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  1. I can't believe that Brandon slipped a book past us. Maybe you guys on here knew about it, but I havn't been on this site for ages and it shocked real bad. Well I have 2 new Snaderson books to read, 3 after Calamity comes out.

  2. And I have finally come back to the 17th Shard. I probably shouldn't even be on right now, but procrastination is fun and I want to see what's new. I'll probably not even be on for that long but I just wanted to say hi.

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    2. Theorymaker


      Wow, you have a ton more rep than you had before! It's over 9000!

    3. Kobold King

      Kobold King

      That meme's been cited many times already. :P

      But yeah. I've been participating in the ultra-awesome "What Happened in Oregon" RP, which garners quite a lot of rep. It's also filled out nearly seven different Question threads, so it's going strong.

    4. Theorymaker


      Yeah, I've been going through the New Reputation Levels thread, and well it's like saying happy birthday late it still needs to be said.

  3. Well Milton I suspect you also. I still think Joe's idea of the SK being seeked makes sense though I'm probably the only one who cares about it still. Also I've been inactive because I have a lot of homework.
  4. Odium + Endowment seems to be a scary combination.

  5. One of these cycles someone might just ask me my opinion without voting for me. Anyway I agree with Joe's idea that a BB saw the SK seeking, but I don't think it was Jain... (Milton). It happened during the night. Someone in the hallway must have done it. The corner was gone. Whatever was there now was something... strange. "Stupid reality-altering Epics", Stanley mumbled to himself.
  6. I actually have a good reason for checking people's files. I was looking at my profile when I saw that Joe had looked at mine also. That triggered a memory from all the way back in Game 7. In that game Jain and I were in the same noble house so he looked at my profile. So then in this game I went looking for suspicious profile viewing (a BB looking at another BB's profile) but I didn't find any.
  7. Right now my #1 suspect is Joe though I have no proof to support my suspicion it's just a feeling. Also something semi-helpful everyone who was supposed to be in the Officer's Lounge were there (me, Shan, Friend). Stanley wasn't too surprised that part of the building had been destroyed. He had seen entire buildings crumble when Epics fought. The fact that only a few rooms had gotten destroyed meant that this building was well-made. Eventually Stanley's eyes darted back to the corner. He had studied it all day yesterday, but couldn't figure out was wrong with it. Trying to forget the corner, Stanley thought about doing something important today, after he was done with his snack of course.
  8. I'll agree with Raid's plan. It would have been interesting to see where people went of their own decision but this plan will help us find killers easier. Edit: Araris the plan specifically states no killing unless you are evil so, you are kind of going against the plan trying to find a gun in the shooting range while also supporting it.
  9. Stanley looked around the room. He thought he had heard his name, but wasn't sure. Seeing that not much had changed Stanley went back to staring at a corner. He didn't know why but the corner looked odd to him. Hoping to figure it out he kept on staring at it.
  10. Blood and daggers. Staying here seemed like less and less of a smart idea each second. Unfortunately for Stanley the two most violent people in the room were also the two closest to the door. So instead of focusing on them and their antics, Stanley looked around the room. As he looked he happened to find a coin on the ground. Stanley hoped the coin was lucky because he would need all the luck he could find in this place.
  11. Stanley had gotten lost in the Enforcement Headquarters. When he finally found a room with people in it he heard talk of someone being a serial killer which scared Stanley. But after thinking for a while he realized it would be worse to encounter the serial killer alone then with a group. So Stanley entered the room. Eventually someone noticed him and asked who he was. Stanley told everyone his name before going quiet again.
  12. It would be cool if every location had a theme song to it like in Pokemon.

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    2. Kobold King

      Kobold King

      Why have neither of you turned this into a fantasy setting yet?

    3. A Joe in the Bush

      A Joe in the Bush

      We could make an Epic who does this, Or I could add it as a Talent to my World I suppose.

    4. Theorymaker


      I have no plans to use it, so by all means use it however you want to.

  13. It's been a year since I've been a member here, which is strange because it feels like it's been longer.

  14. I think there are 11 more ranks to go, if I did the math right. For reference on how I got that number, Chaos said in the first post of this thread there are 102 positive levels in this system.
  15. Only 14 more reputation ranks to find.