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  1. I mean, in my opinion, Adolin is pretty graceful where it counts; as far as being articulate goes, neither is Lift and she's 100% a confirmed Edgedancer.
  2. I guess we'll disagree, then, and that's all there is to it. I see something real and legitimate in this analysis, and I certainly don't find it either black-and-white or asinine. (Asinine is a word I feel we should veer away from, as it's difficult not to construe it as an insult. We can see that calling an argument "stupid" or "dumb" would be obviously considered insulting, and asinine is the same definition. Even if we feel very strongly about something, it's something we can do to be respectful of other people on the forum.)
  3. I'd say Kaladin and Moash are definitely foils - a great point, op! I also saw an interesting post a ways back that Moash and Amaram are the dark reflection of Kaladin and Dalinar. Given the similar circumstances and choices, the opposite choices that Kaladin/Moash and Dalinar/Amaram make, I absolutely agree they're meant to contrast against each other. Kaladin and Dalinar consistently make the harder but better choice, even though it costs them. Moash and Amaram make the easier choice, borne out of their negative feelings - understandable but still villainous.
  4. Now, that, I'm just not sure about. Kaladin spends so little time thinking about it at all, except for that time he imagines Syl being there... About the way Brandon often writes about (premarital) sex and the having of it, I just saw a WoB earlier today, let me see if I can find it. Internet magic, my time searching for it doesn't affect y'all at all! Here we go: So to me, that's saying he wouldn't necessarily confirm it, and perhaps not for main characters. But he's not-not confirming it, either? Maybe this is a big ol' 'if you want it to have happened, then go ahead and think that' thing.
  5. That scene, at least to me, feels easily explainable because he didn't accept and he knew he wasn't going to accept. Wouldn't be proper for him! (This is not my main reason, but who hasn't used the 'oh, my parents don't let me do that' to get out of something you don't really want to do... Just occurred to me now, haha.) I would agree there's definitely a lot of weird social propriety in regards to proper dating etiquette, but that's his continuous response to Shallan kissing him, not just the first time she surprises him. It takes him what feels like a long time to get over that flustered reaction!
  6. Let's keep to the book characters, folks! For me, I don't think I could come up with anyone, but I realized I was really relieved when Sadeas and Amaram went, so I guess, retroactively it would have been those two? I was just so stressed by them being around, not knowing what they were going to do? So by that logic, I think I have to say Mraize - he worries me more than maybe anyone else right now.
  7. If the Alethi are as weird about sex as the books imply? I'm very comfortable saying Adolin almost certainly has never had sex, seeing as he was so flustered and embarrassed simply when Shallan kisses him. I doubt he's done so much as even kissing the other girls in camp while he was 'seeing' them if he can barely handle it from Shallan.
  8. By the way, Dalakaar (and anyone else who didn't know), there's no more need to block out Oathbringer spoilers in the Stormlight Archive board, or mark them in the thread titles. OB spoilers are past their expiration! Use spoiler markings on this board when talking about significant events from other series, like if for whatever reason, talking about Mistborn or Warbreaker or what-have-you. Now that being said, I was also expecting Dalinar to actually become the Champion! I was genuinely surprised when he managed not to do it. I like how it turned out, but you're right, I think it would have been really interesting to see what would have happened there.
  9. The thing about that is that Jasnah refers to it as a time when she couldn't trust her own mind. She doesn't think of it as a time that she was betrayed or lost trust in other people; it was herself. That's why I don't believe her lunacy episode is going to be the result of someone else doing something to her.
  10. This is actually my feelings, too. You're not alone! I'm hopeful this will improve in future books...
  11. Personally, I really dislike the theory that she was abused or assaulted, and I don't know that I predict Brandon won't go there? But I really, really hope he doesn't. I'd find it very disappointing.
  12. I had the same problem with Shallan. I found it very difficult to get through her POV chapters, and I spent a lot of the time irritated with her. That said, though I didn't have problems with the rest of the book, I have a few buddies who found it more of a slog than the other two. I'll just cheer for you and say good luck! I found the part five ending really worth it, and I hope you do, too.
  13. My ship from WoK on is and has always been Kadolin. They have such a great dynamic, they started out not liking each other or trusting each other at all, and they've really grown to like and trust each other in such a gradual, natural way. I couldn't imagine the kind of ways they'd be thinking about each other in OB, and it was such a pleasant surprise for me to see the depth of that. Their relationship has become something really grand, and I can't wait to see what happens in the future books now that they're actually, finally friends. New information notwithstanding, 2-3 years ago is when Brandon was writing Oathbringer, actually after outlining it. He started writing OB in earnest November 2015, according to his 2016 State of the Sanderson.
  14. I think you can almost rest assured that there will never be sex shown explicitly 'on screen' in Brandon's books.
  15. Calling something wrong when it comes to something that requires as much testing as this is not going to be solved in one single study; brain chemistry is complicated. That said, you are correct that this is a derailment. Let's get back to the topic of Kaladin's love life.