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  1. So here's a fun Rashendi concept - you know how Ruin appears to Vin as Reen and others? What if he appears to The Lord Ruler as Alendi? The potential complicated meotions TM sound delicious to me, but I am curious what other's people's thoughts are. Might be inspiration for a short follow-up fic.
  2. It was fun for me, so I'm just glad other people enjoy it!
  3. Still working my way through the entire post, but Brandon has commented on the question of a Trans Returned before, so I thought I would share:
  4. Truthwatcher here For ways to refer to a group of Truthwatchers, might I suggest something like a conclave, convocation, congress, symposium, forum, conventicle, or assembly? Some fun flavour text from WoR ch 52:
  5. Many shards are nouns used to describe verbs though? Preservation is "to preserve", Ruin is "to ruin", Cultivation is "to cultivate", Endowment is "to endow". I know this isn't a universal pattern, but enough of them fall into that category that I do not see the fact that the noun is describing a verb to be exclusionary.
  6. I've been scrolling through synonyms, and I think the fave I've come up with so far is divine "Lamentation". It feels shard-ish to me, and I like that a lot of the shards have 'ion' endings. Also, my headcanon for the vessel of this shard is absolutely Blue Diamond from Stephen Universe. The way the voice actress delivers the line "You cannot fathom how much I've mourned, what thousands of years of grief have done to me" always kills me. (spoilers if you haven't watched the show).
  7. I'm assuming that the Lord Ruler, compounding nicrosilminds filled with investiture, could probably last quite a while wielding nightblood with proper preparation.
  8. Just a note that this topic was initially posted twice in two different places - responses have been merged into one single topic, and discussion can continue here.
  9. In reply to @Elegy's comment - we definitely recognize that Brandon's books may have political themes, and that there will be discussions on those themes. At times, those discussions will be very important. We have tried to build some flexibility into our moderation policies and practices to recognize that the line is not always a clear one. Where I personally start to see an issue, and will start consulting with other staff members about how to respond, is when people move beyond "this is a theme I see in Brandon's work, let's discuss how he deals with it, and what our feelings are" to positional debates about general issues that--aside from the origin of the discussion--have nothing to do with Brandon or the community. That is where we tend to see the the most escalation in terms of personal attacks and arguments which just go around and around without accomplishing anything. Hope this helps in understanding.
  10. Hey everyone. Thank-you all for the efforts to be respectful. I am just popping in to remind everyone that the subject of this thread is Brandon's response to the currently ongoing BLM movement. There are other places on the internet to discuss or debate the nature of conservatism, so please try to stay on topic here. Thank-you.
  11. *lurks* Hope everyone is doing well - maybe I'll write a post again someday
  12. That second response is soo Brandon. He's definitely more of a "write an essay" type of guy. Glad to see a response from him.
  13. The age old questions must be asked: Boiled in water, or fried in oil? Do fruit pierogies count as dinner or dessert?
  14. I'm done with this for now - I'd like to come back to it at some point and edit it because I'm not totally happy with it, but it's late and I'm worried if I don't post it now I'll never get around to it. For reference, this is a Rashendi story, arising out of the chat conversation during the 10th Anniversary Livestream. The logbook entries, of course, are Brandon's words, taken from The Final Empire epigraphs.