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  1. Sorry for double posting. I finally figured out that first puzzle. I feel smart now. @Ookla the Meta I'd be interested in an invite to your discord.
  2. Yes. Hi, I looked this up, and spent way too much of my free time trying to solve some of these puzzles. I'm definitely interested now, and I think I have that weekend free. Also: Have you guys tried the Prologue for the Mystery Hunt this year? I've filled out the grid for the first puzzle, but am unsure how to continue.
  3. vote count: danex/ookla the quantificational (1): archer/ookla the paranormal, tani/ookla of anarchy and chaos archer/ookla the paranormal (1): szeth/ookla the confused, mage tani/ookla of anarchy and chaos (0): kasimir sart/ookla the lowercase (1): araris/ookla the porched araris/ookla the porched (1): szeth/ookla the confused, kasimir mage (2): kasimir, archer/ookla the paranormal sorry for going a bit inactive; this weekend was busy for me. i've been trying to browse on mobile, and now is the time to make a vote now that i'm back home. unfortunately, we're operating at an information deficit. to counteract that, i'm going to make some assumptions. assumption 1: all villagers have an extra life. i know i have one, and three people have survived death. it's clear we're dealing with a troll gm assumption 2: all elims have an extra life. if they didn't, once one of them died to a single hit, we could easily clear a wide swathe of players. assumption 3: all villagers have a one-shot kill. i have one, kas is claiming one, illwei knew about them, and szeth used his. assumption 4: the elims do not have one-shot kills. my reasoning is simple. if you check the rules that were posted, mat said, quote, " The Feruchemists have a doc to communicate, and a kill each Night." having both a standard night kill in addition to one-shot kills is simply too much firepower. assumption 5: the elims have other powers. even with extra lives, there's a lot of fire power being thrown around. to balance the game, they would need some extra minor power. perhaps a one-time vote manipulation or a one-time lurch? in addition, this game is flavored as feruchemy vs alchemy. it would be odd if the powers were exactly the same on both sides. my conclusion is simple. szeth_pancakes is a feruchemist. they claimed a power other than a kill, hoping to blend in with a low-key claim. they made an incorrect assumption based on the information found in their doc. i've always preferred to use role analysis to guide my votes, and i think this is a sound deduction. szeth, do you have a rebuttal? what power are you claiming to have besides a kill?
  4. an extra life huh. annoying. i really dislike thug roles in general, since they detract from knowledge gain, which is a key part of any vote. if archer is good, that probably means more elims, since more lives equals longer games equals more chances to find elims. if archer is bad, that definitely means less elims but we can't know that unless archer dies. we also have an additional thug claim, which makes me think we're dealing with a troll gm. all in all, i think i trust archer more now, and would like to hear more from danex.
  5. vote count: sart/ookla the lowercase (1): kas/ookla the wyrmslayer, araris valerian/ookla the porched, archer/ookla the paranormal mage (0): ilwei/ooklil' the wei archer/ookla the paranormal (4): szeth_pancakes/ookla the confused, sart/ookla the lowercase, illwei/ooklil' the wei, danex/ookla the quantificational illwei (1): araris valerian/ookla the porched no votes: tani/ookla of anarchy of chaos, mage, archer/ookla the paranormal normally i'd remove my retaliation vote, but no one else has votes besides archer and me, and i don't want to get voted out day one. and i'm ninja'd by araris but i think i trust illwei though... so uh... to heck with it, i'm taking the coward's way out. mage. he's the only person who hasn't posted. let the contribution crusade ride again.
  6. aw man. that sart guy, definitely not to be trusted. ... crud, i am that sart guy. and someone else might be doing this dumb lowercase gimmick. oh dear. archer. what's with the bandwagon? i know araris does stab votes, but that seems out of character for you.
  7. Alright, I'm signing up. Always happy to help a friend in need.
  8. Very well. xinoehp512 has won! Matrim's Dice has been executed. Araris Valerian has been executed. |TJ| has been executed. Alvron has been executed.
  9. This is it! The final vote! ... What do you mean they voted for the Sacrifice? Oh well, that's a result as well. Vote Count: The Unknown Order: 2 votes |TJ| : 2 votes xinoehp512 : 1 vote Alvron was the Keymaster. xinoehp512 was the Sage. The Unknown Order was the Sacrifice. The Unknown Order has won! They may choose one other living player to escape with them. The other players all lose. And with that, this game is over. Thank you so much for playing. Player List:
  10. This is it. It's the final vote. Who emerges a winner? Who emerges a loser? Only you six make the final decision. Candidates: |TJ| : 3 votes xinoehp512 : 2 votes The Unknown Order : 1 vote Non-Candidates: Matrim's Dice : 0 votes Araris Valerian : 0 votes Alvron : 0 votes Player List:
  11. It appears we have a landslide on our hands. Well, I never claimed that this game was fair. So, goodbye, Lahilt. Goodbye, Devotary And soon, it will be goodbye to all of you. This is the final round. Only four more can win. I wonder who they will be. Vote Count: Lahilt: 6 votes Devotary of Spontaneity: 3 votes The Keymaster was The Unknown Order. The Sage was xinoehp512. The Sacrifice was Devotary of Spontaneity. Lahilt was executed by majority vote. Devotary of Spontaneity did not fulfill their object, and was executed. This is the Final Cycle. Since the player count has gotten so low, the Sacrifice no longer has their extra vote. This Phase will end in 24 hours at 8 PM CST on Saturday October 23rd. Player List:
  12. Well, with half of you left here, it's starting to get more intense. I wonder if any of you will survive this part. Candidates: xinoehp512 : 4 votes Devotary of Spontaneity : 2 votes Lahilt : 1 vote Alvron : 1 vote Non-Candidates: The Unknown Order : 1 vote Matrim's Dice : 0 votes Araris Valerian : 0 votes |TJ| : 0 votes Player List: