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  1. Happy Birthday.  I hope it's one filled with laughter and happiness.

  2. @Furamirionind Spectator? Yes. Brains? Yes. Answer. BRAINS!!!!
  3. Yeah, we'll need all the help we can get to lynch Lumgol. We don't want any more casualties.
  4. @Alvron 2 Questions: Does voting cost an action? Does making a PM cost an action?
  5. Exactly. Well, the only thing I can think of doing is removing my vote on Devotary and adding one on Aman. I really hope there's not two Village Lurchers, otherwise we just wasted a whole lot of time.
  6. Look if I'm evil, why the heck would I claim Lurcher? It would just lead to Drake dying next cycle rather than this one.
  7. Wait what? So someone has claimed Coinshot to you?
  8. Basically. I wasn't sure about Fifth Scholar's claim. If Aman was a WGG, the Elims would try to kill someone trusted to do some catch up. Drake, because he was in danger D1, and defended a Villager D2, was my most trusted player. Thus, I protected him. I keep waffling on whether Fifth Scholar is good or not. If they aren't, then Aman and Fifth would both be evil. However, their day one banter makes that seem unlikely to me. Thus I considered two Village lurchers as a possibility. I didn't protect them because they had already started to get suspicion from the thread. I figured the Elims wouldn't attack them, and even if they did, I didn't think losing one Lurcher out of two would be that bad.
  9. Afraid not. Are you? And why is Fifth Scholar claiming to have protected you?
  10. Alright, big reveal time. I lurched Drake last night. Unless big shenanigans happened, he's innocent.
  11. "Time to get some answers. Sindale (Devotary of Spontaneity), I might be focusing on you too much. However, I trust all the people who voted on you yesterday. Thomas (Drake Marshall) was attacked last night, and Wilco (Amanuensis) was attacked the night before. I know I'm good, and I trust Lafay (Ventyl) because he's new. If yesterday really was a contest between two officers, I would expect Rebels to be on both sides of that lynch. Since I don't think a Rebel was voting for you, I can only conclude you must be working for them."
  12. "Hey guys. Thanks for saving me." panted Sarah. In case it wasn't clear I'm joining.
  13. "Ah!!!! They're after me!!!!" screamed Sarah, desperately running away from the two zombies chasing her.
  14. "My guess for the Traitors: Sindale (Devotary of Spontaneity), Fade (Araris Valerian), Mertis (Straw), and Nedar (Young Bard)"