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  1. Ack, I wasnt notified of replies! Is this the gay agenda? I just found one season weirdly paced, it was 2 or 3 and it just....stopped at some point. The one that ends with family. I was just watching Noelle and Mollys Twitch stream, Noelle said they tried to keep the mythology as separate as possible. Is Avatar related? Can i ask why you wont watch it? .......Scorpia is best princess though
  2. Replying on mobile here hope it formats ok 1. Yes lets make a disaster gaythread 2. dw I also mistakenly thought I was a girl/woman 3. RWBY - the Deeply Contentious RelationshipTM has literally been canon for a whole season, people just dont want to call it that because they havent kissed on screen. And because theyre homophobic, mostly. Another super popular but straight RWBY couple got declared canon after holding hands. Another straight couple was canon after a dance. Contentious Couple have basically declared undying love and spent all their time together and people are just salty. I wont deny RWBY has many issues, (season 5 is just plain bad with a handful of good moments (Yangs bandit fight yes please) there are plot holes and confusing mythology, and after the main show runner died it took them a bit to get everything running smoothly again, but also the last two seasons have I think worked to solve a lot of those issues and have been really good.). Its also one of my absolute favourite shows. It deals with a lot of the what happens after the "big showdown", how do you deal with real loss and hopelessness, how do you pick yourself up when you cant see the sky, how do you know right and wrong when the world is a mess. A bit like mistborn but right after instead of a thousand years after. And oh my gooooood the soundtrack is absolutely stellar, theres an album for every season and the songs are everything. Character themes largely but also some rocking fight songs I could talk about this forever. Queerness is also *completely* normal in She-Ra, its so calming. Ive heard a lot about red white and royal blue! Definitely on my to-read list!
  3. She does definitely dissociate, but so do many people who dont specifically have DID.
  4. I'll PM you
  5. I forgot to say, thanks for looking this up!
  6. Jester/Fjord used to be a ship, but not for a long time really. And Nott and Caleb before Yeza came back (oh my goodness I love Yeza so much, he's so kind and wholesome). And I know that there's a Fjord/Caleb ship but I dont really see it. Oh, and Widowmauk! Oh god, the cupcake. That was *brilliant*. And the whole Traveller reveal.
  7. Now I can find out what cities my VPN connects to! It only shows me country :P. .......Victorious.
  8. Ahhhh thank you! I noticed it was broken but I wasn't gonna ask. And uh, yeah, turns out you learn a lot about yourself when you're away from your controlling parents trying to dictate every aspect of your life! So uh, yeah. XD Hello! How are you doing? How's Bruce? How's life?
  9. Oooh RWBY is another favourite! RWBY is probably a little longer; the first 3 seasons have very short episodes though. And RWBY isnt finished.
  10. Hold up, you're under 16 and English isnt your first language? Im really impressed!
  11. That makes sense. Its basically an animated short story collection, I dont think every single one would need to be rated 18+. I mean, a lot of them yes but not all.
  12. Oh, most importantly, relevant to this thread, She-Ra is *very gay*.
  13. I started Love Death and Robots. Some of them were great, some of them put me me off by casual background suicide and death. Its a little dark for my tastes. From what I've seen, my favourites are the monster fight ring, and the three robots.
  14. I kind of went on a bit of a positive rant about it in the entertainment forum. Take a trailer!
  15. Oh, that still happens then 5 seasons of about 11 episodes each, except I think one season was weirdly short? 3 maybe? Its exactly as long as the creators wanted it to be, the finale is perfection, it did things with the characters that beginning of the season I dead set thought wouldn't work and somehow it all came together beautifully.