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  1. Well, this is over. Elandera GG
  2. Okay, with less than 24 hours in the cycle, we only have three votes. @Haelbarde In your last suspicion post, you mentioned you had suspicions of both Rath and Elandera. Of the two, who do you view as more suspicious, and would you be willing to put a vote on one of them? @Snipexe You've claimed Smoker in thread. When did you first claim Smoker in your PMs? @Lumgol You mentioned it would be very easy to guess your role. Are you Tineye #2? @shanerockes You've been fairly active in the thread, but you haven't put a vote down in a while. Is anyone in the thread giving you weird vibes? @Doc12 You've mentioned that you trust people who know Misting claims. Could it be possible that the Inquisitor is hunting people who haven't claimed, in order to find more powerful roles? @Elandera You've placed a vote, and I agree with your suspicions. I don't have any questions for you really. @Fifth Scholar Your suspicion list is over half the players. Is there any way you can narrow that down? @Rathmaskal You've waffled on your suspicion on Bard. Has his post today lessened or increased your suspicion of him? @Young Bard You view Elandera as "going against the grain" with her suspicions. Which of her suspicions do you disagree with? @STINK You followed me in voting on Doc. Now that we know Snipexe is the other claimed Smoker, do you suspect him? I'd also like to caution about being hesitant to lynch Misting claims. It's highly likely that if we don't lynch the Inquisitor, we'll lynch a Misting by mistake. There's eleven players left, and we have to have a Lurcher, two Tineyes, and a Seeker, based on known evidence. That's 4/11 roles right there.
  3. Big oof for the Inquisitor. Still think it's Snipexe. If it's not him, maybe STINK?
  4. I have not. I didn't want to screw up scans.
  5. It's a bit pathetic that the Quick Fix is more active than this thread. Anyway, here's a spicy reveal. I am a Smoker, and have not revealed my role until now. I doubt there are two Smokers in the village, so I'm willing to bet that whoever claimed Smoker to Doc is actually the Inquisitor. I'm putting my vote on Doc so he reveals who else has claimed Smoker. If I'm wrong, we give the Inquisitor a potential Smoker, which in the grand scheme of things isn't the worst thing.
  6. Who claimed Smoker, and has their claim been verified by attempted vote manipulation? Since there's only one eliminator right now, we could easily verify such a claim.
  7. I doubt Lumgol is the Inquisitor. My reasoning comes from this post of Randuir's: Thus, I think Lumgol is a waste of a lynch. Really, you're voting on Doc? The same Doc who voted on Randuir Day 2? The same Doc who revealed to the thread the Seeker's result? That's who you've decided is suspicious? I highly doubt the case against them. My best guess for the Inquisitor is Devotary of Spontaneity. They are the only other player, besides Randuir, to vote on Striker but not vote on Randuir. In addition, they posted this once Randuir revealed. That seems especially suspicious in hindsight, given that we know Randuir was not a Mistborn but rather a Spiked.
  8. I'm out of town right now so I don't have much time to play. Apparently, Rand was scanned? Very well, Randuir
  9. Good idea. Araris Valerian you're being very active. Why do you think that everyone has gone inactive besides you?
  10. Based on Aman's comments, I deduced that he had some type of vote manipulation. I was worried about what would happen if he was converted. However, the GM has clarified that in either case, the person converted loses their original role. In my opinion, vote manipulation is very dangerous in Elim hands. Therefore, I would rather not lynch Aman, as that supposedly gives a 50% chance of vote manipulation to the Inquisitor. I'm going to vote on Fifth Scholar . While I agree with his points, he sounds like an Inquisitor trying to have Aman not throw the game.
  11. Question for the GM: If a Misting is converted, and gains the role of the lynched Misting, do they lose their original role?
  12. Correct, Shqueeves and Araris were the remaining Forgotten. Alvron was the Non-Rithmatist. The Shadowblaze, if used by the Forgotten, allows them to convert the Non-Rithmatist. If used on any other role, the Shadowblaze is destroyed.
  13. Blackbane stared at the Shadowblaze in disbelief. "Is that what I think it is?" "Yes." replied Elysian in a bored tone. "Would you like to see it up close?" "What do you..." Without warning, the Shadowblaze flew into Blackbane. He coughed, sputtered, and then, his eyes glowed white. "Forgotten!" cried Jerm Apple. From behind him, a low voice monotoned. "Took you long enough to figure it out." Jeeves stepped out of the shadows, and started strangling Jerm. Hordes of chalklings began pouring into the camp. The remaining three soldiers made a break for it. Unfortunately, Lumgol wasn't fast enough, and was quickly devoured. "What do you want us to do with the other two?" asked the Forgotten inhabiting Blackbane's body. "They're of no consequence to us. We have all the Dynamite, so there's not threat to the Tower." declared Elysian."The Circle has been shattered. We have won." The camp was Overrun! Lumgol was killed in the chaos. They were a Rithmatist Ventyl was killed. They were a Rithmatist Someone was turned into a Forgotten! The Forgotten outnumber the Rithmatists. There is no way for the remaining Rithmatists to win, so the game is over. Player List: