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  1. That seems like a good idea. It would give enough time to fulfill bargains without being able to influence the game too much.
  2. Well, unfortunately I didn’t get to partake in the backstabbing much this game. I’m rather miffed that Elbereth betrayed me during the very first cycle, causing my death. Congrats to her for winning and for not Kandrafying everyone at the end. (Also to Stick for an amazing first cycle victory!) My disappointment at dying was someone lessened when the person responsible won so quickly afterwards. As far as a general game comment, I’m not sure what I think about the winning players disappearing. I was worried that rule would impact strategy for players about to win, since once a player won, they couldn’t honor any previous agreements. However, the previous incarnation of the rules also caused me some frustration, so I’m not sure what the best way to remediate that would be.
  3. @_Stick_ I’d be happy to lynch you this cycle . Not sure that it would be very sporting to have a lynch before everyone has had plenty of time to do some scheming though.
  4. Hadrian paced through his manor house, annoyed at the lack of furnishings compared to Keep Elariel. Unfortunately, while the keep was certainly opulent, recently he'd been feeling rather... exposed around the other Elariel nobles. His own home wouldn't stop a Mistborn attack, but at least anyone trying to kill him would need some effort to finish the job. Until then, he'd see if there were any friends to be made among the other houses. He knew some of the Urbain nobility, and while they tended toward garish clothes and excess of wine, they were also good allies in a pinch.
  5. Good game everyone! Especially to Aman, who had me fooled right up until he killed me. @Amanuensis, I actually didn't protect you the night I died, but Straw saved your life :/. Something about your tone in our PM set me off, and I thought you might try a WGG on yourself, counting on my protection. I never even considered I was a candidate to receive shards, and thus a target. Thank you Fifth, Devotary, and Snipexe for GMing! Thanks for letting me hold both a painrial and a half-shard simultaneously .
  6. I remember this game! I’ll sign up as Hadrian Penrod.
  7. To anyone using an action, I suggest submitting 3 actions if possible, including heiring, so that a Pain Knife has a lower chance to succeed.
  8. I'm not so sure about this. If something like that happens, it will only delay his lynch by a cycle, and we have enough players left for that to not be an issue.
  9. Okay, so if Aman is elim, then the elims have an Artifabrian (not necessarily Aman himself), since I got an item that I requested. That would mean that the elims aren’t using their Artifabrian for Grandbows or half-shards (which would seem more useful given the village shardbearer running around). While Aman is certainly a fan of ploys, those tend to involve very convincing explanations /roleclaims rather than what he would be doing in this case. On the other hand, given his reasons for being suspicious of HH, it seems perfectly reasonable that village!Aman would take advantage of my willingness to vote HH to try and lynch one of his prime suspects. I’ve honestly got a rather village read on Elbereth as well from our PM, but it seems like if this is a V/V duel, then Elbereth should be the one to die. Edit: I’d like to note that I only have 2 PMs right now, one with Aman and one with Elbereth.
  10. I suspect people that aren't getting involved in discussion. The lack of activity around last cycle's lynch, and the V/V lynch D1 makes me think the elims are just chilling.
  11. STINK, I know it's your playstyle. It's just that I think that playstyle fits with what the elims are doing this game.
  12. Wow, things are quiet here. I suppose it is a Sunday morning, but I would have expected at least one post in 15 hours. Anyways, I'm going to vote on Drake. It seems like our lynches aren't doing a good job of targeting elims, due to the lack of significant end of cycle participation and vote manipulation. That makes me more concerned about people who aren't placing votes. I'd say Drake, STINK, and Rath are probably my top suspects right now. As I'm writing this, a wild STINK appears!
  13. @Amanuensis, okay, I'll go for HH. Maybe someone with a Shardblade can take out Xino so we don't have to lynch him. Of players that have been mentioned, my lynch priority (in decreasing order) is probably HH, Xino, Sart, Striker, Straw.
  14. As far as I can tell, the vote is tied between Striker and Sart. I don't have any particular suspicion against either of them, but I agree more with the sentiments against Sart.