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  1. Another possibility is that just as Harmony greets souls between realms after they die, Trell is able to greet those who have sworn themselves to his service...
  2. I'm back at 17thShard for the first time in months to find more Splintercast! Excellent, I'm most looking forward to Chapter 10, thanks in advance Feather!
  3. The general consensus is that Syl is a Pre-Recreance spren. Her radiant died (we don't know if this is through battle or just old age, especially since we don't know the effects of the Nahel bond on lifespan) and she returned to Shadesmar to wait for another bond. The Recreance occurred and she was forbidden from bonding again. She came back through from Shadesmar to bond with Kaladin against the Stormfather's wishes and lost her memories. Thanks for everyone's input! There are a few new questions that came from this that deserve their own threads, and that I might pursue unless they already exist. For example, Pathfinder's question about spren transitions.
  4. I've been added to the master list, but maybe to simplify it for you, I'm in Thunder Bay, Ontario.
  5. You can find me in North-Western Ontario, Canada... or Thunder Bay to be more specific. Home of the blood spren.... www.youtube.com/watch?v=qjLBXb1kgMo And I still identify with a Dutch heritage. Even if I've never been to the Netherlands. (Obligatory Hup Holland!)
  6. The format and delivery was excellent, I liked having three episodes each release, with a break in between. A schedule is a good thing to keep, but personally, I've given up on keeping track of the schedules of those I follow and just use Feedly and RSS streams to keep up (reading webcomics is my morning ritual). That way when it's updated, I check it. I don't know if an RSS feed is an existing function or not here... I could probably subscribe to alerts in some way instead? And, thanks so much to Eric and Alyx for the dedication you put into this project. I would love to see it happen for the following books, but would also understand if was considered unfeasible.
  7. Don't give up! There are more books! And by the end of WoR, Shallan understands more about what's up with Renarin, so there's hope?
  8. We may be making events conform to prophecy, to make it appear to be fulfilled.... but it is a little crazy how easily they fit. Actually, reading it again, almost the whole thing almost perfectly describes Shallan and Kaladin's scene where they weather the storm in the chasms: Now go to sleep in Chasms deep with Darkness all around you. [s&K safe in the cubby Shallan cut from the wall, darkness all around] Though Rock and Dread may be your bed so sleep my Baby Dear. [Again, rock in the chasm, dread due to questions of survival, chasmfiends, parshendi, loss of Syl, etc] Now comes the Storm but you'll be warm the Wind will rock your Basket. [The storm hits, Kaladin holding Shallan, Kaladin = Wind] The Crystal's fine will glow Sublime so sleep my Baby Dear. [tenuous: The storm refreshing the stormlight of Shallan's dropped gem] And with a song it won't be long, you'll sleep my Baby Dear. [i've got nothing here.]
  9. How spoilery are we in these comments? Just in case:
  10. I also agree with this. When Eshonai changed to storm-form, her original personality and motivations were lost. I think its possible that scholar-form had a similar effect on Venli.
  11. theory

    Any indications that Yalb could be a Squire of Shallan's? He certainly has the wit for it, and is a very convincing liar... As a counter though, if squires are dependent on spren, Shallan's bond was almost gone during most of her association with Yalb in the earlier part of the book.
  12. Shame on you for not sacrificing your personal health, well-being, and academic performance, in order to give me free things for my regularly scheduled entitled enjoyment. That goes for you too Feather! [end sarcasm] We're not paying you, we have no contract, so what you provide here is a gift that we enjoy when it is given. Take your time.
  13. True. The thread I mentioned above is so large that its pretty intimidating for new readers to jump in. But if they could see the ideas that those who have read the entire thread have upvoted, then it makes it a little bit easier. But I do agree with your concern. And in general the overall thread won't make sense without reading it in order anyways. So perhaps this could just be for searches, since that function already has sorting options (ie, post date, views, etc).
  14. Would it be possible to sort search results by reputation? Or even to sort a thread by reputation? I'm thinking specifically of the massive "Hidden things in map of Roshar" thread, and how it would be cool to be able to just jump to posts that have been upvoted. Thanks!