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  1. So am I the only one that feels like Fort is the character that's obviously a plant for future importance? Constant references on his end of hunts, along with what seems like a larger understanding of arcanic theory than is normal. My suspicion is that he's a southern Scadrial descendant that has given up on some cultural choices... or there's some link between the Maskless & Hunters that develops and we've yet to see?
  2. The Aviar comment & references dangers coming from below the water than above implies it's a resident of First of the Sun
  3. So remember what Maize said to Shallan and how she was stuck, trapped to Roshar? I think it's due to the type of investiture that she uses. I think having Rysn bond a Spren would lock her physically onto Roshar as well, meaning that the Dawnshar itself would be trapped in the same system as Odium. Now if Odium where to gain the power of the Dawnshard... i'm betting we'll have to RAFO.
  4. After rereading one thing struck me regarding Hoid & Shallan's two meetings and it made me wonder: Is time a linear aspect of Hoid's experience or does his Worldhopping abilities also give him the ability to choose which time he is in? He seemed to recognize Shallan during the flashback scene but it's not clear if he knew he when she met him for the second time... Any thoughts?