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  1. I wonder if Adolin will manage to reawaken Maya but, not being broken or the normal Edgedancer type, will be some sort of hybrid.
  2. I suspect part of it is how much stormlight she had access to during the early part of that fight. With an unlimited power budget I'm sure she's capable of some pretty incredible stuff.
  3. It sort of fits with the existing Vorin narrative of humanity being pushed out of the Tranquiline Halls to Roshar. What I suspect happened is Braize, now called Damnation, was then called the TQ and Odium's forces took over, forcing humans to refugee to Roshar.
  4. I suspect that blade was taken from Azure when the ship was overhauled. If it is a Nightblood-as-it-should-have-been it may be able to kill in two or all three realms and may be a danger to even be handled by at least certain types of invested beings. The heralds may be like the Fused in that a normal death will cause them to be reborn on Braize but able to come to Roshar. That blade seems a pretty large Checkov's Gun to me. I wonder if it could slice a piece off of Odium.
  5. Well... Brandon could be giving an Aes Sedai answer and trolling us. His quote could mean that they both existed *somewhere* before the shattering, but given that most of the original shard holders were human, that isnt saying a lot. I'm not convinced he's telling us humans existed on *Roshar*, or at least the planet Roshar as opposed to the Greater Roshar System prior to the shattering.
  6. They hardly gave Brandon any screen time, unfortunately.
  7. By placing her thumb and index fingertips together and rushing the finger to the base of the thumb :-)
  8. Odium has managed to kill and splinter three shards, whereas the only other shard on shard combat we know was a mutual kill in Mistborn. So, Odium has an advantage somehow. I see three possible categories: 1) Advantage in ability: Odium has some ability lacked by at least some other shards that is useful in combat. 2) Advantage in technique: Odium is better at effectively using his power for offense or defense against another shard. 3) Advantage in concentrated power: At least before he became bound to Braize, Odium may have retained more of his innate power vis-a-vis Honor, Devotion, and Dominion, enabling him to prevail in a fight. We know Preservation put so much power into Scadrial/Humanity he was a a disadvantage vs Ruin. I asked Brandon what Odium's edge was at a signing, giving the three possibilities. He was going to RAFO but threw me a bone and said "some combination of the three".
  9. When I viewed the post there was a "This post has been reported for attempting to skirt the rules" embedded within my text. I'm unaware of any rules I might have attempted to skirt. Was it linking to YouTube? Was it recommending an artist? I realize it's not strictly about Brandon but I know a number of sharders are from the general area this artist plays in and thought they might like to know.
  10. I came across a musician on YouTube who apparently plays (judging from where nearly all the videos are located) at the Pie Pizzaria in SLC. I thoroughly enjoyed his music, mostly covers of popular songs, and thought I'd mention him to folks who might be tempted to stop by, assuming he still plays there. His name is Mike Masse, and his youtube channel is: He's got considerable skill, and I enjoyed the music, although you might want to be wary of this one: The musical skill is the same, but it's a mashup of Hotel California and...another song. The title of the video doesnt warn you that he segues into...that other song about a minute in. It's the pairing of Hotel California with..that other song that is the kicker. No. Just...No. (Note: While it was indeed a This post has been reported for attempting to skirt the rules moment when I realized what he was doing I'm embellishing things for dramatic effect)
  11. Constipation
  12. In another thread, I believe on this site, it discusses the Heralds and what's happened to them in the years since they broke the oathpact. It could be a conseuence of breaking the pact, or it could merely be a result of their extreme age, but they are all not quite right in the head. There has been speculation that their current state is a perversion of the virtue they were associated with. Taln's messed up view of the relationship between surgebinding and desolations could be explained by that. He's already gone from Justice >> Javert (Inspector Javert) and a messed up appreciation of the cause of desolations.
  13. It's mentioned somewhere in one of the archived interviews that Odium took the steps necessary for Rosharan species to access his magic, and I'm confident that's related to why he's so bound to the Greater Roshar System. IIRC he's actually resident on Braize so it's a system wide thing. I'm guessing it had somethng to do with being able to defeat Honor or was a side effect.
  14. I'm sure one of the orders must have "No, I am a stick" in the sequence somewehre