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  1. I definitely fell asleep reading WoR release-week, woke up at a random time and had a minor debate with myself if I should keep using the book as a pillow or put it away and use my actual pillow. It wasn't half bad
  2. Thank you for answering! I really appreciate it.
  3. Could someone do an image description on this then?
  4. Yasha I think is healing. Im not totally caught up but Ive seen fan art and It seems like beau/yasha is becoming a thing? Ohh Jester/Caleb is a good match. I vaguely remember in a Talks Machina, I think when Caleb made Jester the amber lollipops in the Xorhouse, Liam said Caleb does have a crush on her. I also ship Caleb/Molly, but not as strongly. Yeah, Veth being into Caleb makes me a little uncomfortable. I think that and Yeza are the two crushes Veth has that isnt Sam just being as chaotic as possible. I get ace vibes from Cad. I dont think hes ever expressed anything remotely romantic or sexual. Actually a Jester/Essek/Caleb throuple would be so entertaining. So when Molly died there was a lot of talk about resurrection, I dont think its Taleisins plan. Of course the other players can and will do whatever they like but i think Taliesin and Matt intend for him to stay dead. It would be super cool if they went back to resurrect him and they find the grave empty.
  5. I see Kadolin. I even maybe see the threesome with Shallan (that has a name, right?). Its gonna be interesting for sure with Adolin and Shallan married now because they both have definite tension with Kaladin. Im excited to see where it goes.
  6. And here's a classic Delightful-hasnt-been-on-the-forums-in-ages-and-feels-like-they-must-reply-to-everyone Well anarchy is about communal living and lack of hierarchy, so a dictatorship is kind of the opposite. It also (who said that now) doesnt require people to be logical imho. It requires people to realise that its in their best interests to work communally, which is honestly how humanity has survived this long. We're not the best predators or the quietest prey or the best foragers or w/e, we're really good at looking after each other (without capitalism and colonialism anyway). Its less people smashing in windows and burning tires and more pooling resources to improve everyone's lives, making joint decisions on how to use those resources, not giving any one person lasting significant power over others. Thats about as far as I know, theres a bunch of different models of what that could actually look like. Its kind of - begin ramble- like how Lord of The Flies is supposed to be about what happens when people are left alone on an island to fend for themselves and how it turns into murder and chaos? So thats actually what happens when privileged, entitled private school boys get left on an island. If you look at actual natural disasters and things, people band together to help each other. And actually, there's an actual case like 50 years ago of a group of school kids from South East Asia, I think, who borrowed (stole) a boat, went out to sea, didnt come back and were presumed dead. A sailor like 5 years later was sailing past this random island and saw people waving for help. These boys had landed (crashed?) on the island, made a rule that they would never fight, rigged themselves up food and shelter, and even iirc set someone's broken bone, and by working together they survived relatively healthily until they were found 5 years later. And then when they got back home they guy who's boat they stole had them arrested for theft. -end ramble- Hi! yes my cat is a very fluffy boy who like snuggles. Hi! Uh, my tips are, don't feel bound by any particular way of being non-binary. Explore what gender and your gender expression mean for you, what you like, what makes you happy. And remember that non-binary literally just means 'not exclusively a man or a woman', its not a third gender, so theres basically infinite gender space to explore. Enjoy! I have a couple questions if thats ok? No pressure at all to answer. So the environment is the host, does that mean everyone within the system is aware of whats going on all the time? Does someone front most often or can more than one person front together? Has the environment ever fronted? I've never met a system without a person as a host.
  7. Anarchy? Anarchy.
  8. Im not entirely sure your definition of agender is accurate, but Im also not agender myself. And yeah gender is a lot performance and a lot arbitrary rules and its all complicated. So uh......What do we talk about in a non-binary thread? I assume the boys thread is all trucks and mud and the girls thread is all perfume and dolls . We get....cryptids, maybe? My cat is not a cryptid but he has been very demanding of snuggles today. um *searches for topic to talk about*.
  9. So possibly agender? It can get pretty hot where I live but its winter now. I would love a warm soft cape/cloak. Probably not super winter jacket level warm because I want to wear it more than two days a year. My pronouns are they/them, in my chatacter title ;). Yours?
  10. Of course theyre not gonna match up perfectly, that doesnt mean this isnt a cool concept and cool art. Its kinda just nitpicking.
  11. A bracelet over a glove can work. I think ive even seen general designs with rings over the gloves which seems particularly impractical. Easy to get off but maybe easier for others to steal too.
  12. Oh right Skyward! Im mildly annoyed at the romance between Spensa and J-whats his name, theres more chemistry with the other girls tbh. I think I was shipping Spensa and Kimmalyn but I dont remember specifically, its been a while. Like the book is so cool, oh look another tired hetero romance. Pretty strong head canon that both Bow and SeaHawk from She-ra are bi. Yes absolutely though, bi guys dont get much rep. Edit 3 seconds after I post because Im Like That: Lucifer from Lucifer! He's technically yknow the devil and not a person person but hes very sexual and very obviously bi. Ooooooooh more magic transition goals! Miguel and Tulio voice: MIGHTY AND POWERFUL GODS That was....a lot of ace memes. I was going to react but Ive forgotten what I was going to say, except that I love the idea of the girl getting pets and the boys falling in love. Theres a recent Netflix movie thats similar, about a girl helping a guy to "get the girl' except she's already in love with the girl and the guy doesn't realise that. Its pretty cute. Forgot what its called.
  13. Heya! So we're being 10 year olds but at least we're being inclusive about it? Im in Could make a 'rule' aka request that only non-binary people post here. So where do you fit more specifically as a non-binary person? Im starting to wonder if maverique is a gender I might fit into. Im mildly gender fluid but mostly trans-masc-ish but thats also because dysphoria not because thats how I necessarily want to present. But presentation isnt gender. So maybe maverique. Speaking of though, whats your favourite non-binary fashion looks? Im partial to flannel and hoods. if I could get away with a cloak I totally would. Um whats an equivalent to girlz and boyz? Enbiz? the z is childlike anyway..... NBiz. Bees? Beeeeees!!
  14. I mean there are joke stereotypes about different identities but I dont think they make someone a better or worse person for like, cuffing their jeans or wearing flannel or w/e. So does anyone have queer Cosmere headcanons? I've got 1. Wit is not straight and probably not cis either. He's weird and he's been around a long time. 2. Jasnah is asexual and/or aromantic 3 Semi-confirmed that Shallan is accidentally bi I hope we get some Vorin gender non-confirming and non-binary characters messing with cultural expectations. We do already have the people who work with the horses, but eh, I want to see more. Trans women learning to read later in life, ceremonial soldier uniforms with big safe hand sleeves.......