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  1. tropes

    To be fair, there are very few democratic systems in our world that existed prior to the printing press and the Renaissance - rapid communication of ideas combined with technologies that made any late comers very disadvantaged. Prior to this, you have the Athenian democracy, which occurred in a small city-state for only around 200 years (and that democratic privilege was not extended to those the city exerted influence over). You also have the Roman Republic, which arguably was less democratic than Azir or the Lossand. Democracy also tends to function best when a nation is not under extreme crisis, when a powerful individual takes control to avert whatever is going on. Crisis is generally the condition that our books occur in. Until cosmere technology and communications catch up to Renaissance era in our world, I wouldn't expect democracy to be long lasting anywhere it did occur.
  2. Just read this old post from Mac. Almost foreshadows what Xanas did. I wish I could claim there was some correlation here, but Mac is just good at guessing.
  3. "You won't get very good reception with one of those, we'll have to hook it to a cell booster. I'll show you where you can make a call. As for a tour, not today. Perhaps another time, one on which I am in a more pensive mood." Xanas thought for a minute or two. Mike was certainly not ready for any investiture that came with Identity - his own was probably still too fragile. That rules out any spikes or any of the really fun experiments. Medallions would take too much time for far too little results without compounding, and that was basically the pedestrian way of being Invested. Aviar were far too picky eaters, and spren bonds were unusual without traveling to Roshar, which Xanas was unsure if he could he even do. He felt a pang of loss at the prospect of never again watching the dawn during a Weeping - the light and the dark mixing in such a beautiful fashion, but stuffed the emotion back into the recesses of his mind. He'd missed far too many Weepings to start caring now. The Dor was finicky in the Alleyverse, but perhaps he could - of course! "I've just thought of the right procedure for you, to help you and your friends. The Alleys have procured organic tissue samples which, when a current of the proper amperage is passed through them, simulate the capacities of the donor organism. They act in a similar manner to Invested fauna such as those of the Eelokin Islands, though they are uninvested in a technical sense. They do however, draw on an energy source not disimilar to a Shard, though manifestation of extranatural abilities is individually dependent on the genetics of the recipient. It's a non-invasive device, which should be more to your liking." Xanas paused, realizing he was still talking to a teenage boy. "I believe the colloquial name for them are Epic motivators?" @Sorana
  4. Here is the original post on the shard for reference - the creation of @Jofwu and @Paleo. I really like it as you are able to modulate what you want to read/see - Hoid connections, essential arcs, and formats. Of course it could be tweaked and made more visually streamlined, but it is quite good as is.
  5. Xanas nodded. He was a little disappointed - it was a bit short-sighted, considering friends can change and die, but then again, he was a teenager. Perhaps as he grew older, he would understand what was really important. "I can help with that. I suppose the first matter would be to find them. Wes, you said? Where would you want to meet him, and how would I tell him to meet you there?" @Sorana
  6. Ire (pronounced Eye-ree) is actually an Aonic word signifying age, and has no relation to the English "ire".
  7. Xanas watched as Mike vented. He waited patiently until Mike stopped talking, then said, "Do you know Kelsier's last words? 'I am the one thing you can never kill, Lord Tyrant. I am hope.'" Xanas paused for a moment before continuing. "You saw two shadows of presents that can never be. That's normal. No one ever sees a possible path they can become. That's not what I mean by choosing a path. I don't mean choosing to be a hero. Look at me, for goodness' sake. Do you know what I saw when I burned gold the last time? I saw dozens of me. I saw a young man, still weaving stories in a small town, content but naive. I saw the conqueror, a man with a few spikes who decided to return home and take power. I saw the surgeon and the scholar. I saw the assassin and the hero. I saw the god who ruled with benevolent tyranny. And I saw the monster I always knew I could become, the one who killed for enjoyment, vicious and biting and cold. I am not any of those men. But in a way, they are all me. I'm no hero, Mike. I don't even know if I can count as a good man. But at least I try to make to the world a better place, a more knowledgeable place. That is what I want to be, and that is what I have become. And here in these Alleys, I have found the power to make that wanting real. "So, Mike, what do you want to be? You're back in these Alleys, the ones that in many ways changed you from the men you saw into the man you are. These Alleys have the power to take you from who you are today to who you want to be tomorrow. You want to be naive again? We can do that. We can remove those spikes, wipe your mind, and send you back to live a quiet, small life, until you die. You want to be in a guild, to be an agent of someone else's will? We know people who would take you. You wish to rule? I know cities who would bow before someone with your power. You desire to be a warrior? We can train you. You desire knowledge? You have come to the right place. Whatever you desire to become, we can make you into it, but it has to be your choice, to make it mean anything. What do you want to be? "You have arrived at a crossroads today, Mike. Any path you take will leave another gold shadow in your past. What path do you want to see by burning gold, and which one do you want to see in the mirror?" @Sorana
  8. Well, Sanderson himself has referenced a hypothetical "Tanavastium" (and also here - between the two, the questioner also mentioned raysium and edglium as example god metal names) and trellium is a name created by the fan base (though Sanderson approved us using it). But based entirely off of canonical, in-book appearances, plus WoB as ancillary evidence, we have exactly three data points - atium, harmonium, and lerasium - and several potential data points in tanavastium, raysium, edglium, and trellium. Sanderson himself explained why ettmetal is an outlier in that group, and the remainder don't break the pattern. Hypothesizing a theoretical outlier to this trend is essentially unfounded. Occam's razor would lead us to believe that this simply isn't the case. I fail to see how Adonalsium's nature is relevant to the question - in either case, it's a convoluted train of logic at best leading to Aluminum. I am completely okay with you deciding on your own head canon, but to me, it just doesn't make sense in light of what we know. Sorry.
  9. I am honestly entirely unsure what you mean by this. The WoBs I quoted clearly demonstrate that, from Brandon Sanderson's perspective, Adonalsium came from Adonai, the Hebrew word for Lord. As far Harmonium, well, there is a WoB stating the reason it is different: I don't know why Adonalsium would have been called "Aluminados", had a metal associated with him called Aluminum, and then at the Shattering suddenly begin to be called Adonalsium - it's rare enough for people to know Adonalsium that there isn't really a reason for some secret name cover-up or anything. Personally, I think the OP is just a nice coincidence. Those do happen.
  10. I think that if Elantrians predate Elantris (which makes naming them somewhat confusing, but anyways), then Elantris itself wouldn't significantly effect the pre-Elantris Elantrians' appearance different than how we have seen distance do so. What happens if Raoden is in the Rose Empire? Or Galladon on Roshar? What do they appear as? As far as the OPs question goes, here's everything relevant I could find [spoilered for length]: tl:dr We just have very little information on even if anything predated the Splintering of Devotion and Dominion, but it was a really long time ago.
  11. I think in light of these two WoBs, the Aluminados idea is not highly likely to be true. It seems to me to be working backward from Aluminum to Adonalsium, which requires the theory to be true to be valid. Interesting thoughts, though. @wildcard09
  12. Xanas watched the scales recede, and Mike straightened, just slightly. His eyes took on a more determined look, and you could tell just by looking at him that some measure of confidence had grown within. Most people clambered for an opportunity to get Feruchemical gold, but in Xanas' opinion, sometimes, the Allomantic variety could heal far more potently. "You are very welcome, Mike," Xanas replied, "but, please, don't give me all the credit. There are many men who would do what you just did, and swear they would never again burn gold. They would despise the shadows they saw, hate the person they might have been. There are others who would wallow in self-pity for the rest of their lives, sneaking glimpses of a life they won't ever commit to living, mourning a present that will never be. Most men would dismiss what they saw. It takes true strength to learn from those shadows, to study who you might have been, and make a change in yourself." Xanas's eyes gazed into the darkness around them. "Most people are mere slaves to the circumstances. They drift along as ash on the wind, like spren drawn to someone else's flame. They claim to have free will, of course, but they never seem to act out of what is entirely expected. They live and they die, and history buries them as it does any other forgotten detritus. It's those of us who are unusual who really choose to be something. They are the ones who control their own fate. "It's like the old story of the Survivor of Hathsin, a man who would not be caged. A thief condemned to die, he fought his way to freedom. Where others feared to draw the ire of the Steel Inquisitors, he taunted and slew them. While others fought the tyranny of their God in whispers, he shouted. And where other men died to slay a koloss, he, dying, birthed revolution. And even in death, he refused to bow. He forged the irons that became the Scadrial of today, and scarce are those who do not know the name of Kelsier, Survivor of Death. "All men are surrounded by death. All men are weak, someway. All men come to the same ends. And when all is done, death and weakness and those ends consume them. You can fight and kick and scream, but they will come. But for those who choose their own path, well, they are the ones who find life amidst all the deaths, who uncover strength from within their weaknesses, who reach their destination and start on a new journey. That is what these Alleys, this world represent. They are a monument to sheer stubbornness, a refusal to bow to the paths which even nature itself has laid out for us. What is that old rhyme again? 'I saw two paths in a yellow wood' and all that. The only path worth walking is the path you forge yourself. But you can't walk a new path if you don't know the one you're on." Xanas looked back at Mike. "And sometimes, seeing that path takes a little help. So, Mike, indulge an old man's curiosity for just a minute. What pathways did you see in those shadows? What journey do you choose to be on?" Xanas smiled. I haven't told a story like that in a very long time. Not since I was a young Rosharan worldsinger, I think. @Sorana