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  1. When should I post signups for the next LG? The AG is winding down, and the villagers are doing well in the QF, so it should probably be soon.
  2. Alright, while I'm thinking about it, who is running the next Long Game? Signups should probably be posted after the the Quick Fix starts. Here's the list I've got. @Elbereth @little wilson @Kasimir @Matrim's Dice Me I am prepared to run my Long Game if no one wants to go before me. I'll get the updated rules sent over to the rules committee shortly.
  3. Figgldygrak For those who aren't aware, this word was first used by Hoid in Way of Kings. According to Merriam-Webster, Nonsense and Balderdash are real English words that mean "words or language having no meaning or conveying no intelligible ideas." However, Figgldygrak is a Brandon invention, and has absolutely no meaning. This confused some people in the forums, but most passed it off as artistic license. However, @Natans uncovered something interesting. In this thread, he pointed out that Balderdash is actually an anagram for Shardblade. This led to speculation that perhaps Figgldygrak was also an anagram of something that might have plot relevance. Unfortunately, this was proving to be a tricky puzzle, and no anagram was found. The thread got popular, and we were blessed with words from @PeterAhlstrom, Brandon's editor. Undeterred, the thread continued to look for a solution, considering the phonetics of the word. Eventually, @PrncRny asked Brandon himself about this curious word. This doesn't appear to be in the Arcanum, but according to PrncRny, Brandon said: This led to a flurry of new activity in the thread. @discipleofhoid came up with this interesting idea. That doesn't seem all that accurate now, but it was the closest that thread ever got to making a sensible anagram. Fast forward six years, and Rhythm of War comes out. Lurking in Chapter 65, we have this lovely passage from Navani. Of all things, she uses the word figgldygrak. Specifically, she uses it in the context of making ciphers that mean absolutely nothing. I see three possibilites: This could be a rare occasion of Peter and Brandon trolling us. This would be a rather elaborate joke on their end. The thread was six years old by this point, so that would be one heck of a callback. However, let's consider wilder theories In universe, Hoid gave his speech to Dalinar, right before Sadeas revealed the results about the sabotage of Elhokar's saddle. Looking at the scene, it's unclear if Navani was present at that particular moment. We can't rule out that Navani overheard Hoid's speech, and appropriated his new meaningless word. Even if she didn't hear it directly from Hoid, Dalinar and Navani end up spending plenty of time together, so she could have heard it from him. This would be a nice in universe explanation, but let's get even crazier. Hoid's words always mean something. Perhaps the word Figgldygrak is of specific importance to the Cosmere. Perhaps Hoid coined the phrase during his early years, and it spread throughout the Cosmere. The word could even be Yolish in origin. I'm not sure what this would signify, but we know it's important enough for Brandon to bring back a second time. Honestly, I'm probably reading way too much into this word choice. Still, it's fun piece of trivia to speculate about. Let me know in the thread if you noticed this word choice. Do you think it has any deeper meaning, or is Brandon just doing a clever callback? I look forward to seeing your theories.
  4. Rhythm of War spoilers:
  5. Okay then. Might as well go down swinging. Danex. TJ, I buy that you're the Lord Ruler. However, I highly doubt you're on the village side. Everything I've looked at in Cycle 2 and 3 has led me to believe that Danex is an eliminator. And now, you're trying to force the vote on Aman/Elandera. Let's assume that Somebody from Sel removed one of the votes from Aman. Who removed the other vote? You imply that the elims did it. The elim who removed the vote must have been active, so it couldn't have been Aman. It doesn't make sense for it to be Jester since he was voting for Aman. You're the Lord Ruler, so you can't remove votes. I know I didn't remove the vote. Somebody from Sel removed one of the votes, but that doesn't explain the other. The other 4 living players (Danex, Fadran, Kings_way, and Vapor) didn't bother to vote. If they wanted to protect a teammate, why not vote for the opposing lynch, as well as soothe a vote off. It doesn't make sense. Here's my theory. Last cycle was a V-on-V scenario. The Elims tried to frame Aman by removing a vote on him, since we're at LyLo this cycle. With most of the other active players dead, they could easily secure the victory. Have I gone completely paranoid? Possibly. Am I going to die on this hill? Potentially. If you really are Village, then here's my question. Who removed the other vote from Aman? What's your theory? If you believe they are an elim, there's only 3 options. Myself, @Vapor, or Kings_way @Ookla the Watcher
  6. I think we should vote for Kings_way They've been active enough to advocate against all the Gears votes, but have managed to fly under the radar.
  7. I don't think the Ghander lynch is good. I think Kings way is evil.
  8. Alright, first off, I'm taking my vote off TJ Shade. That vote was based off of only analyzing Cycle One, so I figured it would change eventually. Speaking of, let's analyze the posts from Gears in Cycle 2: I find it interesting that Gears attacked Illwei for voting on @Vapor, even after Illwei flipped villager. Perhaps he expected Aman to die instead. Regardless, this makes me lean elim on Vapor, so I'm putting my vote on them. TJ Shade points out a contradiction from Gears, because Gears never explicitly advocated for the Lord Ruler to side with the elims, until the previous post. This makes me read village on TJ. Gears starts laying a fake trail, conveniently omitting that he was one of the two people. This leads to a quick train on Gears from Turtle and Quinn. Strangely, Danex never votes for Gears. That makes me read Elim on him. Gears tells the truth here that Turtle laid a fake trail to him. However, that was done to divert the train on him. It's interesting that Ghander defends Gears after this post. Slight elim read for that. Gears tries to throw Fadran under the bus. I doubt he would do that if they were teammates, so I'm leaning village on Fadran. Interestingly, Books defends Gears, but later is revealed as a villager. Somebody from Sel, Ventyl, Whysper, and TJ join the Gears train. Reading briefly starts the train on Turtle, before going to Gears. Fadran resumes the vote on Turtle. I'm willing to soft-clear the people on this early train. So, Quinn (obviously), Somebody from Sel, Ventyl, Whysper, and TJ Shade I read as Village. Gears joins the turtle lynch, surprise surprise. Books, Danex and Ghander continue the opposing chain on Turtle. This makes me really sour on Danex. Here's the thing. We know the Quinn message shouldn't have come back around at all. Turtle near the end of the cycle claimed that he did receive the message back, but he never revealed who sent it to him.
  9. Ah. Goes to show that I haven't been paying attention to this game. Regardless, time to drill down on Gears. Day One: This post is particularly blatant in retrospect. He uses we for the eliminators two times. I'm annoyed I didn't look at this sooner. Needlessly attacking Quinn, who later roleblocked him. How the turn tables. Common discussion topic is common. Gets to have his cake and eat it too by saying he's not opposed to the lynch, but not actually participating. Encouraging the Lord Ruler to remain hidden, because an alignment scanner is annoying for the elims. It's here that Illwei actually votes for Gears. This makes me more suspicious of the people on the Illwei train. That's it for Day 1. I'm tentatively putting a vote on TJ Shade. They were involved with the Illwei lynch, and they preferred parroting Aman's thoughts rather than giving their own.
  10. Well, you obviously shouldn't reveal who is claiming Lord Ruler. However, you should reveal who they scanned. If they're telling the truth, we get another eliminator. If they're not telling the truth, they have sided with the eliminators, and we'll lynch them.
  11. Right then. Gears should have been lynched ages ago, but we got way too distracted. Once I am off work, I'm going to examine how Day 2 got so twisted.
  12. There's a simple explanation for this. Danex is lying about Turtle receiving a Quinn message. Nowhere in Turtle's posts does he claim that he PM'd Danex saying that the Quinn PM had gone around to him. Here's what I think happened. Danex starts the (probably fake) PM chain saying Gears was roleblocked. The Gears chain completely takes off, flooding the PMs of Gears and Turtle. Turtle, convinced that Gears is evil, plots to trick him. Turtle sends fake information to Gears that Quinn was roleblocked instead. Not seeing any reaction from Gears, Turtle ropes Fadrian into the plan. Fadrian PMs Gears that Quinn was also roleblocked. The thread discusses the potential Gears roleblock, and a train forms. Not trusting Turtle, Gears does not spread the misinformation. Danex lies about Turtle being surprised at the Quinn chain going around, even though no such thing happened. Fadrian mixes up Turtle and Ghander, causing even more confusion. The lynch turns on Turtle, who by this point is completely confused. The confusion is cleared up regarding Fadrian, and Turtle's name is mud. Turtle is lynched.
  13. Well, this has been a fun thread to catch up on. It appears that many new players are in this game, which is great. However, that means I can't use my recollection to see if anyone's acting strangely. Intriguingly, Shard of Reading managed to survive an attempt on his life. Barring him being the Lord Ruler, the next likeliest explanation is that the kill was blocked. The thread quickly tried to find out who was roleblocked. @Danex proposed some sort of "insane PM chainmail thing" that escaped out into the wild. From what I gather, there was a chain started that implicated @Gears as the player who was roleblocked. Later on, @Channelknight Fadran and @Ghanderflaffle, apparently sent Gears a message that @Quinn0928 was the one who was roleblocked. Curiously, @eltruT apparently also sent a message claiming the same thing. eltruT is now leading in the votes due to his suspicious behavior, with Gears slightly behind him. @Matrim's Dice If you are roleblocked, are you informed that you were roleblocked? Are you informed, even if you submitted no action? This should help us narrow down the possibilities. I'm also not sure why eltruT is in the lead right now. The biggest suspects are the people who were theoretically roleblocked. Gears is the only one of those two who actually gained some votes, so my vote is going there.