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  1. When you and your partner are playing a DnD one shot, choose to play as Jasnah and Szeth, Seth gets labelled 'the most edgy character ever and we miiiight have some new readers soon.
  2. How would you talk about fandom in a resume? specifically a fandom project you were part of. 'niche interest group' sounds a bit weird and I don't want to say fandom right out. Any suggestions?
  3. You have an excellent name/profile picture.

  4. Ziggybuggydoog! *boom*
  5. I have Skyward. I'm prologue + a chapter in. And I'm on my computer refreshing Facebook waiting for nothing to happen. Why must I be like this?
  7. I feel this. So much.
  8. What do you mean its amazing they survived? Lol. I think it sounds respectable. Rabbi Hillel sounds like a kiruv rabbi who's a fresh BT himself. Or someone whos been in Yeshiva his whole life and doesnt really know how the world works.
  9. Hillel doesnt *actually* say that though, does he? Also he's technically Hillel the Elder, not Rabbi Hillel...right?
  10. .....true.
  11. *hug* If you cant go.maybe message your friend and let them know youre thinking of them. Mortality is scary.
  12. How did that happen?
  13. Do you enjoy punching lamb? Are you a butcher?
  14. Its much better than forever losing!
  15. FFRP?