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  1. Welcome here Jess! Glad to have you. Hope to see you around the boards and chatting on the discord! I love teen titans back in the day (huge Raven fan), so maybe that discussion will come up some point in the future. As someone who started with medication fairly recently, congrats on making some progress with your mental health - hope being here is a continuation of things looking up.
  2. It is fun looking at the parallels though. The origins of the Terris Prophecies are still somewhat mysterious. Brandon states that they were originally provided by Preservation to "give hope" based on Preservation's future sight. He talks around a question about the prophecies origins, but indicates that he "wouldn't say" there were a lot of Hero of Ages who ascended beyond those in the books. He has also stated some people might take the prophecies and run with them (which sounds like Kelsier) but that they are specific to Scadrial. Interestingly, he's also RAFO'd whether Dalinar fits the prophecy. I found this WoB interesting when I started searching - it does seem to imply there could be multiple heroes: So there are a couple of possibliities here. I definitely think there is room for Kelsier to be another "Hero of Ages" of a different sort than Sazed. It's also possible that Kelsier could appropriate the prophecies and use them to establish himself as a false hero, either on Scadrial or elsewhere (we know he's good at manipulating religion). It is interesting that Kelsier's arms, for example, are distinctive for his scars. I'm wondering if there's some way he could use them to fit the line about bearing the future "on his arms". EDIT: The line I find interesting in this context is "His name shall be Discord, yet they shall love him for it" (note the capital letter). It's always struck me that this is what shows up in the prophecies, but Sazed chooses the name Harmony instead. I absolutely agree this line fits Kelsier to a T. In the books, Sazed sees himself as "the Final Hero" (the original title of HoA), which he seems to be since he went beyond just taking the power at the Well, but I definitely think there's still room to play there. EDIT 2: I'm still thinking about this. I think, based on what we've seen in the books (forgive me if this has been confirmed) that shardic future sight grants awareness of many possible futures. I wonder if there was a version of the future that Preservation saw where Kelsier WAS the hero (and possible others where there were other heroes). That would also explain why it was important to use the gender neutral Terris pronoun - since the prophecies might have been predicting multiple different futures at once.
  3. I am not aware of any list that's been compiled, and I don't think Brandon's released any modifiers other than what we see in the books. We know there are modifiers to increase range or power, and for healing we know that modifiers can be used to target specific parts of the body or types of wounds (source: Elantris chapters 34, 46, 49, 53, 55, 62) . My guess is that he's trying to keep it intentionally vague until he needs to canonize it to avoid locking something in that won't make sense later. For some things like modifiers or bindpoints in hemalurgy that have a lot of possible permutations, I think Brandon tends to keep things more flexible. Elantris was written before the idea of the Cosmere had really crystalized as well, so I'm sure there were some background adjustments to the magic system as a whole once Brandon got the rest of the universe figured out. Brandon has stated that Aon Ehe (Fire) can be modified to have a longer duration, or can be modified to create a ward that sets off other Aon chains (like a spark I assume).
  4. Welcome here officially - glad you made the switch from lurking :).
  5. Welcome here! We have a pretty good set of rules and guidelines here (see Forum and Discord Policies, Code of Conduct, and Welcome/Site Information) which should get you started. If you have questions let us know. For etiquette you can also check out Best Practices for Posting in Debates or Contentious Conversations as well. If you get lost, just let a staff member know. Hope to see you around here on the boards or on discord :).
  6. Welcome here! I think our faves almost match. Definitely agree that Straff is one of Brandon's most irredeemable characters (as Zuko from Avatar the Last Airbender would say, he's "the worst father in the history of fathers"). Adolin, on the other hand is a ray of light and a delight to read in my opinion. Hope to see you around :).
  7. Welcome here! This is so true. TLR remains one of my favourite villains, but so much about what makes him compelling/interesting is implied but not shown directly. I find it really interesting how Brandon handled him. Spoilers for Mistborn Era 1: Hope to see you around the forums and on discord! Probably should continue this conversation here in the introduction threads, but if you want to discuss further I know there's a lot of people interested in The Lord Ruler here.
  8. Sounds like I had a very similar experience :). I was book smart and used urgency to motivate myself in school so I got away with it for a long time, but getting into a field where everything is urgent I got pretty down on myself for spending a bunch of extra hours at work not doing anything. Having an explanation and solution was really liberating. I hope stuff works out for you.
  9. I was diagnosed as an adult recently (earlier this year). For me it started reading stuff and being like "Hmm I relate to that" (definitely had stuff I didn't relate to. Then, I was talking to a counsellor about it, and he (having ADHD himself) suggested I talk to my doctor, so I got assessed by filling out some questionnaires. After the assessment questionnaires indicated ADHD was likely (and ruled out some stuff that can seem like ADHD, including certain types of anxiety and depression) my doctor said usually the medication either works well or it definitely doesn't, so we did a one month trial and it made a huge difference for me. After, on the advice of my doctor, I looked back at some of my old report cards and stuff - very interesting reading some of the teacher's comments in a new light. There's definitely a combination of common experiences that a lot of people have, and some things that are different, so it can be tough to tell just reading stuff online.
  10. I found they took a bit to get their footing. There's lots of great moments in the first 20ish episodes, but around Episode 24 ("The Feast") was where I found they really hit their stride and I couldn't stop listening. Good luck on getting caught up, and feel free to post reactions (marked and spoilered where appropriate) - I know I for one would be happy to live vicariously through a new watcher :).
  11. Finally getting around to reading this - just a couple of chapters in but I'm loving how you are handling the transition into the relationship - I'm finding Shallan's processing of things really interesting/compelling.
  12. Welcome here Mya! Hope you enjoy it. If you are a discorder make sure to check out the server! Glad you decided to take the plunge
  13. As far as I can tell the first use of it (mispelled in Brandon's original post) is in the TWG post HoA Q&A (2008) - Kinda funny that he just dropped it in passing. A subsequent post from @Chaos supports the inference this was the first time we heard the term.
  14. You, change profile pic, nice.

  15. Glad it's having the intended effect lol.