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  1. @Butt Ad Venture Posts like that make me sad that downvoting is no longer a feature . Also, seeing as this may be one of my last posts this game, I have a Warrant (or I assume I do, since I was targeted with one).
  2. Quick Heads Up, starting Saturday I'm going to be rather busy IRL (moving across the country), so my activity levels will drop precipitously (which is why I asked Joe about the game lasting longer than a week). That being said, if there are lingering suspicions about me, I wouldn't terribly mind being lynched today or tomorrow.
  3. His post where he started by voting for Gaea, then switched to Joe in the same post stuck out to me. I could understand if he voted at the start of an analysis post, and then changed his mind by then end, but his post was only a few lines, so the switch seemed fake to me.
  4. Can someone express their suspicion of Kidpen a little better? I did a cursory read through of the thread and he didn't stick out to me. My top two suspicions are Fifth and Bard.
  5. @Fifth Scholar, I think you may be tunneling on Doc. I'd also appreciate the Seeker hitting Snipexe, although I wouldn't be too surprised if the Inquisitor killed him tonight.
  6. I'm rather confuzzled by this game, to be honest. The lynch isn't a very reliable tool, and I've never been good at getting reads on people from PMs. I'll support Drake as Mayor, since his chances of being an elim seem rather low. Snipexe getting frustrated with mayoring could be an elim tell. In the first shard game, which was horrendously broken against the elims, I made a few posts to that effect. As for Alvron, I'm honestly not sure whether to believe his story. I'm leaning toward him being an elim, but I might be biased from my interactions with Aman recently. I'm somewhat suspicious of Fifth for voting on me last cycle. It didn't seem like a normal vote from Fifth, and he never acknowledged my response.
  7. Bother. Somehow I totally forgot that Snipexe had claimed misting this cycle. I feel rather silly about that, given I directly responded to his post and said we shouldn't lynch him (at least not specifically to allow a conversion). I guess I'll join Doc on Ray. The vanilla claim would be confirmed by a Seeker, and if he's telling the truth then there won't be a conversion tonight.
  8. @Rathmaskal, what do you think about Bard being Randuir's only village read in his analysis post? You mention the village read here, but Bard is the only person Randuir gave a village read. It seems odd to me that they would cause their teammate to stand out like that.
  9. I'm going to switch from Doc to Snipexe. I could be wrong and Doc could be the Inquisitor, but both players are suspicious, and I appreciate the effort Doc has put into his post this cycle. Seems rather lame to lynch someone after they demonstrate a willingness to be a solid contributor. We still have 3 hours left in the cycle, and only 6 votes placed. Current Vote Tally: Lumgol (1): Elandera Doc (2): Araris, Doc, Hael, Fifth Devotary (1): Sart Ray (1): Doc Snipexe (1): Araris
  10. Given that the elims apparently planned to lynch Wilson, it would seem rather odd for them to have the single vote on Wilson be one of their team. If it was necessary for an elim vote to be on Wilson to secure the lynch, then why me? I haven't really gathered any suspicion prior to this cycle. (Also, I'm an American with a sane sleep schedule, which is why I left. Rollover will never be seen by these eyes.) I suppose I agree with the Alv lynch, but in the interests of preserving the integrity of the lynch outcome, I won't add my vote. I still need to read what happened after I went to bed last night, so I'll withhold my suspicions for now. As for items, I just have the 3 Senators that I started with.
  11. Well, I am staunchly against a Gaea lynch, and am going to vote on Wilson. Signing off for the cycle.
  12. I'm pretty sure things are only dead in the water because several players aren't participating very much. I feel like we have a decent amount of information, having lynched Rand. I posted 4 different lists of 3 players' suspicions, so that alone should be enough for everyone to place a vote. We already gave the Inquisitor a helping hand D1, and there's no reason to do so again.
  13. Snipexe came up during my cursory read of Randuir's analysis post. I picked out the people Randuir read as Neutral, but didn't dismiss for inactivity, which is the list from N3 in my above post. Doc is also on that list, and I voted for him because he's on Fifth's list as well. My vote isn't really based on anything that Doc has actually done, it's based on my analysis of Randuir.