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  1. @Voidus Does Esserethel have any particular meaning? I noted Lucien essentially means "light", so I took a minute or so to try to parse Esserethel meant anything equally appropriate for someone who messes with Investiture. I could break out an es or esse or essere for "is" or "to be" in Romance languages, but couldn't get anything that seemed cohesive from thel or serethel or rethel. (Translations I did find: se = "him/her/itself" in Latin; ser = abbreviation of "master" in Italian; sere = archaic English for "barren" or Italian for "evenings"; Rethel = a town in France; re = Latin for "a thing" (ablative) or Italian for "king"; reth(-e) = Old English for "terrifying" or "savage"; el = "god" in Hebrew). So esse reth el could mean "To be a terrifying god" if you mix Latin, Old English, and Hebrew. Which is somewhat appropriate, if probably entirely coincidental.
  2. Vivica wasn’t at the door when Emily knocked. That was unusual for her - she was a pretty early riser. Emily opened the door. Vivica was sitting slumped next to her desk, blood in a puddle on the floor. Emily shoved the door all the way open, running in. She was about to check Vivica's pulse before noticing the incisions on her wrist and throat, a sharpened spoon fallen from her hand. There wouldn't be a pulse. The cuts were straight, precise, careful - like Vivica's art had been. An envelope, made from a neatly folded sheet of paper, lay on the desk, just outside a pool of blood. Professor Esserethel, it read. A blood-soaked towel lay underneath her wrist. Drops of blood dotted the floor beneath the sink, though the sink itself looked like it had been rinsed clean. Emily held back her emotions. Suicide was uncommon among her patients. The ones who were most at-risk were kept under strict observation, but Viv had been doing so good recently. Dr. Estrella had even commented on how calm she'd been after the earthquake. There just hadn't been any warning signs. Emily clenched her fists. Her nails dug into her skin, the pain giving her something else to focus on besides Vivica's body. Emily stepped out of the red puddle, leaving vivid footprints. Emily carefully slipped her shoes off next to the door. She didn't want to track blood around the hospital wing. She closed the window screen and softly shut and locked the door. She walked down the hall to the receptionist. "Could you buzz Dr. Larsen and admin? Vivica...um. A patient's, um, expired, and I need a doctor to pronounce her... gone... before we can start any of the post-mortem procedures." Emily was proud of how steady her voice was. John stared for a moment, then picked up the phone and made the call. Emily stood awkwardly, the tile floor cold on her socks. “Did Vivica have any, um, family we need to contact?” John typed a few keystrokes on the computer, then shook his head. Emily nodded, biting her lip. In the corner of her eye, Emily saw Katarina Larsen walking up. “Okay. Okay. I’ll, uh, I’ll help Kat then.” Kat and another nurse, David, walked ahead of her. Kat entered Vivica’s room. She gestured at the body. “Emily, could you confirm there isn’t a pulse?” Emily nodded. She slipped her shoes back on and carefully touched Vivica’s shoulder and Read her. She shook her head. Kat frowned sadly. “David, can you get the room and the body ready for the morgue? Emily, you’ve done enough here. Could you get the paperwork filled out? Her chart and an incident report?” Emily nodded. Kat shook her head. “Gosh. I didn’t think Viv…. I’ll - I’ll have the charge nurse call the police.” Emily slipped her shoes off again, grabbed Vivica’s chart from next to the door, and headed to rinse her shoes off. The changing room had a bathroom off of it to shower if needed. Emily washed the blood off her soles. Then she rinsed her hands. There were spots of blood on her fingertips, on her nails. The dark red almost looked black, like tar. She scrubbed them again, rubbing soap over her hands vigorously. Another nurse came in - Jose, maybe? Emily was pretty sure she’d seen him in the physical wing of the hospital once or twice. He waved, stepping into a stall to change into scrubs. Emily made a quick smile at him. It felt fake, like a cheap Halloween mask, chafing the skin. Emily slipped her shoes back on. She grabbed the forms she’d need from John, and David handed her the folded envelope she’d left for Professor Esserethel. She walked to an empty office, flipping open the folder with Vivica’s chart. There were so many blanks on the first form. Name: Vivica Roth. Sex: Female. Age: ~30. Date of Birth: Unk. Race: W. Planet of Origin: Sc. Address: Perm. Hosp. Res., Rm. C181 Home Phone: N/A. Email: N/A. Patient’s Employer: N/A. Emergency Contact: N/A. Family: N/A. Approved Visitors: Prof. E., Laurelai Esserethel. Insurance: N/A. Marital Status: S. Language Preference: Eng. Hearing Impaired: Yes. Vision Impared: No. Allergies: N/A. Natural Investiture: fBz, aBz (Comp.). PMHx: Left ear, neck - severe burn damage; hearing in left ear impaired. Severe insomnia. Frequent hallucinations. Complete Bronze Compounding dependence. PTSD. Minor agoraphobia, severe pyrophobia. See psychiatric history for specific mental health treatment plan. Notes: Do not permit new items to remain in the room without a doctor’s approval, regardless of type. Vivica may attempt to use them to assault orderlies. Emily pushed the folder to the side and started filling out a suicide incident report form. It was the first time she’d had to fill one out personally. (1) Identifying Information Name: Vivica Roth Sex: Female. Age: ~30. Date of Birth: Unk. Planet of Origin: Sc. Address: Perm. Hosp. Res. (2) Suicidal Act Place: Einladung Hospital, CW, Rm. 181 Time: ~4:00am, 12 Scholus Method: Lacerations on right wrist; severed carotid artery; significant blood loss. Discovered by: Emily Azizi, ~7:15am (3) Psychiatric and Medical History Emily copied down the notes from Vivica’s chart. Vivica is - had been - such an interesting patient. You never knew what you were going to get with her. Left ear, neck - significant preexisting burn damage; hearing in left ear impaired. Severe insomnia. Frequent hallucinations. Complete Bronze Compounding dependence. PTSD. Minor agoraphobia, severe pyrophobia. Prone to mental breaks. Recent psychological evaluations indicated increases in emotional and mental stability. (4) Family Psychiatric History N/A (5) Personality and Lifestyle Often detached from immediate circumstances. Enjoys artistic expressions. Can have quick mood swings. Generally curious. Emily wiped a tear away before it fell onto the papers. She had a portrait Viv had done of her in some papers at her apartment. Vivica had given it to her on her birthday. (6) Typical Patterns of Reaction to Stressors Increased detachment from reality. Hallucinations. Mental breaks. (7) Recent Stressors Short temporary relocation due to earthquake. Attempted assault on nurse - non-malicious. (8) Role of Drugs or Alchohol N/A (9) Interpersonal Relationships Professor Esserethel, Laurelai Esserethel (10) Suicidal Ideation Assaults on others - rarely injures self. (11) Deterioration of improvement prior to death Mood and stability seemed more positive prior to death; handled stressors of earthquake and new visitors well. No obvious signs of emotional deterioration. Emily tried to think of anything Vivica had said the past week, any sign at all of her plans. The sharpened spoon meant she’d been planning this for some time, but Emily couldn’t think of anything out of the ordinary Viv had done. If anything, she’d seemed happier. She’d even said Bennington had been feeling particularly purple, which was generally quite positive for her, and Vivica wasn’t a good liar. There just didn’t seem to have been anything. Emily banged the desk. I should have seen something. This can’t have been out of nowhere. She picked up the envelope. Maybe Vivica said something in here that would explain why she did what she did. She toyed with it, then set it back down. She’d let the Professor read it first. Maybe Vivica had something to him that would help this make sense. Emily kept filling out paperwork, writing final notes and the date of death on form after form. She turned it in to John, and asked him to make sure Professor Esserethel got Vivica’s note. Eventually, a police officer came and asked her a few questions. A hospital psychiatrist left a voicemail on her mobile, trying to set up a meeting. She ignored it. She’d deal with it tomorrow. Katarina told her she should go ahead and head home, get out of the hospital for a bit. So Emily did. She drove home in her scrubs, walked in her apartment door without turning on the lights, shut the blinds, and went to sleep. @ZincAboutIt @Voidus
  3. @ZincAboutIt I am always amazed at how well you nail character in your art.
  4. Sounds like a good plan to me.
  5. @Fatebreaker Sanax is an Investiture sink - trying to Sooth him won't work. It would be like Soothing someone covered in aluminum.
  6. Sanax stared at the new arrival. There was something about this one - an echo of something familiar. Like hearing the sound of the Endless Ocean near Kasitor, or the creak of his office door hinge. Echoes of a location - like the sensation of a bat flying. Echoes, like the inside of a cave or an Alleyway. Like the sound of the darkness pulsing in the spike in his chest. Like a hammer, reverberating, clanging, beating metal into submission, only the metal was soft brains and twisted connections and blood, pouring and gushing and twisting. Sanax stumbled back against the wall, Vivica's pencil dropping from his hand. The pencil lead broke as it hit the floor, leaving dark particles on the ground. His eyes stared at the room around him as he sunk to the floor, sitting with his back against the wall, knees pressed up to his chest. He rocked back and forth. It was too much. The white lights. The doctor's coat on the victorious star. The time dilation, dust flitting around the bubble's edge, falling faster outside, forming a little ring of dust where the bubble intersected the floor. The blood on the papers in Vivica's hands, the just-broken smile on her face. The dark, curling hair of Reshilore, gold glinting in his hands, intense eyes hidden beneath a veneer of self-deprecation, the worldspike diagrammed on the paper in his hands. And the echoes of this girl, the resonances she brought. It was all too much. He stared, trying to remember, but everything was like a dream, with no beginning, no end. Just the festival and the hospital and the earthquake. The lights and the darkness and the echoes. And beneath it all, a maze, a labyrinth, a city of alleyways. Sanax leaned forward until he sat on his knees, face close to the tile. There was a pattern in its faint greys and whites and off-whites. He grabbed the pencil in his fist, snapping it in half. The lead stuck through end of the upper half, and he began to draw on the floor. A circle in the center, and a twisting pattern stretching out of it. Like arteries from a beating heart. Like ants from a mound. Like roads from a square. There were highways, and turnpikes, and roundabouts. Capillaries, and veins, and ventricles. An ouroboros snake seeking new food. The motion was familiar, calming. Sanax kept drawing, his face nearly pressed against the tile, drawing over dust and books, loose paper and fragments of the gypsum ceiling panels. And echoing in his head, a single word. Remember. He knew something, he knew it. But it wasn't there. It had to be somewhere in the drawing, somewhere in the graphite filling the tiny scratched world beneath him. @Ashbringer @Fatebreaker @kenod @ZincAboutIt Emily held Josie tight next to her as the aftershocks shook the room. They sat against the interior wall of the room, on pillows, with a blanket spread about them. Something had fallen in front of the door after Emily had gotten inside - a shelf or cabinet - and Emily couldn't wedge the door open. Spiderweb cracks filled the window, but miraculously, none of it had cracked. Josie was fine - she'd been coloring in bed, and had only been thrown forward a small amount. Sirens could be heard outside, so emergency services should be there shortly. Emily pulled out her phone. Cell service was down, but it seemed like the wireless connection the hospital provided was still working. Emily sent a message, letting the other nurses know where she and Josie were. She glanced down at the page Josie held out to her and drew a single line, creating the third side of a box. Josie laughed, closing the box, writing a careful heart inside the square, and then marking a tally on the opposite page. "I get a point! I'm winning by two now." Josie drew another line and placed the book back in Emily's lap. "Your turn again!"
  7. I like it.
  8. I really like your character design here, @Harbringer of Auroras. It's a great way to synergize two powers. If it's information that your character is interested in, especially with a background in experimenting, the Dark Alley would be happy to help to your character. Unlike the Ire, the Dark Alley encourages the pursuit of all knowledge, Investiture, insanity, and unknowable secrets, and are well-funded to help in those pursuits!* Unfortunately, my Dark Alley character is otherwise engaged, but there are plenty of Alleys and Denizens who can help you reach your potential. (*DA disclaimer applies)
  9. What if Virtuosity is the One of the Iriali? The Coppermind records, "The Iriali worship a god they call 'The One'. According to this belief, the One knew everything but had experienced nothing. And so the One became Many in order to experience all things. As each experience is different, it brings completeness to the One. Eventually, all will be gathered back in when the sum of land is attained and they will once again become One. Every person is a different mind of a single being experiencing different lives. As Many, they need ignorance. Each fragment of the One’s mind has its own body with different passions and inclinations. They exist in variety to experience all kinds of thought. That means some people must know and others must not. Just like some people must be rich and others poor." We are told in SP#3 that "Virtuosity splintered herself" near Painter and Yumi's planets. Why would a Shard splinter itself? Brandon said in a livestream that between the Shattering of Adonalsium and the Splintering of Virtuosity, she was "exploring the artistic expressions of the cosmere and choosing not to settle in one location." Perhaps she knew everything about the art of the cosmere as then present, but wanted to experience it herself. Perhaps this is why nightmares and the spirits Yumi sees are drawn to art. If true, this would mean the Iriali most likely left one of these two planets before going to Lumar and Roshar.
  10. Not a mod, so don't quote me, but I'm pretty sure that's a perfectly great idea. I think it isn't on the list because a Seon really isn't that powerful. Besides having the ability to have your Seon talk with other Seons or to send it somewhere you aren't, there really isn't any ability it grants. However, definitely a cool character attribute and can give you some good RP variety.
  11. I think HR would deal with mostly internal matters, so as long as PR is focused on non-DA relations, they'd probably be safe.
  12. Here's the policy on posts like this from the mods. Ah, ninja'd by Zinc.
  13. It's incredibly hard to find at all. I don't think there are any entities there, but a base there is definitely not a great idea. Besides no one in the base ever wanting to leave, there's a high chance of them killing each other to prevent anyone else from having access to the Chapel. It's a very nasty location to be. 0/10 stars, would not recommend.
  14. The contracts are with entities in the Alleys. Also, as Zinc mentioned, the Chapel of Rain is her creation and so anything there should get run by her. For approximately 99.99% of characters, interacting with it will result in you never leaving, so I wouldn't recommend it. Even high up DA members would struggle to ever escape.
  15. Love this idea. Although Mac created Cam, so I'm not sure if I'd want him on the other end of a bargain. I might end up as a defendant in a class action lawsuit brought by angry cthuloid entities.