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  1. Game Docs: Forgotten Conspiracy Doc Halls of the Master (Dead Doc) Master Spreadsheet
  2. The camp cornered Kaniae Moreau. "We know you're the last Forgotten!" shouted Elysian. "Just give it up already." added Tria Noche. Kaniae scowled. "Humans, always so unpredictable. Do you really think you've won? We've decimated your numbers. What can six survivors do against an army of Forgotten?" "We'll adapt and learn, just like we always have." spoke Evan Wallace. A random bystander nodded silently, head down in her book. "We'll fight on till our last breath!" argued Tia Vuur. "And when all is said and done, we'll desecrate your corpses." whispered the Servant of the Mad God. With no way out, Kaniae sighed. "I accept my defeat." Her body writhed, and exploded in a mass of chalklings. The survivors had won this battle. Now, it was time to win the war. Vote Count: Devotary of Spontaneity (5): Gears, Archer, Burnt Spaghetti, Araris Valerian, Mist Gears (1): Devotary of Spontaneity Devotary of Spontaneity was court-martialed. She was a Forgotten. The Rithmatists and Non-Rithmatist have won! Items Taken: Final Camp Supply: Player List:
  3. Well, we didn't hear from Random Bystander, but I'm comfortable ending it here. That's the game.
  4. The Night was quiet. Perhaps daunted by the slaughter of their masters, the Wild Chalklings horde only timidly nibbled at the Camp's Defense, being repelled at every turn. The town was on guard, and they prevented any more death. No one died! Camp Supply: Player List: If all the players are amenable, we could end the Day early on February 22nd at 8 PM CST. If anyone objects, the Day will end at its usual time of 8 PM CST on February 23rd.
  5. That's the end of the Night.
  6. After comparing notes, the Camp had everything figured out. The man nicknamed Books was clearly responsible for Duncan's death. He protested arguing that the Servant of the Mad God could have technically done it as well. His pleas fell on deaf ears though. The Camp strung him up, and when white leaked from his eyes, they knew they were on the right track. Vote Count: Flyingbooks (6): Gears, Archer, Burnt Spaghetti, Araris Valerian, Devotary of Spontaneity, Mist Gears (1): Flyingbooks Flyingbooks was court-martialed. They were a Forgotten. Items Taken: Camp Supply: Player List: The Strength of the Wild Chalklings is at 1. This Night will end at 8 PM CST on February 21st.
  7. That's the end of the day.
  8. Duncan saw the Forgotten coming. Of course they were coming for him. He had led the remainder of this camp, and now they wanted to topple the figurehead. It made perfect sense. He took a deep breath. Wyatt whispered in his ear, "You knew this was coming." Duncan shook the hallucination off. If this was the night he was to die, so be it. The town woke to a battlefield. The remnants of an epic Rithmatic duel were chalked into the earth. Unfortunately, Duncan Kerr had lost his final bout. And now his watch was ended. Kasimir has died. He was a Rithmatist. Camp Supply: Player List: This Day will end on February 20th, at 8 PM CST.
  9. That's the end of the night.
  10. Daughter of the prime forest stalked through the camp, letting the plants around her grow, spreading their leaves to the sky. She was so tired. So tired of being here, in this godless world, with this constant buzzing in her head. People with lanterns were coming nearer, and she slipped behind one of the tents, watching them pass. She let out a deep breath. She needed to find the Servant of the Mad god… hopefully he would be able to get her out of here… The voices returned, coming closer, closer… And then they were upon here, with those horrible clocks and horrible torches. The mob grabbed her, dragging her away, but as they did so, Daughter began to hear a distant sound, almost imperceptible. It was the whispers of dreams as one slipped off to sleep. The terror of waking in the middle of the night covered in cold sweat. The evil thing inside of her tried to fight back, nearly grabbing a Gun. However, the mob was too fast, and didn't let her have it. It shrieked in rage, as the crowd quickly eradicated the Forgotten among them. The rest of her consciousness pulled away just as the portal opened up below her and she fell, spinning through the void. She landed with a soft thump on the grassy field in the middle of The Village, before standing up and dusting the chalk dust off her. The grass twisted around her legs, glad to have her back. Thanks for the Death RP Lotus Vote Count: Lotus (5): Gears, Archer, Araris Valerian, Devotary of Spontaneity, Kasimir Burnt Spaghetti (1): Flyingbooks Flyingbooks (1): Mist Lotus was court-martialed, and was killed in the struggle over the gun. They were a Forgotten. Items Taken: Camp Supply: Player List: The Strength of the Wild Chalklings is at 2. This Night will end at 8 PM CST on February 18th.
  11. That's the end of the day.
  12. Faleast was puzzled by this place. He had come seeking power, but there were clear gaps of understanding among the populace. For starters, why was there this temple in the middle of Nebrask? He had found no such record of such a place, and yet there were several maps guiding them there. Why? He resolved to explore this sanctum further. Down into the depths, he found plenty of chalk, but still no answers. He was trying to examine a curious mural, when someone sprang up behind him. He swore, but was not fast enough. The keepers of this universe were dissatisfied, and he would be their next victim. Ashbringer was killed. He was a Rithmatist. Item Supply: Player List: This Day will end on February 17th at 8 PM CST.
  13. The night is over.
  14. The camp was at a loss. Duncan, the most senior among them, suggested the quiet man reading as a suspect. Although other options were presented, the camp trusted Duncan, and decided to follow his lead. Unfortunately, his intuition proved incorrect. The suspect was innocent, although he was hoarding Chalk. One was colored very vibrantly, as if it was warding off the darkness. Could this help the camp fend off the growing Chalkling threat? Only time would tell. Vote Count: Shard of Reading (4): Gears, Ashbringer, Devotary of Spontaneity, Kasimir Mist (2): Flyingbooks, Araris Valerian Araris Valerian (2): Archer, Mist Shard of Reading was court-marshaled. They were a Rithmatist. Items Taken: Camp Supply: Player List: This Night will end on February 15th at 8 PM CST. The Strength of the Wild Chalklings is at 3.