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  1. @Elandera Thanks for running this game! @Fifth Scholar and @Abstrusity, it was a pleasure to scheme with you both. The only thing that would have made it better was actually winning. @Sart I appreciate your support of me during Cycle 3 . Otherwise the last few cycles would have been rather less interesting. @xinoehp512 Props to you for insane guesses as to our identities. You never gave any hint as to your role in thread, and your accusations of me prior to your reveal seemed very unlinked to a scan. I was convinced that a Elkanah was the engineer, actually, which I why I tried to have you lynched. I didn’t want to force the engineer into outing me until we had a greater lead. General thoughts on the game: Mechanic wise, I think the chit/pistol combination heavily favored the elims. Especially since killing a player granted a share of their chits. Had it not been for Xino forcing our hand, we probably would have won from the 3 extra kills from all the pistols. This contributed to another minor problem; the game was somewhat short. We were somewhat close to winning at the end of cycle 3. That cycle could also have been made less difficult for us if we had preempted Xino by claiming to have seen him sending in the kill. Of course, given the hidden village vote manip, this didn’t work out, but with slightly different kill targets, we’d have been fine. I did greatly appreciate a positive incentive to remain active in this game, as opposed to an inactivity filter. (One problem, which came out of my analysis, was that half of the players working to get all the chits were elims) If I Gm a game, I will probably try and incorporate something similar. Maybe allow players to privately set their own activity expectations pre-game, and then reward them for holding to that. I liked all the possible roles, and think that we could play again with the same distribution and have it be pretty balanced. The Bountiful Gunner reveal skewed things quite heavily in our favor, and without that (and Xino being crazy good), eventually one of use would have died, giving the village a place to work from. The setting was a bit awkward to RP in, largely because (for those of us who had actually read the books), we still didn’t see much of the DDF society. Still, it was fun to defy the Defiants. Overall, I had lots of fun. I don’t usually play MR games anymore, but this one had a nice pace and reasonable activity from everyone. Hope to kill (and be killed by) all of you again in the near future!
  2. Following the discovery of an EBI agent among their ranks, the Set subtly entered a state of internal chaos. Accusations of treason flew between the members, although nobody could come to any sort of agreement. Additionally, the nature of the Set’s members made it dangerous to confront another member too directly. One of the first proposed traitors was Zillah, but that was quickly dropped when he discretely approached his accuser. At the end of the day, nothing had been decided, although there was a vague distrust of Who Doesn’t Know Their Character Yet But We Shall See, Ned, Pete Zahutt, Mundric Pentasum, Kidpen, Drahs Xperienc, and Esualpla Dowenger that went somewhat beyond the wariness that had now permeated the entire Set. In the moment, there was too much tension and too many people around to take direct action, so nothing apparent was done. Later that day, Drahs sat down to enjoy a cup of cocoa. He'd heard of the drink from a family member, but wanted to see if it lived up to their talk. Drahs took a sip, and decided that it was too bitter for his tastes, although the flavor wasn't half bad. Perhaps with some sugar... Before he could think too much further, Drahs felt a weakness creeping out from his stomach and into his limbs. He instinctively reached for the healing stored in his metalminds, and then realized with a sinking feeling that he’d used up his stores to recover from a cold the past week. He’d been putting off filling them back up… Drahs fell off his seat and did not get back up. News of Drahs’s death spread quickly among the Set, and while initial rumors fingered a Bureau assassin, it was eventually disovered that someone had acted upon the suspicions voiced earlier in the day. A thorough search of Drah’s belongings revealed that he had no ties to the EBI. Some members of the internal Set bureaucracy were making attempts to mask the chaos, but with mixed effect. A 10th anniversary party for the organization was arranged by one enterprising group, but since the Set had been founded six months and eight years ago, this only added to the confusion. A more cohesive attempt to respond to the situation unfolded when some EBI agents began an investigation into Cool-Headed Hats. The business, known for aluminum lined headgear, was owned by a member of the Set, but coincidentally had no connection to any disreputable dealings. After the owner explained his situation to the rest of his Sequence, the frustration against the EBI took on the form of a systematic legal assault on the officers responsible for the disruption. While the suit didn’t get anyone closer to discovering the EBI infiltrators, it did ease the tension among the Set members as they considered which of their friends might be a traitor. EXPERIENCE_THE_SHARD was a gold ferring ranked Suit in the Legal Subset working for the Set. Gold Ferring: You will survive one attack (but not the EBI arrest or the lynch) Vote Tally: Venture (1): Bard Kidpen (1): Abstrusity Shanerockes (1): Experience Elkanah (1): Elandera Experience (1): Shanerockes Abstrusity (1): Kidpen Alvron (1): Venture Player List:
  3. You know, it really should be called the Compliant Defense Force, given how everyone in it behaves. The true DDF, the Disputer's Defense Force, will give rise to democracy in the ashes of this authoritarian mess.
  4. Yeah, we need their help to finish overthrowing the DDF.
  5. Of course they were. We killed 3 elims last cycle. Defiant Defense Force is the eliminator team this game. The goal is to defeat them and put a more equitable government in place that will be able to thrive even after the Krell have been defeated. Zillah, I'm pretty sure you must be an elim, if you don't know what the village goal is this game.
  6. @Zillah Can’t you see that Xino flipped DDF? That means that he was an elim.
  7. But there is something like a 1/150 chance that Xino could actually have scanned two consecutive elim kills. Even if my life wasn’t on the line, that is too much of a stretch for me to buy into.
  8. I think this is a last minute ploy by Fifth and Xino. Given the activity levels, a couple of vote manipulation roles, and a pistol or two, it’s quite possible that you have enough power to win the game on a mislynch here. I have taken no actions this entire game, and will have enough cash to get the village a pistol for next turn. I can’t really do anything about it though.
  9. @Elkanah Have you said what you're suspicious of me for? @xinoehp512 A large part of my suspicion comes from the fact that you've gone after all the chits. I did see your explanation, but you're still one of my top elim reads.
  10. Okay, I'll switch my vote from Abstrusity onto Xino.
  11. Here's my list of the living players, minus myself. 1. Kynedath Suspects Sart C1, thinks Coda lynch is NAI, No RP. Village read. 2. Zillah Not much C1. C2, expresses mild suspicion of TGK, Abstrusity, Elkanah, and Sart. No RP. Has not yet voted. Very slight village read 3. Elkanah First post C1 is RP and asking for vanilla roleclaims. Joins the Coda lynch. Mild suspicion of Zillah. Thinks Coda lynch was NAI. C2, votes Zillah then Kidpen. Has been active enough to earn all chits. Mild elim read. 5. Rathmaskal Early RP post that is just short of the word count. Didn't have a second D1 post. Seems to misunderstand the role/item action mechanic. Voted on Kidpen. Very slight village read. 6. StrikerEZ Slight suspicion of Fifth early, followed up with a vote. No other contribution. Village read. 9. Xinoehp512 First post is thoughts on rules. Has an RP post C1. Suspicious of me and TGK, doesn't follow with a vote. Votes on Kidpen C2, and also posts RP again. Vote on me currently. Active enough for all chits. Mild elim read. 11. Fifth Scholar Early suspicion of Kidpen. Disagrees with my vote on Elkanah. Dislikes Sart's plan. Poke vote on Striker. Suspects Kidpen and Abstrusity, switches vote to Kidpen. Dislikes Coda lynch. No RP (also hasn't read the books). C2 votes on me for voting on Xino. Switches to Kidpen. No C3 contribution. Very slight elim read. 12. Abstrusity Starts off with RP. Mild suspicion of Zillah, Elkanah, me, TGK, Sart. Votes on Coda. C2 votes on Elkanah. C3 votes on Kidpen @Abstrusity, we already murdered him. He was good. Has been active enough for all chits. Mild elim read. Also probably not on Elkanah's team. 14. Sart Opens with RP, and the chit passing plan. Admits flaws in the plan, pokes Shane. C2 votes on Elkanah. Slight village read. So my elim reads are Elkanah, Xino, Fifth, and Abstrusity. One criteria I considered was that elims would possibly be more likely to do RP posts and to try and get all the chits, in the hopes of getting both starting pistols. The only unlikely paring here is Abstrusity/Elkanah. I'd probably lean toward Elkanah being village, since I don't have elim reads on myself, TGK, or Rath, and we were the most involved in the Kidpen lynch gaining momentum. I've already voted on Xino a couple of times, but nobody else seems to agree with me on that (Fifth/Xino seems like a reasonable elim pairing). I'm less confident in my read on Fifth than Abstrusity, so that is where my vote will go. Not to mention that voting on a confirmed villager doesn't seem like the best idea. If anyone else shares my suspicions of the above 4 players, I'd be happy to switch votes.
  12. This is what my signature refers to. I’m sort of known for that in these parts. I’ll try and put up a list of thoughts on each player later.
  13. Presumably, if there are any rules you don't know about, you wouldn't be aware of your lack of knowledge.
  14. Zillah, you're making several analysis posts, but aren't backing them up with anything. Try killing people. It's what SE is all about. (and fun and friends and RP, but mostly killing )
  15. Since nobody is really discussing things, there isn't much more to do than pick someone mostly at random. Also, as opposed the Alvron, I prefer to not let the Gods of Luck and Chance decide lynches. There are still 4.5 hours left in the cycle, which is plenty of time for someone to argue for an alternate lynch.