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  1. So, after Oathbringer we can be pretty sure that Brandon was talking about Eshonai, right? "Her" book will probably have Venli as a present day protagonist with Eshonai on the flashbacks.
  2. I think what Dalinar did ( that Odium referred to as ascending ) might be somewhat similar to what the original 16 shardholders did by "picking up" a big piece of adonalsium's investiture and imprinting an intent in it. He's not as powerful as the others but may somehow be in that path. Maybe sprens like Smormfather and Nightwatcher are like god backup devices that can be wielded by the bondsmiths to remake the original shards.
  3. Amen, brother. After a few years of using mostly eReaders and the occasional paperback, I have a hard time reading big hardcover novels. My physical copy of WoR was used only to look at the pretty pictures
  4. I don't know if it deserves a topic, but I haven't seen a general topic for smaller theories and this specific little thing has been in my mind since I finished WoR. So, with the massive stormlight usage for powering the Oathgates and surgebinders, at the end of WoR there was a lack of infused spheres after everyone moved to Urithiru, and that might become somewhat of a problem since powering tools / making food / ambient lighting also depend on it on some level. Do you guys think that Dalinar might be able to summon a highstorm / ask the stormfather for one / something like that?
  5. I thought "Wow!" There's just so freaking much on this book. I'm immediately starting a reread.
  6. The first three sound like pretty much the same thing to me. Being broken is what makes both Kaladin and Dalinar act honorably. Shallan gave the very reason she's broken to a cryptic to enable her to soulcast. And we really don't know what's the criteria to be reborn as an Elantrian, so there's no way to say how easy or hard that is. And forging is pretty much a skill, technically it should be harder than the others to be "strong" in it because it depends almost completely on training.
  7. Haha, I thought it would take a bit longer than the first reply for that pun to come (:
  8. Hello! Another new member here, been lurking for quite some time but only got motivated enough to register today because of the shardhunt. Started reading Sanderson's work with the Mistborn novels a couple of months ago, found out about the cosmere on tvtropes and have since read every Sanderson work but the alcatraz series. I'm 25yo, live in São Paulo - Brazil and work as a software developer. I enjoy playing Dota, listening to some triphop and reading a shitload of fantasy novels on my spare time. You guys seem to be pretty cool people, I hope to stay active around here for quite some time (: