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  1. sa 4

    Everyone here has theories and opinions about the campaign against Odium and such. Meanwhile, the only thing I can think of is "please, Kal, tell me you actually have a plan here and you're not being foolishly reckless! You had a whole year of experience and growth since OB!" LOL
  2. When did Kal hear/talk about Braize? I can't remember
  3. Didn't really think about it. I interpreted the WoB as saying it's only a Windrunner thing, so I automatically linked it specifically to Adhesion. It would be interesting to see if it really will also apply to Stonewards. If not, perhaps that will be part of the use of a surge most people currently see as kind of useless. Though I still have hopes for Adhesion.
  4. So, in a WoB, Sanderson says that the reason Kaladin explodes with power every time he speaks a new Ideal is something that will happen to any Windrunner and the reason is their connection to Bondsmiths. Questioner What's with Kaladin being special with his oaths that he explodes with power every time he says it? Brandon Sanderson That is a function of Windrunners being very close to Bondsmiths, which has certain effects. Questioner Would other Windrunners also do that, as well? Brandon Sanderson Yep. Oathbringer release party (Nov. 13, 2017) Now, these two Orders share the surge of Adhesion. With Dalinar, we've seen him use it to create a Spiritual Connection to learn languages and, at the end of OB, to Connect all three Realms for a short time (though I'm not sure it that was the work of the surge of Adhesion alone or a combined use of Adhesion and Tension. Do we know for sure?) So, does it mean that whenever Windrunnets swear a new Ideal, they get a momentary heightened access (like a one-time burst) to the Spiritual or Cognitive Realms, and that's why they have this explosion of light/Light and glyphpair appearing around them? And if so, can they make use of it outside of swearing new Ideals? Thoughts? *I couldn't find a discussion about it. Hope I'm not repeating things that have been posted before*
  5. This man is a machine! 43%! Do you think we might actually see a 2020 release?
  6. So, here is my question- we know it's very hard/nearly impossible to use the different magic systems in the Cosmere on Invested people/objects. However, we've seen Szeth Lash Kaladin, and Kal Lashing Shallan and in Dalinar's vision a Windrunner KR Lashed a fellow KR, and the only requirement for that was that the other KR dismiss his/her Plate. So, how does that work exactly? Can some Surges work on people directly and some not? Or can they all work against Invested people/objects? What did I miss? I'm confused.
  7. Guys, it's at 37%!!!
  8. Maybe "I will protect others, but not at the cost of my life"? Btw, not sure it's the right place to ask but- we don't know about the time before the Recreance, but at least at the present it is safe to assume Nale is the only one who has reached the 5th Ideal. I know he probably joined his own Order only after the KR "disbanded", but do you think maybe our main cast, who are the the most likely to reach the final Ideal eventually, will take the Heralds' place in the Oathpact?
  9. I assumed the third one is the Shin's "Ancient of Stone"..did I miss something?
  10. This will be a long post.. sorry. The book left me strangely... unfulfilled? I found that often with fantasy books with multiple POVs, I'll get this feeling like not matter how much happens, it's never quite enough to be satisfying. Also, not NEARLY enough interaction between our main cast for my taste, whether in small groups or (especially) all together. The reveal about the Recreance was rather underwhelming as well. Just to be clear- I loved the book. I really did. But not as much as WoR, and not necessarily more than WoK. I agree with what people said about Kal's 4th Ideal- as much as I adore those epic moments, it was good for Kal to feel that, for once, someone else did the saving, and not only that, HE was the one being saved. On the other hand, I felt there was a lot of build up for him that just kind of fizzled into.. nothing, really. That was disappointing. About Teft- from the way I understood it, he said the third ideal on-screen (since it was a slightly different version of Kal's, plus you get squires on the third one). When did he say the second, then? Am I the only one who didn't actually like the somewhat-artifical way some squires became Radiants? It felt like cheating. Follow a Radiant for enough time, say the first two Ideals he tells you, wish hard enough, and just find your version of the third Ideal, and there you have your Instant Radiant Recipe. It felt almost like cheating, after everythig our main cast went through to discover the Ideals on their own.. especially for the Skybreakers and Windrunners (I didn't mind the squire-becoming process, just the squire-to-Radiant one). I very much liked Shallan getting her own squire, though:) Elhokar! Just when I was coming to like you and think I might not be too annoyed that you showed signs of becoming a Radiant too (too many Kholin Radiants! Please done make Adolin into one, too!), you go and get yourself killed. It was really emotionally painful yet gratifying moment.. Storm you to Damnation and back, Moash! I seriously hate you right now. Until that moment, I thought he still had a shot at redemption, but not anymore. Btw, I was really looking forward to Kal's resolution regarding Elhokar's request ("be extraordinary, captain") and was really disappointed not to get it. Hoping for this to come up and be resolved in book 4. I adored the interactions between Adolin and Kaladin in Shadesmar. Adolin was such a sweetheart, and Kal broke my heart. Syl, of course, was one of the best parts, and I wish she'd gotten more screen time. The whole Shadesmar part was really interesting, yet didn't feel like it had any real impact on everything happening beyond separating the characters. Hope it will play a bigger part in the next books. Shallan and Adolin. I don't mind their relationship, but it's resolution felt way too abrupt and unsatisfying. I was hoping for a more concrete.. SOMETHING. Dunno. For both Shalladin and Shadolin ships' sake. Jasnah and Renarin. I adored that scene towards the end! Just wish we'd had more of you. Dalinar's story was the most satisfying one by far, as should be, I suppose, since it IS his book. Love his interactions with Odium, the Stormfather, Cultivation and the Thrill Unmade (forgot the name). He truly shines here, and the transformation he went through from his youth all the way to present day is nothing short of amazing. Amaram. I wish someone would bring you back just so someone would kill you again. Repeatedly. (Just kidding. Please stay dead). I feel like we should have gotten some more scenes showing characters' reaction to Szeth's revival and apparent change of heart. It's so weird how everyone just accepted everything. Hello Vivenna, Nightblood and Hoid. But where is Vasher? What's up with the Ghostblood?? What's their game? Taln, you precious man. Your short moment of lucidity made me cry. He and Ash were clearly a thing in the past, or at least extremely close, and the fact he didn't blame her or saw her (and the other Heralds') abandonment as betrayal.. I can't. And I can't believe Jezrien is dead just like that! What was the sword made of? How did the Fused know who he was? Was it Odium who found him? That moment in the end, where we discover Skar and Drehy are alive, and not only that, but they managed to get Elhokar's child and some others out of Kohlinar and to safety... ("we protect those who cannot protect themselves")... I cried. For real. Hoid saving Elhokar's almost-bonded Cryptic was sweet:) Theory Time- Don't know if someone covered it, but could the humans on Roshar have gotten there from the third planet in the system? We know we have Roshar, Braize (Damnation, where Odium is imprisoned) and a third planet, that people theorized is where the Tranquiline Halls are located. What if Vorin lore is actually based on the humans' desire to return to their home world? And how exactly did Surgebinding destroy it?? Time for a re-read. And then the long wait for book 4...
  11. Not for us it isn't! Though, a few times in the past when I got lucky, I happened to find that books were available to me on 12 AM here (we are 7 hours ahead of you) so I can actually read earlier:) Fingers crossed I'm not jinxing it by telling...haha
  12. Tommorw of all days I got both Uni and work. Going out at 8 AM and finishing at 11 PM. Will probably read in class and whenever I have a moment at work. I'm gonna go crazy waiting for my shift to end..
  13. I have to ask- why aren't people flipping out more about the fact that the KR's oaths are not nearly as carved-in-stone as we thought? Was it something we were told before? I mean, I had some thoughts on it before, but they weren't really concrete. Now, though, it was said plainly that they are subjective to one's own view on right and wrong and subject to interpertaion- and that means that the way to following them can change. The implications and consequences of that reveal can be extremey vast. If Kaladin, for example, convinces himself in the deepest level or was completely convinced by someone else that certain actions are honorable and right (and that's before even discussing the meaning of honor), then the way to follow his oaths can change. It can even be intentionally manipulated. And that is both a fun and scary thought. Cause that means the KR don't have nearly as much limitations and constraints on their powers as it might seem at first, and there is much that can be done with that.
  14. This is the first time I hear about it!! For real? Do you have a link to the quote? Does it mean she actually had a crush on Jasnah? Is she even aware/acknowledge her bi-sexuality? Edit- nevermind. Just saw it was already posted. Maybe it's just me, but the quote seem to me not 100% decisive on the matter..though it would be cool if it was true..