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  1. I'm not really sure I can disagree with anything that has been said against me. I am being stubborn, although it seems to have generated discussion, rather than kill it, as Straw suggests. Everything I've done makes sense to me, and I'm not sure any explanation I can give will help at this point. It would just be a long rambling post addressing random concerns people have that I don't think are justified. I think the only read I have is that Fura is village, but I haven't been taking notes so I can't find the post that made me think that. Fortunately, Hadrian has become relatively comfortable with being killed by mobs, and he is pretty embarrassed with how his ball turned out, so he's happy to step out for a while. Edit: Maybe one thing to think on is: If you were an elim, would you do the things I've been doing? If yes, go ahead and lynch me.
  2. @Steeldancer Both groups have people that they will want to irrationally defend. That's the best way to find elims, and it should work for finding the Mistborn as well.
  3. @Ark1002 I'm currently voting on Lumgol, not you.
  4. I don't think this really means anything. Killing mistborn is what the village wants to do, and everyone wants to appear village regardless of alignment. Edit: However, I'm not trying to contradict my earlier post. I just think that suggesting the village go after the baddies is NAI or elim, rather than village.
  5. @Randuir I'm trying to push a "elim and mistborn won't look that different in the thread" idea.
  6. @Furamirionind, it is impossible to have reason behind a vote when nobody has done anything in the game. Furthermore, as Stink pointed out, "poke voting" is pointless. Players show up or they don't, regardless of who has poked them. Whoever we end up killing this cycle is going to be almost entirely random, despite what we may like to think. Someone definitely has to die every day cycle of the game, because of the game mechanics. I am just willing to do the dirty work, so to speak. My vote on Lumgol was because Lum suggested a goal without giving any strategy to achieve it. Saying something that sounds nice but doesn't really have any substance. My second sentence is basically saying that there isn't a predefined method of searching out mistborn vs elims (or an easy one, in my opinion), and in no way is condemning a response. I would say it's inviting one, although it is a bit aggressive. We are all here to kill each other, so I feel a little aggression is warranted.
  7. Unless I'm very mistaken, the unstable Mistborn aren't really serial killers. They have (almost) the same win condition as the village, although the two are mutually exclusive, but the usual SK role has the goal of killing everyone.
  8. @Lumgol How do you propose we specifically search for Mistborn as opposed to the eliminators? I think right now all we can really do is see who isn't village. Lumgol.
  9. Fortunately there are ~48 hours for things to happen to cause my vote to move.
  10. I like the pre-writeup, @Fifth Scholar. I'll open with a vote on Ark. To be clear, this is not a poke vote (mostly meaning it won't automatically get removed when @Ark1002 shows up), although it is subject to change. Gotta kill somebody today.
  11. Wol the messenger left Keep Venture on his way to continue delivering ball invitations for Lord Penrod. In addition to an invitation, Lord Penrod had sent to Elend a complaint against the record of Hadrian support Steeldancer's death, as it was plain to anyone who looked that Hadrian had done no such thing. As Wol stepped onto a main street, he bumped heavily into a hooded skaa man, sending him sprawling to the ground. "Sorry sir," Wol said as he reached to help the man up. Just then, he noticed a large pair of obsidian shears that had fallen out of the stranger's cloak. "Hmm. This reminds me of the time my great uncle Stewart tried to steal the axe off an Inquisitor. Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately for him, he was nearly blind and instead grabbed the hat off a nearby skaa. Would you like a hand up?" He reached down to help the stranger up, but the man cursed at Wol, snatched at the shears, and scurried off around a corner. Bother, I didn't get to finish telling him about Stewart.
  12. Hadrian sealed the last envelope, and then passed the stack to a messenger. His House had moved into Keep Hasting following the departure of Cett, and to show off their new station, and their total confidence in the face of yet another army, House Penrod was throwing a ball. The messenger set off with the pile of invitations. While the Penrods couldn't afford the extravagance that had been present in balls during the days of the Lord Ruler, Hadrian was certain that the nobility would appreciate a diversion. Also, after the Cett fiasco, it was clear that the skaa and the merchants were not a force to be trifled with. To that end, the ball was open to all members of the Assembly and any guests they chose to invite.
  13. @Fifth Scholar I think that is a great summary. Personally, if I'm going to be relatively busy IRL during some or all of a game (which recently has been almost always), the deciding factor for me to join is how complicated the ruleset is. I'll join pretty much any game with "standard" rules, with the basic mafia roles, some flavor, and maybe PMs. A separate google doc with rules was enough to scare me away from the spren LG. The rules could even be really complicated, but hidden, so that I as a player don't have to deal with an information overload at the start of the game. One thought I just had about concerns about signup length and RP: Perhaps GMs could extend signups and encourage players to RP during that time. I know that some players use the signups as a time to introduce their character, but perhaps the GM could take a more direct role in creating one or more settings for this RP to occur. This could take the form of pre-game day/night cycles with writeups or something else. I don't usually do much RP, but when I have, it has greatly enhanced my SE experience, especially when the GM actively used my character in the writeups.