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  1. I would like to nominate Hoid as one of the most powerful, if not the most powerful non-shardic being in the Cosmere. The following are all taken from The Coppermind website He can lightweave. “I see. You do not yet understand the nature of lies. I had that trouble myself, long ago. The Shards here are very strict. You will have to see the truth, child, before you can expand upon it. Just as a man should know the law before he breaks it. ” —Hoid on Lightweaving to Shallan He can World-hop and is very realmatically aware. He's REALLY old. “Other men . . . other men, as they age, merely grow stranger. I fear that I am one of those. I am the bones of a foreign species left drying on the plain that was once, long ago, a sea. A curiosity, perhaps a reminder, that all has not always been as it is now. ” —Hoid on his age He can heal both body and soul. “I'd be surprised if that little knife of yours poses me any real threat, Kholin ” —Hoid to Jasnah on her Shardblade He has access to the spiritual attribute of Fortune which grants him a limited amount of foresight. Hoid has access to some manifestation of Investiture that allows him to manipulate the Spiritual attribute of Connection. Hoid has also gained access to Allomancy by burning a bead of lerasium stolen from the Well of Ascension. At some point, Hoid has gained access to enough Biochromatic Breath to bring him to at least the Second Heightening. Hoid has bonded a Cryptic that formerly belonged to Elhokar, which grants him access to Surgebinding. What other powers does he have that are unknown?
  2. I would love to work in a bookstore someday when I retire. You get to do that already - nice!
  3. Well I backed at the All-In level as I still don't own a copy of the Mistborn RPG. This seemed like a good way to get everything available at a discounted price and seems like the way to go. As an adult with expendable income but limited gaming circles, I just hope I can find people to play with. I also got an extra add-on of sleeves to have spares in case of tearage.
  4. I'm kind of interested in the intercepting of spanreed messages side of this topic. Oversleep's method would only work on one side of the message. You'd have to also put an additional gem in the other spanreed. It's also risky as it might add weight to the spanreed that would be noticeable. Good concept though. You would also have to know when the other two are communicating unless you constantly kept your copy ready to receive messages. Seems like it would require a great deal of effort to keep secret. The idea of originally splitting the gem into three and secretly keeping one of them would work great. Perhaps there's also a way to use Investiture to change the Identity (capital I) of a third spanreed, but that would have the same drawbacks as above. The obvious solution is just a regular spy, but that involves risk of being caught, becoming a double agent, etc. Plus it's not a instant as a spanreed. This whole concept fascinates me.
  5. When I asked, I got it within 24 hours. I might just be lucky, but I did mention two things in my request that might help. I said I know it's a rough draft and I know it's not canon. I also mentioned what a fan I am and that I love how much he connects with his readers. Hope that helps. Also, Brandon specifically said not to share it, so please don't ask me for a copy. I respect his wishes and don't want to spoil him doing things like that for future people. Asking Brandon is easy though, so give it another try. It might just be a timing issue as I'm sure he gets 1000's of e-mails per day.
  6. This is my recommended reading order chart.
  7. I also straight out agree with the OP. Now Brandon can write whatever he wants; who am I to say differently. He even writes books geared towards YA or young readers (Steelheart/Alcatraz). But Cosmere books are considered adult, so I'm not even really complaining or saying things should change. It is my preference, however, that all things Cosmere stay fairly clean. So far, I'd let my tween boy read this, but it's pushing the boundaries enough that I feel I must pre-read it before letting him read it (Oh, the torture! ). I tell my Christian friends that Cosmere books do have minor language and plenty of violence and implied sex with nothing graphic. I hope it stays that way. I have 4 children. Two are adults and can read what they want. My youngest daughter has a tender heart, so I don't let her read things that are violent. Cosmere books are not for her as people dying would be too upsetting for her. My youngest son isn't bothered by that, but I try to protect him from sexual content. Here's why. I'm slightly explicit here so used a spoiler tag:
  8. By far my favorite Wax & Wayne book so far. I felt like the first two were missing some of the "epicness" of the original trilogy (but still great). This one really stepped things us a notch. The many references to worldhoppers, the shard-holding gods, the mystery, the mind-blowing reveals, the character growth, much more! It was great! I especially liked when Wayne tells Wax to "break things with style" when he first gets the Bands. I think it was a nod to Brandon's Alcatraz books which are bested only by Cosmere books. Can't wait for the final W&W book!
  9. Not really a typo and this might have been an intentional joke, but in the audio version, when the "man in the mask" first tells Wax his name, his last name is Neverfar. He then calls him "tall one." Well, in the Audiobook version, ... Neverfar, tall one... sounds like he says his name is "Never Fart." It made me crack up as I was driving down the road.
  10. If you've never read the Alcatraz books, they are filled with MUCH silliness and humor!
  11. I just logged on to see if anyone else thought that was Kriss too. That was my immediate assumption and since everyone else seems to think that too, it's probably her - unless it's just a huge misdirection by Brandon. I don't think it's been confirmed by Brandon, but Kriss is almost certainly the Ars Arcanum author.
  12. If you like LaTeX, you should try this site for formulas for web pages/forums.
  13. Here is the latest revision to this. BTW, anyone that wants, can take this and run with it to make it better, more accurate, etc.
  14. When I received my copy, Brandon asked me not to share it, so I think printing it for other than personal use would not be allowed. I would respectfully ask for permission to do this in your request, making it clear that you will not unless permission is specifically granted. I got lucky with the timing of my request as I received a reply within 24 hours of asking. I just said what a fan I was and that I understood nothing in the book was canon. Hope that helps.
  15. BTW, this is my favorite formula. Does anybody else know what it is? Keff = η • ε • p • f • Lf • Lth