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  1. Why couldn't Beethoven find his music teacher? Because he was Haydn!
  2. I don't think we need to mark anything as anything, really. It's a forum thread, not a Sanderson book, and we don't exactly have much in the way of established canon to begin with. We can just handwave something about alternate universes splitting off and move on.
  3. This meme format reminded me of the WoK prologue
  4. Hey, I'm still here! ...I say after being inactive for several months Alright, so it's been a while, but I'm back now. What's going on?
  5. Why do homework when you can eat bread?

    1. Mistrunner


      haha I have an exam in less than 9 hours

    2. TwiLyghtSansSparkles


      Why stop eating bread to do homework when you can eat more bread? 

    3. Mistrunner


      You're darn right and you should say it

  6. Oh, I just think most things have been said already! My biggest piece of advice is just to show not tell. A lot of things can be shown via staging, acting, and implication, so sometimes the characters don't need to tell the audience exactly what's going on, if that makes sense. I think sprinkling exposition throughout or giving it to a narrator would help the dialogue flow more naturally. Dialogue is really what establishes characters' personalities, and once you get rid of the need for them to talk about the plot all the time then we'll get to see more of who they are as people. I hope that was helpful!
  7. Wow, you consider me to be critically minded? I'm putting that on my resume. Honestly, I don't think I have much to say other than the Book of Esther? that's me that's my name
  8. Thoughts on chicken nuggets?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Ookla the Intrepid

      Ookla the Intrepid

      I second Tesh's "yum," but you get a higher ratio of meat to breading if you eat the chicken in patty form instead of nuggets.

    3. Mistrunner


      You're darn right! I've never thought about that before

    4. Bleeder


      Often, and plentiful.

  9. My dad just bought 15 cans of Pringles from the commissary because they were just a dollar each.

    I'm not sure how to feel about this.

    1. Tesh


      That's amazing...

    2. Kaymyth


      Feel like you now have an embarrassment of riches in the form of potato chips.

    3. Mistrunner


      Seems a legitimate response.

  10. Mistrunner arises from her throne. "Welcome, @NaeAta. We must welcome our newest member. Bring forth the palanquin!" A moment of awkward silence ensues. "Do we have a palanquin? I don't think we have a palanquin," she mutters, staring blearily at the ceiling.
  11. You know what's great? Grapes. Grapes are great.

    1. Tesh


      Yes. Yes they are.

      So are apples.

    2. Mistrunner


      Couldn't agree more. 

  12. I've been wanting to join the local youth orchestra on trombone for some time. I've been asking a violinist I know who takes lessons from the director for some time for details about difficulty of music, whether or not they'd take me on euphonium if the music is too hard for me to do on trombone, and when and where wind auditions will be. All I've gotten back has been nebulous answers about the director somehow having all her scores destroyed or lost, how "I should just learn trombone," and how auditions would be "sometime in the fall." Well, about four hours ago I got a text that said auditions would be tomorrow. I have a lesson tomorrow at a time dangerously close to the audition times. Apparently the auditions will be our all-region music, which I only have for euphonium. I still don't even know if they'll let me audition on euph. The most obnoxious thing is that all I've heard from the director (all through my friend, as there's apparently no way possible to contact her directly) is excuse after conflicting excuse. Whenever she was asked about dates she said they weren't set yet, but also she didn't know, because someone else handles wind auditions, but also she just forgot and "you should just ask later"... This is her orchestra. She is in charge. If someone else handles wind auditions, it's her job to communicate with them and get the dates. If she's so forgetful, maybe she needs a planner or a calendar. If they're not set, she needs to get her act together. This is inconsiderate and unprofessional at the least, if not outright disrespectful. tl;dr I want to join an orchestra but the director is either annoyingly forgetful or incompetent and I am ticked
  13. Petition to create a currency system based around the cost of Sanderson novels? In other news, despite my annoyingly lingering cold, I made it to the marching band competition on Saturday and my band won first in our division! I honestly don't know how much I contributed, seeing as I spent most of my time on the field praying to not collapse and die, but I feel cool anyway.
  14. There's a marching competition tomorrow and I'm sick. I better be well within 12 or so hours, or I will be having words.

    1. Ookla the Intrepid

      Ookla the Intrepid

      Aw, that's rotten! I hope you feel better ASAP.

    2. Tesh


      Oh, that stinks!

  15. I got out of the trig class that was killing me! I can breathe once again. I was looking up a mouthpiece I wanted for my euphonium because the one I was using wasn't very good, but then I found out our first trombone had one she didn't want. Saved me 75 bucks.