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  1. Thank you Straw for GMing! This was a very fun game, I enjoyed getting trusted this game. Vapor and Joe were awesome teammates.
  2. Been playing lots of Europa Universalis IV (grand strategy historical sandbox) and Risk of Rain 2 (roguelite shooter-ish).
  3. @Sorana, nice analysis. Looking the D1 votes, it seems kind of risky for the elims to have all 3 of their players vote on Gears. Of Joe and Xino, based on the votes, Xino is more suspicious, since his vote came after Vapor was a serious candidate for the lynch. I think Joe's vote means we should lynch Xino. While we don't know which of Joe/Silber is an elim, we can probably say that they are on different teams, accounting for 1 elim and 1 villager. Thus Xino, the remaining player, should be elim. @Lord_Silberfarben, if you don't vote this cycle, the elims can tie any lynch, which makes them win. Please vote for someone (unless you are elim, in which case please don't ). I have gone back and forth about Silber, but I guess we can see how he votes this cycle and go from there.
  4. Well, the cycle's nearing the end, so I'll vote on STINK to make sure that nobody jumps on Silber to cause a tie. I also feel pretty good about the lynch, given that STINK hasn't really participated much this game.
  5. The lynch last cycle was apparently not strongly influenced by the elims. Otherwise the switch onto Vapor wouldn't have happened, or at least not so easily. You also haven't really contributed much to the game, while STINK and Joe both extended themselves somewhat during the first two lynches. I suppose one possibility is that both Sart and Xino are the last elims, and you, STINK, and Joe are all innocent. But there's no point in wasting a lynch this cycle on a hope like that.
  6. At this point, I’d guess that the elim team is two out of STINK, Silber, and Joe. Possibly one of Sart/Xino is elim, but I doubt both, or there probably wouldn’t have been a kill last cycle. Of those, STINK and Joe both voted last cycle, so I’d rather put pressure on Silber. For reasons I’ve already stated I find STINK to be somewhat suspicious, but I’d like to hear his thoughts on the current game state. I haven’t looked at Joe too much, so I need to go back and read his stuff. Edit: Between Sart and Xino, Xino’s vote D1 is more suspicious in terms of timing. Similarly, STINK’s vote D1 is more suspicious timing-wise than Joe’s, although his willingness to follow up on Gears the next cycle makes me lean a bit toward honestly wanting Gears dead rather than wanting to save Vapor.
  7. Yeah, I'll vote on Vapor. She's definitely a top suspect for me, especially after this cycle.
  8. Okay, @Vapor’s post makes me pretty suspicious. Those posts have been misinterpreted/taken out of context and it seems pretty deliberate to me. I have been consistent in my suspicion of Elkanah (from C1 activity) and in my belief that Vapor was a better lynch option than Gears. @STINK, during C2 I posted this: And you responded. So before the end of C2 you were definitely aware that Gears had mentioned claiming elim outside this game. So your second reason for voting on me is just false. You didn’t have to read another game to be aware of the fact since I plainly stated it. Gears also said C1: Which isn’t as overt as my post, but definitely is in line with the fact that Gears’s intent to do this was unrelated to the game in particular. I’m also going to retract from STINK for now. I didn’t think I would ultimately cause a tie C1, and I don’t want one now. I’ll replace my vote if someone else gets 2 votes that I agree with lynching.
  9. So I’m guessing that Gears shot Illwei, since his vote was there, and the elims killed Matrim. I’m still mildly suspicious of Elkanah from D1, and for no vote last cycle, but I do like the early vote this turn. I’d guess Sorana is village for thinking Elandera was a lynch rather than an elim kill, although that could be a ploy. Of the people that voted on Gears last cycle, I probably find STINK the most suspicious, followed by Vapor. Sart and Joe both had the same reasoning as Sorana, who is one of my stronger village reads. STINK said that claiming elim D1 when you said you would do so in an unrelated game, which seems flimsy to me. I’m also a little worried about Silber lurking, so I’d like to hear more from him. Hey! Pretty sad to have only 2 posts in 8 hours of the thread being up. Some other folks should speak up.
  10. I dunno. I think it’s NAI to do something that you said you were going to do in a previous game. Elandera was (presumably) killed by the elims. We have combined Day/Night turns, so when a lynch goes through we should get at least 2 deaths.
  11. Good game everyone! Thoughts to come later, although the main thing is that I’m surprised to have not been lynched this game. Thanks to @Kasimir for being flexible. @Elkanah, @The_God_King, thank you much from GMing!
  12. Could you elaborate? Why would the elims hammer at this point? (assuming that villagers don't)
  13. I'm assuming that Elkanah was being honest about not wanting a tie. I find it suspicious someone would vote with the intention of retracting their vote if it became relevant, which is how I interpret what Elkanah said.
  14. To be honest, I didn't expect the lynch to end in a tie. There were still around 90 minutes left in the cycle when I posted, and I thought at least Elkanah was going to retract if there was a tie. I also was pretty against the Gears lynch, which is probably what would have happened had someone broken the tie. Not because I necessarily think Gears is village, but because Gears had explicitly mentioned doing this exact thing in a previous game. Since his claim is totally unrelated to anything going on in this game, lynching him gives us rather little information, especially if he flips village. I will also say that I'm more in favor of D1 lynch discussion with explicit threat of death, rather than someone actually dying. Usually the distinction is irrelevant, but it does mean I'm comfortable with no lynch given that I don't like the options available. I'm going to vote on Elkanah. You voted on Vapor (bringing the vote closer to a tie), but then said you would probably retract if the vote became a tie (which would require either an extra vote on Vapor or a retraction from Gears). So you can't really have wanted to lynch Vapor, since anyone bringing Vapor closer to getting lynched would have led to you retracting.
  15. The problem is that it is a ploy, and everyone who voted on him fell for it. If we find elim claims annoying (and I sort of do), then the best thing is to just ignore them. I am not a fan of lynching either Gears or Vapor right now, and it doesn’t seem like Elkanah is getting any votes. I suppose I’ll vote on Vapor, although I know it causes a tie. I’m sort of okay with that because I don’t like these wagons, but I guess if I had to pick I’d prefer a lynch on Vapor over Gears.