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  1. To whoever attacked me with a Shardblade last night. Ouch. I doubt the Ghostbloods have one, so we nearly had a Villager kill a Villager. In terms of lynching, I'll amp the pressure on Drake. I'm still suspicious of him, so hopefully this time we can get some traction.
  2. While there is an inactivity filter, Xinoehp was avoiding it by posting this. He wouldn't have died from the filter, and could have skated by stealing more items. And since he was the Thief, I doubt he started with any items, so he probably stole the Reverser he died with Night 1. So I really don't feel bad about lynching him, although I would rather have lynched a Ghostblood.
  3. We only have two hours left, and I'm currently leading the lynch. Great... I could tie the lynch up against StrikerEZ, but I'm getting village vibes from him. Instead I'm going to vote on Xinoehp. I don't like it, because it feels like a waste of a lynch, but we can't keep doing this. He's got a history of being inactive in almost every game when he's signed up. It drives me crazy. This is a vote on principle, and we can't keep rewarding this type of behavior.
  4. Vote Count: Sart (2): Coda, Amanuensis StrikerEZ (1): Elbereth Hemalurgic Headshot (1): Araris Valerian Elbereth (1): StrikerEZ Straw (1): Hemalurgic Headshot Tleir was somewhat worried that she might end up lynched, as she was the only person with two votes. In addition, Leiken (Amanuensis) had shot a hole in her theory. The Ghostbloods could have killed Ellarel (Elandera) for her Pain Knife, rather than to quell discussion. Still, she didn't want to abandon her theory. Rather, she wanted to focus on one specific person among those who lynched Hymnyes (Butt Ad Venture). Brightlord Ekard (Drake Marshall). There were three points against him. One was simply her gut. The man's tone just seemed off to her. Second, he kept his vote on Hymnyes jokingly in retaliation. That seemed to go against the man's character. Finally, and most importantly, were the words of the dead. Both Hymnyes and Ellarel suspected Ekard at one point. And yes, while being confirmed good, did not equal being confirmed right, where there is a dropped stone, there would be ripples. For these reasons, Tleir had decided to vote for Ekard.
  5. "If I might interject, I have a theory on why the Ghostbloods killed Ellarel. Simply put, they are trying to kill discussion. Most of our debate was centered on Ellarel and Hymnyes yesterday. By killing both candidates, they are trying to make that day's discussion meaningless. However, I think we can glean more from this. Suppose the Ghostbloods killed someone else last night. Naturally, suspicion would fall on the people who voted on Hymnyes, a confirmed Noble, rather than those who voted on Ellarel who would still be of unknown alignment. That should have pleased the Ghostbloods, as they could have framed Ellarel and made us kill one of our own. There was a risk though. Suspicion could have shifted to someone else who voted on Hymnyes. After all, Ellarel only voted on Hymnyes in self-defense at the last second. If there was a Ghostblood among those voting for Hymnyes, that could prove disastrous. My theory is that the Ghostbloods were trying to avoid that outcome. By eliminating Ellarel, they shifted blame away from the people voting on Hymnyes. That is where I would concentrate my investigation on."
  6. Oh screw it. Elandera. I trust the people voting on them slightly more than the people voting on Venture.
  7. These Roshari made more ripples than a rock in the Purelake. Tleir was having trouble keeping track of it all. Arilar (Araris Valerian) had started off the stampede on Ellarel (Elandera), which wasn't surprising, giving the man's pedigree as a spy. Tleir thought that would make him an excellent Ghostblood candidate, but her own position was built on silt, so she couldn't raise a complaint. Tintalle (Elbereth) had also enthusiastically joined in on that bandwagon. That Brightness was being exceedingly erratic, and seemed to delight in her own madness. Tleir couldn't tell if she was dumber than a redback or as a tricky as a palay maldaya. She wanted to say the former, but she wasn't ruling out the latter. Then Ekard (Drake Marshall) tried to lead the lynch onto her (Sart), but then Nalakor (StrikerEZ) squared his attention on Ekard. And then Hymnyes (Butt Ad Venture) put another vote on Ellarel, for unclear reasons. Straw was at least trying to get Leiken (Amanuensis) involved, but that wasn't really adding to the discussion. Nalakor (StrikerEZ) was being fickle, and changed to vote on the fickle Tintalle, before backing down once again. Lastly, Ekard had apparently forgotten about her, and was now voting for Hymnyes. So, by her tally, that left the votes as followed. Vote Count: Elandera (3): Araris Valerian, Elbereth, Butt Ad Venture Amanuensis (1): Straw Butt Ad Venture (1): Drake Marshall ----------------- At this point, the people voting on Elandera seem too evil to be evil. It's too bold of a play for an Elim to back a lynch with literally no backing. I'm going to place a vote on Straw. He's only made one short post, but he both implicated the members of Elandera's train, and then placed a poke vote. It seems like he's trying to skate by without contributing anything.
  8. While I had a lot of fun, there was one thing I was really disappointed by. The Criminal's win condition was nearly impossible. First, I had to survive til Night 5. In a game with only fourteen people, that isn't very likely assuming normal kill patterns. Secondly, my action had a 20% chance of failure. 0.8^5=0.32768, which meant that even if I survived til Night 5, I only had a 33% chance of actually having my win condition then. Third, not everyone started out with items, and items were consumable goods. That made my win condition even harder. Fourth, I had a 10% chance of going insane every night, which reduced the chance of my stealing action succeeding to 70%. 0.7^5= 0.16807. That meant I only had a 1 in 6 chance of accomplishing my goal on Cycle 5, as long as RNG didn't interfere. Plus, I had to dodge any and all action scans. After doing the math, that's why I decided to self-sabotage. I knew there was a better chance of me winning if I was a confirmed villager, than as a thief with a ridiculous win condition.
  9. Well, this seems like a good time. Signing up. Also, I'm slightly worried about the bribing mechanic. Based on the amount of money getting thrown at each player, I'm worried that too many votes are going to get soothed off. For instance, a member of Dalinar's of Elhokar's faction can remove a vote every cycle starting on Day 3. That seems slightly ridiculous.
  10. I suspected something like this might happen. CadCom had revealed himself as the necromancer to me in our PM. He hadn't proved his role, and I really didn't want us to lynch the Governor, so I forced the vote onto him. I had a feeling that his claim was accurate, but I wanted a 40% chance of lynching an elim rather than a 0% chance. Still that brings our odds of lynching the Founder or Deep One to 50%. Let's see. So, the four suspects from most to least trusted: Xinoehp: Scanned Aman converting Hats. This should be easy to confirm. @ILuvHats Did Aman convert you? Even if the Reverend doesn't confirm this, I doubt an Elim would drag a teammate into this. He's probably my strongest village read at the moment. ILuvHats: If he's a Villager, based on my understanding, he should have gained Aman's day tracking action. If he used his action yesterday, and could give a valid tracking result, we could clear him. Rathmaskal: He was the one who first suggested this tactic. He would be painting himself into a corner if he was an Elim. No solid evidence to clear him though. Ark1002: My biggest suspicion currently. There's just nothing clearing him, and that makes him guilty via process of elimination. The other problem is the conversion. I also suspected something like this might happen. I'm surprised that Fifth was the one to do the conversion though. I would have thought that the Founder or the Deep One would have fled the net surrounding their roles. In any event, we still need to figure out who was converted. So, there's five suspects from most to least trusted: Devotary: As far as I understand it, whoever was converted should have lost their original role. So, we just need to see if their vote counts for double tomorrow. Ventyl: I'm just including Ventyl for the sake of completeness. I highly doubt the Elims would convert a total inactive. Sart: I have no way of backing up my innocence, but I know I'm still good. I'm just putting myself this low to be unbiased. Venture: We can't verify that they still have the Bodyguard role so long as Devotary isn't attacked. Araris: Unfortunately, no evidence. There's no evidence either way right now, and more speculation is just going to be a huge IKYK.
  11. Fifth, you're being paranoid/evil. Did you not think I wouldn't notice you putting CadCom conveniently in range of the Founder's abilities? Nice try at distancing though.
  12. Let's not waste time. If we eliminate anyone who went insane, Araris since he was attacked, and myself since plenty of people saw me stealing, we are down to five suspects. Two out of those five are most likely evil. @Devotary of Spontaneity You're obviously the Mayor. Who is your Bodyguard? If they are on the list, that gives us a fifty-fifty shot.
  13. Okay, I'm out in the sticks right now, so my internet is pretty bad. Still, I have submitted an action to steal from Cadmium Compounder. Hopefully the Bounty Hunter is inactive or not in the game, otherwise I am dead. If anyone wants to monitor me, they can turn me into a Villager. I'm busy tomorrow, so this will be my only post
  14. To clarify what happened, I am the Criminal. Based on my math, I determined that my win condition would be extremely difficult. So I decided to go the easier route, and win as a Villager. My plan was simple. I would sabotage myself. I PM'd Fifth, telling them that I was the Criminal, and that I was stealing from them. I forced them to scan me. The plan was for me to reveal this to the thread, and become a guaranteed Villager who the Bounty Hunter didn't want to kill. Unfortunately Aman contacted me, claiming to be a secret Village role. He correctly identified my day action as using a Transcript I started the game with. I was concerned when he invited me to join a doc, and realized he was some kind of neutral party. I panicked, and retracted my action. My gamble payed off, because Aman couldn't convert a Neutral party. Concerned that Aman would try to kill me after a failed conversion, I brought my concerns up with the thread. So that's everything. Aman, your claim is certainly interesting. The amount of neutrals this game is very concerning. I'm hoping that the Bounty Hunter role was not included. Otherwise, I'm dead tonight. Heck, I'm probably dead today. If you decide not to kill me. One of you just have to action scan me, and I'll be a confirmed Villager. Of course, at that point the cult would kill me, so that's disappointing. Final remark: I was a Neutral who started the game with an item. Therefore, the Journalist might have had one as well. I didn't get it, but one of the people who lynched Shane might have. So, StrikerEZ did you get an item?
  15. Bad news. I'll be without internet from Saturday to Monday. I'll try to still comment on mobile, but I make no promises. Mindful stared at the note she had been given. Mindful had never heard of such malarkey. They were already dealing with one cult. They didn't need to be dealing with a second one. Who wrote this? She turned the note over. Well, that explained that. Mindful wasn't sure what was going on, but she was pretty sure Innocent (Amanuensis) wasn't a villager. Although, considering the contents of the letter, he probably wasn't killing anyone. Still, it was enough to warrant a vote. --------------------------- For those wondering what the heck is going on, I got a weird message from the GM stating that Aman tried to convert me, but that the conversion failed. I don't know what that means, but it's something worth investigating.