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  1. I think that you are over thinking Hoids motivations for trying to bond the Cryptic. He has been shown to appear in places to collect the types of Investiture manifestations (Think the bead of Lerasium he took in WoA, and the Breaths he has). I suspect, since he can already Lightweave, he is most interested in acquiring the ability to use the Transformation Surge. And, on what you said about him not throwing lives away lightly, there is no basis to see Hoid as someone who values Human life on a mass scale. Sure, we have seen him helping people, like the girl you mention or the Terris refugees he led to safety, but we have also seen him be present at the literal end of the world at the end of Hero of Ages, where thousands of people died if they weren't in the underground bunkers. And he did nothing to help. Hoid is an enigma that we do not understand, he is a complete wild card and we don't know his motivations at all, besides maybe hurting/stopping/killing odium. Because of this, I do not think that we can assume that we know what he is going to do, why he is going to do the things he does, or why they are important to him and why he is willing to forgo helping on a big scale to pursue his own goals. We likely won't know these things until the Liar of Partinel/the Dragonsteel series releases.
  2. Really? That's awesome! So the Greatshell's from Aimia were essentially Carapace Dragons? And it looks like their growth may be dependent on Stormlight consumption, as opposed to growing over time. So, hypothetically, with enough stormlight her larkin could become fully grown very quickly. At this point, I am not aware of a specific reason why it increased in size. However, I think we have enough information to make some pretty good guesses. Since it is a creature that gains its sustenance from investiture (we have yet to see it consume anything else). So logically, through consuming investiture, it will grow, similar to how we gain mass by consuming food and then can use that food to grow. Do we know of any other creatures in the Cosmere that can sustain themselves on Investiture? For comparisons sake. On the second question: I highly doubt that there was a Spren/Unmade in the Kings Drop. Unmade give off light that is dark, so that is immediately ruled out. For spren in general, we have yet to see the Larkin consume a spren, but i doubt that it can. When there is Stormlight around, we have seen it seek it out and try to eat it, but the Larkin doesn't appear to seek out Spren like that, so that means that it likely cannot eat a Spren. Most likely, the Kings drop contained nothing but a large amount of Stormlight.
  3. On why Hoid doesn't help the protagonists more than he already is: I honestly think that he just doesn't care too much about the problems of a single planet. His interest in Shallan is probably because of her ability to lightweave, which (as Khriss points out in the Ars Arcanum) is the most similar variant of lightweaving, to the original variant on Yollen. Other than that, as you said in your original post, he has his own plans and goals and as he tells Dalinar in tWoK "I would watch this world burn to achieve my goals"[paraphrased]. Its not a satisfying answer, but its probably the reason. 1 more point: Ash says to Taln when he becomes lucid "They say its been four millennia. I don't always... note the passing of time" and Nale is surprised that food he left in a cave for years had decayed. I'm not sure if this applies to Hoid as well, but if time has less meaning for him as well then I think it makes sense that he wouldn't be concerned about the events happening right in front of him, and would be more concerned with achieving his goals.
  4. For the arrows that he pulled towards his shield and the bridge, he was using a Reverse Lashing that essentially gives whatever he is touching its own gravitational pull. The details for this can be found in the back of the books, which I don't have on me at the moment or I would give you some quotes. But, he was definitely using gravitation at this point. Youre right about the walls and rocks though. That was definitely adhesion.
  5. This seems important somehow. Why would the Fused that imitate Windrunner abilities cause Syl pain? Could it be possible that the Fused are bonded with an Honor Spren that has been corrupted somehow, similar to shardblades, and that is why Syl reacts like she has? What do you all think?
  6. Wow, what an exciting climax for part 1. It is going to drive me insane having to wait for next week to get to part 2 and see everyone's reactions to Jasnah being alive. Also, I am going to have a hard time reading the Interludes when all I will want is too see all our known Radiants finally gathered together (excluding Lift)
  7. A lot of the extra stuff we find clues for in the books and then ask brandon for clarity. He doesn't always give it, but his answers are where a lot of the extra stuff comes from. I would recommend reading all the Cosmere books first, so that nothing is spoiled before reading a book. After that, head over to the Coppermind Wiki and realise that you missed a whole bunch of clues that were in the books, haha
  8. Welcome! The above recommendation is pretty good, but to simplify it do something like this: Elantris, Warbreaker, Stormlight Archive, Mistborn Era 2 and then finally, Arcanum Unbounded. By the way, how did you discover the Cosmere? It's always interesting to hear how people discovered the awesome story behind the story that Brandon is creating.
  9. I treat 1 star ratings on basically every book as rubbish. There just has to be some redeeming quality that can at least raise it to a 2 star. As a fun story, years ago I was reading the 1 star reviews for WoK on Amazon, and there was this guy who had rated the book as 1 star because Amazon had delivered the book to him a day late. He even said he enjoyed the book. I was just... So shocked at his logic. I burst out laughing at that.
  10. So, in Brandon's latest blog post here, he outlined his writing schedule following the release of Oathbringer. Between the release of Oathbringer in November 2017 and the release of Stromlight #4 in 2020, there is only going to be one other Cosmere book released, the final in the Mistborn era 2 books. The main series he will be writing will be his new YA series, the Apocalypse Guard. I won't lie, as much as I enjoy Brandon's writing overall, I am really diapointed by the lack of Cosmere content in the next 3 years. I'm sure I'll love the Apocalypse Guard series, just like I did the Rekoners, and I really shouldn't complain considering that his plan is to release at least 2 books a year until the next Stormlight. But I am a selfish human being, and I really just want more Cosmere, haha. How does everyone else feel about this development? And is it even possible to be this prolific? Has brandon finally admitted his robotic origins? Let us discuss in the comments below!
  11. Is there a WOB for this? I'd love to see it.
  12. Tha'ts actually another thing that is worrying me, Roshar and Scadrial are so different that there cant be many real world locations that they'll be able to film at, meaning there will be largely cgi sets, which will drain the budgets.
  13. I am not happy with the concept of WoK becoming a movie, let alone the first movie made from the entire Cosmere . Its just a recipe for disaster with how complicated the books are and how much happens in it. Honestly the best formula for a WoK adaption is for a Game of Thrones type TV series, but for that to be any good i would also want it to come in at least 10 years, when technology is better and production of the extensive effects required for the SA series will be cheaper than it would be today. With a 10 year delay, there will also be a good chance that Brandon is fairly close to finishing it, maybe he'll be around book 6 or 7, which is a good cushion for a show or movie series to catch up on, especially with Brandon's writing speed. Mistborn, on the other hand, with good screen writers and a large enough budget, i will be very excited for and i wait in anticipation for any announcements regarding its progress.
  14. What I am actually worried about is that Brandon might not be able to finish the Cosmere before he passes. I'm not trying to be cynical, but he keeps adding new books to the Cosmere (eg: Wax and Wayne) and then also writing other books on top of that (Rekoners, etc). Even with his incredible writing speed, I worry that we may not see the end of the Cosmere... Its just such a massive Universe and he keeps making it bigger with extra books(Which I love but still) (sorry I got pretty morbid, but it is a real fear of mine)
  15. This is now what I will do in every plane ride I take that is more than two hours!