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  1. Ohhhhh....How long till my signed copy of Emperor's Soul will arrive?

  2. Thanks guys! When my daughter is old enough I sure will indoctrinate...uhhhh...introduce her to Brandon's work. Thanks Shardlet for the above insight. It is indeed a good thing then if Brandon thinks this way. But I miss the WoT world But....thanks to the Cosmere I think that heartache will soon fade to the background. Cheers all!
  3. Hi and welcome! Nice rep sheet have fun with the wheel of time series. I'm going to look in those favs. of yours. Cheers!!
  4. Hello everybody, As etiquette demands, and that is a good thing, here is a short introduction of myself. My name is Mark. I live, work and otherwise procrastinate in my home town of Vlaardingen. (Which is located in The Netherlands, but you guys all knew that of course! I'm a happily married man and we have a gem of a daughter called: Wies. (what roughly translates as: Wise) My daily business is checking, repairing and otherwise manage dental problems. In other words i'm a dentist. I work in as general practitioner and as a special care dentist (for people with a disability) All books of Brandon are on the digital shelf. My favorite book is still Elantris, because of the world and the fantastic magic system. The work of Brandon on the Wheel of Time series was great. Personally I hope that Brandon will continue to write novels in het WoT universe. (but that is up to him and of course Harriet) (ed. R. Jordans wife) Well enough about myself. Thank you for reading this and I hope to meet some of you, or all, in a topic! Cheers!