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About Me

Comatose first fell into the wonderful world of the Cosmere after picking of a hardcover copy of Elantris in a local bookstore in the fall of 2005.  Through his itching to connect with other Brandon Sanderson fans, he got involved on Time Wasters Guide, reading and posting on and off again until the release of Well of Ascension.  After that, he spent way too much time theorizing about Hero of Ages. 

After being spiked by meeting Chaos on TWG, and KChan on Mistborn: The Inquisition, Comatose eventually became a staff member on 17th Shard.  Comatose spends most of his time writing and giving constructive feedback on Mistborn: The Inquisition.  When he does make it onto the main forums, aside from writing the odd News Post and participating in the RP section, he mostly just lurks and tries not to be concerned with how shamefully low his post-count is.  If you want to chat with him, he is usually more active on the 17th Shard Discord.  

In real life, Comatose is an English-Major turned Lawyer, living with his husband, Craig, in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

Mistborn: The Inquisition / Comatose Shardcasts 

Writings: Ati and LerasGlory at Twilight, It's Gonna be May (Unfinished), An Expert in Just About Everything, The Packman and the Pretender (Rashendi), Healers (Kadolin) [ROW SPOILERS].