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  1. Why do you say Nightblood's investiture is corrupted? If it was, I'd think it would be red in some way. See the WOB below: FirstSelector Does red in cosmere signify one Shard co-opting or corrupting another Shard's magic? Brandon Sanderson Yes. Oathbringer San Francisco signing (Nov. 15, 2017)
  2. Since kandra don't have access to other magic systems, is it safe to say that a kandra would appear as a drab in Warbreaker?
  3. I've had trouble getting into Alloy of Law thus far - the wild west style setting really doesn't appeal to me. That said, I'm a huge fan of everything Cosmere. I'm afraid to troll the forum too much for risk of spoilers... Do I miss out on any major Cosmere developments or details if I don't finish this book? I've read everything else in the Cosmere and just can't get into this one.
  4. If they attempted live action, in addition to CGI expenses for the magic system there would be the issue of basic world characteristics. Yes, you've got spren all over the place, but you've also got all these plants and animals that are unique. Unless it's a scene based in Shinovar, that means you can't do a shoot with grass. This micromanagment would be really expensive compared to something like Game of Thrones, where most scenes they can just head over to the countryside.
  5. Anybody know if Brandon is a Warcraft III fan? Now that this has come to my attention, I feel like there's no way it's just a coincidence.
  6. Interesting! It's tough to figure out where Stormlight should go in the reading order - readers benefit the most from having tons of background before approaching Stormlight, but at the same time I think it's head and shoulders above anything else Brandon has written (which is intended as praise for Stormlight, not as any disrespect for his other works). I'm happy with how I went about it, though. I started with Way of Kings, read everything else I could get my hands on, then came back for a hugely beneficial and enjoyable re-read before the release of Words of Radiance.
  7. Hi all, I just figured I'd share my recommendations for newbies on how to approach the mammoth that is the Cosmere. For a new reader, it can be difficult to figure out what's going on and how to learn more. Here's how I'd go about tackling the Cosmere works. Feel free to add your thoughts and amendments. (copied from Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/brandonsanderson/comments/3folks/which_step_into_the_cosmere_do_i_take_next/cty6130): By order of importance (in my opinion): Stormlight - Right now, this is where the most Cosmere action is happening. Mistborn - Most relevant plot in the Cosmere besides Stormlight. There are three Eras planned, each in the form of its own trilogy. The first is completed, the second is underway. The third is post-Stormlight on the timeline, and will have great bearing on the Cosmere universe. Era one (the original trilogy) gives you quite a bit of insight into how a world in the Cosmere functions. I'd consider this must-read. (Full disclosure, I haven't been able to get hooked on the second trilogy. I'm not big on the setting. Gonna give it another try, though.) Warbreaker - The main things you'll get here are another magic system and a couple prominent crossover ("worldhopper") characters. This provides some nice easter eggs in Words of Radiance. Elantris - Doesn't give a huge amount, but a light read. Again, provides a bit of insight about how Cosmere magic systems work and background for at least one minor worldhopping character. White Sand (Unpublished) - This one is interesting. It's going to be published next year as a graphic novel, but you've been able to get it for a long time by writing Brandon and asking for a pdf of the unpublished draft. This contains a character that, to date, hasn't showed up in full but has Hoid-esque qualities that could make her a big player. Sixth of the Dusk (Novella) - I love this story. Its main Cosmere function is to foreshadow the third Mistborn trilogy. It's a great standalone read, too. Emperor's Soul (Novella) - Good story, no noteworthy tie-ins to Stormlight as of right now. It does flesh out the Elantris planet a bit more, and could have greater impact in the future. Shadows for Silence (Novella) - I'm not sure if the community has really pinned down anything huge in this one. There are some tidbits if you dig deep. Still a good read. Stormlight is the most rewarding, and what first got me interested in Brandon Sanderson. I think it's a great place to start, and worth a second read once you've ventured into other novels if you're up to it (if you're on this forum, chances are that you're hooked). Release dates boxed me into reading Way of Kings, then gobbling up everything else I could until Words of Radiance was released. I'm happy I went about it this way, as it made Words of Radiance more rewarding. Following Way of Kings: If you're strapped for time, start with the original Mistborn trilogy and Warbreaker. Elantris shouldn't be skipped, but isn't a top priority either. Read White Sand when it comes out, or write Brandon to get the draft version. Other stances are welcome.
  8. So I've been looking around, and so far I haven't found a definitive list of worldhoppers. So I figured I'd start one, and hopefully people will chime in to help me fill this out. So far, we've got: Hoid: We all know and love him. He appears in every Cosmere book. From: Yolen Appearance: varies? In books: Roshar: Wit writer of "The Letter" in epigraphs Scadrial: FE- informant to Kelsier in Luthadel WoA- unnamed leader of Terris refugees HoA- informant in Fadrex City Nalthis: summoned to Court of the Gods by LightsongAbilities: Lightweaving Feruchemy Awakening Allomancy? (posesses lerasium bead) Khriss: Potentially the most knowledgeable worldhopper From: Taldain Appearance: dark-skinned In books: Taldain: (unpublished) main character in White SandNazh: Collects documents and drawings for Khriss From: ? Appearance: ? In books: Roshar: Drew/collected/annotaded assorted chapter artwork Seen as ardent drawing Bridge 4 before being shooed away by Rock Vasher: One of the Five Scholars and wielder of Nightblood From: Nalthis Appearance: Long hair, brown eyes, black beard, usually dressed in simple cloth clothing tied with rope In books: Nalthis: Main character in WBRoshar: Appears as Zahel the weaponsmasterAbilities: Awakening17th Shard Members: Seen searching for Hoid in Ishikk interlude in WoK Galladon From Elantris Demoux From Mistborn "Blunt" From White Sand (unpublished) Ghostbloods: Mraize Iyatil Nightblood The invested sword From: Nalthis Appearance: black, thin scabbard In books: Nalthis major characterRoshar given to Szeth by Nalan in WoRUnnamed kandra worldhopper Unnamed terriswoman worldhopper Unnamed worldhopper from Threnody Unconfirmed: Nurse in Warbreaker Terriswoman? Felt Named twice as Venture spy in Final Empire and in WoR as soldier who discovered the plateau with the oathgate
  9. Too bad. I may just drop the money. If it encourages him to keep working hard on this particular series, then it was money well spent.
  10. I remember seeing a promotion for a previous Brandon Sanderson book (I forget which one) where if you had the hard copy you could get a discounted version of the e-book. I pre-ordered the hardcover, but prefer to read on kindle when possible (a book this big is a little tough to bring on trips). Anyone know if there's anything like this for Words of Radiance?
  11. NO. The quota hath inhibited me from practicing my freedom of expression.
  12. In the Lift chapter, it's stated that only Lift can touch Wyndle. While this dust that Wyndle leaves behind is occasionally notices by people, it doesn't say whether or not people can feel it. In order for this theory to work people would have to be able to. Crem is definitely not in the cognitive realm by the time it reaches earth. If Wyndle's leftover dust really does go fully from the cognitive to physical realms, then this theory holds some weight.
  13. I haven't seen anything about this, but Shalash seems to destroy art in places that Szeth visits. She destroyed the statue in the prologue before Szeth killed the king, and she's also destroyed one in Azir where the two Primes were assassinated. There's a possibility she just goes to places with great troves of art, which would correspond with the important people Szeth is sent to kill, but I don't think so. Elhokar's 10 statues of the Heralds on the shattered plains are left in tact, for example. Note: I tried to find evidence that Szeth killed somebody in Emul, since that's where Shalash was smashing things up in the Baxil chapter, but couldn't locate the proper list of people he killed. I know Kaladin flies over Emul in his chapter where he follows the stormwall (when he asks for clarification if the place he flew over actually exists), but I don't think that's the same place where he sees Szeth killing people. If anyone can dig up something about somebody in Emul being assassinated, that would go a long way.
  14. Got it. Just wanted to make sure it wasn't an oversight.