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  1. Yes, Dalinar heard a scream from his bonded Blade at the end of WoR, after bonding the Stormfather. He unbonds the Blade immediately after hearing the screams.
  2. This was discussed in a few different threads before the book came out. Here's one: Once the Herald portraits came out, it was clear that each was surrounded by their order's cousin spren. The list below seems to have been the consensus. I think the first 7 are definite, but the final 3 are still somewhat unclear. Bondsmith: gloryspren Windrunner: windspren Skybreakers: luckspren / Mandras Dustbringers: flamespren Edgedancer: lifespren Truthwatchers: logicspren Lightweaver: creationspren Elsecallers: Unknown Willshapers: laughterspren Stonewards: painspren? exhaustionspren?
  3. A crackpot theory I just thought of: Dalinar is going to Unite all of the Sleepless back into one Swarm. That would destroy their individual identities. We do know that they all originally existed as one and were somehow split off from each other.
  4. This would also be a really interesting way to end the first half of the series.The humans do win but Odium wins as well, so ultimately the heroes lose and have to fight back from nothing. Pretty bleak for Sanderson though.
  5. We got more names! Let's make a chart Surge Fused Hebrew Origin Hebrew Meaning Adhesion Gravitation shanay-im Shamayim Sky Division Abrasion Progression Illumination mavset-im Masveh Mask Transformation Fannahn-im Hafoch? Change Transportation Nex-im Cohesion Tension Any idea what Nex could be?
  6. "Her heart was beating quickly, her skin growing cold, her muscles tense" is describing Shallan's anxiety, which probably means she's hiding something, even from herself.
  7. New WoB! From here:
  8. There is some merit in this, but first I'm going to focus on your problematic proofs. I'm going to quote all of the relevant Words of Radiance excerpts: Chapter 32[edit] Chapter 35[edit] Chapter 38[edit] The biggest problem I see, and this is an inconsistency problem, is that assuming the book goes in at least somewhat chronological order, we have these events: Melishi the Bondsmith was going to destroy the Voidbringers the next day. That night, he presented something different. We have no idea what it was or how long it took, but this new strategy was hurried so presumably not very long. There are then 8 chapters, of which the Radiants are definitely still active, before the Recreance. Chapter 32 implies that they were at peace at the time, and 38 at war. So there was a start and stop to the fighting. Incidentally, it's very possible that chapter 32 was referring to corruption by Sja-anat and perhaps she wanted to defect even then... The Recreance began when the "wicked thing of evidence was discovered," of which we think was revealed in Oathbringer, that the humans were originally the invaders because they destroyed the last world, and that Honor was ranting that they would destroy this one with Surgebinding. "They," probably the Windrunners and Stonewards, "reacted immediately," but probably not by betraying their oaths, as that would come later. The KR performed an "act of great villainy" which was also beyond previous impudence. It's likely this is abandoning the Shards at Feverstone Keep and probably elsewhere. We also know that there was fighting at the time with the "parsh." "two thousand made assault upon them, destroying much of the membership" This phrase implies that the KR were most or all gathered in one place after abandoning their Oaths and Shards, and that an army attacked them. It's unknown if these were singers or human, but probably human. The last order entertained subterfuge, somehow, which led to harm to the other nine. (As I can't imagine them the Skybreakers being subtle, I still wonder if it was a different order to refuse and the Skybreakers were refounded later.) This doesn't quite line up with what you propose. So if the Melishi is #1 ended the voidbringers, how was there still fighting? Radiants would destroy singers without access to voidlight of forms of power, and there wouldn't be any fighting at all if he stripped them of Identity. Maybe he did it on a small scale? It's entirely unclear. It's very possible that the wicked thing of evidence is destruction of Narak instead of finding out about the past. But the listeners/Parshendi is not evidence of that, as they were unaffected by whatever changed the rest of the singers because they were already in dullform. They chose to separate from their gods deliberately, not by what the Radiants did or did not do.
  9. It's possible only Fused with Progression can heal themselves. Have we seen any non-carapace growing Fused healing? If voidlight is contained in the gemheart, maybe it can't automatically affect the rest of the body...
  10. Presumably she was captured and unable to do so anymore. I was just pointing out that she probably isn't currently supplying voidlight and Odium has resumed doing so as normal, unless she's been released again.
  11. A small correction: Bo-Ado-Mishram only supplied voidlight during the False Desolation, when Odium wasnt on Roshar supplying voidlight. It'd a good assumption he is doing so again in some manner.
  12. I just found that Nale is not completely crazy, there is something bad about Surgebinding without Honor to regulate it. The Honorspren captain says: "But your bond is dangerous, without Honor. There will not be enough checks upon your power—you risk disaster.” Maybe the Recreance was caused by so many things combined that the KR felt they had no way out of what they had to do?
  13. Full timeline as I understand it: Humans fled from their destroyed world, and came to live as refugees on Roshar, isolated in Shinovar. From there we don't know a time frame, but eventually people expanded out, the singers embraced Odium in response and the war started. Singers start coming back as the Fused, probably their leaders and generals etc. People who would become the Heralds come to Honor and propose the Oathpact as a way of sealing the Fused on Braize: They would trapped with them, keeping the seal strong. But the Fused begin torturing the Heralds on Braize once they catch at least one. After hundreds of years the first Herald breaks and allows the Fused to return to Roshar in order to stop the torture. Critically, Honor did not foresee this happening, it was not part of the original plan. Heralds and Fused both return to Roshar and a Desolation begins. Desolation ends. Unclear as to why. Both Fused and Heralds return to Braize. Heralds are chased, captured, and tortured on Braize until one breaks. Last 3 steps repeat as the time Heralds breaking shrinks. Eventually less than one year passes in between and humanity's progress has been destroyed. Last Desolation and only Taln returns to Braize, lasting 4500 years before breaking.
  14. That's most likely around the time of abandoning Urithiru, which is probably within a few centuries of the Recreance.