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  1. Well, it's painfully obvious that the village has probably lost this game. Still, I'll put a probably symbolic vote on Mr. Doctor, and pray for forgiveness from the Contribution Crusade.
  2. Oh whoops, let me edit that real quick.
  3. Well, if we only have 24 hours, we might as well make them count. Let's try to eliminate people who aren't voting first. Both Cycles: Gancho Libre, Cadmium Compounder, Devotary of Spontaneity Cycle 1: Coop, Droughtbringer, Kidpen, Megasif, Shqueeves Cycle 2: Snipexe, Elandera, Sart, I think I am here, Mr. Doctor No vote: Crimsn Wolf, Stink, Deathclutch19, Xinoeph512 I'll put a vote on Deathclutch, at least for now.
  4. Yeah, this game is going way too fast for me. Normally, QFs have 24 hour days, but they also have 24 hour nights. This game combined the two, so it's going twice as fast. Should we extend turns to 48 hours?
  5. Right so, I basically did a huge IKYK back there. I was trying to gauge reactions on what would happen if I dropped my mobile. Theoretically, an eliminator would leave my room, in order to not look suspicious by taking an item. However, that didn't happen, so I'm left to judge based on the meager responses to my PM. It probably didn't help that I concocted my plan late into the cycle. Still, of the people who responded, I'm most suspicious of Megasif. His response was a courteous thanks for letting me know. However, that would have been late at night for him, as rollover is 5AM for him. Thus, he's staying up too late playing the game, making me suspect that he is an eliminator, eagerly awaiting the results of the kill. It's weak logic obviously, but I don't have too much else to go on.
  6. @BrightnessRadiant Does moving rooms count as an action? Just making sure you can't kill then leave in the same cycle.
  7. Signing up as Father Fuchsia. Edit: How does one get items in this game?
  8. Made some revisions to the quick fix game I'm going to eventually run. The Melee (QF Game) Flavor: Every year, students from Armedius Academy participate in a free-for-all tournament known as the Melee. You're going to be one of those students, hoping to take top prize. Rules: This is a free-for-all game. There are no teams in this game. The last man standing wins the cup. If the game ends with all players dying, the person who survived longest with the most kills will be the winner. Cycles are 24 hours long, but have no day-night distinctions. Each cycle, you can do one of the following actions. Line of Forbiddance: Protect a player (usually yourself) from one attack. Line of Vigor: Attack another player. Line of Making: Send chalklings at another player. They cannot do any actions during the next cycle. The order of actions is Forbiddance, then Vigor, then Making. Cycle 0: The first cycle will be different than the rest. It will be 48 hours long, and PMs will be open for everyone to strategize in. You must choose one of the following defenses. Ballintain Defense (4-point circle) The quickest defense. You can no longer defend yourself, but your attacks deal double damage. Matson Defense (6-point circle) The standard defense. This defense has no drawbacks, but no advantages either. Taylor Defense (9-point circle) The hardest defense to set up. You can't take any actions Cycle 1, but if you make it to Cycle 2, you gain an extra life. Be wary! If more than a third of the players chooses one defense, people will be expecting it, so half the players who choose that defense will be eliminated before Cycle 1 starts.
  9. Vote Count: Steeldancer (1): Elandera Young Bard (1): Mailliw Kidpen (1): Fifth Scholar I'm ignoring the votes on the GM. If those don't count, we're letting the Spirits get away with a free kill. That's not what we want in the slightest. So, to prevent shenanigans I'm going to vote on Young Bard. Hopefully, Joe will take the fall instead, but I would rather lynch someone who hasn't posted than someone who has.
  10. Independents have the ability to PM people without an action, so they would theoretically PM everyone 1 on 1 conversations.
  11. Did we break the game on Day 1? According to the rules, the Spirits only have two players to start with. We reveal who is in each faction, and the independents make a PM with everyone. If the Spirits didn't start in a faction, they are outed, so we lynch one and sic the madmen on the other. Perhaps they can get one conversion off, depending on order of actions. Either way, we deal a major blow to them. The main catch is, did the Spirits start in another faction to start with? Well, if one villager was in two factions, then it's certainly possible. If you are in two factions, just reveal it straight away, so we can stop this idea. Like Mailliw says, if they have already infiltrated us, we wouldn't lose that much. They would just separate who the Independents are from the third faction. I don't see much risk in doing this.
  12. Just a heads-up, I won't be very active the first week. It's just a busy week of classes. Actually, I haven't signed up yet. Call me Rat.
  13. Unfortunately, I believe Phattemer to be a misguided villager. On Day 2, Kidpen expressed suspicion of Phattemer and Steeldancer. In addition, the vote swung from Phattemer to Kidpen on Day 3, which I attribute to Phattemer in no small part. However, he's gone a bit mad with power. After Araris died, he decided that the Synod was Spike free, since the hopefully only Spiked member died. Thus, on Night 3, he tried to do a culling of everyone he thought was suspicious, using the Synod's power to its fullest extent. He hired an assassin to kill Worldhopper, arrested me, and had the other members send kill actions against me. Luckily for myself, you were targeted instead. As I've said before, I disagree with Pattemer's assumption that the kill placed on you was from the Spiked. There's numerous holes in that argument. The biggest hole, in my opinion, is we can't ask the dead people what they tried to do. It's entirely possible that Rathmaskal was the one trying to kill you. While I am village, his argument isn't air tight. All it means is that I wasn't the one to place the Elim kill Night 3. Moreover, we cannot be certain of the Synod's lack of Spikes. Both the person they assassinated and the person they tried to kill were both villagers. Well, I know I'm a villager at least. Still, my point is that there still could be Spiked among the Synod, and we shouldn't clear anyone based off that evidence. We're nearing the end game, one way or another.
  14. Fair enough. While I still think it's possible that he was storing Pewter and Bronze, I still can't think of a good reason why he would protect himself by tapping one charge. So, I'll remove my vote on Cadmium Compounder. I've already pointed out why I don't think Steeldancer is evil, so I'll be avoiding that particular lynch train. I would rather not vote for a new player, and so I'm not very suspicious of Ark. That only leaves one suspect. I really don't like the list Jondesu keeps using. It seems arbitrary at best, as it includes phattemer and randuir, who I both consider fairly village. His main exoneration was him voting for Cadmium last cycle, but if Cadmium is telling the truth, that's not a point in his favor.
  15. Just to be clear, did you gain an extra life, or did you just protect yourself Cycle 3?