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  1. That was QF 33, which was based on Murder: Mystery in Hong Kong, a board game. It was actually the last game that he played/GMed, and it was a lot of fun. Also, the GM gets to play! It was the one that caught my eye when I was looking for simple rule sets.
  2. I’d like to get on the QF list, to run Hero’s game that I mentioned a couple of months back.
  3. You're just saying that so we don't try to find and murder you in the AG .
  4. Archer is a very scary elim (and from experience, an excellent elim teammate).
  5. Yeah, village!me would have taken the Mark and then murdered the elim that gave it to me . So I was definitely leaning against that option, but figured it deserved at least to be mentioned. Gotta do what you can to stay alive, you know? (from this you can clearly see that elim!Araris is not a Windrunner, if that wasn't already patently obvious ).
  6. Yeah, and I think you must be the most village. Which is good, because I still haven't gotten over my strange reluctance to try and vote you out. I tried pushing back against it this game, but no luck .
  7. Oh yeah, this game caused me to exceed Alvron in the number of elim games I've played, it prevented me from having a 6-game loss streak, and it put me back at a 50% overall win rate!
  8. Thanks . Although I didn’t really consider any of the things I was doing risky at the time. I would say the thing about inactives whenever (although I didn’t suspect every villager to have a NK). And C2 was just poorly played by our team in general, I think. I left myself without an easy out from voting on Sart, and Mage was leading the other train. Sart was probably right that we should have gone for a more direct win by controlling the thread (except maybe for village NKs ). @Ookla the Pianist, thanks for running the game! And @Elandera, thanks for IMing. I said in the elim doc, this is one of the best SE games I played recently, and I’d love to play a similar rule set sometime! @ookla the lowercase, @Mage, thanks for playing with me and in Sart’s case, putting up with my occasional tendency for a good old bus .
  9. Yeah. Can’t have people trusting me now, can we? I was trying to direct you onto Mage (after the initial play to go after Szeth), because there was no way Szeth would vote for anyone but me. So your instincts were right, but the Gods of Luck and Chance were with me .
  10. @Kasimir, we don’t have extra lives. We instead have a 20% chance to survive any given kill/vote. Said item increases the odds of survival to 30%. And somewhat ironically, my survival means you get to win. Consider it a gesture of respect for your significant efforts to solve the game.
  11. I’d say go ahead.
  12. Well, bother. I thought we could win this one without resorting to ties. Great analysis Kas, you’re only wrong in a couple of places that are to be expected from the blackout nature of the game. Mage Szeth.
  13. Okay, well, I can't survive this cycle voting alone, and I'm pretty sure Kas is my village buddy, so I'll switch from Szeth to Mage. Pretty sure that's the elim team regardless.
  14. Because I 100% know that Szeth is lying. I think the only scenario that makes sense is Mage being his partner, but I could be wrong about that. Why would elim!Szeth claim to be sending on a kill on Mage, if Mage isn't his teammate? If you were his teammate, he would have claimed to be attacking you.