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  1. I think it could also be related to what is wrong with Roshar's afterlife.
  2. Personally, I'm wondering how they are going to make the deal come back and hurt Odium. I foresee a marriage boon.
  3. theory

    I've been thinking that he would be most similar to what Venli has done, with a Radiant Spren and a void spren. I've also been wondering about the one surge that she seems to have control over, until bonding the Radiant Spren. It seems like the Fused have two, but the Regals only get one. What is odd is that the Regals don't seem to draw on voidlight in the way that Fused do, since I can't recall one of them ever being described as leaking black smoke. For Renarin, this makes for some interesting comparisons. I like the thought that his corrupted spren would result in one of the surges being corrupted. I think that would make him something like half Radiant and Regal. If the illumination surge was the one that was corrupted, that could help explain his problem with it. However, all the KR's seem to have more difficulties with one surge, so that is iffy. But hopefully if the Regals don't need voidlight to power their abilities, then Renarin shouldn't need it to activate the illumination surge. Personally, I think his visions of stained glass images are the result of the corrupted illumination surge. I think normal Truthwatchers would see "Truths" depicted, but the corruption is letting him see the future.
  4. I think that description fits pretty well with the second definition of Odium. All the passions mentioned seem to be those types of emotions that would easily lead to provoking hatred from others.
  5. I found that right after posting. It seems like the odium high spren don't bond and the listeners instead bond with lesser dumb spren. Not sure what that means for the charts.
  6. Personally, I'm expecting the voidbindings to be the pull to the surgebinders push. Just because a surge would be the opposite of a void. I think that would fit pretty well with the symmetry relationships between the symbols on their respective charts. It is also interesting that the respective spren seem to be on opposite sides of an internal/external relationship as well. The surgebinders spren would be external and the voidbinders spren seem to be internal. Though I'm not sure we've seen enough voidbinders to be sure their spren don't also have the ability to manifest after bonding the way we've seen that the surgebinders spren can. Given Eshonai's transformation it seems like a safe bet, but I'm not sure we've seen enough to be certain.
  7. I've had a similar thought running through my head, except that it is tied to an investiture cycle. It would go like this, as people use investiture they pull it from one location and cause it to build up in another. When enough has built up in a certain location, say a specific shardpool, then a desolation could start. I think it would be a particularly interesting and honorable requirement if the amount of investiture in Odium's and Honor/Cultivation's shardpools had to be equal. Then the abandoning of the shardblades was an attempt to freeze a large amount of investiture and stop the cycle. I've never posted it because there isn't really anything to base this on, other than the highstorms make me think of the water cycle and things from the Mistborn trilogy. Spoiler just in case. I'm not sure this adds anything to your theory, but maybe it sparks something. At the very least I'm just glad to know I'm not the only one that gets invested in coming up with wild theories. People on this site always have such well though out and researched theories, you all make me feel inadequate.
  8. It would be interesting is Syl was the first spren to figure out how to bond with humans. That could put her before any restrictions that were placed on the Nahel Bond. Which might explain Kal’s odd abilities, why she wasn’t bonded with anyone during the recreance, and why the stormfather was so against her bonding anyone.
  9. To quote pattern, No Fusing!
  10. I’d say help. With the assumption that the torture is Odium ripping out a part of their spirit web. He then merges it with a spren to create the unmade.
  11. I’ve thought it would be interesting if the Surges that the KR’s use create Voids that the Fused can use. If true maybe they are stealing power from Syl. Which might also explain why the old KR’s abandoned their spren so that Voidbinders wouldn’t have a source of power. The problem is that there is almost no reason to think this other than a plus minus relationship in the terminology.
  12. Do you think there is any chance that we aren’t really seeing Jasnah. It would be a cool twist if what we are seeing is the midnight mother imitating her via the memories she gained from Shallan. Then when Jasnah does show up, nobody would know who to trust. Though I assume that Jasnah’s family would eventually ask things that Shallan didn’t know, so the disception wouldn’t work long.
  13. See that's where I think if you had enough knowledge of the cosmere, why couldn't you write a backstory that you were born to worldhoppers from any planet. As long as the lie was well worked out, why wouldn't it work? The only limit I see is that most forgers wouldn't know enough to make a mark that could stick. Now it might not work for long, but how long do you really need.
  14. I chose forger, but I'm not sure my head-cannon holds up. Do you think it's possible for a forger to make an essence mark that would give them access to all the other powers. I could see a problem with something like surgebinding that needs a spren. But surely it would be pretty easy to make a mark that would attract a cryptic. I could see them loving the lies that a forger can make.
  15. theory

    After looking through a Thesaurus, I'd pick Prudence as a shard name that would combine the Divine Attributes of Wisdom and Care. And that then makes me think about the Seven Virtues And there is also another set that is more in opposition seven deadly sins. Those would be Chastity, Temperance, Charity, Diligence, Patience, Kindness, and Humility.