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  1. Hi Sharders! There are a couple of ongoing discussions that the staff have been having, and we want to fill you in on some of what we've been working on. In particular, we want to say we realize that we are a predominantly white moderation team, and that our relative lack of racial diversity may make the Shard a less welcoming place for some folks. We've heard calls for more diversity on our team, especially on Shardcast panels. We hear that concern loud and clear and are taking it seriously. It is important to all of us that the Shard is a welcoming place for people of all backgrounds and cultures to form community—both among general members and among our moderation team. We all agree diverse perspectives are incredibly valuable on a leadership team, and that a lack of particular points of view can lead to serious oversights. While we've made some great strides in recent years in terms of increasing representation in some areas (like gender and sexuality), there are other areas where we still have lots of room to grow. As a result, we've been discussing our recruitment practices. Currently, we tend to observe the membership and take note of people who exhibit qualities like thoughtfulness, patience, or skill at conflict resolution, and then keep them in mind when we feel we need to break out the spikes and expand our numbers. Sometimes we have specific asks—like web design, coding expertise, or content creation—and look at our active membership to determine whether there's anyone with the desired skill-set who we think would be a good fit. We also value different backgrounds (including race, nationality, age, gender, sexuality, occupation, socio-economic status, disabilities, etc.) as an asset in making moderation decisions and producing content. Our current recruitment method relies on people being active and self-descriptive on Discord and the forums. Otherwise, we have no way of knowing what great candidates they may be, or what perspectives they might be able to add to our team. We are hoping to open up our pool of candidates, acknowledging that some people who love Brandon's books and would be great contributors to our moderation and content-creation team might not feel comfortable being super loud about their background or skills online. While we will continue to shoulder tap people we think would be a good fit, we also don't want to miss out on people who have valuable skills and insights to contribute. We generally try to consider staff balance, and certain points may become more or less important at different times. In the interest of transparency, here are some examples of what we generally look for when recruiting new staff: Strong communication skills Conflict resolution skills or experience Previous contributions to the community (art, writing, Arcanum, Coppermind, etc.) Diverse backgrounds and perspectives (gender identity, race, nationality, sexual orientation, age, people with disabilities, occupation, socio-economic status, etc.), especially if it is in an area where the current staff is lacking Technical skills (coding, video editing, graphic design, etc.) Ability to work as a team Familiarity with the Brandon Sanderson works and fandom communities (both on the Shard and elsewhere) Timezone coverage How fabulous you look with spikes for eyes Going forward, we want to continue to learn and adjust our recruitment practices so they acknowledge the diversity of this community. Having access to different perspectives and insights from people of different backgrounds will enhance our moderation team and creative projects, and it's something we are hoping to continue improving on. If you don't feel represented by the current staff, or have skills you think would be a valuable asset that aren't listed above, feel free to let us know what you think is missing, and what you feel you could contribute. The questionnaire attached with the post is a new tool we are trying out. If it works, we might keep using it; if not we might try something different. We will not review responses regularly, and may only review periodically when we are looking to make recruitment decisions. The purpose of the questionnaire is just to give us more information to work with than what would normally be available crawling the forums and Discord. We also wanted to give people the opportunity to either put themselves forward or to nominate another person (please ask consent before nominating anyone!). So if you're interested in being staff, even if you don't feel qualified to do so or aren't sure exactly what you may bring to the team, please feel free to fill out the form. Lastly, if you have any ideas or recommendations on how we could improve, we'd love to hear them. Please feel free to post them in the comments of this news article or the #17s channel on our Discord, put them in the questionnaire, or message a staff member of your choice; we love suggestions! Questionnaire
  2. Happy birthday Comatose!

  3. Hi Tani- you can see this RP has been moved to the archived/inactive section of the forums due to inactivity - I'd look elsewhere for interaction :).
  4. Funny - this still feels like a very "new beast" to me, but I guess that's due in part to how long I've been around. Since we haven't had any objections I'm going to go ahead and move everything to the archives. This was a a great project with a lot of great contributors, and I'm definitely grateful for the role it played in the community. Here's to the next thing :).
  5. I see Beau, Keyleth, Grog, Taryon, Jester, (Maybe) Fjord, Yasha, and Caduceus. Definitely an intentional reference. Good catch! Anyone watching Campaign 3?
  6. I've been monitoring things here on and off for a bit (no time to contribute unfortunately) - is the consensus that the Reckoners RP has run its course? I think most if not all of the original members have moved on, as well as most of the people behind the first reboot attempt. If anyone has a strong desire to keep things open a while and see what happens I'm definitely fine with that, but otherwise I might move it to inactive. Feel free to sound off with what everyone thinks.
  7. That's a great example! I know there were a lot on our list we didn't even get to due to time, but I'm not sure if that was one there.
  8. Hey @Rashek's PR Manager! Sorry I'm just getting to this now. Usually I get notifications when people post on these topics, but for some reason I didn't get one (or missed it). Glad to meet an appreciator of the Mistborn RP :). You can absolute share and translate this - I'd be honored. Just link here, and if you can message me the link to the translation so I can check it out :).
  9. The main take-away I recall from the MAG materials is that Tathingdwen is a Noble vacation spot - which I thought was an interesting element.
  10. I think our rules and guidelines are a good place to start - as well as our spoiler policies (basically keep in mind which subsection you are posting in and what books are informing what you are writing about). Reading the introductory posts on threads carefully is useful to tell you what kind of discussion is intended (casual, venting, debate, gushing, etc) and might help you to stay on tone. Similarly, when you are starting your own threads, making it clear what kind of discussion you are hoping to have in the introductory post might be a good idea too.
  11. Welcome here Jess! Glad to have you. Hope to see you around the boards and chatting on the discord! I love teen titans back in the day (huge Raven fan), so maybe that discussion will come up some point in the future. As someone who started with medication fairly recently, congrats on making some progress with your mental health - hope being here is a continuation of things looking up.
  12. It is fun looking at the parallels though. The origins of the Terris Prophecies are still somewhat mysterious. Brandon states that they were originally provided by Preservation to "give hope" based on Preservation's future sight. He talks around a question about the prophecies origins, but indicates that he "wouldn't say" there were a lot of Hero of Ages who ascended beyond those in the books. He has also stated some people might take the prophecies and run with them (which sounds like Kelsier) but that they are specific to Scadrial. Interestingly, he's also RAFO'd whether Dalinar fits the prophecy. I found this WoB interesting when I started searching - it does seem to imply there could be multiple heroes: So there are a couple of possibliities here. I definitely think there is room for Kelsier to be another "Hero of Ages" of a different sort than Sazed. It's also possible that Kelsier could appropriate the prophecies and use them to establish himself as a false hero, either on Scadrial or elsewhere (we know he's good at manipulating religion). It is interesting that Kelsier's arms, for example, are distinctive for his scars. I'm wondering if there's some way he could use them to fit the line about bearing the future "on his arms". EDIT: The line I find interesting in this context is "His name shall be Discord, yet they shall love him for it" (note the capital letter). It's always struck me that this is what shows up in the prophecies, but Sazed chooses the name Harmony instead. I absolutely agree this line fits Kelsier to a T. In the books, Sazed sees himself as "the Final Hero" (the original title of HoA), which he seems to be since he went beyond just taking the power at the Well, but I definitely think there's still room to play there. EDIT 2: I'm still thinking about this. I think, based on what we've seen in the books (forgive me if this has been confirmed) that shardic future sight grants awareness of many possible futures. I wonder if there was a version of the future that Preservation saw where Kelsier WAS the hero (and possible others where there were other heroes). That would also explain why it was important to use the gender neutral Terris pronoun - since the prophecies might have been predicting multiple different futures at once.
  13. I am not aware of any list that's been compiled, and I don't think Brandon's released any modifiers other than what we see in the books. We know there are modifiers to increase range or power, and for healing we know that modifiers can be used to target specific parts of the body or types of wounds (source: Elantris chapters 34, 46, 49, 53, 55, 62) . My guess is that he's trying to keep it intentionally vague until he needs to canonize it to avoid locking something in that won't make sense later. For some things like modifiers or bindpoints in hemalurgy that have a lot of possible permutations, I think Brandon tends to keep things more flexible. Elantris was written before the idea of the Cosmere had really crystalized as well, so I'm sure there were some background adjustments to the magic system as a whole once Brandon got the rest of the universe figured out. Brandon has stated that Aon Ehe (Fire) can be modified to have a longer duration, or can be modified to create a ward that sets off other Aon chains (like a spark I assume).
  14. Welcome here officially - glad you made the switch from lurking :).
  15. Welcome here! We have a pretty good set of rules and guidelines here (see Forum and Discord Policies, Code of Conduct, and Welcome/Site Information) which should get you started. If you have questions let us know. For etiquette you can also check out Best Practices for Posting in Debates or Contentious Conversations as well. If you get lost, just let a staff member know. Hope to see you around here on the boards or on discord :).