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  1. In Oathbringer it mentions Dalinar being able to stick rocks together. That makes sense; he has the surge of adhesion. Later he needs to speak a different language so he uses adhesion again, but on a spiritual level to create enough Connection to speak/understand this language. Weird right? We know that he is able to use that surge on at least two realms. If a surgebinder is able to do it on 2 planes, it makes sense that they should be able to do it on all 3 planes. I was thinking of the possible implications of adhesion on the cognitive realm. What if you were to adhere your self (your identity? but I think that is stored in the spiritual) to the concept of greatness? Would people think of you every time they though of greatness? You would be the equivalent of a Rosharan rockstar over night. Fortunately the two orders with adhesion seem to have oaths that would prevent too much shadiness like adhering yourself to the concept of honesty and then scamming everyone (looking at you Veil) This theory would depend on whether all surgebinders can actually use their surges in all realms. It is possible that Dalinar only has adhesion in the physical and cognitive. Then again, maybe Kaladin has it in the Physical and cognitive. Maybe that is why some people trust Kaladin instinctively. He has subconsciously adhered himself to the concept of honor. I personally believe that they will be able to use it in all 3 depending on their own personal quirks. So a Windrunner might use it in the spiritual, but only if he is the ind of guy who would try and/or think like that.
  2. As has been mentioned, the Ars Arcanum does mention 10 levels of void binding. But yes, Odiums number is 9. Either the Stormfather would not come to his side, or perhaps Odium was not able to turn him due to the 9 thing. I realize that the ancient listeners worshiping 10 powerful spren is conjecture, that is part of the theory. To further back that up, in Words of Radiance when Eshonai is going out into the storm to assume storm form, she mentions that the storm father used to be on their side, but turned. Basically if I am right, the stormfather didn't turn away from them, rather they started worshiping Odium instead of Honor
  3. So here is my theory: Prior to the Humans coming and ruining the Roshar party for everyone, the Listeners worshiped 10 really cool spren. when those softskinned human jerks showed up with Odium in tow the natives got ticked and were seduced by Odium, trading some autonomy for power. Most of that is pretty much confirmed cannon. the theory part is that 9 of those gods went to become the unmade. I think the 10th was the Stormfather. He opted not to accept any of Odiums corrupting power. We know that the Listeners were aware of the surges, but were forbidden to use them. Therefore surgebinding existed prior to the humans. All 10 surges and possibly 10 orders of surge/void binding. There are only 9 types of fused because the Stormfather stayed strong. There is a 10th fused form and a 10th type of surgebinging but it can't exist unless the Stormfather submits to Odium and is corrupted like the other 9 unmade.
  4. I was the one who asked about the Double misting and I wanted to clarify Brandon's answer. For reference I asked: If a person took lerasium and alloyed it with Iron and steel then consumed them both at the same time, would they be able to burn exactly two metals? His answer was "Theoretically, yes. Because they were using Lerasium." He said it was because it overwrites sDNA. I asked something about if they were taken separately and he said they would then only have one Metal.
  5. A sliver is a person who held a significant part of a shard. It changes you so vin, kelsier and TLR are all slivers. a splinter is part of a shards power divided from the whole.
  6. Yes, but since the heralds re-founded rosharan society a bunch of times they may have picked this up from the heralds. Although their entire continent is pretty symmetrical all on its own so maybe not.
  7. If this is true maybe that is why there are a few super spren that don't follow the rules of other spren. This also explains why Roshar is more heavily invested than other planets.
  8. Is he trying to kill Odium? Trying to kill whatever shattered adonalsium? No. No he is not. His Purpose was finally revealed in WoR. We do know that Hoid has been running around collecting objects from various shardworlds. Many of the objects he picks up are pretty invested. What does he need them for? In Shallan's PoV with Mraize she sees a bunch of wierd items on the wall. Hey look someone else with a bunch of stuff. I think this makes things pretty clear. Hoid is involved in a massive cosmere wide scavenger hunt and the winner gets a really spiffy ribbon. "But wait," you say, "isn't he in some kind of conflict against Odium?" Yes, and yes Hoid hates him. Wouldn't you hate the guy/person/being of ultimate hatred who put together a scavenger hunt that included lerasium? I mean there are only like 2 beads left (at the time) and he has to get one. Tricky stuff. The only real question is this: Who do you think is winning?
  9. Maybe he is more of a father figure. Like he cares for/advises the honorspren. Also maybe he holds some of Tanavasts cognitive remains in adition to whatever spiritual power he gained on becoming a sliver.
  10. Interesting. The only thing I have against this is (if I'm reading it correctly) you are theorizing that the power to use any given ability is already in everyone, it just needs to be unlocked. We know some changes to your spiritweb are necessary to use some powers. Lerasium changes your spiritweb. Hemalurgy nails part of someone else's spiritweb to yours. Maybe I'm misunderstanding what you are saying though.
  11. Do we know that Galladon and Demoux use shadesmar? there are a lot of theories about it, but do we have any confirmation?
  12. On the contrary, while he is a nice guy, he is also Aes Sedai. He doesn't lie (not on purpose), but he can be tricksy.
  13. 213 are you saying you think allomancy is weak compared to other magic systems in the cosmere or just weak compared to feruchemy and hemalurgy? A misting may be weaker compared to a radiant in plate, but I always thought there could be way more mistings than there seemed to be radiants. Additionally for a thug to fuel back up all he needs is a relatively common alloy. A radiant needs to wait around a week for a storm to blow through. It also seems that allomancy (really all the metalic arts) are by far the most portable magic system in the cosmere. I don't think allomancy is under powered by any means. unless you are a duralamin misting. Then it just stinks to be you.
  14. Well, it confirms that sometimes some colors are important. You COULD read that as saying that black and white referred to Ruin and Preservation. That might be all that is saying. However Brandon does enjoy things being a bit deeper and I could see him attributing colors to some shards. It will be an interesting thing to look for. But it might not some up again. Also it would be tough to pick a color for endowment as he is the god of color to his people. He is like the rainbow shard.
  15. Yeah he is on a different planet in the Roshar system named Braize. Yes ruin could. However they are somehow different. We know that ruin is more effective at powering Hemalurgic powers and preservation at allomantic. So they are similar but not the same. I think it has been stated that any shard could power any others magic system. Are you theorizing that Honor was directly powering the radiants? Lift interlude spoiler But if the high storms are a result of the shattering then you are right there must be an alternative. maybe they had a big stormlight battery.