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  1. Just moved this thread since it’s not only talking about Stormlight. Carry on.
  2. Go ahead! I’d say if any of the ones listed is on Whyte Ave that’s probably the trendiest. Whyte is a cafe/restaurant hot spot. Also, “Matthew” was actually the most common boys name for the year I was born so I’ve always had people with the same name around me. The crappy part is I had a “Mathew” a year ahead of me in school, so despite having a super common name from the bible, it still got spelled wrong all through school.
  3. You mean the little girl? I have some vague ideas, but haven't set anything in stone. Why?
  4. Unfortunately, I do not have time to read the backog (Sorry for my absence - life has been crazy) - I'm caught up on the story thread, but let me know if I missed anything here). @Drake Marshall I really don't see Taya getting in to see Notley after all of this. Too much of a security risk. I'll let you decide if she apprehended or if she's able to get away. Also, would Notley have gotten Epoch's invite? Not sure if she'd accept, but I should probably know if she got it or not.
  5. "Premier Notley, your visitor set off our scanners." So the newest visitor from the Shield was either an epic, or, more likely, was carrying motivator tech. "Anything on her that might have done it?" The agent shook his head. "Nothing we could. . ." The room went dark. The next few minutes were a blur for Rachel as she was rushed from her office, into a safety bunker off to to the side, and her agents rushed to apprehend and secure the visitor--the likely cause of the darkness. By the time the lights came back on, Rachel was breathing heavily. "Well, where is she?" (OOC: @Drake Marshall - I'll let you decide whether or not Taya was captured - Sorry for being late everyone)
  6. I had the same thought about “Adoda” potentially noting BAM’s connection to voidlight. I was wondering if “Ba” is some sort of negative, and “Mishram” means giver or holder or something. The one hiccup is not knowing whether the name has commonalities to the modern Alethi language or not.
  7. @Botanica you are a hero!!! This is fantastic. Would not be opposed to more Ati/Leras art in the future So in love with this!!!
  8. Moved to Role Playing, probably the best place to find players. Good luck!!
  9. @Drake Marshall Taya currently has gifted powers right? I was a little unclear on whether the sensor went off or not.
  10. Aaaw, thanks folks! Glad to see the cult of Lerti/Atras is growing in converts
  11. It’s also in the first Edmonton post.
  12. A challenge to wax poetic? Sure why not: Endowment’s power is in a constant state of motion. It is hard to catch and perceive with the mind for all of its moving, “from” and “to” being its only constants. It is almost like a gentle stream of water catching the light as it is poured from pitcher to glass, like the rays of the sun relentlessly providing heat and light, in seasons of growth and in drought, to the earth, like the hurried coming and going of a mother bird supplying young hatchlings with food, or like the slight smile of a hard-pressed teacher whose student has finally made a break through. It is the fierce need to provide at the expense of all, combined with an uncomfortable plenty so endless it can never be entirely bestowed.