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  1. @Elandera I would be more aggressive with votes, it's just that I've been really busy IRL while this game has been going on. My lack of enthusiasm has nothing to do with either my alignment (I'm like that even as an elim) or my change in playstyle. I think that Ark is the person I'd like to hear from the most. He's seems to have accumulated a decent number of votes throughout the game without ever really being under the threat of being lynched.
  2. Well I guess we don't need any more votes on Meta. I'm going to try and do some analysis this cycle of who I think would be village/elim in the two outcomes of this lynch, and I suggest that others do the same, so that we don't lose a cycle of discussion. There is also probably something to be gained from looking at the people Fifth was after before he died. Said analysis is going to happen in about 20 hours though, so don't expect to hear too much from me. Also, @Orlok Tsubodai, I don't do role swaps, and I don't have any active PMs. Sorry I didn't see yours until after rollover.
  3. Your clearing of us folks should probably be contingent on Meta actually being elim. But I appreciate the vote of confidence :). I guess I’d say that I don’t think we should read too much in interactions with Elandera. I’m going to go look at past games to see if there are any trends with elim teams commenting after a WGG.
  4. Hey Coinshot, we have lots of inactive players. Could you kill one of them please? Maybe the elims could help out too?
  5. I would hazard that it wouldn't be too strong for the elim team to have a lurcher if there is a village coinshot, which there almost certainly is. I'm not going to try and guess probabilities, but I wouldn't rule out an elim Lurcher by any means.
  6. I’m inclined to think that Elandera is a villager, since during the night cycle they suggested that the elim team might have a thug. That seems like a weird thing to do if your team is planning a WGG that very same cycle. Reading through the lynch last cycle, I think Meta/Ark could be both elim. Meta was the first vote on Ark, but then retracted after Gancho and Elandera joined the vote. The reasoning behind the retraction seems a little contrived, as Steeldancer pointed out.
  7. I actually have thought about praising someone who has been less active to encourage them to participate more actively. I'm not actually sure what the intended purpose of the praise vote is, but I think that there is nothing wrong with praising an active player, regardless of their eventual alignment.
  8. There's not necessarily anything bad about praising an elim. If anything, it's possible that they would be more likely to give away information because they have a greater incentive to vote, and have more influence over the lynch.
  9. @Rathmaskal In fact you did say you were looking at a specific group of votes; the group of votes on Cadcom. While I agree that if an elim was in on the lynch, 3rd or 4th would have been a good place to sneak in, there are problems with assuming "X elims must be in this group of people". While usually this comes up with role distribution and GMs being trolls, it's relevant here too. Ark/Rath. Ark doesn't seem to be around, and to be honest, there wasn't a super great reason behind my vote on him. I also rescind my opinion that we shouldn't kill Orlok/Fifth this cycle. I sort of agree with what Orlok has said about you, Fifth, and I also think your vote on Rath is a little strongly worded. My SE paranoia has also kicked in and started me on thinking that you and Orlok are both elims playing off of each other. I may have time to come back and change votes, but don't plan on me being able to respond to a good justification in time.
  10. I was just about to post something about Xino and Elandera as well. But I don't think that's enough for me to want to lynch one of them yet. Right now I'd like to know from @MetaTerminal what his worry about Orlok getting the praise vote was. Also, Shqueeves Snipexe had his vote on Ark, and then was killed. I guess I'll praise Rathmaskal for having a similar train of thought to me. I don't think we should lynch either Fifth or Orlok this cycle. If either of them is elim, then their level of conversation will give us a lot more information as them gaem goes on, and if we kill one of them, I'm worried that the rest of the village won't step up and do analysis.
  11. I’ll try and post something substantial before noon. But it will be a bit.
  12. Thanks to Wilson, Orlok, and Elbereth for GMing! I had lots of fun, and unfortunately my death was my own fault :/. Lesson to be learned is don't try to kill Jasnah, ever. It's nearly as bad as making Wilson mad at you. I was Restares by the way.
  13. I'll vote Fifth/Orlok. I can't say that I have particularly good reasons for either, but it's D1, so that will have to be good enough.
  14. Real quick, I agree with what Fifth said about new players being averse to D1 lynches. Also, I'm probably not going to be able to contribute much until tomorrow afternoon.
  15. I'll sign up as Ookla the Curmudgeonly, so that I don't have to bother changing my username and title. He bears a striking resemblance to an elderly fellow that really doesn't like foolishness.