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  1. Well, this might explain why Hoid was so happy after giving the coin containing Kelsier's memory to Wax. It was payback for all the shenanigans Kelsier has been up to as Thaidakar on Roshar, especially since era 2 is after Stormlight 5. Brandon did say Hoid was happiest when he was getting away with something
  2. I didn't see the Taravangian twist coming AT ALL but didn't Szeth kill him before he ascended? Doesn't that make him slightly weaker as a vessel like Kelsier?
  3. So by your logic, the true "cremhole" is the Stormfather?
  4. I agree that the Sibling is not a deadeye. I think that we're all forgetting that when a knight is killed, their spren goes "slumbers" according to Syl and we know that there was only one Bondsmith during the Last Desolation. If the Sibling is really a Bondsmith spren, then maybe they're just waiting for the "right" person to bond to awaken?
  5. I think they replaced his eyes because they were burned out to make the statue of him nicer.
  6. I agree. I think the spren of stones or maybe the spren of Roshar the planet could be the Sibling. I don't believe it's another Shard. Stones are sacred to the shin and gems come from Roshar itself so it would make sense that stones could have a spren and that people have been thinking about them as one entity enough that it's become a cognitive shadow.
  7. I was thinking that the Sibling was the spren of stone and that he/she had made Urithiru. The Shin believe stone is sacred and in Horneaters' mythology introduces the gods of Trees (Cultivation), Waters (Honor - because of storms maybe?) and Mountains so we know stones are important in Roshar. The Sibling slumbering could also explain why Urithiru isn't working properly. If they're tied maybe the Sibling needs to awaken for the tower to work?
  8. Interesting. That could be linked to their screaming when summoned
  9. But we don't see the gem in Shadesmar. So stormlight is the spiritual point?
  10. So are you suggesting that the gem acts as a replacement set of eyes and somehow forms a temporary connection?
  11. Was that Elohkar's spren that he found and bonded?
  12. I edited it. I guess this is what happens when you don't sleep after 23 hours of reading
  13. As we all know "There's a big difference between mostly dead and all dead." On the topic of dead spren didn't anyone find it weird that the spren's eyes were scratched out and when you kill someone with a shardblade their eyes burn? Is it the spren imitating what happens to humans in the physical realm o something else? Eyes are windows to the soul after all, so does that mean the line between a spren's spiritual realm is broken?
  14. I don't think Cultivation was exactly hiding herself there, at least not fully. How can a shard hide all of herself in the physical realm? On another note is the nightwatcher what the bondsmiths bond to because she seems a bit too playful.
  15. I thought the revival had already started? Maya gives him her name and when he was in danger it took him 8 heartbeats to summon her. We already know that the 10 heartbeats for summoning makes dead spren live a little but bonded spren don't need that so maybe Maya is now "mostly" dead?