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  1. @Alvron technically, you won as an eliminator, since the writeup says you became a Forgotten. Also, here's the link to the Forgotten doc: Pinkish Scribbles. You came up a few times, since last time you caught me you said I had a tell as an elim, then you said you trusted me, and finally, you predicted our move pretty well, not to mention killing Xino.
  2. That was kind of your own fault . Also, thanks to everyone for playing! This game was a lot of fun, and it had been nearly a year since my last game as an elim. I’m pretty sure you guys had us if the Shadowblaze thing hadn’t worked out. An extra thanks to Sart for being an amazing GM, and to Ax’s Boyfriend for helping out!
  3. The Shadowblaze was not an attack, so LoF wouldn’t apply. Also, Alvron sent me this in our PM during the day cycle: I’m glad we changed our minds about killing him during the first cycle.
  4. I was a Forgotten, and I converted Alvron, who I believe was the only possible person that could be converted. The Corrupted Shadowblaze could only convert a non-Rithmatist, and Alvron claimed to me during the first cycle. Shqueeves was my partner in crime.
  5. So if you and Snipexe do LoWs, combined with my Shadowblaze, that should give us enough redundancy to not worry about a LoV.
  6. @Butt Ad Venture Given Sart's responses about the rules, I don't think it makes much sense for me to pass the Shadowblaze at night. If I survive, I could do it during the next day turn, and I think grabbing chalk would be more helpful now.
  7. Great. Do item passing actions also happen before kills?
  8. Fortunately, a LoR only has a 33% chance to make me drop the Shadowblaze, since I also have my Lantern and my Book. Also, Alvron's Radio might make him a greater target for the kill, so that he can't share his results. Edit: @Sart If I died, would the Shadowblaze add to the camp's defense before or after my demise?
  9. @Butt Ad Venture Are you referring to anyone in particular? Alvron, Snipexe and I all have fragile items, but I'd bet Alvron and Snipexe plan to use theirs tonight, so you must be talking about me, as one of three possible liars about the LoWs last cycle. Edit: @Shqueeves could you tell us exactly what your enhanced LoWs do?
  10. Sounds like a plan. We shouldn't have a hard time defending the camp tonight.
  11. I have no Chalk, so the best I can do is grab an item or read my Book. I'm not sure which I'll do, since I'll likely be a target with the Shadowblaze.
  12. I'm going to be offline until the end of the cycle, and I think I'll switch my vote from Ventyl to CadCom. I was really hoping we'd get more discussion, but lynching CadCom lets us stall things another cycle. It's also possible that he's pulled an Aman and is actually Forgotten, but I don't think that adds up. Vote Tally: CadCom (3): Ventyl, Araris, Snipexe Snipexe (1): Alvron There are still ~30 minutes left for people to get their votes in. It would be nice if more than half the players could participate in the lynch.
  13. It's been 4 hours, so I don't feel bad at double posting this. Anyway, at this rate, I'll just lynch everyone that isn't myself and win!
  14. Having actually read the post where Lopen voted (quoted below), I don't think it makes sense to vote on him. The votes didn't stack up until after he was gone. Consequently, I'll vote on Burnt @Burnt Spaghetti(consider this my official welcome back to the community), who is next on my list and who I felt a bit more suspicious of during my quick skim (fortunately 2.5 pages isn't that hard to catch up on). Vote Tally: Burnt (1): Araris Stick (1): Drake
  15. Like I said, I haven't really kept up with the thread. I voted Lopen because after I typed the three names, his came first. As for Aman, it was a random choice colored by my feeling that he rarely is up for the lynch D1. Early D1 votes can't have much rationale behind them. Edit: Ninja'd. Also, it wasn't a poke vote. It was more of a stab kinda vote. I've decided that poking people isn't a good way to kill them.