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  1. I feel really bad that I died from the inactivity filter. I thought I had a couple more hours in the cycle, but alas. Anyway, props to my teammates for making the game last as long as it did.
  2. Hmm... I feel like Striker is trying to pocket me. I'll vote for him next cycle. However we're tied now, so Elandera and Venture , Coda. Sorry but De Tess is right. We need a lynch today.
  3. Well that backfired. Still, I accomplished my goal of getting people to vote. I've always been in favor of a Day One lunch, but the town was so reluctant to do it this game. I could have voted on another player, but that would tie up the vote, leading to no lynch. Therefore, I decided to blatantly sheep in order to provoke discussion. I've realized that votes don't start flying until someone has 2 on them, so I spread up the process. Unfortunately, all I managed to do was center the discussion on me. Whoops. I know I should vote in self defense, but the person I'm most suspicious of is Elandera. Sitting on the sidelines like that just ticks me off.
  4. The black market was full of whispers. In public, everyone was carrying on business as usual. One lone voice was calling for Charley's head, but that was the exception. Everyone didn't want to say what they were thinking. No one wanted to acknowledge the traitors among them. In private though? The whispers grew ever louder, each dealer getting more and more paranoid. This place was a powder keg, and it was only a matter of time before it blew. Even now, many people were discussing the best way to defend themselves. Perhaps a gun would be the ultimate weapon in the fight, but those were rare, and a knife seemed just as a good. Some would possibly hold out for protection, but a good offense would be a better defense. The traitors couldn't kill you if you killed them. I ignored the whispers. Back alley threats were never my strong suit anyway. Me? I prefer the direct approach. Waiting around too long, pretending that nothing was wrong would only lead to more hardship, more pain, and more suffering. Better to get it off your chest now, then wait later. Twibanu is calling for Charley's head, so let's get Charley's (Butt Ad Venture) head. Unless anyone objects, there's no point in waiting. I'll kill now, and I'll kill often, until I'm king of the bodies. That's a promise. So come on. Abandon your dark dens, and your webs of secrecy. It's past time to begin. This is a powder keg, and I'll gladly light the fuse.
  5. Vote Count: Lemonelon (5): De Tess, Wonko, Elandera, Elkanah, Coda Coda (2): Abstrusity, Lemonelon Well, guess my vote doesn't matter. Elandera is my only suspicion at present, so I'll put a vote on them.
  6. I'm wondering why Devotary had his type revealed. I had hoped that it was because he was lynched, but Darkness disproved that. Perhaps it was because he voted on himself.
  7. Ugh. I forgot how quickly these type of games move. Darkness Ascendant. I'm voting on you. As a Thug, you would know the Devotary lynch was pointless, so you would score village points if you fought against it. You also tried to direct suspicion towards Lumgol, who voted on the Elim, and is now confirmed good.
  8. Yikes, these votes are going all over the place. I think there's a train emerging on StrikerEZ, but I'm not sure if I should jump on it. Eh, I guess I will, in case the Elims have vote manipulation. StrikerEZ, nothing personal, but you're the best lynch candidate currently.
  9. That's a lot of sneak. Too much sneak. Darkness Ascendant is being too sneaky right now. No sneak for you.
  10. To whoever attacked me with a Shardblade last night. Ouch. I doubt the Ghostbloods have one, so we nearly had a Villager kill a Villager. In terms of lynching, I'll amp the pressure on Drake. I'm still suspicious of him, so hopefully this time we can get some traction.