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  1. 4) savants
  2. maybe it was slip of tonge? peter is their a system with threondy+other planet that could be misake?
  3. it mean Robot Aztec Found Out and now u shuold ask me about it:):)
  4. did u bring a the box of questuion cards for people to pull out if they dont have questions that they bruoght to ask brandon?
  5. no they did'nt nazi medic scientest = super evil & super inconepent! nazis they hated quantem phsysics because it was 'jew sciences' so they banned it to!!
  6. i was at austin sgining on thursday and some1 else asked and brandon said ettmetal is called the lost metal
  7. A: Yes!! adonalsium was theyre!! :)
  8. can some1 ask if Epic are only human? Epic Dolphisn == double epic!!
  9. 11th metal was on plack in hero of age too!
  10. can u ask how did bleeder look like when she was in cognintive realm? she thinks she has no idetity when not faking someone so does she look like nothing??? or if bleeder put eyeball in stomach (so she can watch waht she eats :) ) what does she see if she burns metal?
  11. pleas dont advocat suicide even for fictional chararcters
  12. insane is waesel word! are 1spiked kandra biolpar??? schizoprenic?? ocd?? autsitic? sayin some1 is ''crazy'' so they are alway lying is terrible thing to say and is why USA had loboto-mobiles because when you say '' some1 is crazy they have no rights '' thats what you get
  13. bonse are just their for muscles to atach too noething else to it
  14. does saze have perk to?
  15. hemalurgy is one of 3 metallic arts both can fuel ALL of them