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  1. Interestingly enough, I didn't really make the connection between the whole Old Vorinism thing and the Apostasy until someone mentioned it on this thread. Just goes to show you that even an LDS practitioner doesn't always grasp some references to the beliefs. I always saw it as a parallel to the old Roman Catholic church and their ideas of having the priest teach the crowd and not really letting them have any information. One of the ardents that Adolin speaks to says something to the effect of, "Now we let people worship and get to know the Almighty personally, instead of trying to preach to them what we believe." Which, now that I think about it, is an LDS/Christian belief: having a personal relationship with God. The practitioners of Vorinism also believe that the Almighty is their divine father, I think. I'm pretty sure I can find a reference somewhere, but I'm too lazy to actually go look it up. I also love the character of Jasnah and the depiction of her beliefs. It's very refreshing to not see another Hollywood atheist. Even better, her character in the book is thought of in high esteem by the other characters who personally know her very well. Atheists are not raging Christian/religion haters who want no one to believe in God. Nor do all religious people wish to convert everyone in the world. Jasnah's "live and let live" approach warms my heart. We can all have tolerance for everyone, regardless of what we believe. Speaking of tolerance, I'd just like to say thanks to everyone for being so thoughtful, intelligent, and considerate. This is an extremely delicate topic matter, but I knew you guys would have the dignity and sensitivity to manage it well. Well done to everyone who has contributed!
  2. Vin

    That's probably the best picture of Vin I've seen in a long time. And I've seen tons of Vin pictures.
  3. It is when you're reading a very serious section about Dalinar talking about the Codes and the Way of Kings and you can't stop reading it in Terry Crews' voice. Wearing nothing but a bath towel. And pec jiggling. It's all about, you know, "The way you achieve a goal is more important that the goal itself," and then you instantly think, "DOUBLE SUN POWAAAAAAAH!"
  4. Wanted to make a Twilight version of Stormlight Archive, but couldn't bring myself to do it. I'll put a basic summary of my ideas below. Shallan is Bella, Adolin is Edward, Kaladin is Jacob, extras are extras. Follows the basic plot. Also realized halfway through how creepily similar Cullen and Kholin sound. Replaced "vampire" with Knights Radiant, changed the SPARKLES to glowing, and somehow this allows Adolin to read minds (Meyer has never been consistent on her lore anyway). The three vampires at the end of Twilight are from the Dustbringers, and the Volturi are the Skybreakers (which are also scarily similar, in the sense of tyrannical police force). I think I somehow managed to shoehorn in Lopen as the guy who almost kills Shallan with his chull, but not sure. Rosalie would be Jasnah, because she has an awesome story that is unfortunately left in the background compared to the TROO WUV of the main plot. Dalinar is Carlisle, Navani is Esme, Renarin is Jasper, and that's as far as I got. I think I quit right around the moment when I realized that Kaladin would be crushing on Shallan and Adolin's newborn child. Also, Adolin would always be described as "Adonis-like", "with tousled blond/black hair", "rich chestnut skin", "strikingly blue eyes" or "windows to the soul". Shallan would have, "Fiery red mane", "delicate, pale skin", and other such nonsense. Misspellings would abound as Meyer has protection from editors. Shallan and Adolin's honeymoon would be an island off the west coast of Alethkar. After experiencing sex for the first time, Shallan would become obsessed with getting more, despite Adolin harming her and leaving bruises. Eventually, Shallan would become a Knights Radiant and live in happily freaking after land with Adolin and her perfect newborn daughter: Lift. I think I threw up just writing that.
  5. Great. Now because of you, I cannot unsee Dalinar shouting about Old Spice, breaking the Fourth Wall, and jiggling his pecs.
  6. When you nearly get caught laughing in the middle of a quiet English classroom because you're on 17th Shard. No lie: When Tor was handing out the WoR previews, I had to catch up on the school laptop. It took every ounce of self control I had to not break out screaming in joy and frustration. It HURT.
  7. This made my freaking day, along with SAFE ABS and Elhokar thinking he's going to be assassinated because of the rock.
  8. Voted for Jasnah because of a heck of a ton of new information. Still love Kal, depression and SAD and angst and all.
  9. As I've mentioned in another article, you need support teams. Anyone who's played any sort of RPG that involves a party system or cooperative play knows this very well. For every DPS player, you need a Tank and a Support (generally a buffer and a healer, depending on the game). Sometimes the DPS is the Tank, but that's beside the point. In my little model that I've just created (DPS (Damage dealer) Tank (Damage absorber/glorified meatshield) Healer, and Buffer), I have one active fighter (the DPS) and three passive fighters. This fits Jasnah's model of one warrior, three noncombatants. In this situation, I would say that the Windrunner/Skybreaker/Dustbringer is my DPS, the Stoneward is my Tank, my Edgedancer/Truthwatcher is my healer, and my Buffer is any of the rest (doing little stuff like Soulcasting and other such things). However, that is all in a combat zone. So, what if they aren't in combat? The handy thing is that the Orders have Surges that can be used for mundane tasks and double for battlefield capabilities. Since three out of ten orders are almost solely combat oriented (Windrunners, Skybreakers, and Dustbringers), there's your 1/4. The rest have more support/tanking abilities. I would imagine that these would be the orders that are diplomats, ambassadors, policing forces (in the case of Skybreakers) and other such duties that Jasnah describes. Going back to the OP Question though, I'd say that 4 is the max amount of Kholin Radiants I want. You need some contrast, and I know of at least one that doesn't really fit the mold for a Radiant (I'm looking at you, Elhokar).
  10. Nope, I was getting my boots signed. I didn't have any books on me, so I figured that it would be funny and a good shout out to WoR. Apparently he'd never signed boots before, so there was another bonus.
  11. So I was getting my boots signed at Comic Con when Brandon suddenly presented me with this opportunity to be awesome. EDIT: Mods, if this is in the wrong forum, feel free to move it.
  12. Yes, I do.
  13. Dang that quiz is hard. Could have gotten more if not for the fact that you actually have to spell out Versus in the Alcatraz books.
  14. Winner winner chicken dinner.
  15. I'll give you a massive hint: It's not a Cosmere book.