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  1. I want to analyze the votes before I revealed my scan, because, while that post was necessary, it really skewed the thread. Vote Count: Ashbringer (0): StrikerEZ Devotary (4): Kasimir, TJ Shade, Sart, StrikerEZ Matrim (1): Araris Straw (0): Ashbringer Lotus (3): Straw, Illwei, Matrim I highly doubt there was a bus on Devotary, so I'm going to trust Kasimir, TJ, and Striker. On the other hand, the lynch on Lotus seriously gave me red flags. That means I suspect Straw, Illwei, and Matrim. I also suspect Araris for trying to get a different lynch started. Trust List (From most to least trusted): Sart: I trust myself, obviously. Kasimir: Led the lynch on Devotary, enough said. TJ Shade: Also voted on Devotary after Kasimir, and put some serious pressure on him. StrikerEZ: The other vote on Devotary. The vote was made after my first post, so there's a chance he's an Elim who guessed that I'm an action scanner, but I doubt it. Lotus: Their post tonight is too evil to be actually evil. Putting TJ Shade and Striker on your Elim reads is way too out of left field. Add to that them becoming the alternative vote target on Day 3, and we have someone I trust Lahlit: A newer player, but their poke vote Day 1 on Devotary makes me trust them. Frozen Mint: I like that they're still RP'ing. I originally suspected them for being less active, but my gut is now saying otherwise. Vapor: I still can't get a good read on them, but they're a newer player, so I'll give them the benfit of the doubt. Ashbringer: Devotary voted on them Cycle 1. However, we know Devotary vote manipulation removed their vote in thread, so it could have been a bluff. It would be helpful if we could pin down the vote manipulation on Day 1 to see if Devotary actually used their powers. Elandera: They mentioned that they sided with Devotary over Kasimir. That makes me mildly distrust them. Araris: I don't know where to put Araris, so he's going here. Matrim. Ashbringer and Matrim definitely aren't on the same team. He shares the same role as TJ and I, supposedly. Devotary really wanted us to lynch a role blocker, so that's evidence to his innocence. Illwei: My only stumbling block is role distribution related. He claims to have vote manipulation, and it would be odd if the Elim team had two people with that power. However, there's a chance that he took credit for Devotary's actions. Straw: He's been staying under the radar lately, and I don't like it. Add to that the vote on Lotus, and it's very suspicious.
  2. Was watching Devotary. I saw that they used the Elim Kill. Technically speaking, I didn't see who they visited. I only saw the action they took.
  3. Eh. It's about time I revealed my trump card anyways. My research finally bore fruit, and I gained access to an action scan. I used that instead of my roleblock. And guess who I saw kill poor Dr. Gears? One @Devotary of Spontaneity.
  4. Right then. Devotary of Spontaneity. Kasimir makes the perfect case for your guilt, and I see every reason to suspect you. The Freudian slip of saying "target pool" rather than "suspect pool" is particularly damning for me. @Devotary of Spontaneity who do you suspect currently? I see plenty of rule speculation, but no actually player analysis. Who are you planning on voting on?
  5. Ugh, fine, sorry for not confirming it. TJ PM'd me saying he roleblocked me. Once he spoke up, i considered the matter closed. Frankly, I didn't want to remind people that I had an action. I considered sending you a PM, but I have the same disease as TJ and Ashbringer. I have lesions that prevent me from PM'ing, in exchange for a roleblock. I was trying to decide which of the two were more suspicious, but I ended up getting distracted with other concerns.
  6. Vote Count: Mint (1): Sart Pyro (2): Kas, Gears Gears (1): Striker I'm not too concerned about minimizing disease vectors. We've seen two diseases that have very minor, if any downsides. A kill that kills yourself is less than ideal, but not actively harmful. Removing diseases removes any restrictions, although it may remove powers as well. We've also had people claim an inability to PM as a side effect of their disease. That's annoying, but not all that bad. All told, I'm down with the sickness. We should be focusing on placing down votes. Several people have stated that they have a vote target in mind, but are holding off for some reason. There's no certainty in a game of mafia, so why not place the vote now? If you want to change it, that's perfectly fine. If you become more convinced of that person's guilt, you can elaborate by quoting more of their posts. It's a win/win.
  7. I think the biggest problem is a lack of voting. It's hard to discuss suspicions when no one is willing to put theirs out there.
  8. I didn't get a lick of sleep last night. Someone, I'm not sure who, kept waking me up with loud music. (OOC: I was roleblocked) Seriously, who does that? Now I'm even more cranky than usual, and that's not the worst of it. Son-Son-Son-Son-Whatever is dead, and we don't have any leads. I know he came up with a strategy for scanning players, so maybe the saboteurs thought that he was a scanner. He was certainly more talkative than he normally is. Or was, I guess. And it turns out Tara, that goody-two-shoes, wasn't actually a traitor. That's my bad. i hope it doesn't show up on my monthly report. Hell, I'll be lucky if I even see another monthly report. Right, okay, the only way out of this is through. We need some leads, and I'm suspicious of Mint for what she said last night. i disagree that analyzing vote changes are a waste of time. We learned about Illwei's role that way, didn't we? Plus, it's important to know what we're dealing with. We're scientists, so we need to analyze our surroundings in order to better formulate our hypotheses. We can only make guesses at this point, and saying we shouldn't worry about something makes me worry about it even more. I'm going to go get some sleep, but I'm worried about you.
  9. I didn't mean for this to happen, but this RP is really mean spirited. Please don't take it too personally. I hate this stupid little planet. It only took me a week to get all of my stupid work done, and what did the head honchos do? Did they throw me a big party, or give me a promotion? No, they just gave me more work. So, next week, I decided to keep my mouth shut, and let those stupid idiots think I'm still working on a sample. Of course, the work's already done, so they'll give me a big congratulations when I turn it on the deadline. Big whoop. But now that I have all this free time, there's nothing to bloody do with it. Storms, I didn't realize a planet could be this backwards. All of their powers are so crappy that they have to get sick to access them. Who does that? Honestly, why did I even bother coming here? I could do the head honchos job no problem, but no, I don't have experience. This is so dumb, and now there's idiots stealing samples from this place. Who in their right mind would even bother doing that? It's probably Tara (Mist). She'd been kissing up to the superiors ever since she got here. Now she's giving helpful little corrections all over the place, but she's not actually voicing her own opinion. I bet she's being nice now to smuggle the samples later. I'd like to see something actually relevant, rather than asking "Hey, where's T. A. Hill?" They're here, move on.
  10. Okay, if I'm reading this correctly. Striker is the last JP.
  11. @Elbereth If all Jeskeri Practitioners and Korathi die on the same cycle, do the Korathi still win?
  12. @Elbereth Hael, Matrim and Kasimir are all dead.
  13. Let's spin the wheel. Lord Silberfarben turns into Elkanah
  14. Signing up as Thomas, an intern who accidentally automated himself out of a job.