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  1. I feel like Hoid knows Kaladin isn't going to break if he teases a little "meanly". Shallan has different needs.
  2. Part of the risk we take on getting on the internet is also that we might be banned from communities who are able to set their own rules. Asking people to be responsible for their own blocklist in lieu of removing people does nothing to protect a community. It's one of those nice ideas that doesn't line up with how people actually use spaces on the internet. It wouldn't work in a nice, clean way, and there would be constant issues with things falling between the cracks. Rather than making anything easier, every aspect of interacting in the community would become, quite frankly, miserable. There are all kinds of examples of the misery: (1) Curating blocklists to pass around can very easily become a new way to exclude, harass, or bully someone; what if someone decides they don't like x person and put their name on a list so people will refuse to interact with them? This is just banning someone but based on social dynamics instead of community standards and with a bunch of extra steps. (2) What if someone is harassing another person, and because we refuse to ban anyone, they can just create new account after new account to send messages to the person they're harassing to get around account blocks, again and again? (3) Every time new people join, it would take them time and effort to sort through the people they're okay with and the people they're not okay with. Why should people have to go through that effort and see things they don't want to see, when they should have an expectation of people being civil right from the start? When people find a group of people they really like to talk with without certain others, they make group DMs or private discords or all of that, and that's something people already do when they want a more controlled space to socialize in. But it doesn't make the public space safer or more pleasant. It's not plausible or appropriate to suggest that blocking is a sufficient defense against people who are breaking the code of conduct. We're pleased with our moderation standards. Speaking for myself only here, I stand by the belief that firm and clear community standards, enforced by strong moderation, makes for a great community. Lax to no moderation leads to jerks basically controlling the community, and everyone else too miserable or unsafe to want to go to those places at all - which will mean that shortly, the community will be only jerks. Bans are not something we love doing, but are one of the tools we have at our disposal to actually protect our community. We use bans as infrequently as we can, using them in extreme cases or in cases of repeated (and repeated, and repeated, and repeated) behaviour - but it is a tool that online communities need.
  3. Seems to me like the reveal of the aethers thinking that is the implication that not everything in the cosmere is of Ado. Much more exciting and interesting than the aethers just making a mistake.
  4. @sugjesstive Oops, it's on me for not checking the 17th Shard post too often, so this is very late - but thank you! I was going in with schizophrenia, but I found a similar link on childhood psychotic episodes pretty much as we were filming there. Thanks so much for your thoughts! PS - I love your hair!
  5. Happy birthday!

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      Thank you!

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      Oh my goodness Grey! Happy Day!

  6. Very much agreed. Brandon is on record many times for for many situations when it comes to representation of feeling responsibility to do it well. Despite many readers just dying to absolve Brandon of any mistakes he may make, Brandon takes this responsibility seriously. Brandon may have his reasons why he did it one way and not another, but that does not mean anyone with criticisms is automatically wrong.
  7. I am very sorry, but looking for mascots is not what's going on here. I apologize for being blunt, but to write off disappointment in other readers in this way is missing the point. My reaction to posts like this are resentment; I don't believe you understand that readers can identify with characters and still be disappointed. Identity still matters - it's part of the journey.
  8. Shallan likes people who love at her (bad) jokes, so I'd say absolutely!
  9. While I don't agree with the first paragraph (I think Jasnah only follows social norms for its advantages it gives her to be the epitome of perfection, not because she personally feels Vorins set the best boundaries), nor does the age gap bother me (once someone is effectively immortal, imo, it doesn't mean the other mortal adult can't meaningfully consent, but sometimes things just bother us, and I get that). However, I definitely am completely with you on how bad it feels that this relationship means Jasnah ended up with literally the only man around more powerful and smart than she is. It puts a really bad taste in my mouth. No matter how powerful and intelligent she is, and how little screentime the relationship took up, it feels like no matter how incredible woman is, she can't be the most powerful/smart/accomplished person in the relationship. Also genuinely thought she was either aromantic or sapphic as well as ace, so I'm extremely bitter and honestly, may never let this go. In addition, chapter 99 really didn't... track with my experience of being ace, I thought it was honestly kind of ... it just wasn't very good. I'm hoping this is just because it was Brandon's first go at it and further explorations will be better, but yeesh. Like Wit has never met an ace person? He's ten thousand years old. Like Jasnah wouldn't have discussed this already with Wit despite being well into having sex? Checked in with other ace friends to confirm - this is a conversation had early in romantic relationships to make sure we're all on the same page before things get to being sexual. Also Jasnah didn't feel very romantically into Wit, despite being canonically heteroromantic - ace people can have romantic feelings, and despite her public persona, Jasnah isn't actually an automaton. I wanted more for her than being so into his brain and cosmere secrets. I know part of THAT is that Brandon just can't do romance very well, but that doesn't change the fact that I had higher hopes for Jasnah. In every way, I'm just so sour on this.
  10. Lift is now a teen; unfortunate still, but there is a level of emotional self-regulation a thirteen year-old can do that a six year-old is entirely incapable of.
  11. It is so easy for us to look back, with our mountain of foundational knowledge of the world and how it works and think that the order of science and technology discovered and invented in our history is the only order that it could have been. This is not so. Earth's history is filled with different cultures at different times inventing things and discovering principles "out of order" with each other, according to the needs, social mores, and foundation of knowledge that each culture had at the time. The notion of "progress" being a steady upward climb is a lie. Technologies have been invented, lost, and re-invented numerous times. The Minoans had water and sewage systems, with working toilets, in 2500 BCE, 3000 years before they figured it out in England. First Nations in eastern Canada figured out technology like barometers and other weather instruments before they figured out how to work metal. The cure for scurvy was known to be citrus for ages, then due to a series of events people of the time rightly began to doubt its efficacy and they went back to thinking it wasn't citrus for quite a while before it was tested and re-confirmed to be citrus. Increasing the base of human scientific knowledge is not simple and straightforward. What we think of as obvious connections to make once took enormous imagination and willingness to test them. People take logical leaps in the wrong direction and it takes time to undo "progress" in the wrong direction. It is very easy for humans to look back and take everything the history of humanity has been able to achieve as a given; it takes a lot of work and imagination to make forward development. Even when looking back as little as 30 years - the Internet was not conceived of or expected until it came upon us. The thought of "well of COURSE we invented the internet, how could we not" is the mistake; in another world, that leap wouldn't have been made, and we would be living in a 2021 without the Internet. Then bringing it back to Stormlight Archive, the Rosharans have an incredible foundation of knowledge from bits and pieces that survived the Desolations; they are not an example of a simple medieval society fumbling around in the dirt. Even the sure knowledge they have to simply wash their hands to prevent rot is an enormous breakthrough that by itself could have lent itself to even more scientific knowledge.
  12. Thank you for asking for clarification, I didn't realize that the issue was miscommunication. Have a good one.
  13. Yes - the talk about Shallan needing to have repercussions implicitly means that she deserves it. She does not actually deserve it, ergo her facing repercussions simply because "it makes sense" or whatever doesn't mean anything to me. It supports the message of her deserving it. If someone meant that "it didn't make sense that the honourspren just left it alone and weren't mad at her", that's a different statement. I don't necessarily disagree with that. But that statement about what makes sense for the honourspren to do or not do - I think it makes equal sense that the absolute BOMBSHELL of news that the original radiant spren chose to end their bonds and it wasn't just the mean humans' fault kind of threw a wrench in the honourspren's will to blame humans at all.