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  1. I can strongly relate to this, I had a streak of 17 games where I was evil in 12 of them (LG67-MR52). It just means the GMs have respect for your skill and Agolac doesn't like you very much. Kas's identity shenanigans were almost as fun as if those players had been in the game . Kinda surprised that people were checking activity levels on the anon accounts but not looking back at the "returning player" accounts.
  2. I was considering a fake-claim of one of the roles Ada had mentioned just for the fun of it, so I can see where TKN was coming from in the rather plausible lying!Ada world.
  3. But you aren't village. You crossed the line. SE is way more important than football, yet you abandon us to obsess over some tournament somewhere.
  4. I’m usually somewhat anticlaimactic, but that has been mellowed by both lots of chatting with Kas and the fact this is a blackout, where the elim info advantage is greater than usual. As for my specific post, I’ll leave y’all to figure out if it was serious, since that seems to fit the vibe of the game. In response to TJ, I have voted, and my vote is on one of the leading candidates: Striker. Here’s the thing with Stick’s original posts: I can’t ever think of an elim team that had “encourage bandwagons” as part of their strategy. So while it was disconcerting to see her suggestions, I mostly just disagree with them. I would probably still vote Stick over someone that I have a gut village read on in the case of a close vote. I’m honestly not opposed to voting Aman either, since, according to him, we aren’t going to be solving this together as villagers. And there’s no way he’s actually being honest with us. Other than that, I’ve kinda just been enjoying the banter of the game. Maybe I should be ashamed of just chilling like that, but I’m better at the endgame anyways, so that’s how it is.
  5. Since Kas is running this game, yes, there will be a dead doc. Knowing him and Fifth, it’s probably at 20+ pages already. In regards to other game things, I’m definitely partial to Fadran being some kind of neutral player, but I don’t think he’s elim. Notably, only a neutral could honestly wonder whether everyone (else) is elim. I will say that you can’t unsay things in SE though. Joking can be dangerous in that regard.
  6. I already claimed; my role lets me sit on a porch and watch people get Trolled. Also, I have to say that your claim was excellently crafted to be completely unverifiable, at least the second part. You’ve created a scenario in which any theoretical World Cup players won’t want to claim, so now nobody will be surprised when there is never confirmation. Not saying that I have anything against you for the claim though. In response to @Matrim's Dice regarding no flips and bandwagons, while it is true that close votes give more info when we have flips, it is also the case that bandwagons given more info when we have flips. In this game, if we are never going to get flips, a bandwagon is practically useless for info, whereas a close vote, by virtue of giving players agency, does give info. Multiple players can be pressured at once as well. The reason there was a LG15b was more due to villagers being afraid to move past poke voting than being unwilling to consolidate.
  7. @Kasimir, your tally missed my voted on Striker. I have to agree with Orlok here, it’s a bit absurd to think we are in imminent danger of losing, and it is a bit suspicious for Stick to be trying to motivate us to bandwagon/“consolidate” with that reasoning. Kas wouldn’t set up this beautiful monster of a game and then let it end after a couple of days.
  8. So long as you aren’t a Cook, I think we are alright.
  9. Given that you ended up in this game, I’m not very willing to believe that .
  10. Personally, my role lets me sit on a porch and watch people get trolled.
  11. Well, we've both been kicking around for a while, and we both enjoy bloodthirsty murder, so it stands to reason that we'd have similar reputations.
  12. That looks like Araris's profile. I'm Metalcognition. Given that you've been playing for a while, I'm surprised you'd make that mistake. Something a hacker would do, perhaps.
  13. Glad to have you! Normally we give new players a bit of leeway, but you’ll have to pardon me for ignoring that protocol given the circumstances. Remember everyone, your most important role is your ability to vote. Everything else is secondary, so let’s start banning some folks. I think Striker is worthy of my vote for now, since his recent reappearance seems suspiciously coincidental.
  14. I’ll sign up as Metalcognition, definitely not an impostor for the founder of our game.