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  1. @emailanimal - I realize the Oathpact sundering and the recreance are thousands of years apart. What I'm suggesting is that the Order that Ishi founded and Ishi are the prime instigators for both the Oathpact (still active, but attempted to be broken) and the Recreance. So, there's a relationship, though quite a bit of difference between. Odd though. Back on topic - I think Renarin will be very interesting to watch because of the order itself. Very intriqued with what they can and cannot do, and how much Renarin will improve as ... whatever it is he's able to do and become.
  2. Interesting question on the Truthwatchers. I've inferred the strategy / reason for the Recreance was the Bondsmith, which would line up with Ishi attempting to break the Oathpact. Odd that both the order and the Herald that are most in the binding of things are the ones that seem to have causes the most misery by attempting to circumvent the very nature of their purpose. I hadn't thought of stuff in stone being unchangeable by Odium. If that is the case, it makes the Diagram susceptible? All the copies of the diagram, susceptible. Joy.
  3. I plan on attending as well. I failed to pre-register, so I figured I'd head over Friday maybe and get tickets for the weekend. Also, I noted that he's going to be at Red Balloon bookstore as well for a reading. Any plans on anyone going to that? I can probably go there and catch what it said, if need be.
  4. Hmm, I thought the plan was for 31 to 36 or so? It changed? Either way, still in the 20th percentile someplace. I think the excellent coppermind wiki takes the place of something like this, no? Not as .... cohesively narratively written perhaps, but certainly factual, no? The reason I mention the wiki, is that the Silmarillion to me basically is a wiki, before anyone knew what they were. At least I read it like a wiki, which is perhaps why I like it so much.
  5. Moogle, Interesting to think that he *can't* until the desolations end. What I can't quite ... get is that from we know the Oathpact is between the Heralds and Honor only. Yet, the KR and the Heralds power are of both Cultivation *and* Honor. Should we be asking Brandon some questions about Cultivation in that aspect? Argent - I agree. How good is her prescience? Honor has great respect for it, obviously. She clearly knows or sees something - though does she care at this point is one thing. Personally, I would have maintained that Dalinar / Navani would inherit both shards. Dalinar is very much about Honor and Navani is very much about creating new things, change. 2 cents....course Dalinar needs to unsplinter a lot of stuff first.
  6. Excellent points Argent. I would add that there is something certainly mysterious about the Heralds (or at least the one that we refer to as Taln) in that they are similar to "Returned" or an Elantrian in that they seem to have faster than normal reflexes. Perfected humans, if you will. For normal Heralds, this could have been simply the vast amounts of Stormlight they used (and how did they us so much.....). Nonetheless, we have that-which-we-think-is-Taln doesn't seem to have access to Stormlight, yet had a heralds blade (perceived, and quite unlike the only other known blade of Jezeriah), and still had supernatural reflexes while seeing a world of burning. So, we don't know outside of Brandon.... 1) Misdirecting us. 2) Directing us. Or 3) Both.
  7. I'd suggest that while it certainly does make sense to some degree that it should be Adolin, the following structural reasons make me think it's not. Adolin will not have a central / book / viewpoint. *If* the champion route is followed by Odium, it would most likely go to a central viewpoint character. The champion should ideally be closest to Honor. Based on the above, that would be two characters: Kaladin (HonorSpren) and Dalinar (Stormfather). So, based on that, I would suggest that Kaladin or Dalinar are most likely to be a champion. Honestly, I tend to suspect Dalinar of "ascending", therefore Kaladin - being of Jezriens order and also the most practiced of any radiant alive (that we know of) with regards to power usage, would be the most likely choice.
  8. Mostly because I'm a Zeppelin fanatic: Hoid - Kashmir - Zahel - Rock and Roll - Just 'cuz most likely.
  9. I had a thought that the purple reflected water in the chasms as noted by Kaladin might have been Odiums very limited shardpool on Roshar, but he's primarily invested on Braize. It would possible explain why the plains were shattered, for instance. However, as there not ... well, other "evil" funny business in the chasms besides the occasional chasmfiend waiting to get to the plateau and pupate and the rotted bodies of dead people, there really doesn't seem to be an issue. So, I wonder what the chasmfiends did during the normal desolations for pupating, and prior to the smashed plains. Huh. Now I ponder.
  10. Minnesota here. Seen snow. Lots of snow.
  11. Huh. Given that we know that "something is easier to get on Roshar", implying that needed breath is stormlight, the idea that stormlight can be consciously manipulated by the person in the physical realm *sans* conscious spren hadn't occurred to me. Syl changes shapes based on Kaladin's desire / will. Does Zahel have the same ability to take stormlight and will it to do different things, ala breath, given that the stormlight he's manipulating is closer to raw energy? Or is he, as Syl would say, making suggestions to "micro-spren", coming to an agreement?
  12. Spoilers or something: Gosh, I wish I could remember exactly where it was, but what really got me was that she knows in the future that she'll need the place ready to take care of a broken Kvothe. Wow. Mind. Blown.
  13. Not that it really matters, but there are a ton of interviews and WOB that specify quite a bit of information about Hoid. You seem to have a lot of questions regarding a lot of things in the Cosmere, so I would recommend reading all the theoryland stuff from Sanderson that's cosmere related and also the compiled WOB as a start. It'll only help. Feel free to start looking here: http://www.theoryland.com/intvsresults.php?kwt=%27hoid%27 http://www.17thshard.com/forum/topic/7267-words-of-brandon-compiled-x-2/ Those would be the first of many sources I would look at if you want to really do this.
  14. So, we have Jasnah / Hoid near Shinovar already, correct? 7 honorblade wielding Shin + 1 KR + 1 man of mystery vs 1 insane individual wielding a blade of insane intent + 1 twisted herald. We have plate + sword wielding people (at least two, but clearly more) under he-would-be-king-of-all against Dalinar, Adolin, Renarin, Shallan and lots of cannon fodder. There could be an alliance, but something tells me that he-would-be-king-of-all is a slave now to the-prophecy-of-all and is as much a prisoner to that as voidbringers are to Odium. Kaladin's journey is one that is interesting. So far every book he's "saved the day" at the end by stating a new ideal of the windrunners. So, if that continues to hold to be true, and why should it not? I mean, it is freakin-must-read-again-and-again-and-again awesome, then we to assume this latest ideal of the KR might be one of leadership potentially and should see him saving .... hmm .... frankly, I dunno. It's gotta be something big, so lets assume .... he ends up saving the-few-the-good-the-maligned-free-parshendi-and-squire-apprentice and turns Eshoni against the voidbringers with an Unmade present. I mean, why not go fanciful. But really, I have no idea.
  15. How did they do it previously? Should a person use the spoiler tag in this thread?