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  1. What if it was Gavinor?
  2. Loving season 2 so far, but as of today, I'm having an existential crisis thanks to a sudden realization. Mandalorians believe the strong should rule, but Radiants believe that strength "does not make you capable of rule, it makes you capable of service." (At least, as explained by Teft.) Does this mean I can't be both a Mando and an Edgedancer? Pls help :'(
  3. It's a fingerless glove which would be considered super scandalous by our friends from Roshar. Well, the Vorins, anyway.
  4. While I think there are certainly plenty of Rosharans that view the Listeners as subhuman (calling them savages, for instance), I don't think the Stormfather was implying anything like that in the quote you mention. Listeners obviously do have intelligence, free will, and choice as shown by their interactions with the Stormfather when they go out into the storms to change forms. "Subspren" are things like ordinary windspren. To say Syl is a step above them is not hateful, it's a fact. They only act on instinct (as far as we've seen), while she is capable of thought.
  5. Granted. You now have a busy, exciting life. Unfortunately, you no longer have time to read any of Sanderson's books. I wish summer was longer.
  6. When you wish you had the Royal Locks so you could grow your hair out faster.
  7. When you get all excited because your friend who is reading The Way of Kings for the first time says she really likes it and asks if there's more to the death rattles. I love seeing someone else fall in love with these books.
  8. This is what I wish I was getting for Christmas. Someday maybe.
  9. The Memematist sounds great. More memes, please.
  10. That's good to hear. Where did you find that out?
  11. When you use the phrase "blossoms and cake" in a conversation.
  12. That does fit him really well. Thanks for sharing this great song, bobsaveg.
  13. When the code of conduct is discussed at your new job, and all you can think of is the Codes and how much Dalinar would probably enjoy the subject.
  14. When you find every opportunity to quite Sanderson in conversations so people will think you're clever and witty, but then let them know who actually came up with the lines in hopes of making converts.
  15. When your boyfriend's bad puns remind you of Kaladin.