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  1. I love the idea! Hell, I'll ship it. Nice introduction to the Kadash/Dalinar, I'd never thought of it before!
  2. Ah, then I'll consider myself exempt from the rest of this, then.
  3. I don't think her being unreliable means that we have to assume it's always false. That's not how reading unreliable narrators works.
  4. Yes, I definitely agree that she's hard to pin down, and with the Truths being the only ones that are different from Oaths (ie. Lightweavers evidently are free to change, possibly making their past Truths no longer true without ruining their progression - because they're not Oaths) - it just means she's not straightforward. To me, she is the most unreliable narrator in the whole series.
  5. I think we fundamentally disagree on the truths and what they mean, and it's really late, so I'm going to leave this here. Needless to say, being scared of the truth that she is scared is a tautology and I would find that to be so meaningless, it would ruin the Ideal system.
  6. This is a miscomprehension. In English, native speakers use "they" to be vague and non-specific, meaning it is clear that Brandon is firmly not telling us anything. They can also mean singular. It is a gender neutral way of saying "someone".
  7. Yes, and that has already happened. Shallan is terrified that she is a monster and that everyone who really gets to know her will see this. She was scared of letting Adolin in for this reason, but facing her fear, she did it anyway. Adolin accepted her, Shallan conquered this fear, and now Adolin is a safe place for her, hence, no more need for fear with him. I agree, there were steps, and they were followed.
  8. Facing her fears does not mean needing to be scared of them all the time, that'd be so cruel. People can't work through anything when they're living in terror. Moving past the fear is a great sign that she's truly conquering that Truth.
  9. Why should she have to be terrified all the time? She's so scared all the time, she shouldn't have to continue to feel terrified all the time to progress as a Knight, that'd be terrible.
  10. You know, I've never had surf and turf... I should try and find a place where I am.
  11. Personally speaking, Dalinar is my favourite character. Adolin and Kaladin have been close before, but Dalinar always wins, after Oathbringer. I identify with him a lot. OB is when I knew I loved him. It was a fantastic feeling at the end for me, very powerful experiencing Dalinar's arc throughout the three books so far. Brandon has a plot for him to follow up through SA4 and 5. I didn't even notice word count because his scenes were so powerful and interesting to me. I truly believe he's going to have an extremely satisfying arc in the future. There's no way Brandon would bring up what he did and not follow it up. Word count is not important to me, because he did what he did with Dalinar's story in OB. It was a very good use of words and scene count. He doesn't need to be the main character to be valuable - and no one is the main character. Kaladin isn't and Shallan isn't. The back five books are going to mix things up, and the focus characters for the first five could all still be around, or none of them. Brandon has been clear about that, and based on what Brandon has actually said, verifiably, that it's possible Kaladin and/or Shallan could die, too. It's one thing to believe that Dalinar is going to die. But it just seems like you are purely ignoring what Brandon has really said to create a version of his words that he never did say.
  12. @LerasiumMistborn Eshonai is still getting her story told in SA4, even though she's dead.
  13. @LerasiumMistborn You did post twice in a row, and I did merge them both together. In the future, if your post is the last one in the thread but you still have more to say, please edit your post and add on to it instead of posting again in a separate comment. Also, it does sound like you are stating facts. The problem is, even though you feel very sure, it's going directly against what Brandon has said. We can all feel however we want, but we don't get to say that it is going to happen. We don't know. Please make it more clear when it is your opinion and provide back-up for your claims. If there is no back-up, nobody can trust that it is real, so we have to assume it is not true. It is okay to think that Dalinar is going to die. It's less okay to make claims that it's for sure going to happen with no evidence. Edit: I'm excited to see you making public the WoB you were talking about earlier!
  14. Shallan's problem with her truths is that she isn't ready to actually face them. She's prone to dissociation and related when someone reminds her of the trauma she experienced. She needed to admit the truth, but the truths that she was using for her Ideals were things that she had suppressed. Bringing those up out of her traumatized repression meant that she had to deal with it when she wasn't dealing with it before. Though it seems that she's falling apart, it's actually an improvement on her full-on repressing it. The initial impact of her remembering is the split personas from the intense self-hatred, but she would always have to work through this to progress. So tl;dr, she's remembering the truth but hasn't internalized it yet; hence, she's still catching up on where her powers should actually be, but she is progressing.
  15. That's definitely much different than how I read it! And definitely quite different from what I found disappointing about OB, so I have nothing that will contribute to this thread on that topic. Anyway, I'm trying to think of more besides the existence of the love triangle and the lack of Szeth and Jasnah scenes, but I think other than that, I'm pretty okay... Szeth and Jasnah scenes can always be had in later books, it's just I don't have them here now.