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  1. Since the rules were changed to make the Crystal Knight conversion every other cycle, I suspect there's another Crystal Knight among us. Your vote nearly led to an arrest rather than a lynch. If I hadn't voted, this wouldn't have been such a huge win.
  2. Well, in the interest of self-preservation, Elkanah, I guess. I understand Coda might have a lower activity play style than I would like, but I wasn't expecting that much backlash for the vote. I was trying to make a call to action, not a call to lynch me. Several people argued the lynch was strange, but now it's up to someone who posted their vote as a joke in the lead. I know Day 1 can be a bit chaotic, but this seems more chaotic than usual. I suppose that's to be expected when we write the rules ourselves, but we should hopefully be able to get something out of this.
  3. Hmm... Codes... The Coder... Dakota... North Dakota... South Dakota... West Dakota... Coda! Obviously, guilt by word association is the worst kind of guilt. For more serious reasoning, I find it concerning that this is Coda's only post that's not encrypted. Agreeing with everything means standing for nothing. In the immortal words of Calvin Coolidge By saying nothing and spreading no suspicion, Coda is trying to avoid harm, like a suspicious Crystal Knight or Smedry might do. For that reason, I vote for you.
  4. I'll sign up. I'd like to add some more roles to the party. Trouble Magnet: You were born unlucky, and trouble gravitates towards you. Once per cycle, target a player. If they are of a different alignment than you, both you and your target die. Gossiper: You've heard juicy secrets, and now you have to spill the beans. Once per cycle, create a temporary PM with yourself and as many other people as you want in it. This ignores the restriction on group PMs. The PM is closed at the end of the cycle.
  5. Oh no. Tables, the enemy of lists! (If you got that reference, congratulations, you're an old timer.) I'm not inclined to vote for Shaney Boy ( @shanerockes ). No one's seen head or tail of him since Monday. (He hasn't been on the Shard since then) Let's not forget this game has an inactivity filter of two days. If he doesn't talk in the next three hours, he'll freeze to death in his room. There's no sense throwing out a walking corpse. Jester ( @Ironfire ) was seen 6 hours ago, so he's got no excuses. If he doesn't want to die, he'll have to come out and talk. Of course, if he's been active in PMs, he won't freeze to death tonight, but that will make him way more suspicious in my eyes. For right now it's not worth a vote. I am going to be voting on Rathmaskal. Mostly gut feeling if I'm being honest, but I wish I had voted for them instead of Striker last round. Today, they've been throwing out half suspicions, but they aren't voting for anyone, which makes me think they're an eliminator trying to guide the village to the wrong target without getting blood on their hands.
  6. Captain Hindsight here with an important objection. We probably won't have any good reasons for voting on people. We can make logical guesses, but at the end of the day, they are just guesses. We might get lucky and have a Priest, but that's not something we can rely on. Even if all we have are gut feelings, that's enough to warrant a vote. Sometimes our gut is more accurate than we imagine. Even if our gut is wrong, voting helps suss out leads, and enables more analysis. So please, vote. We cannot win if everyone sits on the fence. To that end, we should discuss who we are voting for. The discussion today has centered around the possibility of the Followers not knowing each other. I've made my position clear, and believe that they either know each other, or have some way of learning each other's identities. The majority of the village appears to support that position. Lesa (DeTess) is the vocal minority, and is arguing that we should assume the Followers do not know each other. I wanted to kick Lesa out for this opinion, but my resolve wavers. If I were a Follower, I would follow the majority, rather than be part of the minority. Therefore, I am suspicious of Shien (StrikerEZ). They have made two posts on the subject, both favoring the majority, without adding anything else to the conversation. @StrikerEZ has been seen on the Shard today, but has not posted anything. For these reasons, my vote goes to him. I would also like to see more from @Rathmaskal, who has also been on the Shard, but hasn't posted.
  7. Behold, I am here! I had forgotten the quick fixes are now on super time speed. Back in my day, the days and nights weren't combined, so we had 48 hour cycles for these games. It means I have even less time to make a decision. But behold, I have come to a conclusion. I am suspicious of Lesa (DeTess). Why, you may ask, my fellow citizens? Because, he is arguing that the followers do not know each other, and thus we cannot analyze lynch trains. To that, I say poppycock. Even if the Elims do not know each other to start, they probably can identify each other somehow, probably by some among them being priests! We do not know that the cultists know each other, but likewise, we also cannot assume the cultists do not know each other. Lesa has immediately jumped to a conclusion. i believe he is actually a cultist who does not know his fellow cultists, which is why he is so certain of his position.
  8. So I was watching a let's play of a Japanese horror game, and realized that the death game featured in it is basically Mafia, with a couple of neat twists. So, I figure I should adapt the game into a game for us to play. Here is a link to the original game. Warning: The game is very bloody and gore filled. Viewer discretion is advised. Your Turn To Die (QF Edition): Synopsis: You have become trapped in an insane death game for unknown reasons. Will you survive long enough to escape, or will you be forced to betray the other participants? In the end, it all comes down to a majority vote. Basic Gameplay: The game is played in 48 hour cycles, broken up into two 24 hour phases. Every cycle, there is a 24 hour Nomination Phase, where candidates are selected, and a 24 hour Voting Phase, where one of the candidates is brutally killed. Everyone's win condition is the same: Escape the killing game. After a certain number of cycles (dependent on player count) all survivors will escape. At the start of every Cycle, the Roles will be redistributed among all living players. There are four Roles: Commoner, Keymaster, Sage, and Sacrifice There will be one Keymaster, Sage, and Sacrifice during each cycle. All other players will be Commoners. All voting during the game is anonymous. In your character PM, send the GM your vote. If you vote in the thread, it will be counted, but if you vote in thread, and have a different vote in your PM, the PM vote takes precedence. Phases: Nomination Phase: Vote for any player to be a candidate in the Voting Phase. At maximum, half of the living players, rounded down, will be selected as candidates. Players with the most votes will be selected as candidates first. If you have 0 votes, you will not be a candidate. Ties will be decided randomly. For instance, if A had 4 votes, B had 1 vote, C had 1 vote, D had 0 votes, and E had 0 votes, A would definitely be a candidate, and one of B or C would be another candidate. If A had all the votes, only A would be a candidate. Voting Phase: Vote for one candidate to brutally execute. Both candidates and non-candidates get to vote. Only candidates can be voted on. Non-candidates are safe. In the previous example, if B won the coin flip, only A and C would be eligible for the lynch. Roles: Commoner: Commoners have no special powers. If a Commoner is lynched, they die along with the Sacrifice. If two or more Commoners are tied for the lynch, the result will be decided randomly. Keymaster: If the Keymaster is lynched, all players die. If the Keymaster is tied for the lynch with any other role, all players die Sage: At the start of the Nomination phase, the Sage is told who the Keymaster is. The Sage cannot lie regarding the identity of the Keymaster. They can, of course, choose to keep silent about their information. If the Sage is lynched, they die along with the Sacrifice. If the Sage and a Commoner are tied for the lynch, the Sage will be lynched. Sacrifice: The Sacrifice is forced to betray the other participants in order to escape the killing game. If the Sacrifice is not lynched, they die. If the Sacrifice is lynched, they choose one other person. The Sacrifice and the person they chose escape the killing game, but all other players die. If the Sacrifice is tied with a Commoner or the Sage, the Sacrifice takes precedence. If the Sacrifice is tied with the Keymaster, the Keymaster takes precedence. The Sacrifice has two votes during the Nomination and Voting phases. They can divide them or put them on the same person.
  9. Behold, Captain Late Sign-Up has arrived! With his powers of procrastination, he'll save the day... eventually.
  10. Hold up, Xino is trying to hammer. Araris Valerian to Xinoehp512 If Xino is telling the truth, why would he vote with Araris Day 2, after scanning him as a Traitor? That's a blatant contradiction.
  11. What? What? Okay, unless the Elims have the votes to win the game, this makes no sense. Xinoehp512 to Araris Valerian
  12. Vote Count: Sart (1): Kynedath Araris (1): Xinoehp512 StrikerEZ (1): Elkanah Abstrusity (1): Araris Another cycle of sporadic voting. I'm not going to help matters by voting on Xinoehp, but he's my biggest suspicion at the moment. I could definitely see a team between him and Elkanah. He broke the tie to save them, and I haven't been getting good gut vibes from either of them. Add that he is voting on Araris, who I currently lean village on, and I have my suspect. I was assuming no one had roles, because on Day 1 two people without roles were lynched. However, that is clearly not the case, as I was roleblocked and we had our Gunner die. Given that the Elims probably have a gun, this is going to be do or die. I hope my read on Xinoehp is right, but we need to have a backup plan. If you have enough chits, buy a gun ASAP. If you don't have enough chits, consider passing your chits to someone else.
  13. Araris Valerian (1): Fifth Scholar Sart (1): Kynedath Elkanah (2): Kidpen, Abstrusity Kidpen (3): The God King, Rathmaskal, Araris Valerian Zillah (1): Elkanah Well, this is interesting. I was going to propose that this might be a vanilla only game, but I was roleblocked so that's impossible. It appears the lynch up to now has concentrated on those who voted to arrest Coda. Personally, I support that action. Game activity sags when people don't post, so from a meta perspective, I like having Contribution Crusade lynches. That does not bear on alignment, but it does speak to a level of activity that I support. So, what now? The two candidates leading the vote are the ones who broke the tie. Honestly, I have no idea at this point who to vote for, but I always put a vote down because it's the right thing to do from a meta perspective. I'm just tired. I've never understood how people can discern who is lying, and who is telling the truth in these games. I've never had the right knack for it. I rely mechanic synergies to better suit my strengths, but that fails in situations like these. We have only one vote train that got anywhere last cycle, and I need to somehow find the culprit from that scant evidence. It's frustrating, and it feels like I'm frustrated more by the meta-construct of Sanderson Elimination than anything else. So I'm just going to take a guess, and say Elkanah. I may be disengaging with Sanderson Elimination, but it's still the game I signed up to play. I don't like how they've generated several codes in thread that don't do anything. They're just fun for decoding, but they don't help the game itself. It feels like we're more interested in something other than the game we signed up to play. This post has gotten really bitter. Sorry, it's been a long day. Let's see how this vote shakes things up.
  14. It is a bit of a mayor plan, I admit. I wanted something that would start discussion, so I tried to come up with a plan to debate. The Elim kill is a role action, meaning that they can both pass their chit and make the kill at the same time. Plus, if they get chits for RP or discussion, they might be able to buy the gun Cycle 2. That's fairly quick, and that concerns me. It's not game breaking by any means, but it definitely gives them an advantage. You do bring up a good point that the plan requires 100% activity, which is probably a fatal flaw. Speaking of inactivity, I saw Shanerockes lurking in the thread, but he didn't post anything. It's worth a poke vote.
  15. Sam "Silver Fox" Navallo tried to examine the contraband problem. The rebels had a clear advantage when it came to funds, because they would be able to give chits to one another. This would allow them to illegally obtain a pistol, which would have lethal consequences. Was there anyway to stop that from happening? He had to come up with a plan. After all, he was the Silver Fox, known for his inventive stratagems. So, how could they prevent money from being handed over? If everyone had an alibi, they could confirm that no one was channeling funds. He thought through the item distribution. He was assuming no one had started with a hovercar as those were prohibitively expensive. Radio usage was easy enough to confirm. The other party just had to respond, and then that alibi would be set. Obviously, a pistol would have lethal side effects, so he was not in favor of resorting to violence yet. A light lash could apprehend criminals, so they would be useful if used properly. Plus, the person who was ensnared could confirm the action. However, what of the people who started with no items? No one could confirm if they were funneling their money elsewhere. His eyes gleaned as he came up with a strategy. If those without items gave just 1 chit away to the person next to them, it would confirm that they weren't funneling all their money to their teammate. It was an imperfect stratagem, but it would do in a pinch. By using all available items, they would hamper the rebels enough to prevent needless bloodshed. TLDR: If you have items, use them. If you don't, give 1 chit to the person below you in the player order.