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  1. I would say that using role speculation as the primary reason for a vote is generally bad, since we have a bunch of trolls for GMs. But otherwise I would say that it can be helpful when trying to solve the game. On the topic of the D1 lynch, I’d like to point out that it isn’t necessary that we actually kill anyone. It’s just necessary that people feel threatened. That’s when we get information.
  2. I think this is because there have been a lot of players with lower activity, a reluctance to vote, and less of a penchant for doing analysis.
  3. It does hurt us to kill them though. The Shaman becomes vulnerable to a Night kill if the Truthless dies. A wasted lynch is also a pretty significant cost. Barring a situation such as knowing all the elim identities prior to LyLo (we have a lynch to spare), I don't think we should consider lynching the Truthless. Also, as I mentioned above, I doubt we will have the chance. If the Truthless reveals, the elims would probably Night Kill them, and that's game over.
  4. Since the Truthless specifically needs to be lynched (as opposed to Night Killed) to win, I don't think they would do this. I'm also going to vote for Experience/@Ookla the Shadowed since I don't like your post. Seems vaguely like a thing a villager would say without actually saying anything. Edit: Gears was elim in the MR. That is the context of the comment in his first post.
  5. I've got all the time in the world now, so I'll sign up for this one. My character will be Max. Powers: Extreme jumping and can control fire. Weakness: Bad fantasy books negate his powers. No prime invincibility.
  6. I’ve never actually run a game (although I co-GMed my first time this year). So it definitely varies dramatically based on what you are comfortable with.
  7. For better or for worse, there will both be an important issue at hand and much pressing done in this game .
  8. By the way, why did you think this?
  9. I never claimed hemalurgist because I thought people would pick me as the most suspicious one. I was H4, and did an awful job of identifying everyone. Of course, I’d only played with TJ and Devotary before, and never really had long conversations with them. I’m curious, you seemed to be playing very conservatively this game, and I was wondering why. A lot of the posts you made were agreeing with things already said, and I don’t think you really pushed for a lynch that wasn’t already backed by other people. But I got the impression that you also very much knew what you were doing. I mentioned the above behavior to Burnt as a reason I was suspicious of you, and of the known Hemalurgists, I would have tried to get you lynched over Condensation or myself if it came to it.
  10. Before this thread gets too long, I'd like to make my obligatory comment about activity. I could write several paragraphs on the topic, but basically, if you find yourself only posting to dodge the filter, then you aren't really playing the game, and you are upsetting the balance for other players. Life gets busy sometimes (and I think lots of people have finals around now), but this game ran for a month, and generally life isn't busy for 30+ days straight. So please try and do better in the future, and reach out to players that seem like they know what they are doing if you feel stuck. I saw that in the dead doc and laughed out loud, because I totally did. I bussed Ash, and the put the other 3 elims in a list of my top 4 suspects. I'm kind of surprised that nobody went after me for not actually trying to lynch anyone on that list except lotus. Missing that Night Kill did provide a convenient opportunity to pivot my suspicions. I think I made many suboptimal decisions this game which caused at least a few people to assume that I wasn't on the elim team. Well, I play just about every LG, so you'll have plenty of opportunities for revenge. I look forward to the honor of being slain by you in the future. On a related note, I was pretty awful at identifying Hemalurgists I guess, and you weren't the only person to die as a result. Sorry to @Amanuensis and @Devotary of Spontaneity for your premature deaths. I take full responsibility, and wish I had instead killed you for something more substantial . Don't bother. I've been saying that for ~5 years and nobody listens .
  11. Good game everyone! Thanks especially to @Straw for GMing and @Matrim's Dice for co-GMing. I will post more thoughts on the game later, but I want to say now that @Burnt Spaghetti was awesome about getting up to speed so quickly. I definitely have more fun in these games when players put in that kind of effort .
  12. Okay, so in order from most to least suspicious (excluding myself): Mist Wind Silber Books Vapor Burnt Supreme Condensation Whysper Danex Vapor is a bit lower on the list because if she is elim, the elims took something of a risk with the lynch last cycle. They could have gambled on TJ using his vote manip, or just been planning to let her go, but it slightly lowers my suspicion on her. Burnt is lower because she was super active in PMs, but Elkana's inactivity still fits pretty well with the elim team profile I've been considering. I'm curious to hear what she has come up with after being in this game for just a day.
  13. I'd like a link to the spec doc. This game is running at a pretty bad time for me, school wise.
  14. My favorite board/card games are Eclipse: New Dawn for the Galaxy, Terraforming Mars, Spirit Island, and Race for the Galaxy. Of course, there are plenty of others I enjoy.