you clarify before someone argues in game - the outlaw is revealed players who used actions on him a) during his stay in the underworld, b ) at all times previous to this ability. I'm assuming it's option a, as that makes sense game and RP-wise.
  5. It is cheap. Say, cheap enough for someone who lives as a thief, cheap enough it isn't stolen by the other thieves after a decade (approximately) of living with them, cheap enough Vin's mom could get it in the first place. Unless Vin's dad gave her mom it, it would have to be pretty cheap. Silver makes more sense than aluminum, which was literally almost nonexistant in society. Obligators got it from the insides of volcanoes. It's not something Vin would have been able to keep if she had been given it by a worldhopper.
  6. Correct. By off world, I meant using a planet's natural investiture (e.g. Stormlight) as opposed to the natural one for the system (Breaths). Sorry if that wasn't clear. The Stormlight should act as a breath equivalent, as they're both investiture (which it does for Returned and Nightblood's consuming, but not awakening). Therefore, there is something different in the 'flavor' or type of the investiture that Awakening requires. We don't know what that is, but WoB implies it is possible to hack stormlight to enable this.
  7. Yes. Some magics, such as the metallic arts, are accessible everywhere (ala Hoid). Some, such as those from Sel, are practically impossible offplanet, but not actually impossible (i.e. they are so hard that it is currently easier to do it some other way.) Surgebinding seem so far to be the middle of the road, requiring some hacks to the system to hook it up to the right power source, but otherwise not impossible. Awakening has not been seen off planet yet, though not for lack of trying on Zahel's part. It is, in my opinion, probably between Surgebinding and Selish magics in difficulty. tl;dr - Yes, though it requires hacks sometimes, which can vary from very easy to storming impossible.
  8. He's actually storing identity and connection to avoid being noticed.
  9. silly

    Nerpspren : appear around perfectly symmetrical names (colloquially called ketekspren).
  10. I believe the reasoning was that the Urithiru side was open for every gate, but the city side of rah gate was locked. Stormseat was left open because the city was destroyed and consequently ignored (if it's been dead for ~2000 years, as the quote above suggests, then it's been insignificant for a while).
  11. Well, I did, in reply to iastofus because my phone didn't load the last half of the thread like it normally does. So... look, a new radiant in the bushes *ducks into cover*
  12. Did you read what @Calderis wrote? Oaths aren't based around a capital t Truth. They are based on perception based truth. If Kaladin finds out Elhokar was secretly controlled by Odium and killed thousands behind the scenes, then he probably won't protect Elhokar. If he never found out, he would still protect Elhokar. Hence, the oaths are perception based.
  13. I'm assuming you meant to explain that cognitive expectations defined the Heralds in the same way they do spren in the later post? If so, I like it.
  14. +1 for unintentional cosmere pun But, Alcatraz broke that rule ^^this Well, the balefire used in the Last Battle destabilized reality enough for the breaking talent to operate in cosmere. This was right after Alcatraz broke the fourth wall, but before he broke logic.
  15. The book does state it is an aluminum alloy, albeit one that is enough aluminum to remain allomantically inert. If you notice, Wax mentions the possibility of it containing eka-boron, I believe (it's been a while, but we looked into it.) This means it is an aluminum and scandium alloy. http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/21663831.2014.985855