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  1. Ron, things are heating up. Logmul is displaying excellent form. Notath looks like he's in trouble now. Notath is opting for a strong offense here, but nothing is getting through. Logmul's Taylor defense is just too strong! Logmul gets in the finishing blow! Notath is knocked out of the game. Take a closer look Tom. Logmul has also been knocked out! Notath was acting as a distraction, while an ally took out Logmul Outstanding strategy, but it still resulted in his elimination. We're down to the final four. Who's going to take home the cup? It's hard to say, so I'm going to keep my eyes peeled. This Round will end on Wednesday, January 16th, at 4:00PM EST. Let's see who will rise to the top. Player List:
  2. Round is now closed.
  3. It appears that we've got two teams forming. What's your opinion on their compositions? Well, they've rather strategically let their Ballintain players lead the offense. Of course, that means the Ballintain players are taking a heavy beating. Pete and Newt are going head to head. It's looking dicey for both of them. And Pete takes down Newt! What an impressive Line of Vigor. Wait, what's this? Looks like Newt managed to take down Pete as well. He ricocheted a Line of Vigor off of 2 Lines of Warding, hitting Pete in a weak spot. It's a shame that these talented players have been eliminated. Still, the field continues to get narrower. Only 6 people left. It's sure to be a nail-biter. This round ends on Tuesday January 15th at 4:00 PM EST. Player List:
  4. Round is over.
  5. Wow Ron, just look at Drake Marshall go! He's really putting that Ballintain to good use. Indeed. Just look at those beautiful lines of Vigor, slicing through Matist Rist's final line of defenses. I think he might be a favorite to win this, but what's this? Jeeves has attacked him from behind. Drake is out of the game! Oh my, we were not expecting that turn of events. And now Jeeves is out as well! That's the price to pay for devoting everything to attacking. Snip is learning that lesson the hard way. He was able to take out Amil last round, but that left him exposed. He's down for the count. And with that, only eight Rithmatists remain. Who will take home the win? This round will end on Monday, January 14th at 4:00 PM EST. And as always, get in your actions. Player List:
  6. Round is closed.
  7. Oh my goodness, things are really heating up. Ron, give us a play-by-play. Amil is desperately fighting back against Elysian's assault. Elysian's putting up some serious pressure, but, oh no! He gets shot from behind by Loren Menza. Tough luck there. Amil breathes a sigh of relief, but what's this? His circle's been broken as well! Someone sneaked in and eliminated him! Fate can change at a moment's notice. Speaking of which, it looks like someone took out Loren. The eliminations are spiraling out of control. Tendin Throk and Rose Shol have both been eliminated. This is getting crazy. Bad news Tom. It looks like Vao Temer's Defense was a bit dodgy. A stray LIne of Vigor broke it. He should have been paying more attention. This has been an avalanche of chalk dust. I can't wait to see what happens next. Let's see how the survivors recuperate after this. This round will end at 4:00 PM EST on Sunday January 13. Get your actions in folks, I've already killed one person from the inactivity filter. Player List:
  8. Round is now closed.
  9. And we're off. The students are frantically drawing their defenses. Ron, what do you think about their choices. Well, it looks like the students are taking their time, making sure to cover their weak points. The downside of that is... Speak of the devil. It looks like Miffed was taking too long drawing, and that led to an early ambush. Look, on the other side of the field! Apla yer, who was so confident going into this fight, has been eliminated! I guess pride comes before a fall. It looks like the players have developed some secret codes to... Oh wait! It looks like that wild chalking has been eliminated. How did it even get on the field? I don't know Tom, but with only three players out. It's still anybody's game. This round will end in 24 hours, at 4:00 PM EST on Saturday, January 12. Be sure to get your actions in. Player List:
  10. And that's time. Give me a second for the write-up.
  11. Ladies and gentlemen, this is the moment you've waited for! It's time for the melee! 21 Rithmatists enter, but only 1 will emerge victorious. I can't handle the excitement. Ready, set, melee!!! PMs are now closed. Please submit in your role PMs what action you are taking. This cycle ends on Friday, January 10, 4:00 PM EST. Good luck everyone.
  12. Preparation is over. Time for the match!
  13. On secret codes: Before anyone gets ahead of themselves, it's important to remember this rule from the general rules thread. Basically, don't use outside sites to hash and encode messages. Flavor wise, you're yelling at each other in the arena. Using code words is fine. One idea would be having the first letter in your first word correspond to a player number. I'm sure you guys can come up with even more interesting ways to conceal your intent. However, I must stress that using outside programs is forbidden. Use your own talents, and everything will be fine.
  14. Well folks, 21 fantastic Rithmatists are entering the arena, but only 1 will emerge as the champion. Tom, the excitement in here is deafening. Can you talk a bit about the strategy that's involved here? It's all about defense Ron. Do you play it safe and risk an imperfect circle, or do you rush into battle, hoping to overwhelm your opponents? It's always a tough decision. And we certainly can't forget about politics. Making alliances is crucial to surviving the early stages. Still, there's nothing preventing sudden betrayals. That just makes it interesting. Indeed. As a reminder, in your role PM, please respond with what defense you would like to draw. For 48 hours, and only for these 48 hours, PMs are open. Make sure to include both myself and Alvron in them. This round lasts 48 hours, and will end on Thursday, January 10, 2018 at 4:00 PM EST. Good luck. Player List: