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  1. Mwahaha, all according to plan... Is what I wish I could say. Seriously, I got super lucky. After not doing much of anything for three cycles, I jumped into a body with a gun. By a weird set of coincidences, I thought Dingo was Kangaroo's murderer, and so I killed them. And then, because I split Dingo's phones with Tuatara, I learned he was the other killer, and killed him to get the rest of the loot. I didn't think that would win me the game! Heck, I thought he was going to shoot me, and only shot him so all of our items would be redistributed. Everyone else was making these super intricate plans, but I just got lucky with both of my kills. Also, I'm pretty sure Azure Mouse's phone was cursed. Day 1: Azure Mouse gets lynched, and the phone goes to Sage Kangaroo. Day 2: The phone lies dormant, lulling Sage Kangaroo into inactivity. Day 3: The phone mind controls Sage Kangaroo, forcing him to pass it to Melon Dingo. To cover its tracks, it has Chartreuse Penguin kill Sage Kangaroo. Day 4: Amethyst Scorpion calls the phone, and mistakes the call's recipient for Sage Kangaroo's murderer. In retaliation, Amethyst Scorpion shoots Melon Dingo. At the same time, the phone beckons the Gods of Luck and Chaos, and makes Cream Tuatara kill Melon Dingo. Day 5: The cursed phone is picked up by Cream Tuatara, which lets Amethyst Scorpion know of his identity. Amethyst Scorpion kills Cream Tuatara to get the rest of Melon Dingo's loot. The phone now lies dormant in my possession. I shudder at what might happen to me.
  2. It looks like Joseph is walking home with the gold. He's summoned a huge swarm of chalklings, and Matist is buckling under the pressure. That won't do. Matist is going to surrender the match. What a disappointing ending! Wait, did his eyes just glow white? Probably just a trick of the light. But wait... Matist is drawing at twice the speed now! Something's lit a fire under him. He has surrendered to our agent. He's survived Joseph's assault. He's still in the match. I've never seen such beautiful Rithmatics! My goodness, Matist was truly holding back this whole time! He's eliminated Joseph! What a wonderful display of strength. The humans never had a chance. With people like him in our forces, I'm sure the Forgotten don't stand a chance. Congratulations to Matist Rist, our winner. You will be a useful tool for the Forgotten. And of course, a congratulations for all our competitors. Yes, of course. They will be excellent food. And with that, the game is over. Congrats to "Droughtbringer" for winning. Here is the link to the dead doc. Here is the link to the master spreadsheet.
  3. Round is closed.
  4. Neither competitor is giving any ground. Tom, at this point in the game, strategy reigns supreme. Who will successfully read their opponent? Both players are up to the task, but only one will take home the crown. This round, and the game, will end on January 19th, at 4:00PM EST. Player List:
  5. Round is closed.
  6. Ron, there's only three Rithmatists left, and I think Rogiv is feeling the pressure. He was doing so well taking out, but his reactions have seemed sluggish lately. And it doesn't take much to end your chances here. A Line of Vigor has broken through his circle. He's out! Only two competitors remain. Will it be Joseph Watson taking home the cup, or will it be Matist Rist? There's only one way to find out. Let's see how our finalists play this out. This round will end on Friday, January 18th at 4:00PM EST. As a reminder, Round 9 will be the last round. If a winner is not decided by that point, the living player with the most kills is the winner. Good luck to both of you. Player List:
  7. And the round is over.
  8. Ron, it looks like we've got a stalemate on our hands. With only four players left, it's tough to get a solid hit on anyone. Don't be so hasty Tom. If you look at Tahrie's circle, you can see that a weak spot has developed. You're right! And if someone takes advantage of that, she's out. Tahrie is trying to draw chalklings, but oh! Just like that, Tahrie goes down. I'm not sure who sent that Line out, but they have got to be feeling good about themselves. And with that, we're down to three. This round ends on Thursday, January 17th at 4:00PM EST. Good luck. Player List:
  9. Round is now closed.
  10. The latter. As long as they drop, everyone gets the kill.
  11. All people who attack a person the round that they die. Making a person lose an extra life does not count as a kill. In your GM PM, I have said "You have eliminated" or "You have killed" your target to mark your kills. If your attack fails for whatever reason, I will respond that your target remains standing. To clarify the matter. I will be sending the remaining players the number of people they have eliminated.
  12. Ron, things are heating up. Logmul is displaying excellent form. Notath looks like he's in trouble now. Notath is opting for a strong offense here, but nothing is getting through. Logmul's Taylor defense is just too strong! Logmul gets in the finishing blow! Notath is knocked out of the game. Take a closer look Tom. Logmul has also been knocked out! Notath was acting as a distraction, while an ally took out Logmul Outstanding strategy, but it still resulted in his elimination. We're down to the final four. Who's going to take home the cup? It's hard to say, so I'm going to keep my eyes peeled. This Round will end on Wednesday, January 16th, at 4:00PM EST. Let's see who will rise to the top. Player List:
  13. Round is now closed.
  14. It appears that we've got two teams forming. What's your opinion on their compositions? Well, they've rather strategically let their Ballintain players lead the offense. Of course, that means the Ballintain players are taking a heavy beating. Pete and Newt are going head to head. It's looking dicey for both of them. And Pete takes down Newt! What an impressive Line of Vigor. Wait, what's this? Looks like Newt managed to take down Pete as well. He ricocheted a Line of Vigor off of 2 Lines of Warding, hitting Pete in a weak spot. It's a shame that these talented players have been eliminated. Still, the field continues to get narrower. Only 6 people left. It's sure to be a nail-biter. This round ends on Tuesday January 15th at 4:00 PM EST. Player List: